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Technology Veterans weekly podcast with Carey Holzman and Mike Smith
Family Of a Vet is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families learn how to cope with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), TBI (traumatic brain injury) and life after combat through real-world, plain language education and resources for heroes, families, and communities.
Technology Veterans weekly podcast with Carey Holzman and Mike Smith
Podcast by theveterinarypodcast
You can't trust anyone nowadays. The level of sedition, anti-authority behaviour and advertiser-unfriendly thought-crime has reached record levels -- especially among Australia's "elites". Luckily, The Chaser is here to sort the subversives from the patriots. Each week, The Chaser puts a comedian, writer or politician through the ringer, interrogating them on behalf of the Australian government. The stakes are high. If they fail, The Chaser has been granted the power by Peter Dutton to revok ...
Technology Veterans weekly podcast with Carey Holzman and Mike Smith
VET Talk Radio
Timeless stories from veterinary professionals for pet owners, veterinarians and vet nurses uploaded each and every week.
Jennifer Quammen, DVM, MPH and Human Performance Coach Ryan Smith, MS facilitate High Performance Coaching for Veterinary Professionals to achieve a higher standard of life.
Vem vet mest
Connecting Vets
Connecting Vets Every Day
Each week Bark & Wag will interview Veterinarians and individuals in the pet industry from across the nation answering your questions about your pet. Visit to ask questions and view past podcasts.
Introductory lectures on organic chemistry covering structure and representation, reactions of alkenes, alcohols, aldeyhdes, ketones and amines, determination of structure and spectroscopy, reactions of carboxylic acids and derivatives, aromatic compounds, isomers, carbohydrates, amino acids and proteins, tautomerism and nucleic acids
a collaborative forum where we provide a candid A commentary on topics, issues, and insight on life in veterinary school.
Podcast by L!VET
Ask a Vet
Ask a vet features Dr. Brett Bauscher and a panel of experts answering questions about animal care and discussing important pet care topics.
Join Dr. Justine Lee, DVM, DACVECC, DABT, an emergency critical care veterinary specialist and toxicologist, for "ER Vet !" This show is dedicated to all things emergency related. After all, we all dread having to go to the veterinarian at 2 A.M. In this show, Dr. Lee will help educate pet owners on what you really need to know about keeping your pets safe and protected. When is it a "real" emergency? When should you go to the animal ER? What can you do to prevent a visit to the ER? What do ...
The only veterinarian/comedy podcast!!! Tune in every week to as Dr. Lisa (seen on Dr. Oz) and comedian Richie Redding (from Katt Williams’ tour) talk to hilarious comics about the pets they love! Comics with pets talking to vets!!!
Ask A Vet
Have a question about your Faithful Friend? Have you always wondered why Fido and Tiger do this or that? Submit your question at and get insight from a real veterinarian – it may even be featured in our next Ask A Vet episode! A variety of pet topics are discussed in our podcast - learn tips for your dog, cat, or other pet!
Real god good
Vets Helping Vets
Vets Helping Vets. Is a podcast about veterans helping veterans. 22 Veterans commit suicide on a daily basis. I interview veterans and have them share their story of success in the military and civilian life. Offer advice and support to veterans in need of assistance in every aspect of life. My goal is to hopefully reach veterans out there that are contemplating suicide and have them change their mind.
Shut up eat clean
Welcome to the Shut Up Eat Clean/Heathy Vet podcast! Where amazing information is shared!
Podcast A Vet is a podcast for Veterinarians, students, nurses, veterinary professionals and animal lovers with an emphasis on community. The podcast shares the stories, struggles, successes and insights of leaders across the veterinary industry. As modern vets, we face numerous challenges on a daily basis, from dealing with patients and clients, to running profitable practices, to dealing with internal struggles like compassion fatigue. We believe that the best way through these struggles i ...
Growing Vet
Growing Vet
Vet Hustle
Veteran Hustle AKA "Vet Hustle" enables veteran-owned business owners and veteran entrepreneurs to experience faster growth in business by generating more leads and customers for less money. More importantly, helping veterans lead and win in life, business, and personal being.
Do you have a visual impairment or blindness and wish to learn more about technology and adaptive software? The Blind Vet Tech Quick Guides, News and Reviews podcast provides information on how to use iPhones, iPads, Windows 10 with Narrator, Amazon’s Alexa, AIRA< and many other devices that enhances our independence. We also provide monthly technology news recaps, announcements for our monthly teleconferences, and provide reviews and comparisons for a variety of devices to apps. This channe ...
Vet Law
We help you navigate through a complicated legal system as it applies to Veterans, and the benefits and resources available.
Vetting the Hype
Like any discerning entrepreneur, you want to work with a professional. How do today's leaders decide who they will work with and how do they adjust when a partnership goes wrong? Subscribe to the podcast that gets top influencers to reveal the secrets that allow them to succeed. Listen as they tell the story of their worst mistake. About Vetting the Hype Host Marie White is the award-winning, #1 best-selling author of five books. She reaches half a million viewers as the host of a popular Y ...
Living the Vet Life
Just another WordPress site
Gaming Vets is made up of three idiots who play video games and talk a lot of crap!
That Vet Life
Listen along as vet student, Moriah McCauley talks with vets and students alike about the people and experiences that Inspire, Encourage, and Challenge the Veterinary Profession. Check it out on Instagram --> @ThatVet_Life
In 2008, Michael Richardson and Carl Hoffman met at a National Guard Armory in Indiana, and neither has been the same since. Their decision to make a podcast together was heavily influenced by beer (for Carl anyway). Mike's stint in radio adds an air of professionalism to the podcast, while Carl's inability to form a coherent sentence brings out the comedic side of the duo. Decidedly unfunny at times, Carl and Mike are your hosts for a podcast about anything, covering topics such as sports, ...
Just Two Drunk Vets
Podcast by Just Two Drunk Vets
This Podcast contains episodes of Bravo Brazos Valley. They are features on several Veterans from the Brazos Valley. It is created and hosted by Tom Turbiville.
Miracles For Vets
Realistic experiences during missions of helping one Disabled Veteran at a time!
One Black Vet
Weekly random conversations about anything and everything from my navy stories to sports to current events around the world.
Podcast by Bleacher Fan
The number one podcast for management of your horse. I discuss different conditions and how to manage the condition to get your horse back to peak health and fitness. Also some thoughts on how our sports can manage issues as they arrive. Questioning change is what I think about and just because we have always done it that way doesn't make it the right way. Training and management of the sporthorse has to change as we change the demands placed on them.
Podcast for Program: Not Fit to Rule the Planet: Oil Spill Disaster, Vets Organizing Against Recruiters, the Importance of Dreams, the Actors' Gang in Prisons and A Better World Is Possible In series: The Michael Slate ShowVersion: Raymond Lotta digs into the Gulf Oil Spill and reveals how it is a capitalist oil spill in every conceivable way and points to how a socialist society would do things differently; Matthis Chiroux talks about a nationwide tour of resister vets and The World Can't W ...
Veteran Issues, Firearms news and entertainment, Guns, Ammo, gear, and the shooting sports. Vet Made Ammunition
klankkast podcast
Veterinarians, Dr Lewis Kirkham and Dr Robbie Anderton, will give you the inside scoop on the secret lives of your pets and have a light-hearted look at the latest animal news, health tips and other random facts.
Ask the Vets with Dr. Jeff Call-in Radio Show Ask the vets is a call-in show where you, the listeners can ask anything about your dogs or cats and other animals on Pet Life Radio
Bridging the technology divide for Veterans with visual impairments through information and services about assistive and accessible technology.
Veterinary Record has been published weekly since 1888. It contains news, comment, letters, clinical research and jobs on a wide range of veterinary topics.In Practice provides continuing educational material for veterinary practitioners. Peer-reviewed review articles by experts in their field cover all species, providing a regular update on clinical developments.
The Vetpodcast
Presented by Veterinarian Dr Bryan Gregor from New Zealand, join us as current cat and dog health and welfare issues are discussed by veterinarians, veterinary nurses and vet techs from around the world. If you are a pet owner, an animal lover or in the veterinary industry, there will be something of interest!
After Action with Max and Paul is a podcast about national security, military life, and other random bulls—t. Hosted by Maximilian Uriarte, the creator of Terminal Lance, and Paul Szoldra, the creator of Duffel Blog.
Massively OP
A weekly discussion of MMORPG adventures, news, and opinions by industry vets Bree and Justin.
The show deals with tips, tricks, and advice in regards to computers and technology. The show also features interviews with leading personalities in the Toledo, Ohio area, leading figures from around the world, indie artists, commercial artists, and A FEW SURPRISES.
This is War
A raw look at the combat and homecoming experience from American veterans who have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. “This Is War” chronicles the trials of combat vets both abroad and at home.
Animal Geeks
Veterinary family wildlife podcasting team.
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In this Blind Vet Tech Quick Guides, News and Reviews podcast, we describe and set up a new Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo is a midrange smart speaker from Amazon. Its capable of providing a midsize room with halfway decent music quality and most importantly Alexa. To follow along, you will need to have installed the Amazon Alexa app on your iPho ...…
In this episode I am very excited to share the microphone with Dr. Cody Creelman. Known as the internet's favorite cow vet, Cody has made his name known through his presence on social media. Through platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and now through podcasting, Cody has shared his daily experiences as a cattle vet in Canad ...…
Nick Francona served in the Marine Corps as an officer for 4 years that included deploying to Afghanistan to lead a sniper platoon. His sister is currently serving in the Navy. Following his time in the Corps he moved to the other family business, baseball. But the son of revered Manager Terry Francona's time in baseball may have come to an end ...…
On this edition of the Morning Briefing, Host Eric Dehm and Producer Jake Hughes talk about their favorite, and most hated, military movies. Then, Eric speaks with Nick Francona, a Marine vet who was fired by the New York Mets for asking too many questions. Finally, Eric talks to VFW national commander Keith Harman about his time as commander, ...…
Welcome listeners to episode 19 of the Two Vets Talk Pets Podcast! We start off with our regular Chitty Chat, Robbie talks about a little dog who had a problem before coming in for her spey, Lewis and Robbie remember some funny plugs and things they have taken out of cats. Lewis talks about diving in the Galapagos Islands, and checking in with ...…
On this edition of the Morning Briefing, Host Eric Dehm and Producer Jake Hughes discuss Jake taking the new Army PFT. Spoiler alert: he didn't do so hot. Then, Eric speaks with J.J. Montanaro from USAA about life insurance for vets. FInally, Eric talks to Joe Chennely from AMVETS about their recent HEAL summit!…
SOCS Kristin Beck is likely best known as the transgender SEAL vet, but would rather you just think of her as a person. Here the decorated SpecOps sailor speaks with Eric Dehm and Jonathan Kaupanger about her career, the double transition of leaving the navy and beginning to live life as a woman, as well as her thoughts Private Manning, the SEA ...…
On this edition of the Morning Briefing, Host Eric Dehm and Producer Jake Hughes talk about the Army's new physical fitness test. Then, Jake talks with the AMerican legion about their Boy's Nation program. FInally, Eric sits down with Senior CHief Kristin Beck, decorated Navy SEAL and transgender woman, about her expeirence, her opinions on the ...…
On this edition of the Morning Briefing, Host Eric Dehm and Producer Jake Hughes discuss the sales that were going on for Amazon Prime Day! Then Eric is joined by Dan Caldwell and John Burns form Concerned Veterans for America to discuss their new foundation that helps veteran transition. FInally, Eric speaks with Justin Bronw of HillVets about ...…
On this week’s show, Bree and Justin mull over how necessary it is to actually provide MMOs with those icky, wonderful girlie-types. They deliberately deliver a light-hearted episode after last week, full of funky fresh frivolity. Will gaming ever be fun again? It has to be! It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, o ...…
Two of the most common holdups potential students have before applying to vet school are how to make sure your application stands out, and whether or not vet school is the right path for you in the first place. Today, Gretchen Delcambre, director of vet school admissions to Colorado State answers everything you need to know before you submit yo ...…
On this edition of the Morning Briefing, Host Eric Dehm and Producer Jake Hughes discuss the weirdest items you can find on Then, Jake speaks with Melissa Bryant from IAVA about what their organization is doing. Finally, Eric sits down with Scott Davidson of GCO, to talk about how they made it big through consulting!…
On this spooky Friday the 13th edition of the Morning Briefing, Super Producer Jake Hughes talks about how the Air Force is recognizing drone pilots. Then, Eric sits down with Shah Chowdhury of Assault Forward, a veteran owned clothing business that's different from the rest. Finally, Jake speaks with Lynn Rolf of the VFW about their Veteran Em ...…
Our buddy KC Arora had a heck of a time rescuing his lil Chi-mix Bruce! He and Richie discuss the pros and cons of buying hamsters at Woolworth’s. Dr. Lisa teaches us a thing or two about doggy dental care.
It’s not often that a hip hop artist’s experience with guns includes firefights in Afghanistan. And it’s even more rare when the story of trauma, death and addiction has a happy ending. But, the story of hip hop artist / Navy Veteran, Doc Todd, is truly inspiring. We sat down with Doc and he shared vivid details about his life, his current sing ...…
Hear deadly scientific proof, historical examples and shocking news of botched surgeries, plus must watch movies! This is the ultimate Friday the 13th podcast
Social media can be an incredibly helpful, fun tool as a veterinarian (and vet student). But it's important to know the right social media etiquette so we keep clients and employers happy. In this episode Seth sits down with The Social DVM, Dr. Caitlin DeWilde, to talk about how to use social media effectively and how to stay out of the frying ...…
Hey TVTP fans, welcome to episode 18 of your favourite Pets and Vets podcast! We start things off with some Chitty Chat Chat about the number of arthritic dogs and cats that Robbie is seeing, who are struggling with the cold Melbourne winter. Lewis laments over AFL retirements and getting ignored by supermodels. Robbie talks about his whippet R ...…
In this episode of ER VET, Dr. Justine Lee, DACVECC, DABT, board-certified emergency critical care veterinary specialist and toxicologist discusses litterboxes. It sounds like a dirty topic but it’s so important so tune in to get the scoop on what to do if your cat is thinking outside the box! More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Get the ...…
This week's topics include service dogs on airplanes and more. Tune in every SUNDAY at 12 Noon Eastern, 9am Pacific and call in with your questions at 877-385-8882. Now on Google Hangouts too! More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Ask the Vets with Dr. Jeff
Doctors and the farming industry are often blamed for overuse of antibiotics that spurs the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance - but the professions are using different methods to combat resistance and reduce overuse. In this roundtable, we bring medics and vets together to discuss the problem - where antibiotic resistance arises, how ...…
Key Points at a Glance Dr. Alan Robinson, Director of Vet Dynamics, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah Introduction Background Turning a challenge into an opportunity Finding happiness The purpose Social media Profiling veterinarians Final thoughts Website: The post Finding happiness and coping in today’s veterinary worl ...…
From early on in her training, Vanessa Mahan learned that being an aviator is more than just a test of strength and stamina, it also requires an unrelenting will and focus. What it requires most of all is the ability to shoulder the heavy burden of life and death for dozens of people every time you’re on a mission. On each approach timely actio ...…
Key Points at a Glance Dr. Julie Reck, Veterinarian, Practice Owner & Author, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah Introduction Background Practice environment Growing a practice The receptionist Education & experience for pet owners and pets Working with teams Coaching Website: Email: Instagram: julierec ...…
On this week’s show, Bree and Justin cleans up after Guild Wars 2's PR disaster, chew over the survivability of Shroud of the Avatar, and commiserate about Camelot Unchained's delay. It's not all downer news -- there's some really great stuff happening in the MMO industry, and that makes an appearance on this extra-long episode! Special note: I ...…
On this edition of the Morning Briefing, Host Eric Dehm and Producer Jake Hughes discuss the Army's new age and gender neutral PT test. Then, Eric speaks with Senator Johnny Isakson, the head of the Senate Veteran's Affairs committee about the many issues facing veterans. Finally, Eric talks with Justin Brown of HillVets about the Robert Wilke ...…
A city boy from Denver who found his calling dealing with livestock in Gunnison, CO, Dr. Tim Holt has been challenging the status quo in the veterinary world for years. Having never touched a horse or a cow until veterinary school in 1984, Dr. Holt spent the beginning of his career treating livestock while researching Pulmonary Hypertension in ...…
According to the Story Dogs website... "When children read to a dog, the outcomes are amazing! It is a non-judgemental setting, the children's focus improves, their literacy skills increase and their confidence soars.The accepting, loving nature of dogs gives this program its magic and helps children relax, open up, try harder and have fun whil ...…
Reporters Phil Briggs, Amanda "Mac" Macias and Matt Saintsing discuss- Which President racked up a huge bar tab and didn't pay it? What is Whiskey Camp? and How did Army Veteran Ryan Plachetti go from Army Intelligence to a beer career?
On this edition of the Morning Briefing, Host Eric Dehm and Producer Jake Hughes discuss a vet who is taking his home-owner's association to court over flags and flower pots. Then, Eric speaks with Lt. General Frank Libutti, USMC (Retired) about how even generals can have a hard time transitioning. FInally, Eric sits down with Tom Porter of IAV ...…
*** DOUBLE BUBBLE = DOUBLE TROUBLE ***Bloat! - Is there a 'cure'? Can it be stopped?... and what are the signs?GDV or 'gastric dilation and volvulus' aka bloat is a life threatening condition in dogs where the stomach 'bloats' and twists on itself, cutting off major blood vessels and preventing gas from escaping the stomach. Our recent story on ...…
Fun talk with pet pros Nancy Hassel and Dana Humphrey aka The Pet Lady. Topics include rat rescue, pet psychics and CBD oil for frogs. Dr. Lisa teaches about dog laryngitis and Richie forbids pet rats in the house.
Welcome Podcast fans to Episode 17 of the Two Vets Talk Pets podcast, where too much talk of pets is barely enough (this is in humble deference to Roy and HG – doyens of irreverent Australian Entertainment)! What an episode we have for your ear buds this week! Lewis and Robbie get some Chitty Chat Chat going hard and fast with a Study looking a ...…
He may not be a household name, but Terry Weeks made one of the most incredible transitions in military history. After serving in the Air Force, he's now a singer in one of all-time greatest, American music groups- The Temptations.
On this edition of the Morning Briefing, Host Eric Dehm and Producer Jake Hughes discuss all the silly acronyms the Army uses, and the first black Superintendent of West Point! Then, Eric speaks with Liz Rotenberg from the Elizabeth Dole Foundation about how they're assisting the caretakers of wounded warriors.…
As you probably know, getting into vet school is no easy task. After years of struggling to find a school, Dr. Sara Sheltren made the alternative choice to accept a spot at ROSS Veterinary School on the island of St. Kitts. The next 3 years were filling with the realities of working in clinics that are not guided by American conveniences. This ...…
On today's truncated edition of the Morning Briefing, Host Eric Dehm and Producer Jake Hughes discuss a few movies they saw recently, and the disgraced former MCPON. Then, Eric speaks with Adele Loar from Walk of America to discuss overcoming mental and physical injuries.
A very special episode with Tru TV’s Mike Finoia. He’s a great comic with a big heart…and he sure does love his dog Miss Stella Blue. We also learn about Hemangiosarcoma from Dr. Lisa.
Confusion, disorientation, dogzheimers. Call it what you will, but canine dementia (known clinically as canine cognitive dysfunction) can be a serious problem. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from many of the same symptoms: Sleep-wake cycle disturbances Generalized anxiety Lower threshold for aggression Decreased activity levels Inappropriate ...…
On this edition of the Morning Briefing, Host Eric Dehm and Producer Jake Hughes discuss their preferred types of vacations; Jake's is pretty pathetic. Then Eric sits down with Leo Shane from the Military Times to discuss the confirmation hearings for VA Sec. nominee Robert Wilke. Finally, Eric talks to Carlos Fuentes of the VFW about Wilke, as ...…
Welcome podcast fans to Episode 16 of the Two Vets Talk Pets Podcast! We head back to the spiritual home of the Podcave for some seriously big topics this week. Some chatty time about a dog Robbie saw with acute liver disease, Lewis making a public service announcement for Drunk Kangaroos, Dating with Dogs, and some handy hints on what to look ...…
In this episode I talk with vet student, Trusten Moore. A well known name in veterinary social media, Trusten is known for his passion for emergency and critical care and the way he shares this with the world using social media. Listen along as I talk with Trusten about social media and how we as vet students and professionals can utilize this ...…
This week's topics include July 4th pet tips and more. Tune in every SUNDAY at 12 Noon Eastern, 9am Pacific and call in with your questions at 877-385-8882. Now on Google Hangouts too! More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Ask the Vets with Dr. Jeff
In this episode of ER VET, Dr. Justine Lee, DACVECC, DABT, board-certified emergency critical care veterinary specialist and toxicologist discusses how to keep your dog safe while running this summer! Is it safe for you to run with your puppy? How long can you run? Help avoid paw abrasions, sore muscles, and the potentially deadly heat stroke i ...…
On this edition of the Moprning Briefing, Hose Eric Dehm and Producer Jake Hughes discuss yesterday's confirmation hearings for Robert Wilke. Then, Jake talks with Dr. Ellen Haring, Dr. JoAnn Fisher, and BriGette McCoy about the upcoming meeting for the Military Women's Coalition. FInally, Eric talks to Lanna MacKenzie about the AMVETS HEAL team.…
1 IED, 2 Amputations ... but the only thing that made former Green Beret, Caleb Brewer, surrender was the California surf. Along with pro surfer Danny Nichols, hear the amazing story of Operation Surf.
Maj. Jim Capers is a Marine Corps legend. The Vietnam vet, recon Marine, and member of SOCOM's hall of honor tells Kaylah Jackson about his storied career that included being the first african-american marine to receive a battlefield promotion.
On this edition of the Morning Briefing, Host Eric Dehm and Producer Jake Hughes discuss their tattoos. Then, Jake sits down with Larry Lohman from the American Legion to discuss National GI Bill Week and the upcoming hearings for VA Secretary nominee Robert WIlke. FInally, Eric talks with Torri Scotti about how vets can get back in shape.…
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