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The leader in DIY Vaping
Lets Vape Podcast
A new vaping podcast featuring Joe Cloudie and vaping v1ck a couple of youtube vape reviews hanging out and chatting all things vape and vaping.
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Sentient Vape
Mods, attys, tinkering. Two ordinary primates’ podcast about vaping. A mix of gross ignorance, accidental genius & DIY. With a few drops of random banter.
Show Me Vape
Come vape with me! This podcast talks about all things vape!
The latest in vaping - industry news, advocacy alerts and updates, new products, tips and tricks, and new research.
The Best DIY Eliquid Recipes, Tutorials, Tips, and Videos
In our podcast we walk through the different aspects of vaping, trying to give as much insight as possible, in the hope of letting our listeners develop a better understanding of the different equipment, terms and techniques used in vaping.
The Vaping Militia is committed to protecting the rights and health of vapers by advocating for safe public use of personal vaporizers. We strongly believe and promote peaceful and
Dave's Vape Pen
This is Welcome to Dave's Vape Pen. Hosted by the Cute House, Aeriel and Kelly. 2 Cute alien chicks doing their thing.Follow us!
3 gentlemen (yep, I am going with gentlemen), review the best and worst of vaping's e-juices and chat about vaping news.
The Vape Stores Directory PodBlast is the first Vape and ecig podcast dedicated to getting the story out for vape store owners, ecig store owners and anyone providing services related to the e-cig industry, e-cig manufacturers, ejuices and vape industry information.What’s your vape story?Request to be professionally interviewed by our Podcast talent!Learn about electronic cigarette stores, electronic cigarette sellers, e-cig shops, vape stores, vape lounges that match your taste and style.Co ...
Vape Radio is the only voice of the vape space where you'll hear from thought leaders and vapreneurs on the ever-evolving e-cig/vaping industries. Hosted by Norm Bour, founder of VapeMentors.
Vape Interview 1
This is my podcast!
Freeze is a comedian - graphic artist - hop artist and battle rapper. Freeze co-hosted The TVA Show for 2 Years and you can find those archives here!In the mean time Freeze is selling custom hip hop/rap/roast songs on his website and through Fiverr, and his work will be shared here.
The latest ecig news, reviews, coupons and information in the electronic cigarette industry all summed up into an ecig podcast. From ecig brands and product reviews to the latest technology, we cover it all. If you smoke or vape, this is must-listen to ecig podcast!
VP Live
VapersPlace Radio, live radio shows for the vaping community.
Collectively Ruby Roo and GrimmGreen have been vaping for over 10 years. Both love being actively involved in the vape community, and both have a shared passion for vaping, tobacco harm reduction, beer, and cocktails. This is what the Culture of Clouds podcast represents: life, vaping, and friendship.
This Podcast is produced by Zombie Juice INC. This Podcast promotes vaping. Visit us or
A weekly podcast with your host Odd Rob and his muthafukin best fren/comptroller, Brando-sahn. They will be getting into all sorts of high jinx while talking about pop culture, politics, music, mixed martial arts, and of course, DAB aka marijuana reefer oils for satan worshipers.
Over 9000!
Over 9000 is a variety podcast... of Awesome! We come to you each week with new wierd facts and news, a bunch of It Came From The Web trending web searches and more, a heavy dose of geekdom, and most importantly we handle the hard questions, from you! So strap yourself in and get ready to force feed your brain. Your scanner will tell you the entertainment level... IS OVER 9000!!!
The vaping podcast for experienced vapers and new vapers (former smokers). Two guys who have been around the block a few times have some fun and talk vaping, politics, and activism. Join us as we ruffle some feathers and share some good times.
This is, in actuality the audio only version of my weekly VLOG program from youtube called What's In The News Robin. Various subjects including Beer, Vaping, Metal, Legal, First impressions and Reviews of vape related products will be covered. Hope you enjoy the show! -Grimm
Ownlife Vapor
The Ownlife Vapor Podcast discusses all things vape related from the viewpoints of people working in the industry. Brought to you by
Cloudy Society
Cloudy Society invites you for the latest on the forever evolving vape industry, herbal industry and more!
Behind the Cloud
A podcast about smoking, vaping, quitting and the history and cultural standing behind this habit in New Zealand.
Rambling Vapers
A podcast about vaping, amongst many other very random topics. Myself (ner0kw) & Bungle will amble our way through various topics, talking about anything from politics to gaming to science and nature.
Vapors Vault
Vapors Vault is a broadcast revolving around the vaping world. So, sit back and enjoy your time with us!
The vaping podcast for experienced vapers and new vapers (former smokers). Two guys who have been around the block a few times have some fun and talk vaping, politics, and activism. Join us as we ruffle some feathers and share some good times.
Residing in the beautiful state of Washington where cannabis is legal, I work in the cannabis industry as a Cannabis Consultant. I have grown and cultivated cannabis as a medical patient for well over a decade. The purpose of this podcast is to provide entertaining information about the culture of Cannabis and the artistry of vaping concentrated hash oils known as "Dabs". Welcome to my world! 21+ Thanks for Listening and Sharing!
Morgan's Mind
Topics ranging from technology to entertainment to life to vaping, everything is discussed here! Please sit back, relax, and enjoy.
Savage E-Liquid
We are an e-liquid company who also does podcasts on all things vape!
We are talking about the new nicotine vape craze that teens are addicted to. We are also looking at the up side to nicotine vapes and how they help smokers stop smoking cigarettes.
Thoughts of positivity and encouragement, random thoughts, song teasers, vaping tips and tricks, and so much more.
David Goerlitz is a tobacco industry veteran and former model for Winston Cigarettes. After turning his back on big tobacco, David G has become a leading advocate for tobacco harm reduction through vaping, and created this podcast to help spread the truth about the tobacco industry and vaping.
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Steve enjoys time to himself but also worries his laziness might be mistaken for bigotry. Jason avoids trying new things because the parking sucks. And together, the guys derive a new sci-fi future wherein fart vapes are the energy that run things.
Alexa Lardieri -- Breaking News Reporter -- U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, talks to WDEL's Allan Loudell from Washington
Vaping is now the most popular tobacco product among teens and young adults, thanks to $63 million in traditional and social media marketing last year by major e-cigarette companies.By (creynolds).
In this week's episode, Blake gets new shoes, Scottye creates a few amazing flavor explosions and the boyz weed their way through the finals of the BS Buckwild Movie Tournament!
Bongani Bingwa speaks to Peter Ucko, CEO of the Tobacco, Alcohol and Gambling Advisory, Advocacy and Action Group and Dr Kgosi Letlape, Co-Founder of the Africa Harm Reduction Alliance The Department of Health has officially released its Draft Tobacco Bill for public comment. Among the proposals, the Draft Bill plans to ban smoking in certain p ...…
Blkcat and DevilJon are back celebrating 80 episodes; Chatting about music, vaping news and current events with the flavor of attuide you've grown to enjoy. We hope you enjoy the episode and all the fine products and information from our friends below. Happy 7/10. Namaste. A special thank you goes out to our sponsors Http:// ...…
CCC North American Affairs Manager David Clement discusses Ontario Premier Doug Ford's hold on changes to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act that would have added additional regulations for vaping. A spokesperson, on behalf of Ford, stated that the purpose of pausing the regulations was to review the evidence that vaping is an effective cessation tool ...…
It is a Dark time for the Dudes. Andy has entered the final trial and runs into a real Joker who likes exposition. A LOT. While that monster gives Andy some answers he wasn't expecting, Andy and Dave need to talk about some pretty wild stuff. Like unexpected stone cold WWII heroes, murderous artificial intelligence and a train loaded with 10 mi ...…
Stuffed mlNikon RinVapes JennJarvis
Tanner and Julian talk about episode 10 "Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village" Ash and Misty about the comfort of nets. Brock learns about unrequited love. Bulbasaur becomes the vaping world champion.
It's always strange when you find out someone isn't quite who you thought they were. Like seeing your old kindergarten teacher shopping at Victoria's Secret. Or learning that Ben Affleck vapes. What if you found out that your rabbi--the person in your life that's closest to God--is just a regular guy? Oliver brings us that story.WPRB News & Cul ...…
Comedian Jc Currais is a nefarious alcoholic and comedian Chris Cope is a huge pothead. Which makes them the perfect hosts for the new show, “Impaired” where they will be challenging fellow comedians, Aristotle Georgeson (Blake Vapes) and Caleb Synan to a series of trivia games, interviews and hilarious segments all while getting f@#$ed up. Kee ...…
This week we dive into big d**k energy, Jake’s complete nonsense Google searches, and what make us irrationally angry. If you can't get enough of our stupid antics and beautiful looks (Damn we're sexy and funny!) then be sure to follow Jake, Andrew, Joe, and Ernie on social media! If you have a question or comment you want on the show then be s ...…
Last week, the city of Dover became the first New Hampshire municipality to raise their smoking age from 18 to 21. The new city ordinance prohibits anyone under 21 from buying, using or possessing tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and vaping devices. We look at what kind of impact this law may have on the Dover community, and the state a ...…
In this episode we discuss: A Florida Man Suffers the First Ever Vape-Related Death A Girl Blows Vape Out of Her Ear The Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products My Comment To The FDA About My Vaping Story A Vape Explodes in a Women's Face Causing Severe Injuries The San Francisco Flavor Ban Show notes can be found on this episode's page on Va ...…
#036 Impromptu Guest and Loyal Listener Wade Budder Kemp. Wade Is a Successful Local Business Owner - We Discuss Vaping As An Alternative to Smoking, Hemp, CBD's, BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) and much more! 2 Rational Bastards - #2RB | Rose Garden Studios - 6/28/2018 Hokus Pokus Vapor Shop B.A.C.A Biker ...…
In this week's episode, Blake faces his fears, Scottye resurrects an old love and the boyz recap the BS Buckwild Movie Tournament! Links Twitter @ALoadOfPureBS @BlakeATanner @Scottyemo
Drunknmunky Flavor Names Notes % Time Flavor Monks (FM) Artisanal Gins Fairly solid, very accurate gin flavors, herbal, boozy, 4 FA Gin Dry, juniper forward, a bulldozer of juniper 5 FW Martini A really good dry vermouth 4 6 VT Botanical Gin Good, sweeter, more well-rounded, closer to a high end gin, with a citrus note and a pleasant juniper no ...…
Dr. Chris Wynn from Christchurch Clinical Studies Trust pops in to chat about an upcoming study CCST is carrying out on some vaping products. Matt quizzes him about the study as well as his thoughts on vaping in general.
In this week’s Episode Senator Bernardi talks about: The re-emergence of Clive Palmer in Australian politics | A double-dose of history this week with a look at the importance of the Magna Carta and the founding of the Swan River Colony (Western Australia) | Your say on: The ABC | Newspolls | The Conservative vision for Australia | Medicinal ca ...…
This smoking alternative is sweeping schools nationwide and causing concern. JUULs are small and easy to hide; they look like a flash drive and come in delicious-smelling flavors. But manufacturers say their product is squarely aimed at adult smokers, to help them quit. We look at the arguments. This is a rebroadcast of a show that originally a ...…
Blkcat and DevilJon are back; Chatting about music, vaping news and current events with the flavor of attuide you've grown to enjoy. We hope you enjoy the episode and all the fine products and information from our friends below. Namaste. Http:// text CASAA FLAVORS to 52886 Participate in the survey to show the FDA how flavors helps ...…
FILE CORRUPT EPISODE. Lost 20 minutes due to file error. Me rambling solo. Thank each & everyone for your support CALL THE SHOW! Leave a "RANDOM' voicemail 304 TALK ROB (304 825-5762) 30 day FREE Amazon Prime Trial
E3 just happened. It had its moments, but we're still fixin' to talk some shit!
Because vape pens are so convenient and discreet consumers love them, but cannabis and CBD companies are struggling to keep up with demand for vape pens. To help businesses streamline their workflow and eliminate bottlenecks a resourceful entrepreneur created a machine that can fill 100 vape pen cartridges in under 1 minute. Learn More athttps: ...…
On this episode, we learn about the plan to fund broadcast sex, the real estate deal good enough to sue over, and the newest terrible industry brainwashing children.
Welcome to my first podcast! Coffee Talk and Vape is all about sharing your story on getting off of cigarettes and into vaping. I thought I would spend the first episode giving a brief introduction to my journey up until this point.
12- Interview w/ Jorge Pons (@jpa1993) 02:45 Why Jorge has to wait for the climax of the high to wear off to lift… 03:50 Preworkout- Flower Vs. Vaping 05:15 Supplements 06:30 Are steroids worth it??? 07:25 Night sweats, nightmares, always on edge 08:50 How cannabis helped during and after cycle 13:00 Chasing something that is unattainable, the ...…
The big videogame show came and went folks! Chloe and Rosie share some of their favorite E3 experiences and crossovers before launching into some of that good old fashioned making up videogames.This week we discuss all the new E3 crossovers, Sonic’s slick onion feet, mech kissing, Chloe’s friend Kevin, fake vape, Death Stranding, gun cheek, Chl ...…
Guest: Sven Topics: Eating at the office, Vape Nation BO-YE, Music Festivals
Managing time and procrastination, Smoking vs Vaping, Solo Movie Review, Interview on Dogs, The Firm Book Review.
David jumps right into the ridiculousness of the vape flavor ban in San Francisco. He talks about some of the other latest news in the industry, as well as some of the other big issues causing problems for vapors, and the millions of people who are still trying to quit smoking. We would like to give a big shout-out to Pinnacle CBD (PinnacleCBD. ...…
Blkcat is moving and DevilJon brought some friends in the den for a differnt kind of episode of BLR. Chatting about music, vaping news and current events with the flavor of attuide you've grown to enjoy. We hope you enjoy the episode and all the fine products and information from our friends below. Namaste. Http:// text CASAA FLAVO ...…
Australia might be a world leader in tobacco control, but vaping is a blindspot. Retailers are selling illegal nicotine vaping products, and plenty aren't even labelled.
E-cigs, vapes and Juuls are a hot topic. They’re popular among teens, and enticing videos on social media make them look pretty cool. However, they're not necessarily popular among parents. In this segment of Health Matters, we learn more about whether they are safer than cigarettes, talk about the flavored juices and find out more about the ri ...…
Samantha Jane Gurewitz brings a collection vape pens samples from Heavy Hitters. In this episode Sam and Marcella talk about having depression at a young age, hanging around the wrong people, and dysfunctional family.
◈ People On Panel & Info ◈This show was one the most powerful live chats I have taken apart of, and been in. I didnt expect it to get this deep, but whew. Man there was some powerful stuff going on in this live. Enjoy. Probably one of the best ITM's ever◈ Links ◈The Vaping Bogan: (The ...…
It's Guy Fieri day! To celebrate our sister show - Your New Opinion - We are releasing Nick's Fieri-fest classic Vape Cop! Guy Fieri plays a gritty street detective who's specialty is vaping his way to solving crime.
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