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Two Men. Two Races. Two Opinions and occasional guests, fueled by wit and whiskey.
We talk about the up's and down's of writing, word of the day, whiskey of the day, and just dealing with every day life.
Culture and history conveyed through storytelling. Tanner narrates and Nico composes original and culturally-inspired soundscapes for the stories. This show is dedicated to Colin Campbell, a man with great regard for historical knowledge.
Whiskey Politics
Think politics is boring? You are missing the greatest sport in the world. Forget the stuffy TV talking heads and learn what's going on while having a few laughs. Whiskey Politics Podcast is hosted by Dave Sussman where we interview luminaries, newsmakers and insiders from politics, culture, science, Hollywood and more.. Whiskey Politics takes a civil tone and has fun while talking about serious issues. It's all about the long-form conversation. Dave Sussman is a nationally recognized busine ...
Listen to ATL and DC's Lady Buddha, Ms. Think Pretty Smart and Sojourner Verdad discuss everything from current events, relationships, education, politics and entertainment, all with a feminine twist! Visit us at
Whiskey Talk
Hosts Josh & Christine explore the world of whiskey one taste, and one expansive question of Science, Philosophy or Life at a time. From American Bourbon to Single Malt Scotch, Rye Whiskey to Moonshine Still, Craft Distillery to Mass Production, no bottle is safe - and no question too sacred to explore - on the road from Whiskey novice to fine spirits connoisseur. Learn what makes Bourbon, Bourbon, what designates a Single Malt Scotch, and why aliens probably exist. Imbibing every Wednesday!
The Whiskey Brothers - three guys from Texas hell bent on not just voicing their opinions, but having a great time in the process. It's slam dancing, ninja kicking, whiskey chugging comedy that will rock your ugly face off. Seriously. Comedians Slade Ham, Rob Mungle, and Sam Demaris tackle the latest twice a week on one of the most original podcasts in America. If you're bored with the Big Ten comedy 'casts, give the Whiskey Brothers a try. You will leave a dedicated fan. The first 300 episo ...
Whiskey Business
Dino Tripodis and his guests discuss a variety of topics over a different bottle of whiskey each week, while also learning a little bit about what they're drinking in the process.
Spokane comedians Josh Teaford and Casey Strain invite local artists and weed personalities over and to try different varieties of both; and they record the ensuing conversations.
Whiskey Riff Raff
Steve Gazibara and Wes Langeler give an unfiltered, unapologetic, sometimes drunk take on country music, life, and and all that comes with it. The fans need a voice. Whiskey Riff Raff gives them that voice. Grab a drink and enjoy.
Sports and entertainment talk on a whole new level. Prepare to laugh that ass off.
Whiskey and Water
Whiskey & Water is the official podcast of the Fly Fishing Film Tour.We travel around the country showing the best fly fishing films on the planet. This podcast is our way of introducing you to the kick ass souls and interesting stories we encounter along the way.
A culture/current events/comedy podcast from Sour Feelings Productions hosted by Max Steele. We share some drinks and invite friends to have feelings. We offer the disclaimer that we've been drinking and the views expressed on this podcast are not meant as a substitute for facts. We're wrong all the time. So are you. Enjoy.
We talk about the up's and down's of writing, word of the day, whiskey of the day, and just dealing with every day life.
Whiskey Thursday
i am podcast | ruler of the internet
Whiskey Times
Whiskey Times is two dudes and chick who share a mutual love of foul language and crude jokes. They get together, have some drinks, and make light of all the craziness in the world; poking fun, pushing limits and throwing political correctness out the window. If you enjoy raunchy humor and profanity, tune in and enjoy the hilarity that ensues!
A podcast on whiskey and the Second Amendment, with Charles C. W. Cooke
The Whiskey Wash podcast was created to help you explore the whiskey lifestyle and great whiskies, one bottle at a time.
Whiskey and MASH
A weekly podcast where Chris and Gloria sit down over a whhiskey and talk about one of their favorite TV shows, M*A*S*H. They go in depth about social issues and generally have fun discussing tidbits about the actors, characters, and show.Email us at whiskeyandmash AT or find us at
Whiskey Sessions
A bi-weekly podcast with your hosts A. Metz and B. Pimp. Whiskey Sessions is about whiskey, life and everything in between.
Irish Whiskey Pod is a monthly Podcast all about Irish Whiskey by Stuart McNamara the Editor of IrishWhiskey.Com and the Irish Whiskey Trail. Contact me using the contact form on our podcast website or on Twitter @IrishWhiskeyPod.
Whiskey Zero Tango
Whiskey Zero Tango is a weekly podcast involving topics within amateur radio ranging from current events, new products, neat projects, and coverage of a multitude of events ranging from ARRL Field Day and Winter Field Day, Hamfests, and many others. You can expect a new take on Ham Radio from a Young Ham. This podcast is for both people who are looking into the hobby, new hams, and experienced hams alike.
The Official Podcast of Bourbon! Bourbon Pursuit interviews icons in the bourbon whiskey industry who share their story and give a behind the scenes look at the people that make whiskey so enjoyable.
An American History Podcast hosted by Frank Cogliano and David Silkenat
Whiskey and Sports
We are three guys who talk about sports and drink whiskey. So we decided to start a podcast and share it with you. Join us as we explore our idiocracy.
Join Don and Jim for a fun and entertaining look at beer, whiskey and brotherhood!
Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes is the podcast version of the show on Ragamuffin TV ( David Leo Schultz & a revolving door of his friends and guests engage in raw, honest conversations about life, faith, religion, church, and especially Jesus. The kinds of conversations we naturally have when getting a beer with a couple friends or out on the back porch of your house. You can watch the video version of this show, and all our other original content at http://ragamuffintv ...
The official podcast of Sagamore Racing. Horse racing and whiskey, the Sagamore way with Hunter Rankin and Brian Treacy.
Whiskey Deep
Tom Plute interviews local artists while he drinks whiskey during a live podcast show.
Send Whiskey!
Your hosts will discuss all the issues that are important to you. And some that aren't.
Whiskey & Wireless
Just a couple wireless engineers slurring their way through news about all things RF.
Spokane comedians Josh Teaford and Casey Strain invite local artists and weed personalities over and to try different varieties of both; and they record the ensuing conversations.
Kate communist rebel and her gay sidekick Garrett team up to take on politics, social justice, hot topics and sexual education in this new alternative (couch) style podcast
Whiskey Babble
Featured Whiskey Episodes on Player FM
Podcast by DJ Nik
Whiskey & Wax
Good people listening to good music and drinking good whiskey.
Hosted by Kristopher Hart, The Whiskey Neat Podcast is a show centered around barrel-aged spirits and the people who make them. Each week, Kris interviews the most interesting industry insiders and samples some of the best spirits around.
Follow your hosts Jeff and Jake through endless hours of clips found in a CIA archive. Often joined by friends and guests.
In a chaotic world of debauchery, who can modern listeners count on for a fresh take on everything ranging from current events to casual sex? Just check in with your hosts Dan and Lindsay, the friends you probably shouldn't have invited over for the holidays with your family.
When Whiskey Talks
Welcome to the Basement!! Here on When Whiskey Talks life is simple. We drink whiskey, get drunk and ask a TON of questions! We are going to bring you some of the funniest, quirkiest, strangest and most spectacular guest and ask all the questions you always wished you could ask these people. Grab your favorite drink of choice and hold on for the ride!
Sports and entertainment talk on a whole new level. Prepare to laugh that ass off.
Life Experiences
Whiskey Talk
Podcast by Whiskey Talk
Whiskey Dribble
Semi sober conversations to help us both get through the week.
Risky Whiskey
Risky Whiskey is group based in Dallas attempting to bring comedy to the masses. Here you can find our podcasts. To find additional podcasts and our original videos visit
Whiskey Boys
"we're pretty much like the show the monkees without the visual effects". "in the year of our lord...we are brothers in christ".
Whiskeyed Away
Join a group of whiskey loving friends for a laid back weekly podcast about the deliciously complex world of whiskey.
Wry Whiskey
Podcast by Wry Whiskey
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There are stories in a whiskey, there are also stories in your business. Dino spends some Paddy Irish Whiskey time with Barry Chandler of Storyforge and covers both bases.
Mike MacRae joins us for an episode to talk about cigars, smoking, loving your babies, Gene Hackman, and Richard Dawkins.
We discuss Kylie Jenner being a "self-made" billionaire, the richest artists in country music, John Daly, and "selling out."
There used to be thousands of distilleries spread across Kentucky at houses, farms, and industrial sites. As time moved through the industrial revolution, prohibition, and the clear spirit movement, many of these became ruins and were long forgotten. Nick Laracuente has dedicated years to uncovering these forgotten pieces of history as an effor ...…
We sit down this week with my friend and Texas State manager John Curran of Favorite Brands. We are joined by repeat guest and dear friend, Alan Denny of EP Carrillo Cigars. We talk about the distributing tier and the laws broken, grey area work arounds and why they get painted as the bad guy. This was a really engaging episode for me, as it fe ...…
Fred Minnick joins the podcast to talk about the history of trade wars, including the most recent bourbon tariffs enacted against Bourbon. We also talk about Fred Minnick’s latest book on mead, writing, and a special bottling of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel. Follow Fred Minnick on Instagram ( and Twitter (h ...…
As we enjoy some summer R&R, enjoy this favorite episode from the Whiskey Business archives where we celebrate two of America's favorite and getting drunk. It's not unusual to come up with some far fetched ideas after a bottle of whiskey (or two). Dino's guest this week not only came up with a whiskey fueled idea, but he is ...…
Join Greg and Aaron as they discuss how they would put together the greatest Baseball team OF ALL TIME! They will be picking players from any team and any year in history, to form the MonSTAR team we all try and make playing MLB games on PlayStation or Xbox. They enjoyed it, and we hope you do as well. Be sure and check out Whiskey and Sports o ...…
This episode is all about the south, from Mississippi to Alabama to the inbred, blue people of some state or another.
Whiskey & Cigarettes Interview W/Karisa Kay by DJ Nik
The James E. Pepper Distillery dominated the western edge of downtown Lexington, Kentucky for decades until it closed in 1958, and what was at one time the country's largest Bourbon distillery became a rundown eyesore. Several years ago, entrepreneurs bought several of the distillery's buildings and started building bars, a brewery, galleries a ...…
Steve and Jim sample two offerings from the Port Askaig Scotch Distillery and talk about Steve's twitter exchange with Larry Elder and Orrin Hatch regarding the impacts of slavery and the SCOTUS. We also talk about Papa John's former CEO John Schnatter dropping an N-Bomb in a teleconference and the arrest of Stormy Daniels in Columbus and the b ...…
Ep. 130: Charlie Kirk of #TurningPointUSA and Dave Sussman of #WhiskeyPolitics discuss today's young revolutionaries and how they can reclaim liberty for a new generation. #FFest2018 From Kanye West to college kids understanding American history, to the #WalkAway movement and the Left's thought police, Charlie covers multiple subjects in front ...…
Episode 45 is up and ready to be listen too. Today we try Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt with our special guest Victor Herbilla. Cheers!
We discuss Eric Church's new single, Windy City Smokeout, festival drinking, Luke Bryan's new bar...and get drunk at noon.​
Zach Dixon sits in again, this time to make the Oregon Trail racist and to listen to Tre talk about the time he saw a hanging.
Heaven Hill has unveiled the 2018 edition of Parker's Heritage Collection whiskey. It's a Bourbon finished in Orange Curaçao liqueur barrels, and that has some purists raising an eyebrow. Heaven Hill Master Distiller Denny Potter joins us on WhiskyCast In-Depth to explain - and defend the process that went into creating this year's release as a ...…
John rambles about the Kardashians, the kids in a cave and Dana vs Brendan.
A. Metz and B. Pimp sample Bird Dog Kentucky blended whiskey (3:55), count down their top 5 Adult Swim shows (8:00), and read and respond to your emails (29:19).
It's a tradition that has remained in the hands of the family for generations. Willett Distillery is one of the most recognized brands for bourbon enthusiasts and has accumulated a cult status. Even Kulsveen has seen the struggles and highs of his industry but had foresight to buy aged whiskey stocks when they were plentiful which put the spotl ...…
On this weeks episode I sit down with the man behind Maison Ferrand for the past 30 years, Alexandre Gabriel. We also see the return of friend of the show and Texas State Manager of Maison Ferrand, Greg Doxakis. We talk about the long history of Cognac, how its long been standardized and boring and ways he is trying to revive the category in ne ...…
Greetings! Shaun, Sam, Jake, and Jeff come together in an attempt to figure out the essential six cartoon characters Enjoy!
In February of 2017 comedian Dom Irrera (most recently from Showtime's "I'm Dying Up Here") stumbled into the podcast studio followed by a half a dozen wise guys from the Columbus Italian Club. Since our show is on a short summer vacation, enjoy this favorite episode from the Whiskey Business archives...Comedy legend Dom Irrera and Dino take a ...…
Zach Dickson sits in to talk about LaCroix water, racist Pepsi, the illegitimacy of ponies, and PTSD.
Whiskey & Cigarettes Interview W/Pearl Aday by DJ Nik
Ken Lewis has accomplished a lot of things in his life, from climbing Alaska's Denali to owning one of Kentucky's largest chains of liquor stores. Four years ago, he sold The Party Source stores to his employees and opened New Riff Distilling in Newport, Kentucky to start making whiskey instead of selling it. At the end of this month, the first ...…
Steve and Jim review a new whiskey (Basil Hayden Dark Rye). We also talk about our 4th of July experiences, Alex Jones' claim that the left is plotting a second civil war, Steve makes a correction about his Supreme Court comments from last week, Scott Pruitt resigns, we bid farewell to LeBron and another installment of Come At Me Bro...enjoy. j ...…
Billy D. Washington and Andy Huggins join the cast for an extended episode, and a look back at Houston legend Sean Rouse.
How are businesses able to take advantage of Kentucky's House Bill 100 or better known as the Vintage Spirits Law? Today’s show features two opposite side of the spectrum. We have one side doing retail with Justin Sloane at Justin’s House of Bourbon in Lexington, and the other is on-premise at a restaurant with Larry Rice of the famed Silver Do ...…
This week I sit down with the National Director of Sales with Barrell Craft Spirits, Will Schragis and joined by 2 time guest of the show, Wade Woodard. We discuss the idea of a "Merchant Bottler" and the direction Barrell is moving with their spectrum of spirits, we also hit a bit on the regulatory environment here. It wouldn't be an episode w ...…
Ep. 129 - Brandon Straka, Founder of the viral #WalkAway social media movement joins Dave Sussman for this special Independence Day edition of Whiskey Politics. "The #WalkAway Campaign is a true grassroots movement dedicated to sharing the stories of people who can no longer accept the current ideology of liberalism and what the Democratic Part ...…
[display_podecast] Die Laughing Silent Auction winner Puck and returning guest Carly, with her roommate Bailey, join us for a celebration of American single malts.
Join us as we enjoy a delicious bottle of Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Scotch and have a conversation. This episode was designed in the style of Adam and his many, many squirrel moments. There was no plan going into today on what we would talk about, it was simply going to be a conversation about whatever topic popped into our heads. While it ...…
The guys talk about guilty musical pleasures, civil rights, bicyclers, and human beings vs the Earth,.
Whiskey & Cigarettes Interview W/Todd Barrow by DJ Nik
The rough, cold waters off Scotland's Isle of Islay are a challenge for even the best sailors, and one might think it madness to try and swim around the island. A year ago, three men did just that and collected whiskies from each of Islay's eight distilleries along their journey in the "Great Islay Swim." Veteran explorers Justin Fornal and Cha ...…
Steve and Jim sample a new beer (Monk from Manayunk Brewing Company) and a new whiskey (OYO Michelone Reserve Bourbon) while discussing the charges against East Pittsburgh Police Officer Michael Rosfeld for killing Antwan Rose. We also talk about the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, the mass shooting in Annapolis Maryland an ...…
Dino has a whiskey-fueled discussion about writing for a living with writer and playwright, Vidas Barzdukas. Smooth Ambler's Contradiction blended whiskey helps.
I drink a little Royal Navy Rum and talk this years Whiskey Social with Cruze Cruzer. Cruze is the President and CEO of RFC Media and SuiteRadio. His background as a radio Program Director and Air Personality includes stints at The Buzz/Houston, WFNX/Boston,. WMGK/Philadelphia. and DC101/Washington DC. Cruze is also the co-host (with Ian Barry) ...…
It's more with Chingo Bling as we dig in to Steven Spielber, theft, cockfighting, and Schoolhouse Rock.
Ep. 128 - Victor Davis Hanson joins Dave Sussman at the Whiskey Politics "Malibu Studio" where they discuss whether America is in a new civil war, illegal immigration, Mexico, NAFTA, Europe, the FBI, cronyism, the Left going Lefter, California splitting, and the increasingly overwhelming news cycle. VDH answers questions from Ricochet Members a ...…
While the cause of last Friday's warehouse collapse at Kentucky's Barton 1792 Distillery is still not known, the whiskey industry has known for years about the problems so-called "powderpost" beetles can cause in a rickhouse. Anobiid beetles dig deeply into old, untreated wood as larvae, then chew their way out as adults, and are capable of wea ...…
In the second installment of Riff Rant, we rant about birthday parties, fake blue check emojis, asking artists if they're excited about their new music, feeding pigeons, and people who don't read articles but comment on them on social media.
JJ rambles about homelessness, being kind and film studios.
A. Metz and B. Pimp battle it out in Let’s Get Personal (1:34), try out Powers Irish whiskey (8:05), count down their top 5 most American things (11:23), and read and respond to your emails (28:04).
Pretty sure everyone has heard about Barton 1792's Warehouse collapsing but we take our stab at some chaos theories. Brian Harra from Sipp'n Corn defended Castle and Key against Sazerac in a lawsuit and won. And the second half of the show is discussing all the new releases that are set to debut. Sponsors: Sterling Cut Glass is the Official Gla ...…
Chingo Bling joins the cast to talk about hip hop, young musicians, and the border situation, with a cameo from Baby Bash.
If you're young, you might think 45 is old. If you're older, you might think 45 is still pretty young. But when you're talking about tasting a 45-year-old Bourbon, not only is that old, but it's the oldest Bourbon ever bottled! We'll head to Julio's Liquors in Massachusetts for the rare chance to taste the James Thompson & Brother Final Reserve ...…
Rising country star Tyler Rich joins us for some noon whiskey, stories about getting engaged, new music ("The Difference"), and puppies.
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