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Adults Only
Whacky radio host sits down with Robert Pattinson from Twilight and Steve-O from jackass. Plus Tony Hawk, Asher Roth, Ron Artest and other goofy bits.
The Wild Podcast
The Wild Podcast is a show about the outdoors. In each episode, we talk with world class adventurers, athletes, scientists, and creatives to unpack the untold stories of high performers, modern explorers, and our wild places.
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Craig Potton is New Zealand's best known landscape photographer and an ardent conservationist. In 2013, he received the Insignia of a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his services to photography and conservation over the past 35 years. In this episode Andy sits down with Craig in person to talk about how Craig got started in photogr ...…
Brando 'Wildboy' Yelavich is an explorer and the first person to circumnavigate the coastline of New Zealand on foot. He's also spent 35 days alone on Stewart Island, traversed the Greenland icecap, and circumnavigated Vancouver Island in a kayak with his partner, Ngaio. Brando is always pushing the limits of adventure and has just announced hi ...…
Kieran Mckay is one of New Zealand's greatest living explorers. He's at the forefront of caving in New Zealand and has been involved in many of the country's most important underground discoveries in recent history. He's also an experienced outdoor instructor and Search and Rescue volunteer. In this episode, we talk all things caving, overcomin ...…
In this episode we chat with explorer, adventurer and outdoors educator Dulkara Martig. We talk about travelling the world as a nomad, her epic traverse of the Southern Alps in New Zealand, gourmet cooking in the outdoors (think pizza and chocolate cake), her love of pack rafting, and the links between spending time in the wild and mental wellb ...…
Ben's a survivalist, bushcraft expert and outdoors specialist. We covered a lot of ground from survival tactics, to cold shock therapy and bathing in glacier lakes, to what it means to a good man, husband, and father in the modern world.By The Wild Podcast.
Kyle Mulinder aka Barekiwi is a New Zealand-based photographer, social media influencer (although he'd cringe to hear us say that), and sea kayak guide in Abel Tasman National Park. We talk about love and the dare that led to Kyle meeting his wife, how to make money from your passion even when everyone's doubting you, the story of how a seal sl ...…
Our guest today is Neil Silverwood, caver, adventurer and award-winning photographer. In this episode we cover his uncanny introduction to photography, documenting climate science in Antarctica, dodging the Taliban in Afghanistan, and his many caving adventures - including a near death experience.By The Wild Podcast.
Just a musical selection of great songs I remember from the 80's. I had a blast going through memory lane. Hope you do too! For the true Old School House Head. Enjoy!
Our guest today is Hollie Woodhouse, adventurer, athlete, creative. Hollie has completed a 560 kilometre traverse of the Greenland icecap, ultra-marathons in the Amazon Jungle and Sahara Desert and is currently in training for her third Coast to Coast. In this episode, we touch on her formative experience at Outward Bound, the biggest challenge ...…
My one big comedy dysfunctional family christmas Special tune in now !!!
wildboy podcast is back for its pre christmas comedy special with A major giving us a lesson on ex girlfriends std's and unwanted sexual advances from bbw's tune in now !
When 2 mom's just getting out of state prison taste titos vodka for the first time all hell breaks lose and here's their story.
Savage radio back again giving you the brand new sounds and savage stories to get your day started right
That time we got very drunk and almost got in to a fight with a lesbo biker gang you guys gotta TUNE IN NOW !!!!!!!!!
On this day the members of the wildboy podcast minds were blown when they find out porn is a lie !!!! lesbians don't scissor because of global warming, tune in now to see what we can do to save this and our world as we know it ..
One night we gave a retired stripper soy milk and a delicious vegan meal in return she told us the greatest stripper stories since playas club in 98
This podcast is for the ladies who sits on married men faces while watching lifetime confused ass fuck
Wildboy podcast takes it to the bar for "bar talk" a uncut and uncensored hiphop and urban life special that take on all topics of our uncut lifestyle RATED MA
Brand new savage radio talking about the new wave in hip hop the recent beating of groupies and what happen to the crack head that broke in zoodafools house naked.....tune in now !!!!!!!!
The first ever "No Filter" episode of the wildboy podcast where any thing goes and we touch on everything under the sun from hip hop to wrestling and entertainment. tune in now to kill sometime you might enjoy yourself
Join us as our latino correspondent comes back from her international trip to Africa and shares her experience of being the only latino there and making it back to America before trump builds that wall lmao. Also og sanchez gives detail accounts on how he was almost raped by a girl twice his size !!!!!…
Savage Radio !!!!!!!!! we tell jokes and say a lot of fucks and shits tune in now Bitches !!!!!!
First ever Background check episode with the wildboy podcast we will interview dmv rapper Draildaflyyest. Background check is where we take a light hearted look in the backgrounds of each guest to see how they make it out in the city while being a independent act and promoting their own work.... tune in now…
happy holidays mothafuckas join us as we take over the podcast and hip hop online air ways for the 99 and the 2000
Savage Radio back again finally !!!! the podcast game just got lit again
when your favorite stripper joins the podcast to tell her favorite hood storys lmao tune in now!!!!! enjoy yourself with the wildboy podcast
The first ever wildboy podcast News Alert. We will be updating you with all the fuck shit going on international around the world with your host og sanchez and maxi lexi tune in now !!!!!!!
2 adults one city great laughs its the wildboy podcast bitches !!!!!
WildBoy Savage Radio dropping the hottest new hiphop every episode tune in now !!!!!!
40mins of storytelling about our awkward life as adults s/o the 80s and 90s babies this ones for you !!!!!!
Welcome to Wild Boy therapy hopefully you won't leave a LAME lol
wildboy podcast SAVAGE RADIO !!!!!!
kamara Clothing joins wildboy podcast to talk about the come up of young entrepreneurs tryna make it in america all while maintaining a family life and a 9 to 5 to go with it ....tune in now
liv luv culture joins the podcast to talk about the new line of summer gear thats dropping soon and the release of the highly anticipated G7s. TUNE IN NOW !!!!!!!
Just a half hour of Savage Radio that is all
Dc's RnB and soul song writer PNMA joins the podcast for the first time to explain what its like working a 9 to 5 while still trying to achieve your goals in the music industry .
Southern artist and model Cabrina checks in with the Wildboy podcast via Skype to talk about her life as a artist thats on her way to the army. Tune in now !!!!
Do you really have to live by the code or is it cool to just shit on everyone in life .... tune in now for real life facts with og sanchez and zoodafool
part 2 interview with the talented Allison Balanc
what happens when the wild boy podcast gotta show tough love ....tune in and find out assholes
DC singer song writer and entrepreneur Allison Balanc first interview with the wildboy podcast. In a 2 part series where we will get a in depth look of the upbringing music and life of Allison tune in now !!!!
Og Sanchez's ex comes on the show in what only can be described as a burial !!! tune in now
But why you so Mad ?Wildboy podcast ep.15
One funny fucking podcast !!!! that is all......
Fuck Valentines Day The END .....Enjoy the show
Wildboy Podcast Sex in the city ep.12 (no typo) With the homie Ivanka going over online dating losing weight and getting you're swag back. The internet being over rated ?!? do you need cable to really get the pussy and the never ending question of does Ivanka really let guys eat her ass out then kicks them out to take the walk of shame ...tune ...…
Zoodafool bday podcast ep.11 .The wildboy podcast co host turns 30 and we bring it in right like the wildboy podcast only knows how with good drink the best green and great tunes ....... Tune in now !!!!
In this episode we review and go over "the slow burner" events that has been taking the dmv by storm with their positive vibes good music and great weed lol tune in now for all the info you need !!!!!
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