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Discussion and debate about Bolton Wanderers FC from the writers at The Lion of Vienna Suite blog on SB Nation.
Until 1918 the extensive palatial complex at the heart of Vienna was the political centre of the monarchy. Today it fulfills the same role for the democratic Republic of Austria. The rooms where the Congress of Vienna met and danced and where Emperor Franz Joseph held audiences, now houses the offices of the Federal President, the ministers of the chancellor’s office and the secretaries of state. This sprawling, asymmetric complex of building with its 19 courtyards and 18 wings is also home ...
Grace Church vienna, Austria, Europe
Our church family spans over multiple locations in Northeast Ohio & Western Pennsylvania. We are people of all ages and a mixture of many ethnic backgrounds. Dress at any of our locations tends to be business-casual, but there is always a mixture of ties, blue jeans and shorts. Services are an hour and a half in length with twenty-five to thirty-five minutes of praise and worship. Our music is a blend of old and new and we use a variety of instruments to aid us in our worship to the Father. ...
"First Baptist Church is loving God (Worship) by flowing in our love for God (Fellowship), growing in our love for God (Discipleship), showing our love for God (Ministry) and going in our love for God (Evangelism).
AIS Vienna Podcast
Students at the American International School Vienna produced a variety of podcasts including a dramatic reading of Spoon River, several podcast episodes about water conservation, and literacy projects.
Sermons from Vienna Assembly of God. Pastor Brenda Burns speaks most weeks, and we are honored to host amazing guests as well from time to time.
The official podcast for Vienna SDA Church.
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Who, Me?! | Don't Do it God!!! | Don't send me without You. | Show me Your Glory. We can learn much from listening to Moses' prayers.
In Genesis, God creates all things and makes us in his image–calling us to reflect Him in all of our work and vocations Download "6. WORK – Vocational Callings"
Catch Eddie in his exclusive interview with former Wanderers striker Adam Le Fondre all the way from Sydney
Our October focus is Prayer. Today, we look at the Prayers of Jesus. For the scriptures referenced in this message, see our event at
Jesus calls Matthew, a Tax Collectors, inviting us into the gospel lives that are outward facing and missional. Download "5. WITNESS–Externally Focused"
Sermon from October 7, 2018 || What does Jesus teach about worrying and how can we overcome worry?
We BEGIN to solidify our response to God’s revelation by forming beliefs. But that process of solidifying must CONTINUE on and through a response in our actual doing. Scripture is clear on this point - our beliefs, our faith, must show up in how we live life in order to be a living, vibrant faith.
Sermon from September 30, 2018 || How and with what kind of attitude does God expect us to give to the needy?
Belief is where we begin to solidify our response to those things God has revealed to us. God has revealed himself through Jesus Christ, and we are invited to believe.
Everyone worships something and our hearts are “idol factories.” We are constantly turning to other gods–driven by our wants and desires–to give us what only God can. Identifying, unseating and replacing our hearts idols requires admitting our need and constantly turning to Jesus as our true Savior and God. Download "3. IDOLS – Gospel Driven"…
Sermon from September 23, 2018 || Looking into the first part of Romans 5 we will learn more about real reasons to rejoice!
The tempter hasn't changed his tactics - the same question he posed to Eve in the Garden, and to Jesus in the wilderness is what he's saying to us: Did God really say...?
Sermon from September 16, 2018 || Listen to Albert's sermon to find out more about God's love and why there still is hope for us, even when we fail
For today and the next four weeks, we’re going to explore what about God and us and life are knowable, and ask ourselves some questions in regard to that. We are also going to come to terms with the reality that God has hidden some things, they are a mystery to us, not revealed and therefore not knowable. We will find that when we give our atte ...…
Sermon from September 9, 2018 || What can we learn from Psalm 20 about asking from God and trusting his strength for victory?
On this Labor Day Weekend, we are encouraged to know that we can experience abundant enthusiasm in everything we do for the Lord, because none of it is ever useless.
Is there an Ideal and Perfect Church? Maybe the NT church of Acts 2:42-47? No. But that doesn’t mean a church can’t be faithful to the gospel, culturally fitting and fruitful. How did Christ Church Vienna cultivates it’s Vision to be a gospel driven, externally focused, extended family, Anglican mission for Vienna, VA. And how is God calling us ...…
Sermon from September 2, 2018 || After the fall of Jericho what caused the nation of Israel problems and what can we learn from that?
When you're filling your backpack, be sure to pack LOVE & POWER!Students and faculty submitted the things they are looking forward to, and the challenges they anticipate heading into the new school year. Each school represented was recognized, and prayer offered for every student, faculty member, and school.…
Paul concludes his letter to the Romans with thanksgiving for the whole community of the Church anticipating the great chorus of saints in heaven. Download "Romans 15-16"
Sermon from August 26, 2018 || What aspects of a church God uses can we find in 1 Thessalonians 1?
Join Will, James, Tom and Ian as they discuss the opening three games of the season, the transfer window and much more.
Discipling Younger Generations with Pastor CJ Cousins is a weekly audio newsletter podcast.
*Unfortunately there is a 30 second break in the recording at appx 6:40. The Church in Rome had a mix of Gentiles and Jews with their different cultural and theological assumptions often creating tensions and disputes. In Romans 13 & 14, Paul calls on the community to love one another, to constrain their freedoms and power for the sake of their ...…
Sermon from August 19, 2018 || What can we learn about friendships from some examples in the bible?
This is the first episode of this new initiative called Discipling Younger Generations with Pastor CJ Cousins. This is a weekly audio newsletter podcast.
The fruit of the Spirit cannot develop without the practiced use of hammer and nails.Galatians 5:16-25
In view of God’s mercies–all that He has done for us in Jesus Christ–how are we to live? Paul says the response to God’s mercy is to offer ourselves fully to God in worship and to offer ourselves fully to one another in love and service. Download "Romans 12 – Love"
Sermon from August 12, 2018 || What can we learn from the story of Joshau and Jericho that is still applicable today?
Pastor Brenda and Pastor Craig share together in this message exploring symbols of the Holy Spirit found in scripture: Oil, Wine, Wind, Water, Dove and Fire.
Is God the Sovereign Lord of the universe, ordering all things according to his purposes and will? Or are we responsible agents, held to account by God the judge for all we do? Paul answers Yes. Both are true. Our understanding the bigness of God and his sovereignty is integral to living out the faith that rests instead of fears. Download "Roma ...…
Sermon from August 5, 2018 || What can we learn from the Old Testament story of the grumbling people who were only saved by looking on a certain symbol? Why should the symbol not distract us from the real remedy?
Join Will, Tom, James and Ian for the annual season preview special of the podcast discussing transfers, predictions and much more.
The Holy Spirit has a winning personality that shines through as we deepen our relationship with Him.
In Romans 8, Paul encourages and assures his readers with his theology of Israel’s hope of the justice and shalom that will be present at God’s arrival in the coming age. Paul’s gospel hope is that the Lord’s arrival has been fulfilled in the life and death of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Download "Romans 8:1-11 – Life in ...…
Sermon from July 29, 2018 || What does Jesus expect from us when it comes to loving people who might be difficult to love?
Mel Jenkins: Fishing for Men (Matthew 4) by Grace Church vienna
The Holy Spirit is a Person. He is our Paraclete. And we receive power when the Holy Spirit fills us.
Everyone struggles with doubt and sin at various times. We experience the war within: the conflict between the good we want to do and the evil we do. Paul identifies with our struggle when he cries, “Who will rescue me?” But he concludes with–God has! Through Christ Jesus we can have hope as we humbly hunger for God in our daily life of faith a ...…
Join Will, Chris, James, Tom and Ian as they discuss the 2018 World Cup and catch up on this year's pre season as it's happened.
True spiritual life, is born of the Spirit. Jesus said: “…the Holy Spirit gives birth to spiritual life." As you enter into the Spirit birth, you begin seeing and entering the Kingdom of God.Nurture the spiritual life, living by Kingdom principles, and put intention into designing your life according to God’s will. And be filled with the Holy S ...…
The gospel is not just the good news of God saving us, it is good news which affects all of life. In Romans 5, Paul returns to the gospel message and sharing how believers can rejoice (boast) and put their hope in the gospel and so transform their approach to all of life. The implications of the gospel need to be worked into the heart and worke ...…
Sermon from July 15, 2018 || What does it mean for us to be Salt and Light and what difference does it make in this world?
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