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Weekly messages from UNDIVIDED. We are the youth ministry of Real Life Church in Covington, WA. Find out more about us at instagram.com/UNDIVIDEDYOUTH
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Pastor Taylor preaches a message called PIVOT.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
PRACTICE Pt.4 - We continue this series, talking about the discipline of worship. We explore what worship is, and some practical tools we can use to connect with God through worship.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
PRACTICE Pt. 3 - BRTFSIn this message, Pastor Taylor shares 5 practical steps to grow in your relationship with God through the reading the Word.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
Pastor Taylor shares a message out of Mark 4, exploring the idea that the Devil has perfect timing - that he always waits until God begins something to try and steal the seeds of God's word.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
UD CAMP Night 4 - Pastor Taylor Murray. "Straight and Narrow: A False Advertisement"By Pastor Taylor Murray.
UD CAMP Night 3 - Noelle MurrayBy Pastor Noelle Murray.
UD CAMP Night 2 - David GracianoBy David Graciano.
UD CAMP Night 1 - Mikayla McClainBy Pastor Mikayla McClain.
On this night we were joined by special guests, Molly & Jay Venzke. Molly & Jay have years of experience of working with young people, from mentoring to working with anti-trafficking organizations.By Molly & Jay Venzke.
TRUTH HURTS Pt. 1 (recap)We had some audio issues - so Pastor Taylor & Noelle recapped the message - and some other things - in this new episode of 15 Minutes of Gold!By Pastor Taylor & Noelle.
Message from one of our leaders, KAITLIN MASSOGLIA.By Kaitlin Massoglia.
Message from one of our leaders, NIHARIKA PHAMBOTA.By Niharika Phambota.
Message from one of our leaders, TELYN AUSTIN.By Telyn Austin.
Message from one of our leaders, TYLER GUNHUS.By Tyler Gunhus.
A message from one of our leaders, ERIC GOODMAN.By Eric Goodman.
We conclude our UNDER PRESSURE Series with a message called "The soil of your heart." In this message, Pastor Taylor talks about how our lives and our hearts are like soil that God wants to bring fruit out of. But in order to see fruit come, we must first allow the ground to be loosened in order to allow the seeds to take root.…
Part 3 of UNDER PRESSURE. Our Assistant Youth Pastor, Mikayla, preaches on being eager for the things of God.By Mikayla McClain.
We continue UNDER PRESSURE, talking about Joseph. Joseph was a character who was able to withstand extreme pressure over and over. From lust to rejection to power, Joseph overcame the temptation to compromise, finding favor with God and walking in his purpose.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
God chose to demonstrate his power through relationship - because he loves us and wants to be in relationship with us. He's made it easy for us to now get close to him.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
This message is a one-off from our most recent invite night. In this message, Pastor Taylor talks about how, in order for us to move forward, we must first be willing to detach from what we've clung to in our past.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
Pastor Taylor brings a word the week before INVITE NIGHT, speaking on the idea that our attitudes and our words create an atmosphere that either magnifies or diminishes light. We want to be the kind of people who magnify the light of God in and through our lives.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
Part 3 of IMAGE OF GOD explores the fact though people are made in the image of God, we tend to use our words to tear them down. There's power in our words.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
In Part 2 of IMAGE OF GOD, our asst. Youth Pastor, Mikayla McClain, brings us a word about Representing. We've all been called to represent Jesus to those around us. We've all been given gifts to do this - do we multiply or do we bury them?By Mikayla McClain.
Our new series IMAGE OF GOD begins with Pastor Taylor talking about how we've been created in the image of God, for the purpose of reflecting that in our lives.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
Bonus episode of 15 MINUTES OF GOLD, featuring Noelle & Mikayla.It's actually 21 minutes of gold.By UNDIVIDED.
We conclude our series, LOVE YOUR FAMILY, talking about the fruit we want to see in our relationships, and the seeds we plant in order to see the fruit.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
The 2nd installment of 15 MINUTES OF GOLD. We're joined in this episode by 2 leaders and a SURPRISE GUEST STUDENT. We talk about very deep things, so prepare to be captivated, flabbergasted, amazed and flat out stunned by this 15 (actually 18) minutes of Gold.By UNDIVIDED YOUTH.
We didn't have a message - so we grabbed a few leaders after UD. This is the result.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
LOVE YOUR FAMILY Pt 2 - In this message we talk about the most important thing: LOVE. It's easy to have faith and do great things, but if love is missing, it's all pointless.Do our family, friends, classmates, and even our enemies, know our love? Let's be loud with our love.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
LOVE YOUR FAMILY Pt. 1In this message, we explore what it means to not just love God who we can't see, but to allow that to translate to loving our brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, family - those who we CAN see.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
We kick off our first UD of 2019 welcoming our Lead Pastor, Pastor Steve Murray. In this message he shares 7 rules that we can set for ourselves as we look ahead to this year.By Pastor Steve Murray.
In part 5 of our PS91 Series, Pastor Taylor talks about how many times our fear of the enemy is based in lies. God has given us power over the enemy, but we must be confident as we approach what causes us fear.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
This message is from our 5th Annual NEON NIGHT: Speak to the Stars. Pastor Taylor talks about how God not only numbers the stars, but he knows each by name. In the same way, God sees us not as one of many, but one of a kind, and he's given us the opportunity to do the same when we look at our lives, our futures and those around us.…
Continuing PS91, Pastor Taylor talks about how we have no need to fear when we're living under the protection and covering of God.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
Part 2 of PS91."Surely he will save me from the fowler's snare..." God not only protects and rescues us, but the gives us wisdom so that we don't get caught up in the traps of the enemy.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
Part 1 of our PS91 Series: A study in Psalm 91.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
On September 26th, 2018, 7 youth ministries came together to worship and celebrate what God was doing! Each year we collaborate together to make this rally awesome. This year we saw over 415 students come, which is by far our largest yet.Taylor Murray, Youth Pastor of UNDIVIDED, shared a word on making Hope our filters for how we see ourselves, ...…
Mikayla McClain, our middle school pastor, preaches from the book of Daniel about three teenagers and a leader.By Mikayla McClain.
Pastor Taylor talks about staying stirred as we jump into the Fall.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
We hear several students share camp testimonies, plus a short word from Pastor Taylor.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
Our Middle School director speaks on one of our morning sessions of camp.By Mikayla McClain.
On the last night of camp, Pastor Taylor brings a word on how God is a good father who is able to hear and discern our cries.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
Our youth pastor, Noelle Murray, speaks on night 3 about God's promise in his presence.By Pastor Noelle Murray.
Pastor Steve kicks off Night 1 of camp with a message on walking in the light.By Pastor Steve Murray.
At UNDIVIDED, we're all about summer camp. At our pre-camp rally, Pastor Taylor talks about how God wants to use the little we have to bring God's Kingdom reality here and now.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
Pastor Noelle preaches a message on following God's step-by-step plan for your life. It never happens in an instant, but over time.By Pastor Noelle Murray.
In Part 4 of our HOT TOPICS Series, we explore what it means to have a God-centered sexual ethic, rather than one shaped by culture or our own desires.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
This message is entitled, "Jesus didn't die for your aesthetic." In this message, Pastor Taylor talks about how Jesus died so that we would be free. We often think we'll find it in social media, etc, but in reality those things tend to keep us bound.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
Send this to someone you know who is searching, or who feels out of place. This message talks about how the Church is called to be a place of refuge for the world.We took a night off from preaching to have a summer kickoff BBQ, so here's a message Pastor Taylor preached on Sunday, June 10th.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
Our HOT TOPICS series continues with a discussion on Depression and Anxiety, and how to deal and heal, and how to find and give hope.By Pastor Taylor Murray.
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