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A neighborhood radio show focusing on the lively upper Manhattan neighborhoods of Washington Heights and Inwood hosted by Carolina and Claudio
Matty and Trace
Sippin Tay
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How do you make your cheese toastie?? Well if you aren't putting this condiment on it apparently you are missing out... We are yet to try but a tad curious!
A clueless hubby didn't know his wife had been filling up the soap dispenser (for 2 year) and marvelled how it had never needed filling up!?! Do you have a hubby that is clueless when it comes to things you do around the home?
Do you have a height difference in your relationship? Matty and Trace were talking height differnces in realtionships.
How often do you wash your Jeans? Chances are it's too often says the CEO of Levi's Jeans... Trace washes her all the time. Matty not so much...
The Hinkler region is set to receive $172.9 million from the Budget. $32 million is being allocated to get heavy Vehicles off Quay St to enable the CBD to reach it's lifestyle potential. Where do you think money needs to be spent locally?
Three Aussie foods have made Sweden's Disgusting Food Museum. Vegemite. Witchetty Grubs and drum roll Musk Sticks!?! What! Apparently the rest of the world hate them. Do you enjoy the pink sugary treat?
Robots are taking over! We ain't talking Terminator style more your job. Listen for the jobs most at risk... Could a robot do your job?
The new Kmart layout is triggering people like a long wait in a KFC drive through. How have you found the new bundy Kmart changes?
You will not believe what 20% of office Coffee Cup contain?!? After hearing this you will never think about your office the same way ever again! Warning: Gross Content
A little bit of adults only chat with Matty and Trace... Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle page 'Goop' has always irritated Matty. Overpriced stuff that reeks of elitism. Guess what she is selling now? An oil for a private area... WHAT?!?
Matty and Trace chatted this week about a Big Bub. That poor mother! Trace's son Alex was a whopper. How big was your bub?
News Mail released an interactive map of Hoon Hot Spots of Bundy. Is hooning an issue near you place?
Community Lifestyle Support are holding their World's Greatest Shave fundraiser this Friday. From 9:30am to 1pm catch the fun at 48 Ashfield Road. All money raised on the day goes to the Leukaemia Foundation!
What would motivate you at work?? A lovely SMS from the boss praising your efforts? Perhaps a tasty Pizza? OR a Cash Bonus?!? Well the research has been done and the findings might surprise you...
Aldi's latest Special Buy was a half price Robo Vac! I don't think there are any left for those who are keen... Some stores sold out within 10 seconds! Did anyone in Bundy snap up one of these??
Come along to Sunfam on Campbell Street, Bundy East, for The World's Greatest Shave! The action starts from 4:30pm this arvo. This little legend will be shaving his head for his uncle. Have a listen to Reid and his amazing reason for getting involved!
These rules from the 60's about the Cain is fascinating in 2019. What was going on with Lizards back then... Did you ever get the Cain?
When it comes to Proposals you don't need to go big do you?? I guess we are all different... A bride has taken back her 'yes' due to the setting of hers. Dramatic, much? How did your proposal play out?
After the outrageous decision to leave Trace out of the Top 100 most influential people of Bundaberg list last year the Newsmail are back. This time with a Top 50 list due to be released on Wednesday. Will our golden girl make the list this time?? Matty sure thinks she should. Chuck us a Love Heart reaction if you think she should OR a Sad Face ...…
A kid in China got stuck in a toilet... IN. A. TOILET?!?! How does one even manage that??? Have you ever got stuck anywhere?
All this month we are giving away Movie Tickets. Matty and Trace re-enact a scene from a movie and you guess what Movie it's from. The acting is poor but the winning is great!
NT News have put a list together of the Top 10 best biscuits. We can't help but think they just got it wrong... Have a listen and let us know what you think is the best one?
Hugh Jackman is one of Australia's most loved people. Surely nobody hates him?? Matty and Trace put it to the test and guess what...
Tomorrow is your last chance to win Infamous Circus tickets with Matty and Trace!! Use the clues to guess who the famous doggo is. Fingers crossed you do better than Phil...
Did you hear the story about 90 year old Bobby who drank 1 litre of paint thinking it was yogurt? Matty and Trace asked Bundy what they accidentally ate or drank? I think our first caller Jenny might be scarred for life! _warning this might make you feel ill_
S/O to all the men who aren’t vertically challenged. This one is for you, boo. Become a supporter of this podcast:
I’m acting different now. (Lol jk) Become a supporter of this podcast:
New boss Corey does a weird thing with a pie. He puts it into a sandwich! Or so we were told... BUT WHY? How can an already perfect meat pie be improved?? Surely extra bread wouldn't help... Matty and Trace searched for theories and ultimately found the reason!
Can Shane Van Gisbergen guess 6 different ways to pronounce his last name from 6 different countries??
Matty and Trace chat to V8 SuperCar Driver Shane Van Gisbergen about his trip to Bargara and the new rules for the 2019 season of racing!
Poor Townsville has been absolutely copping it with the wet stuff! Matty and Trace chatted to EJ (a breakfast radio announcer) who lives in Townsville. She talks about the state of things as well as her own predicament.
What the hell is a 'Jigger'? That's what I was asking myself last night when the reading the shocking claims against horse trainer Darren Weir. Trace and I spoke to passionate Racing fan and Melbourne sports shows tart (I can call him that he's a mate) Cam Luke! Cam explains what a Jigger is, what they are used for, the penalties involved and i ...…
This morning Matty and Trace spoke to Richie the Snake catcher who was tasked with taming this whoppa! Richie use to catch snakes in Bundy and Bargara said this is the biggest Eastern Brown he has ever had the pleasure of dealing with!
Listener Nathan dipped out on question 2 of The Worlds Crappiest Quiz. A butcher from Childers wants us all to eat something leading into Australia Day? Nathan's answer wasn't even one of the option... Enjoy this amazing answer! BUT don't enjoy tucking into some White Lion this Australia Day... The great news is the Condiment Dispenser is still ...…
The New Zealand Prime Minister whilst a proud feminist mentioned in an interview she would not propose to her partner. Matty and Trace chatted ladies taking the lead in proposing and spoke to Jordy who had done so recently!
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Of course I was drinking my water & minding my business. But NOTHING WAS WORKING! Become a supporter of this podcast:
It's okay to be stingy with your dreams. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Tay gives the tea on overcoming stress. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Trusting the process. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Tay gives the tea on dating for "potential". Or whatever that means. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Tay says, "challenge yourself". Become a supporter of this podcast:
Tay gives the tea on self love. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Tay gives the tea on social media etiquette. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Tay gives the tea on friendships. Become a supporter of this podcast:
How Sippin' Tay came to fruition. Become a supporter of this podcast:
This is the first show of the new year for Carolina Pichardo and Claudio E. Cabrera who are the hosts of the Washington Heights and Inwood Radio Show.
Listen in as Carolina Pichardo and Claudio E. Cabrera take you back to the weeks that were in Washington Heights and Inwood.
Tune in to the 21st episode of the Washington Heights and Inwood Radio Show with Claudio E. Cabrera and Carolina Pichardo.
Join Carolina Pichardo and Claudio E. Cabrera this Thursday night for our 20th episode as we explore our neighborhoods of Washington Heights and Inwood.
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