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Readings, sermons and other selections recorded during the Sunday morning Worship Services at The Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair, New Jersey.
Sunday Services from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent, Ohio
Making a Difference In The World
UU Sermons
Sermons & Selected Music of the Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation at White Plains, Westchester County, New York
Harmony UU Podcast
Balancing Faith and Reason
Sermons by the ministers and guests at UUCA -Living boldly and compassionately in Annapolis, MD for over 60 years!
Weekly sermons from the Universalist Unitarian Church of Peoria, Illinois
Select Sermons from First Parish Unitarian-Universalist in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Sermon podcasts from the UU Church of Haverhill, MA. For more information about the church, visit us online at
The podcast of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Cleveland: Sunday sermons and more! Join us Sunday 11:00 a.m. for worship at 2728 Lancashire Rd. in Cleveland Heights
UU Richmond, VA
Sermons from the First Unitarian Universalist of Richmond, VA.
Sermons from the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Luis Obispo County.
UU Podversations
Unitarian Universalist perspectives on community, pop culture, and the nature of human existence
A UU minister's search for a better way to live. Join McKinley Sims on his wonder-filled journey through ancient texts, current politics, and future dreams. McKinley served as a Psychiatric Chaplain at a mental health facility and is a fellowshipped Unitarian Universalist minister at the UU Church of the Restoration in Philadelphia. Tune in to the pod for hilarious and heartbreaking stories from the psych ward, long answers to the deep questions in life, and fun conversations with a goofy ca ...
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem (Oregon)
UU Richmond, VA
Sermons from the First Unitarian Universalist of Richmond, VA.
UU A Way Of Life
Unitarian Univeralism is a living tradition facilitating spiritual development. This podcast covers the components of what this living tradition entails.
Audio recordings of sermons and music from the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Lake Norman, NC. Visit our website at
Sermons from The Unitarian Universalist Church-Rockford, Illinois.
Muxaadaro ka hadlaysa waxyaabihii uu nabigu kula balamay haweenkii muslimiinta ahaa , iyo waxyaabaha laga rabo haweenka guud ahaanba.
Sunday service recordings from the UU Church of Urbana-Champaign, Illinois (UUCUC). Unitarian Universalism is a progressive, liberal religion that embraces theological diversity. Unitarian Universalist congregations include atheists, agnostics, and believers, and do not share a creed, but are unified by a shared search for truth and meaning in our lives. The roots of Unitarian Universalism are in liberal Christianity, specifically Unitarianism and Christian Universalism. From these tradition ...
Podcast of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. Info on UU-Paganism and Earth Centered Spirituality practices within the Unitarian Universalist Association.
Sunday Services at the Minnesota Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, a liberal religious congregation in Bloomington, MN
A digest of sermons or other speeches and conversations from unitarian universalist ministers, mennonites, UMC, and other liberal religious voices.
Rev. Christiane Heyde welcomes you to Sky Island UU. Sky Island UU is a welcoming congregation and a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Churches or UUA.
WSUU Sermon Podcast
Weekly sermons from the pulpit of the Westside UU Congregation. Be inspired from leaders such as Rev. Peg Morgan, lay leaders from the congregation, and guest speakers from around the world.
Sunday Sermons from our ministers, Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd and Rev. Louise Green.
Weekly podcasts of sermons delivered at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin. Our minister is Rev. Meg Barnhouse. At First UU Church of Austin, we gather in community to nourish souls, transform lives, and do justice. We are an inclusive liberal religious and spiritual community. We support each individual's search for meaning and purpose and join together to help create a world filled with compassion and love. All are welcome without the distinction of race, class, gender, sexual o ...
Sermons and Services from Bradford Community Church Unitarian Universalist, Kenosha, WI
Audio Podcast of the First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque, NM.
Where I talk about Pokemon Competitive Strategy and how people act!
Be Spiritual
Listen to the spiritual, religious, and ethical perspectives of Unitarian Universalists
Sermons from the pulpit of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville
A weekly Hip Hop podcast featuring 2 washed Killeen underground rappers Bigg UU and Riffa offering their outlook on life and Hip Hop Culture, Hip Hop Album Reviews, Mixtapes and more!
Rev. Liz & Friends
Join Reverend Elizabeth Lerner and dynamic guest speakers on explorations of the heart, soul, mind and spirit, carrying forward the tradition of Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Susan B. Anthony, and other notable members of our faith. To learn more about the Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring (UUCSS), visit us at To learn about Unitarian Universalism, check out
Kitaabkan waxa uu ka hadlayaa: tawxiidka Eebe , waxa kale oo uu cadaynayaa shirkiga iyo bidcooyinka burinaya tawxiidkaas.
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UUAkron Servicecast
Podcast by UU Church of Akron
Muxaadaro ka hadalaysa in qofku ku camal falo wixii uu bartay, ama uu maqlay.
Muxaadaro ka hadlaysa qofku marka uu dhinto muxuu la kulmi doonaa, halkee ayuu ku danbayn doonaa, maxaa qabriga kaga horeeya qofka.
Just a few guys with a Harden joke and a lot of Pokemon battling tenure. Join hosts KwandaoRen66, Dangerous36M, and our new season 3 host LordNBZ in a bi-weekly podcast about the competitive Pokemon metagame with a special guest every episode.
UUAC Sherborn
Podcast by UU Area Church at First Parish in Sherborn
Muxaadaro ka hadlaysa sidii loo raaci lahaa amarka ilaahay, iyo ka fogaanshaha wixii uu inaga reebay. iyo midhaha wanaagsan ee arintaasi leedahay
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Guest Speaker Kye Flannery's sermon delivered on August 12, 2018. So many people in so many ways have said "the truth shall set you free." What are the truths that set us free? What sounds like truth but doesn't liberate us at all? Together we'll be exploring our experience, how we know ourselves, and how we speak from our deep truth to create ...…
Here we are, and by “here” I mean The Mystery. That’s what “here” means in the largest of senses. Mystery calls us forth, to be changed in ways we cannot now predict. Mystery calls us forth, to bring life and hope to people we serve. The Mystery that is our congregation is a 136-year-old story with chapters that took place way before any of us ...…
Speaker: Sophia Morrissette Sunday, August 12, 2018 Since graduating from the FUS Youth program last year, Sophia Morrissette has been immersed in a freshman year of college, majoring in Peace Studies and Psychology, in a relatively conservative Orange County, CA. She spent her summer working on a documentary research grant project about why As ...…
We join in worship for many reasons. Mary Raskin, Madrikha, will describe Humanistic Judaism and how her community joins together in community to celebrate Rosh Hashanah (New Year) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).
23:17 – Selections from our Sunday Morning Worship Service at The Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair by UUCM Member Laura Kushner. Download File (Right-click or Ctrl+click to save) SERMON “Border Walls” by UUCM Member L ...…
Valentines Day sucked this year. The shooting in Florida put a damper on an already crappy day, and McKinley put pen to paper to try to make sense of the flood of emotions coursing through our national body. How does a boy from hyper-conservative West Texas react when another mass shooting is condemned by the Left and ignored by the Right? What ...…
From a friend: “I encourage anyone else who feels like getting involved to do share what they feel comfortable sharing, either in the form of comments or your own posts. Even (read: ESPECIALLY) if you’re not black , your interactions with black culture (or lack thereof) are important for everyone to hear about. If Black History Month became an ...…
Where are you from and where are you headed to? Two questions I get asked a lot. Tune in to hear a little of Chaplain McKinley's story and how I found myself working at St. Elizabeths Hospital, and what the first thing you learn about working with mental health patients is!
An excerpt from McKinley's Senior Sermon in 2015 from the pulpit of Princeton Seminary's Miller Chapel. Content Warning: Mental Health.
Why is it so hard to talk about politics with that one uncle? What's to explain all the hatred and vitriol surrounding discussions on race and justice? Why won't they listen to us? Join Rev. McKinley on exploring why he hasn't spoken to some of his relatives in two years and what the Hebrew Scriptures can teach us about why people react to the ...…
Topics: Alex Jones, Whole30, Fight for ATL, EA Sports vs Kaepernick and Hip Hop, Lebron James' school, Nicki Minaj Radio, J. Cole + album reviews for Jay Park, Dave East & Denzel Curry. What it dew Trillions! Back again with episode 126 of the Truth Be Told Podcast from hosted by Riffa & Bigg UU from Killeen. Thanks for supportin ...…
Pod is back after a break for a new job! Join McKinley in thinking about what it means to have multiple identities and why it's so easy for us to fall into either/or thinking. Also, how is Southern Wales like Western Texas? What does binary thinking have to do with why Americans are slow to embrace soccer? Is the world always black and white? F ...…
“Faith and UU: A Podcast For Everyone!” is the tentative name of the new podcast that comprises of funny stories from the psych ward, ministry teachings from the UU tradition, and exploration of the deep questions in life. Go with McKinley Sims on a journey through the wonders of this mystery we call Humanity. Explore topics and texts in an ope ...…
Second pod up! Join McKinley Sims on a journey through the wonders of this mystery we call Life. Explore topics and texts in an open and accessible way. The Good Samaritan! What is it? Why do we know it? What does it mean for us?....oh yeah, and a call to be political.
We all think about our own life and how it will change over time. It is prudent to think about how our church will change. Even though we are addressing our documents and taking an inventory of our activities today, we have taken a major step in adopting the 8th Principle. How will this affect the church community and help us grow our faith? Ho ...…
Assistant Minister Rev. Chris Jimmerson's sermon delivered on August 5, 2018. With the LGBTQ Pride Festival and Parade coming soon, members of our "Alphabet Soup" group will share their stories of finding a spiritual home at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin.
136 years ago, in 1882, when the Rev. George Leonard Chaney first came to Atlanta, it was just a lot of dirt. And by that, I mean the prospect for liberal religion. The Civil War had ended only 17 years earlier, and Atlanta as a southern city was decidedly unfriendly soil for the seeds of Unitarianism with its strong anti-slavery views. There h ...…
Lorna Prell will be telling true stories about how she became convinced that there is more to reality than what can be proven by science.
We examine the importance of holding ourselves in loving care in order to more effectively care for others and the world. Meditation sections edited for time.
It's a common phrase often used in closing a letter, or email, or part of a spoken goodbye. What are the ways we find to "take care"?
33:12 – Selections from our Sunday Morning Worship Service at The Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair by Revs. Anya and Scott Sammler-Michael. Download File (Right-click or Ctrl+click to save) SERMON A Que ...…
Topics: Denzel Washington's acting, DJ Akademiks & Tekashi 6ix9ine vs Vic Mensa, Drake's upcoming HBO series with Zendaya, Kendrick Lamar the actor, Boonk's drug problem & Jonah Hill's Mid90's. What it dew Trillions! Back again with episode 125 of the Truth Be Told Podcast from hosted by Riffa & Bigg UU from Killeen. Thanks for s ...…
This time: Stories about the false promise of empowerment, and how the attitudes of colonialism, imperialism, and empire continue to affect our efforts at creating a more perfect world. The final mini sermon explains how this can be traced back to the moment the purpose of Christianity was twisted by the Roman Empire that adopted it as the stat ...…
Rev. Meg Barnhouse's sermon delivered on July 29, 2018. The service is created in collaboration with the Camp UU Hogwarts. Celebrate the magic we make here at First UU and the magic you make in your world!
So there I was, watching the news conference in Helsinki. Right before my eyes I saw our President stand beside Vladimir Putin and take Putin’s word over the word of our American Intelligence agencies. A moment of literal treason! Right before my eyes. Then I read about the Supreme Court and how it ended its spring term this year. With a flurry ...…
It's a term we hear a lot these days in the media, referring to the impassioned repetition of a questionable claim even after it is proven false. Where did this phrase come from? What does it hide?
Our ancient ancestors saw the Earth as a living, conscious organism filled with spirits that sometimes worked together and at other times battled for primacy. But then humanity domesticated the spirits and the planet became a dead carcass where we could extract whatever we chose. But all this did was separate us from each other and from the Web ...…
Speaker: Rev. Karen Hutt Sunday, July 29, 2018 She writes: “Despite the hype of ‘Lockup’ prison shows on MSNBC, life behind the walls of American prisons is a complex, immoral puzzle that challenges our values and our hearts.” Come with Rev. Karen Hutt as she takes you behind the wall when the death penalty ended in Illinois and what she learne ...…
When our bodies are wounded, the body kicks into high gear to begin the process of healing. From the common cold to more serious diseases or injuries, our body intuitively knows how to heal itself. When we are faced with trauma, grief and/or loss we need to pay equal attention to how our we heal emotionally and spiritually. The good news is tha ...…
Topics: San Diego Comic Con trailers, Aquaman & Teen Titans, Mayans M.C., Lebron James raps, Denzel Washington, R. Kelly, Tekashi's robbery + album reviews for Buddy, Hoodrich Pablo Juan & The Internet. What it dew Trillions! Back again with episode 124 of the Truth Be Told Podcast from hosted by Riffa & Bigg UU from Killeen. Tha ...…
Rev. Meg Barnhouse's sermon delivered on July 22, 2018. So many people suffer from blue days, sad weeks, or stormy months. How do you know if what you have is depression? Is it related to events, or is it hereditary? Does it come to you out of nowhere? Let's talk about what we know.
23:28 – Selections from our Sunday Morning Worship Service at The Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair by UUCM Member Laurice Grae-Hauck. Download File (Right-click or Ctrl+click to save) SERMON “Love & Belongin ...…
This Sunday, Darrell and Kathy will be telling their story of helping a family member in an abusive relationship through the help off Cornerstone. Cheryl Kolb-Untinen from Cornerstone will join them.
We explore the origins of two of our most sacred and uniquely Unitarian Universalist traditions, the flaming chalice and the flower communion. Opening reading by Rev. Norbert Capek shared by Dani Lockwood, story of the Flower Communion adapted from UU author Janeen K. Grohsmeyer.
Think that poetry is all old, stuffy words that sort of go on and on and you really aren’t sure what it’s all about? Well, that’s what Rev. Kären thought until she met Laura Solomon. Laura writes poetry, especially slam poetry, that inspires, motivates and gets the heart and brain pumping. Listen to how the spoken word in this form can be used ...…
Speaker: Jack Gaede Sunday, July 22, 2018 Whether we place more importance on our past or on our future says a lot about who we are and what we are actively prioritizing. It is important to know our history. We should celebrate and commemorate our past accomplishments, but we must also admit to and make amends for our past mistakes. Where does ...…
"Don't Know Mind" sometimes called beginners mind functions in many ways. The secret is to be skillful in your understanding, and to make it work for you as a tool of discovery rather than as an excuse. We'll get up close and personal with don't know mind.
Our culture is at a tipping point, making the matter of belief and faith more important than ever. In this podcast of our June 3, 2018, service, Harmony UU member Dick Galloway examines what happens when your beliefs fall apart—and how faith could help us move on. Read more details about this sermon here: ...…
Topics: New Donald Glover music, Mike Epps vs Kevin Hart, Will Smith gets in his feelings, Hpnotiq is making a come back + an album review from Wiz Khalifa for Rolling Papers 2. What it dew Trillions! Back again with episode 123 of the Truth Be Told Podcast from hosted by Riffa & Bigg UU from Killeen. Thanks for supporting your f ...…
This interactive service will draw from multiple sources and traditions to examine the "golden rule" and what we can learn from each other about embracing the joy in life. Reading is by Whitney Houston, The Greatest Love of All Read by Worship Leader Alethea Shiplett
Assistant Minister Rev. Chris Jimmerson's sermon delivered on July 15, 2018. Our new mission statement says that we "build the Beloved Community". As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. defined it, that's a huge dream though. We do not do it alone. We do so as part of a rich Unitarian Universalist heritage and our larger UU movement, as well as in ...…
Led by Elaine Bowen and Worship Associate Kathy Kerns On this Sunday, leaders will share their reflections of General Assembly. Sunday’s service is offered at 10 AM with nursery care available during the service.
One of the definitions of "conviction" is "a firmly held belief or opinion." But convictions can sometimes run deeper than opinions and survive across changing beliefs. Where do convictions come from? How do they guide us?
Linda Hayen recently completed Master Recycler/Composter training through Hennepin County. She will discuss common questions about recycling and composting. Glenn will give information about the Green Sanctuary program here at MVUUF as well as our own recycling and composting procedures.
We celebrate Bradford UU's long history of supporting LGBTQ+ rights with our annual Kenosha Pride service and then join in our community's Pride Parade through the streets of Kenosha!
Speaker: Arif Mamdani Sunday, July 15, 2018 Racial justice commitments lead us to know that in the face of white supremacy, we should “decenter whiteness,” but what then? This assembly will explore the dynamics of centering and decentering and what they might mean for us as a congregation and denomination. Our speaker is preparing for Unitarian ...…
34:51 – Selections from our Sunday Morning Worship Service at The Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair by UUCM Music Director Markus Grae-Hauck with Terry Cummings, Malinda Loflin and Charles Loflin. Download File (R ...…
The Sufi mystic Hafiz wrote, “I once asked a bird, how is it that you fly in this gravity of darkness? She responded, ‘love lifts me’.” When our strength fails us, where do we turn? How do we nourish ourselves and others to move towards spiritual centering?
Meg Barnhouse tells stories about gender and its ambiguities, about raising children that are not pidgeonholed, and helps us become better listeners when others are expressing their true identity. (Episode 46)
Topics: The over saturation of collab albums, Vince Staples, Future shoots shots, Nas gets paid, Hurricane Chris + album reviews for Casanova 2X, Future and Meek Mill. What it dew Trillions! Back again with episode 122 of the Truth Be Told Podcast from hosted by Riffa & Bigg UU from Killeen. Thanks for supporting your favorite Hi ...…
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