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Traditional Bowhunting and Wilderness Podcast
It's all about your attitude. A positive, enlightening and informative podcast of amazing adventures from men and women who live in the spirit of the wilderness attitude! Hosted by Brandon Waddell, who has re-introduced himself and his children to wildlife, hunting and respect for the outdoors. In rediscovering his passion for life, health, and the wilderness, he has felt compelled to share his story and others stories in hopes of inspiring people. Produced by Mauromedia
Your favorite Hockey Wilderness writers give you an insightful and light-hearted long-form discussion about the Minnesota Wild every week.
A podcast dedicated to Old School Runescape. Two brothers challenge each other every week to see who will become the strongest Iron man in a series of obstacles along the way. While also discussing all things Runescape.
Do you enjoy staying up-to-date with current literature? Need a convenient way to digest the latest and greatest articles published in Wilderness & Environmental Medicine?'Welcome to Wilderness & Environmental Medicine Live. We’ve arranged for primary authors from a few of our best articles from our latest issue to walk you through their work and help you to understand what they found.We want you to learn… and enjoy doing it!Photo credits: Tent - Glen Delman; Bears - Jeremy Joslin
This is the first podcast from the U.K. to tackle country issues, hunting, fishing and wildlife management. This is the place to hear debate on the latest issues. We will introduce you to the very people at the forefront of sculpting the landscape we all enjoy. Topics will be wide ranging, from those close to home to international issues half a world away. Available on Itunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Youtube, TuneIN
Olivia Wilder Times™ features celebrity and other unique guest interviews that are informal and conversational. The over 600 guests have included TV/FILM: Linda Evans, Beau Bridges, Andie MacDowell, La Toya Jackson, Eric Roberts, Sean Young, Richard Thomas, Billy Zane, Gilles Marini, Robert Townsend, Joanna Cassidy, Melora Hardin, Debi Mazar ; Justin Kirk, Clark Gregg, Tom Conti, Henry Goodman, Cung Le; Justin Chon and Solomon Trimble (Twilight); RuPaul, Josie Bissett, COMEDY: Dane Cook, Gre ...
Famed explorer and author Jon Turk takes listeners to the most extreme placed on Earth. Travels by kayaks and dogsled, encounters with crocodiles and polar bears.
'If you don't have a plan, you become part of somebody else's plan.'-TM
Wilder Podcast
I'm Karsyn DuPree (a.k.a. Wildernessa): musician, lifestyle blogger, plant-lover, Nashville-dweller, intuitive enthusiast, feminist --- you get it. The idea behind the Wilder Podcast is to create a space for Women, Wellness, and Weirdos. From body image, food, and exercise, to spirituality, feminism, business, and maybe even global issues, Wilder is a place to listen to other women's stories, struggles, and accomplishments to share with other women that their not alone. Maybe this blogger, t ...
Podcast by Wilderness Magazine
Come with InnerChange as we tour 9 wilderness therapy program located in Utah and Colorado. We'll be interviewing each program so let us know what questions you have for them.
Light hearted, entertaining and amusing as it takes on contemporary American life would best describe The Wit and Humor of America by Marshall Pinckney Wilder whish is a compilation of humorous passages from various works of American literature. Ranging from Harriet Beecher Stowe's Dinah's Kitchen to Dislikes by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Little Orphint Annie by James Whitcomb Riley, The Auto Rubaiyat by Reginald Wright Kauffman, Garden Ethics by Charles Dudley Warner and Morris and the Honorabl ...
Motivation and inspiration to be the best version of you. Life
About all things outdoors.
Monthly podcast with fresh Melodic Progressive Trance and House tracks, enjoy!You can find me on:
A DS9 dedicated podcast brought to you by the TrekMate family
A DS9 dedicated podcast brought to you by the TrekMate family
"The Shades of the Wilderness" is the seventh book of the Civil War Series by Joseph A. Altsheler. Picking up where "The Star of Gettysburg" left off, this story continues the Civil War experiences of Harry Kenton and his friends in the Southern army, from the retreat after Gettygurg, to Richmond, and then through the battles of the Wilderness and Spottsylvania, to Robert E. Lee's heroic stand during the siege of Petersburg.Other books in the Civil War series are: "The Guns of Bull Run," "Th ...
Wilderness Law
Wilderness Law is a parenting and hunting podcast where Lane Law and his three little Texans discuss life-lessons to be gained in the outdoors.
Joanne Wilder
Weekdays 10am - 3pm on Q107 Toronto.
Seeking the Lord while walking through the wilderness. Preaching, praying, singing, crying.
Are you tired of not living the Wilder life you deserve. So was Evan! That's he decided to better his life and now he's going to help you do the same! In the VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY first episode, Evan explains how the show will be run, why you should better your life with women, why you should go beyond a job, and how a job is doing more harm than you actually know.
Late nineteenth-century naturalist William J. Long invites us into the secret worlds of woodland animals in this, his second, fascinating book. Long's stories of the secret lives of woodland animals come from time he spent in the woods, observing the behaviors and characteristics of the wilderness inhabitants directly. His method? Sit quietly, wait (sometimes for hours), and the animals will come. This book, unlike his first, Ways of Wood Folk, seems to be directed at his critics who accused ...
Kris Wilder
Life and Martial Arts
Radio Wilder
My Music. My Stories. My Life.
The Canadian Outdoor Survival Podcast is a Monthly Podcast created to help explain Outdoor Survival, as well as highlighting some of the real challenges we face learning, practicing, and teaching in the Canadian Wilderness. Each seasons will be a mixture of overview episodes, specific skill based podcasts, and interviews with Survival Instructors and experts in various aspects of Outdoor Survival & Outdoor Education in Canada.
Wilder is three. He likes microphones. So does his dad.
Eretz.Org With David Wilder
Benson Wilder's eclectic, energetic sound blends circuit, club and house music, delivering pulsating rhythms, soaring melodic vocals, and a journey designed to inspire and electrify his audience
A guide through the adventures of science
Changing The Life Effectiveness of God's People
Hockey Wilderness Podcast
Prayer and Path-making in the Urban Landscape - Poet and author Angela Doll Carlson presents “The Wilderness Journal,” an exploration of living in the city, prayer and path-making, finding pockets of silence in busy places, and recognizing the holy in the moment.
A back-and-forth talk between your Hockey Wilderness writers
Snowbird is a Gospel-driven, high-adventure discipleship camp and conference location in North Carolina.
Preparing the Way of the Lord
Lost in the Wilderness is a weekly podcast and part of the Diocese of Southern Ohio's Exodus Big Read. Every week Karl Stevens (the priest) and Daniel Bogard (the rabbi) engage in Chevruta scripture study of the Book of Exodus. You can learn more about the Exodus Big Read by going to Lost in the Wilderness is made possible by generous contributions from Christ Church Cathedral and the Diocese of Southern Ohio.
Audio treats from the stage and behind the scenes here at The Old Market. #TOMcasts
Rose Wilder Lane was a newspaper reporter, free-lance writer, political activist, and the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the "Little House" series of popular children's books. In this biography of Henry Ford, Ms. Lane worked directly with Ford to tell his story from his birth to his founding of the Ford Motor Company and his use of modern assembly lines to mass produce his cars.
Old Rail Fence Corners is an historical treasure trove containing the stories of the first significant waves of European-American settlers in the now state of Minnesota (United States of America). This book has direct accounts of mid-19th century lives and experiences on the frontier, recounted by the frontiersmen and women when many of them were in their mid-90s. A group of volunteer women -- the Book Committee -- sought to record these recollections before they were lost with the passing o ...
Out There
Out There is a podcast that explores big questions through intimate stories in the great outdoors.
respect and admiration, typically for a person.: the regard in which one is held; especially : high regard , think much of
Outdoor Explorer
Ideas, info and adventure for active Alaskans.
The illustrator and author Rockwell Kent (1882-1971)wrote and illustrated this description of a trip to Alaska with his eldest son. Though an audiobook listener cannot, of course, see Kent's illustrations, the artist's eye is evident throughout the text. Wilderness: A Journal of Quiet Adventure in Alaska — Memoir of the fall and winter of 1918/19 painting and exploring with his eldest son – also Rockwell – on Fox Island in Resurrection Bay, Alaska (1920). (Summary by Wikipedia and David Wales)
Welcome to the most versatile outdoorsman's podcast on the web. Indulge your ears and mind into conversations on the great outdoors, hunting, angling, firearms talk, business leadership and much more. For the leader, the listener, and the learner.
Through interviews with researchers, community leaders, and service providers, Paul Mattessich examines pressing issues facing our communities today to offer insight beyond the numbers.Wilder Research is a nonprofit organization working to improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities through human services research.
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This is another bowhunting Q and A Session with some great topics covered.
In this episode I speak with Stephen Jenkinson - founder and lead instructor of the Orphan Wisdom School and the author of numerous books, including ‘Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul’ and most recently ‘Come of Age: The Case for Elderhood in a Time of Trouble.’ In this discussion, we discuss how the dominant culture of North America, a ...…
If you want to climb bigger mountains, you need bigger skills. This episode is about a snow and ice training course that Kate took through Yamnuska Mountain Adventures to improve her knowledge and safety over snow and ice. Here Kate talks about her experience and some of this skills learnt during this 3 day course. For more information visit:ht ...…
THE GREAT #38 WITH RADIOWILDER.COM! Radio Wilder kicks off the weekend with some great artists, starting off with Jack W. and his White Stripes. How about a little Clash? Maybe some new metal with Zeal and Ardor from a request. A cool classic from ‘64, Navy Blue by Diane R.Remember Fingertips part 2? The Dickies… The post WilderTime #038 appear ...…
Stephen talks about why he got started cooking wild game and walks us through his process of field to plate including his five tips of field care to make the meat taste amazing. He talks about the methods he uses to field dress an animal & why he likes to keep the bones whole because he uses them for bone stock. He talks about what he does once ...…
In this segment of our conversation, Dr. Bones points to other ways of thinking, participating, and conceiving of our shared reality, and how the Western view of human nature, embodied in our cultural, political, and economic institutions, says a great deal about the irrational nature of human behavior the power of narrative.Dr. Bones is a conj ...…
Cindy Gagnon was backcountry skiing in Canada when she was buried in an avalanche. Just a few hours later, the people she was skiing with — her friends — acted like nothing had happened. They reveled in the fresh powder, hooting and hollering as they skied home. How could that be? And what did it mean? This is a story about a type of denial we ...…
This week, not much goes on for progression. But news wise, oh boy. First we discuss the newest integrity changes, along with some QoL/content changes. Deagin finds this seasons DMM has a bit of a different tone to it. Bug strikes OSRS this week, and its a big one. Jagex is forced to roll back servers after players are receiving cash drops of 2 ...…
You might be living in a monastery and not even know it.
Gunsmithing is a trade that has been part of our culture & history for centuries and some may think it is a dying craft but, as you will find out, that is not the case. Michael Tulowitzki is the owner of MJ Tulo Gunmakers & has been gunsmithing and building custom guns for over 40 years. He also shot competitively for decades, taught clay shoot ...…
In this time of accelerating ecological, political, and spiritual crisis, how do we cope with the reality our species has forged on this planet? In the face of collapse on multiple fronts, what role does art, and writing in particular, play in our ability to grapple with the implications of these trends? Vanessa Blakeslee and I discuss the some ...…
In this episode, I speak with Dr. Bones - conjurer, political theorist, and gonzo journalist. We discuss the irrational nature of human behavior, the narratives that direct human activity, folk magic, and the practicality of conjuring as a form of direct action.I’ve come to know Dr. Bones primarily through his writings as a gonzo-journalist, wh ...…
In this episode we talk with John Tucker about his bear hunt. John went with me on that trip so we recorded this episode on our drive home.
WilderTime #037 Live and Let Die Episode! Tonight we are back with a new live show The first show is at 9:00 p.m. EST/6:00 p.m. PST. All-star lineup “Death” by Unga Bunga. ‘Deuces are Wilder’ with Guns and Roses. “Goodbye Girl”, Jimi Hendrix, Caper Clowns and plenty more. Thanks for the great response on… The post WilderTime #0 ...…
On the next Outdoor Explorer, we’ll meet an 11 year old girl and her mother who made a huge change in our city. When Anna Boltz was a toddler, her mother Leah realized that the city’s playgrounds, although meeting the law, were not truly accessible to a child like her who uses a wheelchair. Nine years later, Anchorage has a dozen inclusive play ...…
For all you archery gear heads out there, we are joined by the Chief Commercial Officer of FaraDyne Outdoors, Jon Syverson. Jon has been in the hunting & outdoor industry for over a decade and is one of the most knowledgable people in the archery industry. Jon talks about how he got involved with FeraDyne Outdoors, how the company has become wh ...…
Another SOLO episode -- sorry, peoples. We're getting there. Trying to stay consistent with the podcast > trying to book guests. Plus! I've received SO many questions on the new Question feature on IG stories. So. I'm tackling a few of those and also giving my weekly update. Understand that I'm trying to create more diversity on the podcast and ...…
In this episode, I speak with award-winning author Vanessa Blakeslee about her new book, a collection of short stories, titled ‘Perfect Conditions.’ In this conversation, we discuss the writing process, producing art in a time of accelerating crisis and unrelenting change, and the “dark night of the soul” many individuals inevitably go through ...…
Offcast 033 with Christopher GrooveTracklist is unavailable for this episode
Liyah Babayan describes what her, and her family, experienced as Armenians during the Baku Pogrom - a horrendous act of mass violence perpetuated against the Armenian population in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. In particular, Liyah discusses how this experience profoundly impacted her development as an individual, having to bear the weight o ...…
On this week’s show we have Simon Whitehead one of only two full time rabbit catchers in the UK. We talk about how it all begun, the stresses of becoming your own boss and how Simon has become one of the leading experts on all things ferrets and catching Rabbits. Simon can be found at shows up and down the UK and we learn what brought him into ...…
This week Deagin begins the week discussing his skilling ventures, and the Volcanic Mines. Dilz trails off to some Rimworld talk. For updates we discuss some more information on Theatre Of Blood Entry mode and our opinions on it. Jagex drops the Rune Fest 2018 theme on us. We see some more Game Integrity changes get introduced. And the biggest ...…
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