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Welcome to Wonderful! It’s an enthusiast podcast by Griffin and Rachel McElroy in which they discuss Very Good Things, and the Things that Make Them Good. Got a Good Thing you’re excited about that you want them to talk about on the show? Shoot ‘em an email at
Cast of Wonders
Escape Artists Inc's Young Adult speculative fiction podcast featuring tales of the fantastic - Welcome! Visit us at
A podcast about everything by Sean McTiernan
Jeremiah wonders... is a weekly podcast where Jeremiah Watkins interviews guests with some of his favorite original characters and impressions. You never know who's going to call in!
Dream Tower Media's critically acclaimed monthly podcast featuring fascinating and fun conversations with authors and artists of fantasy, magic realism and science fiction, plus amusing skits, quips, and sound effects. In addition, approximately twice a year, fully produced audio adventures of fantastic stories are presented. Hosted by Robert Zoltan and his sidekick Edgar the Raven in the Dream Tower.
A joyride down history’s back roads, past bizarre spectacles of tragedy, folklore, and strange, true tales. Join your tour guides as they connect weird and wonderful pieces of the past, and dig up the roots of American music.
OPB's weekly journal of arts and creative work.
Wonders of the World: the podcast that visits the great places on Earth to tell the story of our people, our civilization, and our planet.
Wonderful Words of Life is a worldwide soundcast of The Salvation Army. It is a 15-minute program packed with lively dialog, interviews, the best Salvation Army music in various styles, and inspirational teaching. Learn more about our hosts and our featured music at
In this podiobook: From the Reader, Jason Pomerantz:The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has been called "the first true American fairy tale" and it richly deserves the title. The story of Dorothy's epic journey through a strange land, filled with terrifying enemi
uh yeah like i say podcasts are very good, let me tell u all about it. i am greggy hockstetler, and i get big name guests in my studio to do some chats about how good podcasts are.
Inspiration On Moving Out Of Your Comfort Zone - And How I Am DOING IT
One of the greatest American novels and a popular culture sensation, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz depicts the adventures of the young Dorothy Gale, who is swept away from her colorless farm home in Kansas by a cyclone, and winds up in the magical Land of Oz. Trapped in an unknown land, Dorothy must find a way back home and subsequently embarks on an adventure and meets a group of colorful characters along the way. Serving as an inspiration throughout generations, the children’s novel has been ...
Podcast about 4 idiots who decided to film their Survival Multiplayer efforts in the wonderful game that is MINECRAFT!
A monthly examination of real life insect encounters that encourages readers to see beyond what 'bugs' them and into the fascinating life of insects.
Listen every month for reviews of Wonder Woman comics from throughout her 75+ year history, as well as the classic '70s TV show and news about Wonder Woman on the big screen!
World of Wonder
World of Wonder is a podcast for kids about the diversity of cultures around the world. In each episode your hosts Helen, Ethan, and their dad, Joe, will introduce you to their friends from around the globe who will share stories about their own cultures and what we can all learn from them. So, grab your passports and join us!
John Wesley Harding's Cabinet of Wonders is an hour-long variety show recorded live at the City Winery in New York. With an exciting mix of musicians, authors, comedians who perform and generally have a blast together. It's like you're in the audience of a talent show put on by your friends... your very talented, critically acclaimed friends. They sing, read from their novels, tell jokes... all to make you laugh, make you think and keep you entertained.
Wonderfully Made
This podcast features authentic conversations with world-changing women who are living out their unique purpose. Join us as we interview female movers and shakers and be inspired to know your value and live life to the full.
A podcast about the character of frequent government operative and effective alter ego Diana Prince, as well as the internationally recognized super-heroine icon Wonder Woman, and the strange adventures that fall between the extremes of these two identities of Princess Diana of the Themysiran Amazons on Paradise Island. Looks at the full history of the character across all media, but especially comic books.
37 short pieces perfect for newer recorders. These one page Stories of (mostly) Wonderful Deeds were written for Little Folk to teach them about famous incidents in their history. Bonnie Prince Charlie, Nelson and Hardy, Bruce and the Spider, David Livingston, Canute, Sir Philip Sydney, and Elizabeth and Raleigh are just some of the well known people and incidents covered in short stories. (Summary by phil chenevert)
Global Wonders is a new DVD series introducing children to the vibrant and varied cultures of their family, friends, neighbors and the world. Created by a mother of two young children and a renowned team of experts from the world of children\'s entertainment and developmental education, Global Wonders inspires children to discover, share and compare customs, music, language and lifestyles in the "kaleidoscope" of cultures that surround them.
There is a method to the magic in the way Qool DJ Marv presents and plays music. He tunes into the atmosphere of the venue and the energy of the people, and then he blends what he sees with what he hears. Intertwining many styles for many faces from many places, Qool DJ Marv captivates you with his blend. The fluid flow and continuously ascending momentum of his wide-ranging sets is inviting, hypnotic, and breathtaking. Qool DJ Marv crafts an unforgettable feel good, get down party where eve ...
Podcasters from South Wales (UK) who love to talk about anything paranormal, spooky or off the wall. Not for the faint hearted and certainly not for children.
Perfectly, Wonderfully Made is a podcast by moms, for moms. Hosted by Alise Marsh, a certified childbirth educator and doula, episodes include interviews, inspiration and a whole lot of love. We laugh. We cry. We admit fault. We are mama bear. We tell stories of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood that fill the soul.
We live in a world full of wonder, of extraordinary people, places and things that shape our daily lives in some way. How do they do that and why does it matter? Let's find out. With help from science, history, real-life and mystery, the Wonder Show will uncover great insights into our world, some visible, some invisible but all wonderful. Brought to you by InJustOneDay and hosted by Lianne Walker, Wonder is a weekly podcast for the curious mind. The show will go out every Wednesday and will ...
Casting Wonder
Fontaine is a life coach, speaker, writer and workshop facilitator. On Casting Wonder, through reflection and conversation, Fontaine explores what it means to live a meaningful life and how we can approach embodying that from the inside, out. With pillars of self awareness, courage, curiosity and a vision to live our legacy in each moment, Casting Wonder is a space to bring you closer to you. Find out more at
Inspired by Carl Sagan, the Wonder Junkie Podcast is a place where Pete Bailey delves into a variety of subject areas featuring guests such as ESA Astrophysicist Dr. Matt Taylor, Emmy Award-winning actor Mandy Patinkin, business magnate Touker Suleyman (BBC Dragons Den) and curator at London's Imperial War Museum; Matt Brosnan.
Building Mature Followers of Jesus Christ. Wonder Lake Bible Church is a nondenominational church in Wonder Lake, Illinois.
Learn everything there is to know about Wonder Woman and the many other female superheroes that make comic books worth reading in this in-depth podcast.
One-Hit Wonderful
Revisiting the reality televisions shows that ended after one glorious season.
One Hit Wondering
On One Hit Wondering we listen to some of the biggest one hit wonders and try to find some deep cuts. Did these one hit wonders deserve to be forgotten or are there some hidden gem's that people never found? We find out on One Hit Wondering.
Walking On The Pastures Of Wonder is based on conversations which former radio producer John Quinn had with John O'Donohue over a period of four years. These conversations ranged over topics as varied as wonder, landscape and death.
Elton John gives a track by track commentary on his latest album 'Wonderful Crazy Night'
The Last Book of Wonder, originally published as Tales of Wonder, is the tenth book and sixth original short story collection of Irish fantasy writer Lord Dunsany, considered a major influence on the work of J. R. R. Tolkien, H. P. Lovecraft, Ursula K. Le Guin and others.The first edition, in hardcover, was published in London by Elkin Mathews in October 1916 as Tales of Wonder, followed by a Boston hardcover publication in November 1916, by John W. Luce & Co.. The title of the American edit ...
The Symposium, held in the Brody Botanical Center at The Huntington, features lectures from a wide variety of fields, including the sciences, botany, photography, botanical art history, the digital world and tours of The Huntington's gardens, collections, and art galleries.
The best of times, the big bands, the women and men who sang their way to stardom every week with Gary Bonds on Robin Hood radio
Wonder Indiana
Wonder Indiana
Inspiration and education to embolden Black women that deserve to feel sexier in their skin, more confident and practice self-care to help bring more happiness to their lives and balance to the world.
WWE stand with and support The ALLNatural Environment that supports ALL of us equally.Everyone is having nightly experiences while their physical body sleeps, whether they are aware of the fact or otherwise. Each of us is individually unique, and so are Your RealSide Experiences, Your DreamVisions. Dreams are mentioned throughout Human History, in many ancient and archaic scriptures. Most people are unconscious about the mysteries of themselves and what else is possible. Duane The Great Writ ...
I Wonder, Doctor
I wonder, doctor was born from this question: “just how does a person get better...really get better?” We believe that what you know matters and what you do about it matters even more. That all of our lives are effected, forever, by the roads we take and the choices we make. Our goal is to utilize all of the best of traditional, western medicine and all that works in integrative methods too. Not one or the other, but both. We believe in the simple principle that the only information worth le ...
A monthly podcast looking at the character of Wonder Woman starting with the 1987 Wonder Woman and going forward all the way to whats being published in the new 52.
The 3rd best prank phone calls on the planet!
This podcast is dedicated to the 80's television show sitcom The Wonder Years.A Grown Kevin Arnold recalls his days growing up in the tumultuous times of the late 60s and early 70s. In this podcast I pick out my favorite episodes of each season and review them. So join me your host Angela Bowen as I take a trip back in time to the hippie movement, the Vietnam War, the Beatles and so much more. So don your bellbottom pants, power up that lava lamp and crank up some Beach Boys and join me as I ...
This is a collection of folk tales originating in Canada, some from aboriginal oral tradition and others due to early French, Scottish, Irish and British colonists. They are presented as "fables" though many are without obvious moral. (Summary by Sean Michael Hogan)
The wonderful world of Zaza the bee Hello! My name is Zaza the bee! Today, I am 22 days old and I flew out of the hive for the very first time. Excellent! The boss around here is Jeff, the beekeeper. He is constantly teasing my sisters and me. We work very hard for him: feeding the young, pampering the queen, gathering the flower nectar. There are no weekends and no vacations, more nectar is forever and always essential for producing honey. The entire family will enjoy this visit, full of su ...
Wonder & Reality
Wonder & Reality exalts and celebrates Jesus Christ!
Futuristic Technology And Techno-Philosophy
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Hey Wonderlings,Angela Bowen here, the host of Looking Back On My Wonder Years.Kevin drags Paul on a road trip to see a familiar face in S5E23: Back to the Lake which aired on May 6, 1992.In this episode as summer begins, Kevin is dismayed that almost all the fun of previous summers is gone. All his friends are working summer jobs, and his Dad ...…
Rachel’s favorite poem-poem! Griffin’s favorite feeling about favorites! Rachel’s favorite fictional high school character! Griffin’s favorite formative tabletop game! Music: "Money Won't Pay" by bo en and Augustus -
Hey Wonderlings,Angela Bowen here, the host of Looking Back On My Wonder Years: A Wonder Years Podcast.Join me and let’s celebrate Michael and Karen’s big day as we watch their blessed union as man and woman and becoming one in S5E22: The Wedding 🎩 👰 which aired on April 29, 1992.In this episode with their wedding day approaching, Karen and Mic ...…
Author : Shane Halbach Narrator : Kyle Akers Host : Marguerite Kenner Audio Producer : Jeremy Carter Discuss on Forums First published in Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue 51 Ten Things Sunil and I Forgot to Prepare for, When Preparing for the Apocalypse by Shane Halbach 1. We didn’t prepare multiple contingencies When Sunil and I […] The post ...…
Hey Everyone,Angela Bowen here, the host of Tea Time With Mr. Belvedere: A Mr. Belvedere Podcast.Here is Heather's Season 3 Episode S3E1: The Thief which aired on September 26, 1986.In this episode Heather and Angela get jobs at a record store, and Heather soon starts seeing a man there, who turns out to be a thief.Join me later this week for K ...…
A monthly examination of real life insect encounters that encourages readers to see beyond what 'bugs' them and into the fascinating life of insects.
Jeremiah wonders… why Slash is taking UCB classes, Anthony Kiedis calls in to appreciate the tattoos Brooks has, amazing behind-the-scenes SNL stories, and Iowa ISN’T the Field of Dreams?!?! Sponsored by:Bronx Born Pizza in Bend, Oregon Speed Weed's Pizza LA ...…
this week DM Bruce Reid Robinson leads greggy Old Alex Young Alex and Joe McGurl on a journey through the desert a stunning battle and tense negotiations original music by the great Andrew Clotworthy clotwo on twitter podcastsarewonderfulcom podcastsarewonderfulgmailcom TheGreggiest greggys facebook kneisage go to donatetopawwin to support the ...…
Jesus Christ’s words about persistence, humble and contrite spirit, and more. The post Persistence and more appeared first on Wonder & Reality.
The righteous are blessed by the LORD, but the wicked will perish. Pastor Dan Cox reads from Psalm 1. Visit for study notes.
Chapter 40 of Isaiah marks the second half of the book known as the book of comfort. Comfort and hope to a nation and a people who have suffered beyond reason, and yet the character of God is the same. He reminds us that all of the externals (kingdoms, governments, circumstances and situations) will fade away, but the Word of the Lord is eterna ...…
Hey Everyone,Angela Bowen here, the host of Tea Time With Mr. Belvedere: A Mr. Belvedere Podcast.Here is Marsha's final episode for Season 3.S3E19: Baby which aired on March 6, 1987.In this episode when Marsha has a pregnancy scare, Wesley overheard her complaining about how his birth ruined her plans for college.Join me next week for KEVIN and ...…
Welcome to the Weekend Wonderlings,Angela Bowen here, the host of Looking Back on My Wonder Years: A Wonder Years Podcast.What else can I say about this episode other than Karen’s Back!S5E21: Stormy WeatherAir Date: April 22, 1992In this episode When Karen has a fight with Michael, she comes back home in the middle of the night to stay with the ...…
This week on “State of Wonder,” some of the Northwest’s most prominent writers come together to share stories and memories of the man the “New Yorker” called “the Portland sage,” Brian Doyle, who died in 2017 at the age of 60. We hear readings and tributes by David James Duncan, Robert Michale Pyle, Kathleen Dean Moore, and others.…
Happy Friday Wonderlings!Angela Bowen here, the host of Looking Back On My Wonder Years: A Wonder Years Podcast. If you’re looking for something to do tonight you could always head on over to the Arnold House. I hear there’s an awesome party going on in S5E20: The Lost Weekend which aired on April 8, 1992.In this episode When his parents go awa ...…
Happy Hump Day Everyone,Angela Bowen here, the host of Tea Time With Mr. Belvedere: A Mr. Belvedere Podcast.This is the first MARSHA OWENS episode for the week. S3E10: Pills which aired on December 12, 1986.In this episode Marsha uses Heather's diet pills as a way to study hard for an exam.Also in this episode Heather is concerned about losing ...…
Griffin's favorite party games! Rachel's favorite beverage review system! Griffin's favorite jazz standard! Rachel's favorite surprise delivery! Music: "Money Won't Pay" by bo en and Augustus -
People's Revolution is short staffed and struggling to make ends meet. Andrew throws an Addams Family themed dinner party, Serrano fantasizes about quitting, Kelly harasses a young waiter, and Robin goes on a date.
In 2015, ISIS terrorists destroyed the Temples of Bel and Baalshemin in the Syrian desert city of Palmyra, temples which had remained in pristine condition since their city's glory days in the 3rd century. Back then, under the capable leadership of its rulers Odenaethus and the "Warrior Queen" Zenobia, Palmyra rose from wealthy caravan town to ...…
Jeremiah Steve Simeone met Bill Murray, what words Robin Williams told Steve while they were alone in the Main Room of The Comedy Store, and many other incredible stories about Rowdy Roddy Piper, Jim Carrey, Sam Kinison, Pauly Shore, Andrew Dice Clay, and more!Sponsored by:Bronx Born Pizza in Bend, Oregon ...…
Author : Charles Lee McDaniel Narrator : Scott Campbell Host : Katherine Inskip Audio Producer : Jeremy Carter Discuss on Forums Cast of Wonders 311: And Flights of Skuhwiggle is a Cast of Wonders original. Content warning: cancer and terminal care And Flights of Skuhwiggle by Charles Lee McDaniel “Hello, children. Quiet down and give […] The p ...…
The disciple is called to submit everything to God in obedient spiritual worship. In part 10 of One-to-One Discipleship, Pastor Dan Cox reads from Romans 12:1-2. Visit for study notes.
In todays study, we see that the nation of Israel is impatient. They, like us at times, find it easier to put their trust in the tangible, rather than the intangible faith in God. God then speaks to them through the prophet Isaiah and reminds Israel who He is to them, and who they are to Him.
This week Shelly and Bella interview S.P.U.N Paranormal Research GroupWebsite: @SpunparanormalInstagram: spunparanormalFacebook: To send us a story or for a shoutout request please email Sponsor: - Tarot readings deliv ...…
This week's show is guest curated by Victor Maldonado.. An interdisciplinary artist who works in paint, as well as more ephemeral mediums, he also teaches at PNCA in Portland. We talk with Victor about what shaped his life and practice, from growing up crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, to finding an invisible college of peers to support and sust ...…
Happy Saturday Wonderlings,Angela Bowen here, the host of Looking Back On My Wonder Years: A Wonder Years Podcast.Today I'm covering S5E19: Carnal Knowledge which aired on March 25, 1992. In this episode Kevin and his friends try to sneak in to see Carnal Knowledge. Meanwhile, Paul ends up having sex with a friend of the family, leaving him fee ...…
As we celebrate the 4th of July, listen to this extended version of our interview with Erica Pouncie of the Healthcare for Homeless Veterans. Learn how this program is helping our veterans in need.
Hey Everyone,Angela Bowen here, the host of Tea Time With Mr. Belvedere: A Mr. Belvedere Podcast.Here is George's Season 3 Episode S3E20: Separation which aired on May 1, 1987.In this episode both George and Marsha's respective jobs have them spending little time together. Fighting soon erupts between the two, and when they try a marriage retre ...…
Hey Wonderlings,Angela Bowen here, the host of Looking Back On My Wonder Years: A Wonder Years Podcast.Lunchtime at McKinley High School is nothing like your school’s lunch time or is it?S5E18: Lunch Stories which aired on March 18, 1992.In this episode we follow several different stories during the course of one lunch period at William McKinle ...…
Rachel's favorite outdoor relaxation furniture! Griffin's favorite way to cool off! Rachel's favorite way to see free concerts! Griffin's favorite revolutionary action movie! Music: "Money Won't Pay" by bo en and Augustus -
Hey Everyone,Angela Bowen here, the host of Looking Back on My Wonder Years: A Wonder Years Podcast.I present to you the next Summer Of Savage Movie # 2 Vice Versa.Starring Fred Savage and Judge ReinholdReleased: 1988During an argument, a divorced executive and his 11 year old son casually touch a magical Tibetan skull, releasing a mysterious p ...…
Happy 4th Of July Wonderlings!Angela Bowen here, the host of Looking Back On My Wonder Years: A Wonder Years Podcast.What better appropriate episode for today than S6E22: Independence Day which aired on May 12, 1993. The Series Finale!In this episode After catching Winnie kissing another guy and losing all his money and his car in a poker game, ...…
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