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A chat with honest opinions without taking anything personal. It's all about a voice and having the peace of mind that no one will give you smack about it. Be you, you're one of a kind. And SMILE, looks good on ya! Become a supporter of this podcast:
All kinds of electronic Music I like mostly played from Vinyl or digitally.
Hosted by Cameron VanDerHorst (Cam) and Bradley Brownell (Tub) the C&T podcast is a weekly automotive discussion between friends. Occasionally a guest will drop in and say hello.Cameron is an avid car collector with tastes ranging from a Nissan Stanza (Tony Stanza) and SN95 Mustang Cobra to a mid-80s Porsche 911 and a Mazda 2. Cam works for a German parts distributor in Ohio, and is making a go of freelance auto writing.Bradley is a Porsche fanatic of the first degree, a wanna-be automotive ...
The Official Podcast of Upper Room Church!
Ur Boi Blunt
Sharing and discussing a variety of topics from day to day things, movies etc.. Just my opinion on everything and have a little fun while at it.
SkinCare Consultant w/over 20 yrs experience! I give Makeup Reviews & Tutorials. GLAMOROUS/FABULOUS & OVER40 will help Mature Women maintain that ageless look. BEAUTY Products 4 Mature Women I'm 70yr young & I review makeup & tell U what works 4 aging skin. also reviews on new Beauty Products. Tips on hiding or solving ur aging skin problems! CK OUT="SHOW NOTES" (BELOW)I'm a youthful retired Cosmetologists, Realtor,Licensed FosterCare Parent, Also,a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) 4 ...
Pillows And Prayers
Push Ur Luck Podcast
A podcast where 2 friends from Singapore decided what could be better than gaming, is to talk about it! :)
Della Sport
Simon chippen Svensson, Jonatan Fuckup Unge och K. Bosman Svensson gör Della Sport. Sveriges enda renodlade humorpodcast för dig som älskar sport, hatar sport och för dig som inte riktigt bryr dig om sport. (Lyssna även på Della Arte, Della Papa & Della Herstory)
We talking about our lives,struggles, & our success,come tune n and chill with ur boy. It's about 2 get real. Cover art photo provided by Markus Spiske on Unsplash:
Inside The Arena Presents NAL Now: covering everything from the National Arena League with your hosts Stephen Ur & Jose Bahena. Don't forget We're on Twitter and Facebook as well as Insidethearena.orgAudio provided by:
Arkiv Samtal
Arkiv Samtal med Simon Gärdenfors
Shanzay Khan
•$hanzay• Make ur inner the outer!
the marucast!
"the marucast!" is a series of autobiographical podcasts on varying topics. Shows include "THANK YOU 4 UR WORK TODAY: a study on self-refleclection and positivity," and a "ME, MY FACE, & I" which is about makeup.
Take care of ur friends and family, god will take care of u
So my name is Natalie and I'm going to be telling u things that are coming up. Also I help u with ur problems and tell u bout mine
Promise Daniel
Welcome to promise Daniel podcast where ur Passion is fuelled.
Zia - greetings
Welcome to the Dr-Zia Ur Rehman - greetings podcast, where amazing things happen.
BreakUp Radio
BreakUp Radio for ur every mood
Something to Think About is me talking about whatever is on my mind and u, the viewers will get the chance to voice ur opinion about the subject
Roland Quaye
Welcome to the Roland Quaye podcast, where society is transformed through ur voice
Alternative 80s
Your place the best Alternative, Goth, Punk & New Wave tunes from the greatest decade for music - The 80s!
Audible Anarchism
A podcast broadcasting Anarchist texts and audiobooks
Content Creators Club is a broadcast series by Pastor Alfred that briefly highlights certain portions of books written by Pastor Alfred that would be useful to those who plan 2 make a living or plan 2 make a fortune from creating content that is consumed primarily online.To Get More Info On Topics Covered Subscribe To Get Books By Pastor Alfred at My Clothing Line: My Online Marketplace:
Entzuteko literatura
Free Training skills, on Psychological counselling, coaching,Training,NLP,Mentoring
Mont pelloc'h gant ar c'heleier, testeniañ eus buhez pemdeziek ar vro hag an dud. Setu aze pal an abadenn-mañ a vez skignet bemdez da 12e ha da 6e noz. Gouel an Erer Kozh, manifestadeg labourerien-douar bio, stummadur ar vartoloded, dilennadegoù, beajoù ar Vretoned. zo e-barzh an Divskouarn o nijal kinniget gant Benjamin Bouard ha Tunvezh Gwlagen-Grandjean pe Erwan Blanchard hag Herve ar Beg (eus Arvorig FM).
Three goofs and Chicago comics, Samantha Berkman, James Fisher, and Dane Arden, bring a guest on every two weeks to talk about video games, current video game culture as well as our experience playing video games growing up and try to bring back that feeling of sitting on the couch playing video games with your friends.
Welcome Chosen 🌎Contenders. I Encourage The Broken To Breathe 💨with the word ⚔️Of Yahuah Line Upon Line Precept upon Precept. Here a Lil there a lil. Yahuah has a Point Of View from Genesis to Revelation & it covers all Hot 🔥topics from, Masturbation, Abuse,, Marriage, Abortion, Holiness, Religion, Sanctification Love. You name it we discuss it. I'm in the arena Contending For the Faith.
You’ll laugh...You’ll cry...Ok maybe not, but I hope to provide insight, motivation, laughter and relief from your daily life through sharing experiences from my quirky viewpoints. Covering topics from business to fitness to overall wellness and more! Follow me on Facebook @TheRealChocoLumpia and feel free to email me ( for some perspective from a chick who gives zero f*cks, but all from love! I am not a therapist or licensed Psychologist but I am a teacher and busin ...
Opg In The House
Hip hop gaming General news Dragon Ball super updates Marvel and DC Comics and movies discussions
The Spanish Tragedy, or Hieronimo is Mad Again is an Elizabethan tragedy written by Thomas Kyd between 1582 and 1592. Highly popular and influential in its time, The Spanish Tragedy established a new genre in English theatre, the revenge play or revenge tragedy. Its plot contains several violent murders and includes as one of its characters a personification of Revenge. The Spanish Tragedy was often referred to (or parodied) in works written by other Elizabethan playwrights, including Willia ...
My podcast channel is about talking about whats happening in the world right now
Music On
Ur Song is my Fav Song ....just love to hear the beats of it
All About making people Happy when Listen to ur sound or song Hoping that they like it looking for feedback to better myself as an artist
Fist you Podcast
We're just two queer weirdos who love talking about sex and toys, who compile these conversations into podcasts (which we totally wont regret ten years from now). Don't worry, we're not sexperts, just hopefully funny enough to be entertaining.
Just Start!
That thing, in your soul, that you've been thinking and dreaming about -- just start. On this show, we'll talk about the crucial first steps, pivots, and missteps that are always part of achieving a great thing.
Soul Tie
Introduction, motivation, inspiration
Welcome to my channel LifeasNandi U will enjoy being her Giveaways,Q&A' s Just sit back and enjoy😙😙😙
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show series
What does one do with the person they love yet know they are a sinking ship. They are someone that needs to help themself without the baggage of deadbeat boy/girl friend. Well shiver me timbers... that is me in a nutshell right now! So help me help myself y'all. Listen to the problem and help me out; or simply share your own experience. Twitter ...…
Taking the time to share my pain and suffering ;-) I love to share :-D #UrGirlJoJo5 #AllergiesSuck Become a supporter of this podcast:
Sandra Ilar kan en hel del om Bergman. Vi pratar bland annat om en sekvens Bergman strök ur sin dagbok, där han skildrar några väldigt obehagliga handlingar. Man kan donera pengar till podden på Swish: 0760724728 Twitter: @gardenfors #arkivsamtal Instagram: @gardenfors Snapchat: gardenfors Facebook: Arkiv Samtal - ef ...…
K har sett om Anni Hall och kopplar ihop ett klassiskt Woody Allen skämt med svt-anställads kritik mot sin arbetsplats. chippen har slutat med delar av sociala medier och undrar om det är tillåtet. Han ber också om ursäkt. En genuin ursäkt. John Guidetti är i en fruktansvärd nedåtgående spiral. Della stöttar så gott det går. Det har införts nya ...…
Full text of this essay: Howard Zinn (1922-2010) was an American historian, anarchist, and activist. He authored 20 books, including "A People's History of the United States," one of the most influential and controversial books of the twentieth century. Zinn had the audacity to write about historically marginal ...…
Saying farewell to great musicians from the 80's is starting to happen way too often, but I guess it's part of life.Instead of sadness, let's celebrate by enjoying the awesome music we've been given. While they may have passed away, their legacy lives on in their musical contributions. Track List: 1) Like An Animal [Club? What Club? Mix] - The ...…
Asambles gant Annick Plant omp bet oc'h en em gavet an taol-mañ. Homañ a zo ganet e Plonevell, e-kichenn Karaez du-hont. Er bloavezh 1959 oa-hi deuet da Vrenniliz da chom asambles gant he zud koulskoude. Hag an dra-mañ a oa bet ur sakre cheñchamant eviti ! Bro ar mouded a oa ur vro baour da neuze. Paour-ran 'oa an dud, treut 'oa an douar. Setu ...…
Jag och Elinor pratar om filmer som Ace Ventura, Austin Powers, Hotshots och allt av Rob Schneider. Man kan donera pengar till podden på Swish: 0760724728 Twitter: @gardenfors #arkivsamtal Instagram: @gardenfors Snapchat: gardenfors Facebook: Arkiv Samtal - eftersnackgruppen…
Jonatan rapporterar direkt från Oslo om det fullkomliga koaset i Holmenkollen. Fylla, slagsmål och knuffar. chippen har varit i en loge och blivit besviken. Färgblinda blir behandlade som skit inom idrotten, den sista funktionsvariationen värdegrunden inte bryr sig om? Två hockeyspelare har blivit dömda för mutbrott!…
Aude Moalic he deus kaset un nebeut mizioù er Stadoù-Unanet, evel diabaradez. Ha kavet he deus se dreist!By Un abadenn kenproduet gant ARVORIG FM,RADIO KERNE; Ar skipailhad; Laëtitia Fitamant.
An Divskouarn o Nijal hiriv a zo gant ur Vigouden gozh deus Lechiagad. Tin ar C'hozh, pe Valentine Ronarc'h, a zo 98 vloaz. Ar vaouez a zo bet o chom a hed he buhez tu pe du deus stêr Pont-Abad, en ur familh ma voe an holl wazed martoloded. Hi he-unan a zo bet o werziñ piko. Kontiñ a raio ivez maouez Lechiagad penaos he deus graet anvdegezh gan ...…
Read the full text here This reading is dedicated to Heather Heyer, an antifascist activist whose life was cut short by a neo-Nazi in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017. This audio is also dedicated to all the people who have ever been killed ...…
Isaiah 28:21 NLT The LORD will come as he did against the Philistines at Mount Perazim and against the Amorites at Gibeon. He will come to do a strange thing; he will come to do an unusual deed:
Life is about choices. Some are crazier than other while some are merely about survival. All others are caught in. Between Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Jag pratar med komikern och i viss mån historikern Johannes Brenning om fenomenet krig. Vi tar ett helheltsgrepp kring krigets fasor. Man kan donera pengar till podden på Swish: 0760724728 Twitter: @gardenfors #arkivsamtal Instagram: @gardenfors Snapchat: gardenfors Facebook: Arkiv Samtal - eftersnackgruppen…
Jonatan har åkt direkt från psyket till Uppsala för premiären med SEMST. Nu mellanlandar han hemma hos K i Stockholm, på väg mot kvällens gig i Eskilstuna. K arbetar på att få göra Peer Gynt med Jonatan i titelrollen. Vi pratar skidskytte, skidpampar och statyer. Bossanova: SEMST: Chippen Show: premium.unde ...…
Asambles gant ur Bigouter emaomp ar wech-mañ. Reun Koupa a zo ganet e Penmarc'h. Abred a-walc'h en e yaouankiz en doa ranket kuitaad ar vro da gaout ul labour koulskoude. Bet eo bet o labourat en arme da zigentañ, skouarn-aour eo bet e listri-splujer an arme memes ha goude-se eo bet labourat gant ar CEA (Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique) e Mur ...…
Full text of the original interview published in 2008: Howard Zinn (1922-2010) was an American historian, anarchist, and activist. He authored 20 books, including "A People's History of the United States," one of the most influential and controversial books of the twentieth century ...…
This episode is an unusual one... a raw and personal one. I am a victim of rollercoaster depression. It comes and goes, twists and turns... and it revolves around an incident from childhood that has forever scarred and affected me in an insanely dark way. Though I seek happiness, seem happy, joke, am jovial and all around make people feel good ...…
Simon Gärdenfors har just kommit hem från en resa i Kalifornien (även Nevada, i viss mån) och snackar lite löst om detta med Martin "AMK Morgon" Soneby. Man kan donera pengar till podden på Swish: 0760724728 Twitter: @gardenfors #arkivsamtal Instagram: @gardenfors Snapchat: gardenfors Facebook: Arkiv Samtal - eftersn ...…
Ett äkta roligt avsnitt med chippen och jonatan. De pratar om den Della Sportiga nyheten att Gais lämnat walk over och om IFK Kristianstad som tyvärr inte kan sluta vinna.
Denise Lefranc ne oa ket 'met pemzek vloaz pa oa bet disklêriet ar brezel hag en Oriant 'oa 'chom da neuze. Pa oa krog an Amerikaned hag an Anglichen bombardiñ ar gêr, neuze 'oa bet dav dezhi mont da Garnag da glask repu. Met du-hont ne veze ket kalz gwelloc'h ar jeu : ne oa netra da zebriñ ha minoù a oa tro-war-dro d'he zi. Hiziv neuze emañ-hi ...…
Kristiffer Viita var gäst i Arkiv Samtal för 317 veckor sen, och nu är han tillbaks! Vi pratar om den nya generationen av hiphopartister med lustiga utseenden och "problematisk" livsstil. Vi snackar om 6ix9ine, Flavor Flav, Riff Raff, XXXTentacion och många fler. Man kan donera pengar till podden på Swish: 0760724728 ...…
Full text Emma Goldman (1869-1940) was an anarchist political theorist, activist, and writer. Her work influenced numerous political and social movements in the US and Europe, especially for anarchism, feminism, atheism, anti-imperialism, anti-militarism, and anti-capitalism.
K redogör för det stora interna grälet vi haft i Della den senaste tiden. Han vill använda en mikrofon som tar upp oönskat ljud (du hör tex chippens röst genom hans hörlurar in i mikrofonen vilket skapar ett litet men irriterande eko. försök tänk bort det /chippen) chippen tipsar om en maträtt som kan bli succé eller katastrof beroende på vem m ...…
**RESPECT THE ARTISTS: ** 1 - Benjamin Fröhlich - Ghost Orchid 2 - Jennifer Touch - Chemistry - Riotvan 3 - Krystal Klear - Neutron Dance (Mano Le Tough Remix) 4 - Xenia Beliayeva - Momentan (Original Mix) - [PIAS] Recordings 5 - Dølle Jølle - Balearic Incarnation - Todd Terje‘s Extra Døll Mix 6 - Benjamin Fröhlich - Holloway – Terr Remix 7 - D ...…
I blame the New Moon 🌝 I’m baaaaaccckkkkkkk! And all over the place with topics but the main focus today is fighting for yourself! Listen in as I rant about resilience, perseverance and mindset shifts...All with love and sprinkled with some foul language and dark humor 😬🤷🏽‍♀️ Thanks for listening! 😘 This podcast is sponsored by Anchor…
Another Valentine's Day has passed us by without us dedicating a podcast to it! Instead, great stuff, some even from the 70's. Enjoy! Track Listing: 1) Joan Jett - Everyday People 2) Pretenders - Bad Boys Get Spanked 3) House Of Love - Christine 4) Duran Duran - Rio 5) Scarlet Fantastic - No Memory 6) Generation X - Your Generation 7) Bad Manne ...…
N'eo ket achu al labourioù e chapel Kilinenn (Landrevarzeg) ! Ur bern traoù a zo da gempenn c'hoazh hag ar bloaz-mañ eo komañset komite ar chapel da glask adsevel roudig ar sant a oa en enni gwechall. Ur foto bet tapet e 1903 a zo bet adkavet ha war he c'horre 'weler mat ur roudig gozh. Tres ar roudig ha toull an ahel a zo bet diskoachet ivez w ...…
Full text 'One of the first questions people often ask when they are introduced to one another in our society is “what do you do?” This is more than just polite small talk — it is an indication of the immense importance work has for us.
Jag är i Amerika med Johannes "Jofi" Finnlaugsson och vad passar då bättre än att prata om just amerikansk humor? Vi ger en komplett överblick av den amerikanska humorn. Från SNL till Sean White. Man kan donera pengar till podden på Swish: 0760724728 Twitter: @gardenfors #arkivsamtal Instagram: @gardenfors Snapchat: ...…
Teaching is definitely NOT what u thought it would be, especially with being underappreciated and underpaid ... but it's still rewarding Become a supporter of this podcast:
chippen har haft en nära svimma-upplevelse och blivit kallad flicka jonatan har en förbryllande historia om tåg som visar sig vara fullt normal Gester förbjuds mer å mer på idrottsarenor, nu är det flygplatsgesten som är oacceptabel. Ulla Andersson fick avgå som ordförande i simförbundet för att hon va emot att flickor tvingas ha slöja. och... ...…
Facing the realities of life is a necessity not an option Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Youenn Naour a oa e dad o labourat en ur veilh e Kerien gwechall ha mont a rae ingal da sikour anezhañ, da lemmañ div rod ar veilh pe da zegounen ar sac'hadoù-bleud d'un eil plas d'egile. Sac'hadoù-bleud kant kilo a oa-eñ gouest da gas gantañ war e gein ha ne oa ket 'met c'hwezek vloaz da neuze ! Met pa oa bet lakaet ar gouloù en tier, an "elek ...…
Full text "Social ecology is based on the conviction that nearly all of our present ecological problems originate in deep-seated social problems. It follows, from this view, that these ecological problems cannot be understood, let alone solved, without a careful understanding of our existing society".…
Serietecknaren och den allmänne liraren David ”Leif ’Dayw’ Hustler” Liljemark guidar till höjdpunkterna inom de seriefansin som publicerades i Sverige en gång i tiden. Vi pratar bland annat om ”Dr. Fist’s handskar” av Rare Zombie-gänget från Örebrotrakten. Man kan donera pengar till podden på Swish: 0760724728 Twitte ...…
K har träffat Magnus Betnér och chippen har börjat jobba med en självhjälpsbok. Det handlar om ett bombhotat flygplan och ett försvunnet och om OS verkligen borde arrangeras av demokratier alls. Bossanova: SEMST: The Pine & The Elk: (gratis)…
Echuet eo gant dilennadegoù ar C'hambroù Labourerezh-douar diryaou. 2,5 million a dud, labourerien-douar ha tud bed al labourerezh-douar o doa da reiñ o mouezhioù e 89 kambr a dreuz bro C'hall. Ha ma oa betekhen un darn braz tre deus al labourerien-douar o reiñ o mouezh en dilennadegoù-se, e vez gwelet dibaoe 15 vloaz un digresk krenn. Ar bloaz ...…
D'al lun 09 a viz Genver eo marvet Patrick Malrieu a daol trumm, hep ma vefe gortozet gant an dud a gare anezhañ. An hini hag a zo bet ur stourmer evit ar sevenadur vreton, krouer Dastum, a laosk war e lec'h un toull braz, diaes da leuniañ. E dielloù Radio Kerne hon eus adkavet un abadenn an Divskouarn o Nijal bet savet e 2010. Aterset eo Patri ...…
Rainy days are here again! Pretend we’re sitting on the patio of my fancy af country home, sharing stories about the history of “Ay, u left ur”, silent rage and jizz coffee whilst wearing slippers and listening to the relaxing ASMR sounds of rain! Snuggle up, #TCLLT fam ?? This podcast is sponsored by Anchor…
"We won this fight because everyone made themselves the hero of their own story. Everyone took it as their job to save this crucial freedom. They threw themselves into it. They did whatever they could think of to do. They didn’t stop to ask anyone for permission.
A podcast for you fans who asked for a Dr Demento style podcast! Parodies and original comedy of the kind you would find on the Dr Demento show. Never heard of Dr D? Well, you're in for a treat. 1) Barnes and Barnes with Sulu - High School Gym 2) Jeff Jaisun - Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent 3) The Holy Modal Rounders - Boobs A Lot 4) The Foo ...…
Yeehaw! Sup #TCLLT fam?! In today’s episode I sprinkle enlightenment on dat ass. I don’t fk but apparently I’m a minister now so, there’s that. ???????? Listen in as I share tips on decision-making and the importance of self-esteem. You is kind. You is smart and you is beautiful. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor…
Being a good sportsman and showing some love. Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Jag pratar med komikern och filmentusiasten Petter Bristav om komediskaparna Zucker, Abrahams och Zucker. De ligger bakom filmer som ”Hej, vi skrattar”, ”Titta vi flyger”, ”Top Secret!” och ”Den nakna pistolen”. Plus en del annat. Man kan donera pengar till podden på Swish: 0760724728 Twitter: @gardenfors #arkivsamta ...…
K har varit stressad och pressad på instagram och Jonatan har laddad magasinet med ännu en fantastisk taxihistoria. Det handlar om att förnedra någon, att skalla någon rakt i ansiktet och vad svenska Davis Cup-laget gör i Colombia! Papa/Arte: Bossanova: SEMST:…
Full text Voltairine de Cleyre (November 17, 1866 – June 20, 1912) was an American anarchist, known for being a prolific writer and speaker, and opposing capitalism, the state, marriage, and the domination of religion over sexuality and women's lives. These latter beliefs have led many to cite her as a major early feminist.…
In this episode of Something to Think About, I discuss the Royal Rumble and the RAW after the Rumble. I also discuss the future and what will happen between now and WrestleMania in just 67 days. I hope you enjoy this episode, you’re listening to Something to Think About on
Jos an Taro a zo ganet e Loktudi, met deuet eo da Bluguen da chom pell 'zo. Bet eo bet o labourat e tachenn ar c'hirri-nij du-hont e-pad 25 vloaz. Hag e-pad 25 vloaz 'weler kalz traoù 'vat ! Ispliket 'neus da vBenjamin Bouard petra oa e vicher da neuze ha penaos oa cheñchet an traoù tamm-ha-tamm. Evit ar wech tout 'neus anveet an "aerodrom" ive ...…
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