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Best Unequivocal Barbell podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Unequivocal Barbell podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Unequivocal Life
Unequivocal; To leave no doubt. Whatever you do, do it unequivocally. Work, training, and life.
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Today I sit down and explain a little as to why I train. I also talk a little about 9/11 and explain to you briefly the challenges of being a first responder and care provider.By Unequivocal Barbell
Today a talk briefly about the differences in mentality when it comes to competition and garage gym life. Yes, there's a difference. Both can be good, and there is some middle ground.By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I sit down with my Bro Ismael and his training partner Lorenzo Aguilera and talk training mindset and mental health. Listen up!!By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I bring back my brother Ismael to talk about a little more about what it takes to get things done.By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I give an update on the new collection drop for the ladies, talk about mindset and a little update on what I plan on doing.By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I sit down with my brother Ismael Cardenas. We talk about powerlifting, competition and start to talk about the garage gym mentality.By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I update everyone on the new collection that will be released. As well as touch on the mindset piece for training.By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I talk about what it's like to train in the garage either alone of with a group. The ups and downs. Listen up and take notes. Buckle down and get shit done!By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I talk a little about what it's like training with ladies. Also a new announcement for the website with a new collection dropping.By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I answer the questions my thoughtful daughter wrote for me. Enjoy.By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I talk about opneing our online store for your gear. www.unequivocalbarbell.com . I also talk about how hard work and dedication helps achieve your goals and how to find motivation in the little things.By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I talk about adaptability and commitment and how that realtes to your goals.By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I talk about training in the heat and how to mitigate that.By Unequivocal Barbell
Having your children follow in your fitness footsteps is cdifficult. Today our son really impressed us, both in his attitude and performance. See why.By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I talk about the new addition to the website. "The Program" is free programming based on whatever I have learned throughout the years.By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I talk about what I want legacy I want to leave behind and what humility and respect have to do with that.By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I talk about the importance of integrity and a little about my momma.By Unequivocal Barbell
Self relfection can be challenging. See what's new!By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I talk about my childhood in Mexico and how that led me to be the person I am today.By Unequivocal Barbell
Today I discuss what drives me. And how committement is key in being successful in whatever you choose.By Unequivocal Barbell
Why do you train? Here I talk about why i compete, and why you may need a coach or a training partner.By Unequivocal Barbell
You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.By Unequivocal Barbell
An introduction to who I am and what this adventure will be,By Unequivocal Barbell
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