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Vinston comes and adds his touch to the daily Bass O Matic podcast from Z ( ).
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Repeat after me: slam the door please. Once more: slam the door please. That was good but you can do better: slam the door please. Ok, fine, this one was good, please slam the door, please.
They need the activity to move their muscles and lose the power to think. If we want to preserve our social package and priviledges, we need farms for the men, ok, we're men too, but not the same.
You can love mussels, you can praise foie gras, you can delectate yourself with turkey breasts, but there is nothing better than an oyster for new year's eve. On second thought, maybe the turkey breast.
Too much at once and leftovers for weeks to come. This is a fact that I wish I could forget. We'll have to eat through it.
We must preserve the wonderful fauna of the tropical islands, we must take care of the snails of the Carribean before they are all gone, to let some nature to see for the future generations.
To let things go out of control, to make things happen in an untimely fashion, to hold on things that don't matter anymore, that's having crocodile instincts and nothing else.
Kelly and John liked to collect old socks. Some of them where still inhabited by our little friends from the savannah, the butter bear butterflies. They are carnivorous, but don't eat men, so there are only a small risk if you fall asleep.
The lemony fruity taste was a perfect blend with the crunchyness and the juicy pulp of the fruit, this fulgurant savor could only be devoured by someone like her.
The running phelmonous chicks wanted to run and hop into the wall, a wall made of plain fruit pasta with a glimpse of citrus syrup. What a dream, but only it, as the world isn't so sweet as we all know.
Make her happy and subscribe to hurdles and biben magazine, the magazine for the modern homely man. You deserve it and your home too.
Please be seated to your convenience, none of the well known stars will come, so take a rest, feel confortable and take a nap. This will otherwise feel like it lasts forever.
Stereophonic volerian headsets to get a grasp on all the intricate subtelties of modern sounding hardcore rock combos. Check this out, yo gals and guys.
Not too shabby. Pretty sturdy. Greatly improved, well designed cover box for all the fashionista in town. Complicated relation between form and function, nothing is there to invert the stance.
This was a top secret mission with a stupid name. James knew he was in a bit of a mayhem when he arrived at Lebertovic airport, abort the frosted jello punch was all that could say the blond long-legged stewardess when she saw him, that was all.
All the boys need are cortex and style. Good looking babes, fantastic cars, money, fancy clothes are just the artefacts and being stupid would be to deny it.
She feels so low, so down, well under the pipes, below the ground, deep into earth and she just wish she'd be drained for something else as boring and casual day to day hassles.
More energy efficient than any other bathroom appliance is the war hot tub. Instant warming up with each grenade or bazooka explosion, and you even get the bubbles. This is a one day offer you may want to consider as you might never find such a bargain again.
I used to get it sour when I had to compose complete and intelligible sentences from my soup. Now with the new cans of analphabet soup, this nightmare is over, I can concentrate on my food again.
Scissors, stones and lettuce, combined to paper brick and electrical barb wire make an evening at the Jones an interesting adventure the whole family can enjoy. You can even bring your dog.
Your cow liks grass and the devil is a savant lemur. There are way too many lemurs grinding around here but he is the only one with a large brain in lemurland.
The two little girls had drawn magical properties from the herbal tea they had drank that early summer afternoon at the park. Jill and Lucy are friends forever, and ever, because of that simple event and foul smelling infusion.
No mortar will be needed for you to build the dreamhouse your spouse had looked upon. These superbricks don't need anything to glue tight together. And they come with a 50 years limited warranty.
He was told he sould be here before noon if he wanted to make it a deal. He was here, but his farm buddy was not and the delay was expected to be over.
Someone forgot him in the bottom of the bag. The fire is out now. The scouts are all asleep and the last marshmallow feels contempt. He is a happy marshmallow indeed. Who wouldn't?
All the fruit cargo was in as good a shape as it could be: ripe and raw, fruity and delicious. The oranges, the peaches, the apricots where desireable and one could feel the saliva drip from everyones mouth.
Elaborate plans to circumvent the odd animal. Whatever it might be, don't fool the beast, don't kill the tarantulaah. Too late.
While the other guests slurped on the final deserts, the ovoid frascatti dinner associates where nowhere to be found. For sure something suspicious was taking place.
How many savant revolutions in a day can you fit in your drawer? I would not guess more than seventeen, but maybe it would be a bit less. Jeremy at the back of the class had guessed something like twelve, but Deril not more than five. No, really, we weren't savants enough.
Yes, said the dentist before letting his last breath fade away. His dream had come true, a world full of gums and teeth, with nothing else than beautiful sunsets and nake woman to fascinate him.
The inventor of the overlofering vienese vienerschnitzel wurst is a guy named Erwinzuberlowovski but no one cares.
All I want are gogodancers and shit. All I will is sing and jump around in pain. All they'll ever think is noting at all and sanitize.
They don't walk anymore between three and four pm. Now the lemurs are sailing because it is one of these joyful activities our new lifestyle has imposed as a new means of releasing the society's induced pressure.
Nothing would have escaped the wave, not even the fast cars and the bus. All but a tricycle did it right, and that was the red little tricycle the small Kenny Mitchell Jr had received for his four years' birthday.
First place for Jacky the gold wanderer, second place for the silver random walker, and third the courageous yet brave bronze trespasser who cheered us all with his incrdible technique of the sackbag relapse overthrow.
A little too early to take, they are not ripe yet. The yellow raspberries tasted however great. Very refined to the palate, not too sugary.
Yo my man, let it go. You feel bad, let flow the tears, I won't tell. Let them go, let them wash away all that's gone, let them renew your soul. Rejuvenate.
Yeeehaaa the cowboy is going to cook for us tonight. He is the only one who makes deserts right, because a wip is no cream, you need to master its handling to get perfect results. The cowboy has got the training, and we can't wait for the feast.
Never ever add a e to petit when you try to write petit pain. This is french and pain is of the masculine gender, otherwise it would be petite pain, and this could me misinterpreted. We didn't ask the bread, maybe we should.
Hand in hand they went to the town. To buy some wood they did. So holly and cheerful they sang the songs, they where Wang and Willy and they where happy.
The school kids are in the van. They know they shouldn't have brought Sam the grumpy old cat with them for this chocolate factory visit, but the poor old fellow never gets a chance to go out. This will be a first, and he'll love it, guaranteed.
Entertain your spouse by letting your imagination express itself. For example you could juggle with three chikens and a tomato or jump around and tell her why with a potato in your mouth. These are only two great ways to cheer up the ambiance in your homely life, much better than renting a DVD.
If you concatenate the first name Rupert with the word rain and add folg at the end you get Rupertrainfolg, which doesn't sound half as bad as what it doesn't mean.
Hello grand mommy, I thought you'd like some sweets and lime, so I brought you some. Oh thank you my youngster, she replied, I do love sweets and lime, thank you, thank you very much. Come here and lets take a cup of tea together.
Joel is one of those ordinary writers that just writes ordinary stuff for ordinary readers. His salary is nothing extraordinary and he drives an ordinary car from his dull home to his boring work. In an ordinary world he is quite fit.
They planned this family reunion for a month. Everything was set. The menu was decided as to accomoate all tastes, beverages where the finest that could, even the musical playlist was chosen in order to please everyone. That was without knowing the little detail that would ruin the party. The Svens are coming, and they don't intend to do soft f ...…
Not to say there are no clues on the whereabouts of the diverse protagonists, but I wonder why and what, and maybe even where the last standing officer went after tea.
Say byebye to the chaussette because it is leaving now. Yes it is not late yet, but she's getting bored.
The cheese is as nefastious as the chicken loaf in terms of refrigerator social behaviours. The freaks of the refrigerator have their own laws and beware if you don't respect them.
The wall shaked, the ground was moving, and then the fissures. Broohaaahaaa the whole building collapsed in a huge cloud of dust and flames.
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