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The Englishman Harrison Weir organized the first cat show in England in 1871. In 1887 he founded the National Cat Club and was its first President and Show Manager until his resignation in 1890.Our Cats and all about them is concerned with cats and all about them. It describes numerous breeds of cats and what to look for in a cat show champion, and deals with the general management and common diseases of cats, as well as how to raise healthy kittens. But there is also a hodge podge of cat re ...
Logan Weir
Studieren in Thailand, Traum und Herausforderung gleichermaßen! Ich stelle mich dieser Aufgabe und möchte den Daheimgeblieben ein genaueres Bild von meinen Erlebnissen bieten!
Podcast by BigRam242
LibriVox volunteers bring you 9 recordings of Snowshoeing Song by Arthur Weir. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for July 31, 2011.Snowshoeing Song is taken from A Victorian Anthology, 1837–1895, Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908).Arthur Weir was born in Montreal. In 1895 he was selected to read the inaugural poem at the unveiling of the national monument to Sir John Macdonald at Ottawa. He also wrote the inaugural poem for the unveiling of the monument to Maisonneuve, dedicated ...
SSA Annual Scientific Meeting 2010 - Louise Weir
An episode-by-episode discussion of the sci-fi series "Stargate: Atlantis."
In celebration of Canada Day, 2006, LibriVox volunteers bring you ten different recordings of O Canada!. If you prefer English or French, spoken or sung, you will find a version that suits you here! This was the Weekly Poetry project for the week of June 25th, 2006.(Summary by Annie Coleman)
Golf Show
The Golf Show has been a staple at Sportsnet 590 The FAN from day one. This jam packed hour of golf - hosted by Scott Metcalfe and former Tour player Ian Leggatt - features interviews, a complete scoreboard, opinion, golf instruction, and a great prize every week!
First Podcast, Includes this day in dead history, studio albums, upcoming news, much more
The Relationship Buzz is a show that brings you real talk about real relationships. So, whether you want advice, or have some to give, The Relationship Buzz is the place to keep it real.Join us every Sunday, at 8pm EST, as we bring it to you straight with no chaser.
Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka and Jonathan "No Nickname" Weir present a podcast about, uh, I'm not really sure what.
Tara and Johnny
Figure skating legends, turned commentators, now pop culture icons but more importantly, best friends. Enjoy the ride with Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir on NBC.
So Much Sky
Readings by Karen Weir-Jimerson from her book "So Much Sky."Visit for more information.
Hyperchannel is a bite-sized podcast from hosted by Luke Weir that helps you keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening in the world of Star Trek each weekday.
Take a journey into contemporary science fiction with our interviews of today's bestselling and award-winning authors. In recent episodes, we've discussed the science behind The Martian with Andy Weir, reincarnation with Claire North (The First Fifteen Live of Harry August), classic short fiction with the legendary Robert Silverberg, nanotechnology with PJ Manney ((R)evolution), what keeps people motivated when the world is coming to an end with Ben H. Winters (The Last Policeman), the chall ...
Kelton Reid studies the habits, habitats, and brains of a wide spectrum of renowned writers to learn their secrets of productivity and creativity. Tune in each week to learn how great writers keep the ink flowing, the cursor moving, and avoid block. Explore our archives at to find interviews with notable guests that include bestselling authors John Scalzi (Old Mans War), Greg Iles (Natchez Burning), Jay McInerney (Bright Lights, Big City), Kevin Kelly (founder of WIRED magazin ...
Allan Mitchell - Lowetide online - is joining the TSN 1260’s weekday lineup. Allan's blog Lowetide came to prominence during the 2006 Stanley Cup, by posting a "lucky" photo of former Oiler, Stan Weir, which some superstitiously credited with propelling the team's amazing Stanley Cup run.
Hosted by Jeff Umbro and Kyle Craner, this project began as a way for the two of them to get over their own fears of writing, and slowly morphed into an inspiring multi-year project to tell the stories others find difficult. Each episode brings a well-known creative into the studio to discuss his or her career, their newest projects, and one story they’ve always struggled to tell. Guests include Andy Weir, Lev Grossman, Stephanie Danler, The McElroys, Claire Messud, Mark Manson & Tim Urban, ...
Harky - the musical Tom Weir, travelling around Fife and Scotland's musical highways and byways.
Every week, Kevin and Erin Weir watch teen dramas and discuss life, high school, what Erin is drinking, and how these shows relate to them as fully grown adults.
Man Up! the Podcast
Man Up the Podcast! New topic each week regarding things guys like. Weezer Weir, Fred Veinfurt host.
CampHacker aims to create great camp communities so that camps are inspired to change the world. Featuring hosts Travis Allison, Dan Weir, Gabrielle Raill, and Joe Richards. CampHacker is brought to you by summer camp consultants Travis & Beth Allison.
FNX Network
The Bronx Bomber Babble Podcast, bringing you Yankees talk, debate, and news year round. Hosted by Matt "Luigi" Luzzi, and with co-hosts Andrew Natalizio, Alex Weir, Ryan Thoms, and Nick Scott.
Level Zero Podcast
A biweekly podcast where Kevin Weir leads four RPG newbies through a world full of magic and whimsy. Erin, Jenny, Leah, and Jade have no idea what they got themselves into.
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On the Senses of Cinema podcast Eloise and Mark are joined once again by our brand new editor Cesar Albarran Torres. We're talking the re-imagining of Peter Weir's classic film with Picnic at Hanging Rock the mini-series and then we talk abattoirs, deer and shared dreams in Ildiko Enyedi's On Body and Soul. Finally we celebrate the career of An ...…
Saddle Hill Community Board - Paul Weir talks about board membership and some of the projects the board has been working onBroadcast on OAR 105.4FM Dunedin (Otago Access Radio).
Sound the alarm, Damask has gone missing! Thankfully Kyran Morrison of the Dialogue Options video game podcast joins Brod to discuss this weeks main topic: the Australian TV adaptation of PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK. Does the series justify it's existence in light of the much loved 1975 Peter Weir classic, or should this series disappear into the bu ...…
Yousef Munayyer (@YousefMunayyer), Executive Director of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, joins us. On today's show: IDF deploys tear gas drones against protesters at Gaza border. Nikki Haley lays blame for the violence on Hamas and their burning kites. Yousef Munayyer (@YousefMunayyer), Executive Director of the US Campaign for Palestin ...…
Class Of 18 Mix by BigRam242
Audio Video Sermon Notes "God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers." - Rudyard Kipling "The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a mother." - St. Therese of Lisieux "An ounce of mother is worth a ton of priest." - Spanish Proverb "Nothing is really lost until your mom can’t find it." - Unknown "To raise a ...…
This week, after a giggly start, Mhairi and Kim explore the history of folk music in Scotland, starting deep in the middle ages and taking us to present day, highlighting some of the icons that have helped shape the music scene as it is today and some of the sillier bands that have come along the way. But don't worry! There's no dense and borin ...…
Donovan Watkis interviews Olympic Medalist Warren Weir.
Hannah Birthday Mix by BigRam242
Earth Day and World Water Day with Robert Weir Robert Weir addresses an audience at the Earth Day celebration at the United Nations on the vernal equinox 2013; he is holding a copy of his book Peace, Justice, Care of Earth, the biography of Earth Day founder John McConnell who espoused the concept of “peace through understanding.”…
Super Movie Bros are Back again for another installment of Movie Cocktail to discuss Event Horizon. Dave and Jay are joined by Rob from The Fan Film Boyz Podcast and Marc of Cult Movie Cult Podcast. We discuss the film, its troubled production, and the "unique" borrowed visions of its director Paul W.S. Anderson. We also wonder if an entire gen ...…
Have you ever climbed 1,000,000 vertical feet in a year on your mountain bike, let alone a VP-Free? Have you ever coughed so hard your jaw locked open? The legendary Sergeant of Suffering, Mark Weir has. Weir is a NorCal MTB legend who has given us Hell Ride, helped blaze the pumptrack trail and taught us that epic adventure is what getting int ...…
"V" and Bix discuss the hidden gold and lost cities in the Grand Canyon, Bix's outlook on the crypto market and Bix shares his son's success with football in England.We are political scientists, editorial engineers, and radio show developers drawn together by a shared vision of bringing Alternative news through digital mediums that evangelize o ...…
Christy Broady, CEO of the Weir Cook Memorial Project, joins us to talk about the history of the man behind the Airport, Weir Cook , and upcoming veterans projects. Plus we sit down with Zeb Christensen of the band Screaming for Silence to talk about what’s coming up for their 2018 US tour and more.
Fred Weir, Russia Correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, talks about the reaction in Russia to the tit for tat expulsions
Following the end of World War II, the United States was in the midst of an intense Space Race with the Soviet Union. The American people were inspired to support the Apollo mission - to be the first to land a man on the moon. This goal to reach uncharted territory required Americans to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge and live up to ...…
The Roundtable team waxes lyrical over the 1989 movie Dead Poets Society, directed by Peter Weir with screenplay by Tom Schulman. What we thought was a Global Worldview Story could actually be a Society Story. Visit us on Twitter @StoryGridRT and let us know what you think of our analysis. This is a show dedicated to helping you become a better ...…
Intuitive empath and practicing tarot reader Hannah Weires talks to host Vijay R. Nathan about her journey into astrology, crystals, and reading tarot for the community via social media. Music: Psychedelic Witchcraft, Annie Lennox, and North by North.
In this episode, we've got a book review for you! We're reviewing an awesome book called The Martian by Andy Weir.
Joan Weir instructs us on the finer points of preparing dinner.By (Amy Tobin).
The boys talk about shovelware games from their youth, then discuss the new EverythingIsTerrible movie. Vorp made them watch it. Blame him.Also included: Venom trailer talk and more weird dreams. Timecards: 1:00 - Venom Trailer 7:35 - Shovelware 25:00 - Weird Dreams 30:39 - The Great Satan Movie If you have any ideas for future topics, or gener ...…
Hindsight's Matt and Alyssa talk story time, movie tropes, and Robin Williams in this week's episode about "Dead Poet Society" (1989) by Peter Weir. We discuss how Robin Williams affected us, and ask whether or not the suicide-on-screen trope is appropriate or played out at this point? Join us for the discussion!"Dead Poet Society" can be strea ...…
Writer Ivy Noelle Weir joins the show to chat about her new book “Archival Quality” from Oni Press! Check out the website at to find out how to watch the show live! And follow the show on Twitter: @comicbooklive, @azalben, @jtsizzle, and @realpetelepage The post Comic Book Club: Ivy Noelle Weir appeared first on Comic Book ...…
Show Notes Episode 2 – “The Weir Strikes Back” In this episode, I interview Norm Weir, reigning 2017 World Champion and we discuss his recent Regional win, his last fall Regional win, His thoughts on list building and finally what we think will be at Canadian Nationals in Toronto this weekend. Link To Norms most wanted ship: https://community.f ...…
Download Bi-weekly Wanderings: Isaac ordered a new Linux Mint shirt, finished a book on Bayes, then realized he’s volunteered for too many things. HELLOTUX Rob’s been away in Australia for the past month, finished a book by Andy Weir, and … Continue reading →By mintCast.
This is the reboot of the Random Fandom. Once a month we will be taking requests from our patrons to The post RFC: Artemis and Chekhov’s Phaser appeared first on The Fandom Podcast.
On this episode of the Feed Your Soul Podcast, join Ashton as she touches on memories and stories that are stored inside of us, and how we can change those to support us through different techniques and tools! Through Faster EFT and releasing, your entire mind, body and spirit can shift and change! She also discusses the impacts and benefits of ...…
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