Best Wierd podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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We have some grievences...with everything and we going to try to air them one episode at a time
Stoner Talk
Get blazed and confused with Elisha and Ty. It's a open-forum and no topic is off-limits. In our cannabis-fueled conversations, we can never guarantee things won't take a turn for the idiotic.
Chitter Chatter
Hey everybody its Ethan here the guy who runs this podcast. Im 15 years old so i will be talking about alot of teenager stuff in some podcasts and a varity of stuff in others. So sit back relax and enjoy!
Aidan Rico
Welcome to the Aidan podcast, where amazing things happen.
RJPII's Wrath
The podcasts that show videos from my YouTube channel for you to hate or enjoy (probably hate) on your ipod
Dexter and Oxnard talk about stuff and it's wierd, perverse and stupid. LAUGH!
Blogs on Tape
An audio blog, open to the public! Call "BLOGS 2 one 3 one 4" and leave a message!
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The gang rides again! On tonight’s menu we talk about people who ruin conversations and new ways to insult people while you’re driving.
We attempted a new process this time and it worked alright. We used the power of Skype to make this one. Ryan thinks people are going to far with animals and selfies and I figure out what my YouTube channel would be about.
I watched some sports and found out they don’t censor the players and Ryan has an issue with guardian angels
I’ve got a story about tattoos, Ryan tried to interact with people that don’t look in the mirror, and I want to live in a movie but I don’t know which one
I discuss how Frosty the Snowman is just a man stuck in a hat with magic and Ryan found out they renamed detention in school to make it more productive.
On this episode of Stoner Talk, we spark up some hash joints, (almost) burn the house down, take a trip down our YouTube histories, and discuss why we're all a little crazy.
On this episode of Stoner Talk, we discuss the highs and lows of flying cars, the future of driverless cars, Elon Musk, and how we almost died this year (Elisha x3).
Hey everybody, This is the second installment on unqiue facts and wierd laws today we will be doing the United Kingdom, so sit back relax and enjoy!
Hey everybody and welcome to a new series on the Chitter Chatter podcast channel called Unique Facts And Wierd Laws which I hope to record every friday. So sit back realx and enjoy! :)
We ask our friendly household hockey puck shaped A.I. all the hard hitting questions. She doesn’t answer many of them, she mostly wants to sell us things.
Hey everybody today i will be giving my opinions on why Mourinho should leave. Hope you enjoy!
Hey everyone is this episode of Chitter Chatter i will be talking about what i want to see in the last season of The Big Bang Theory which is starting this month. Sit back relax and I hopr you enjoy :).
Hey everyone this is the second episode of Chitter Chatter where I will be talking about The UEFA Nations League mainly what it is and what my opinions on it are. Hope you enjoy! :)
Hey everybody in this episode of chitter chatter i will be talking about the biggest online event in history to take place the Ksi vs Logan Paul Evnt. Hope you enjoy :)
Hey evryone Ethan here just wanted to talk quickly about myself and my podcast this is my very first podcast hope you enjoy! :)
Elijah and I are in the woods on their first backpacking trip discussing the day and smoking a ton of weed
We did it! We made another one. I talk about how I say things the wrong way and then Ryan invites everyone to a pity party and no one wants go.
We start the show off with a terrible lie, then I heard about a new time to eat followed by a painful way to make money in the movies
On this episode of Stoner Talk, we discuss cowboy masturbation in the wild, wild, west (wtf?); a brief history of marijuana and why The Man made it illegal; chemtrail conspiracies; and the 2008 Olympics Team from Micronesia.
Like a doctor ordered physical, we're back to check in. I've solved Hollywood's problem with remaking movies and people make weird noises for dumb reasons.
In this episode of Stoner Talk, we try to figure out how to do an intro and other things...we don't remember.
In this episode, sober fails and Mexican reggae.
In the second episode of Could Be Worse, I talk ask how you doing? But nobody wants to know. Celebrating babies and I think most Christmas songs are x rated.
I sat down, solo, to make a new segment called Could Be Worse. It's a weekly stream of consciousness or a river. I talked about Hollywood's problems and how I don't smile at work. Then just like the new intro music, I find out it could be worse.
I meant I have a drunken conversation over a keg of Heineken... we touch on the points of consciousness ....And if he got caught with a dog in his apartment?
Elisha and Ty get drunk and high in a closet
Have you ever done something so bad you think you can't be forgiven? We found a new buisness to help you start fresh. Patent pending. And we ask why some people act like they have never ordered fast food before.
Stoner talk in a smoky closet
In tonights dark tale we talk about picture shows, scary picture shows. Photo by everlite/iStock / Getty Images
No, it's not but we talk a little about some of my failed adventures in on line dating. Then try to decide when is a good time to marry for money. Photo by nicoletaionescu/iStock / Getty Images
As we begin we discuss the best combo for the breakfast meal and stumble apon the the name of our comic book charactors and after breakfast we go see a Kiss cover band. Photo by lewkmiller/iStock / Getty Images
On a glorious weekend in June, we ask the questions: Is meditation worth it? Why does Ryan go on so many vacations and why am I not invited to things? Brought to you by cigarettes "Tastes like burning"
Dexter and Boss ask each other questions, and blow each other's minds. (Dexter and Oxnard).
On this very special episode we have a guest host and I forgot her name. Hopefully she comes back. I experiment with a soundboard while we talk about where to go when you gotta go and why people think it's normal to say crazy things about people.
Tonight's endeavor has us visiting the cellphone store, watching parades and waiting in line. It's not as easy as it seams.
We delve into dream reading, I quit my job and sleep in
This weeks tale brings us to questions about modern technology and a dealing with foreign currency. We just want all currency to be equal. Equality. Tolerance.
Today we talk about the problems with tellamarketing and ponder albinos
For the beginning of season 2 of MLPS, we discuss Ryan's continuing problem with his vehicle and what people will do for a million dollars
The stars and planets aligned and the magic happened again. We're back for an another half hour. This one ponders, who's having threesomes and why, what happens when you go to the door store, and for some reason, going to church.
During this installment, we celebrate our 11th episode, by doing the 12th, an unexpected taste test teaches us about old people, and a birthday present that should have helped reenact the Shining
The guys talk about stuff, political stuff, writing stuff, and article stuff. Dexter debuts a riddle based game. Twitch channels: twitter: @stsoxnard @stsdexter @thestsboss *StS Enterprises*By (Dexter and Oxnard).
We talk more Star Wars, discuss interesting news articles and talk and talk and talk. Dexter, Oxnard and Boss are friends who live somewhere in the eastern United States and sometimes enjoy each others company. Twitch channels: twitter: @stsoxnard @stsdexter @thestsboss *StS Enterprises*…
We talk some more about The Force Awakens. News articles are discussed, Kubrick conspiracies. It's the start of a new year, and Dexter Oxnard and Boss are still pals... for now... Twitch channels: twitter: @stsoxnard @stsdexter @thestsboss *StS Enterprises*By (Dexter and Oxnard).
Dexter, Oxnard and Boss have a lively chat during the holiday season! Songs are sung, we discuss many various holiday topics and talk about poop. What do you expect? Twitch channels: twitter: @stsoxnard @stsdexter @thestsboss *StS Enterprises*By (Dexter and Oxnard).
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