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WEIRD HEAT is a show about life, creativity, and everything else. Hosted by Brian Altano and Max Scoville.
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After careful consideration, we have decided that Christmas is a good thing and we like it very much.
Whatever your medium, a lack of inspiration is normal now and then. We discuss our creative frustrations, and how we cope with them.
Are you thankful for Thanksgiving, or have you had your fill? Either way, thanks for listening.
Traveling can be a thrilling adventure to the other side of the earth, or it can be a relaxing jaunt to the next town over. It can be fun or it can be work, but either way, you're somewhere out of the ordinary.
Some people grow out of playing with toys, some people don't. We're definitely the latter. Let's talk about our most juvenile hobby, and why we've stuck with it.
What're you looking at, you got a problem? Wanna fight about it? Well, how about we just talk about it instead, okay?
We've been putting it off for a while, but it's about time we finally talked about... procrastination.
Let's talk about anxiety, that nasty little hum in the back of your head that can turn the most seemingly simple of tasks into insurmountable challenges.
Is money the root of all evil? Or is it just pieces of paper you can exchange for goods and services? Here's our two cents.
Everyone's scared of something, whether it's spiders, bears, or toilet mummies, but when you really dig into it, fear is just just another feeling. Let's talk about it.
Being too stressed is unhealthy, but if nobody was stressed at all, would anything get done? In this episode, we try to separate the good and bad kinds of stress.
The process of uprooting one's entire life and migrating someplace new can be one of the most stressful experiences, but also one of the most beneficial in terms of personal growth.
In this episode, we try to unpack the positive AND negative aspects of "social media," which is basically just a more SEO-friendly term for what you call it when people use the internet to interact with one another.
Being "healthy" is a thing everyone strives to do. But, uh, what the Hell does that mean, exactly?
In theory, cooking is the act of turning ingredients into food, but in spite of it being a necessary survival skill, some people don't know where to start.
We’re conditioned to think of “growing up” as something that happens somewhere between childhood and adulthood, but in reality, it’s something you never stop doing. Even when some of it is optional.
Crying is that thing where you have so many emotions, you start squirting liquid out of your eyes and making a stupid sound. Everyone does it, but somehow it's still embarrassing. Let's talk about it.
At what point does time to oneself become isolation? Solitude is healthy in moderation and a necessary part of the creative process, but being alone can also get… well, lonely.
Of the seven deadly sins, pride is the only one that winds up on motivational posters and in huge parades. Clearly, there are good and bad kinds of pride, but how do you tell them apart?
Fondly looking back on the past is nice once in a while, but at some point, you've gotta focus on what's ahead.
Pet ownership is a common hobby, and one that's generally accepted by society... but have you ever stopped to consider how bizarre it is to share a house with another species? Max and Brian discuss the absurdity of domesticated animals, and share some anecdotes about the small menagerie of critters they've befriended/enslaved over the years.…
What do you blame for being disappointed: your own unrealistic expectations, or a less-than-ideal reality? What about when you don't live up to your own standards? Max and Brian pick apart the concept of dissappointment... Er, disappointment.
How do you stay positive in a world that seems designed to destroy you? Max and Brian discuss the infuriating dilemma of keeping your chin up without being oblivious, a liar, or totally in denial.
Welcome to the pre-first episode of WEIRD HEAT, a collaboration between Brian Altano and Max Scoville that's going to be about art, life, making stuff, and everything else. All the stuff in our heads that doesn't have anywhere else to go, whether that's art, music, ideas, feelings. We needed to get it out there somehow, so here we are. It's eit ...…
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