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Workin 4 A Livin
Workin 4 A Livin is about the meaning of work for men and women from all backgrounds - in the union and non union jobs - who are working for a living everyday at their job. For them to get the latest union news, to discuss and learn about the meaning of work within labor unions, how to become an activist, how activism can affect their careers, and how all of that is supposed to occur within a workers union. We welcome you to become a regular listener.
Labor This Week
Where People Who Work for A Living Find Their News -- Please remember to subscribe to our channel !
CinemaScope's podcast
Stuart Goswick, SFCC Film Department staff member, union film worker & veteran of the entertainment industry, presents a lively range of topics within the scope of the burgeoning New Mexico film industry. Stu hosts conversations and interviews with key people making movies in NM and keeps listeners up-to-date with current NM movie news, film reviews & more. Linda McDill, producer of Cinema Scope, presents Music in the Movies on the first Friday of each month.
Rank and File Worker and Trade Union Show, covering current affairs, progressive issues and news and events from the labour movement. Includes "The Week That Was" with Kevin Healy.
Liberation Radio
The Online Radio Show of the Party for Socialism and Liberation
A podcast mostly about CUPE Local 37 members information. A Calgary Local representing Outside workers for the City of Calgary. We will also talk about Provincial, National, Labour Congress, and other union topics.
KPFA - WorkWeek
Want to know what’s really happening in labor? WorkWeek Radio provides news and in depth coverage of unions and working people in the bay area, California, nationally and internationally. WorkWeek gives an opportunity for rank and file workers and union officials to provide their viewpoints and perspectives about the sharpening class struggle in the US and around the world. It show also includes a weekly calendar of labor events in Northern California from strikes and rallies to educational ...
"Giving you a working class, 99% perspective 100% of the time"
State of the Unions is labor's podcast, a production of the 12.5 million member, 55 union AFL-CIO, bringing you the issues and guests important to working people.
Radio Stingray is a monthly podcast brought to you by the Maritime Union of Australia Sydney Branch. It continues the legacy of generations of maritime workers communicating with each other using the latest platforms. The podcast is designed to be entertaining and informative with industrial rounds, reports by Officials and rank and filers, campaign updates, upcoming events, and special features. Bringing news and information from a working class perspective on matters important to workers i ...
Podcast by Communications Workers of America
Business Matters
Global business news, with live guests and contributions from Asia and the USA.
Iain Dale All Talk
Award-winning LBC radio presenter, CNN political commentator and ‘For the Many’ podcast co-host, Iain Dale brings his acclaimed, incisive insight on current affairs to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time. Over the summer, Iain will interview a different high-profile guest each day. This will be the first time that Edinburgh Fringe-goers will have had access to a wide cross section of high-profile media and political figures in one place, and even if you're not at the Fringe you can enjoy ...
We asked three people to describe Chad and Ballsy Daily.They said:-“Who?”-“They owe me money”-“Sometimes funny” Chad and Ballsy Daily, your daily dose of 104.9 The Wolf’s morning team Chad and Ballsy including stuff they weren’t allowed to say on the air.
Any Blockers?
A podcast about games, labour and unions.Made by the Game Workers Unite UK branch of the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain.
Laborwave centers around revolutionary ideas and strategies. We feature interviews with organizers, artists, and writers across the political left.https://laborwaveradio.comLike us on Facebook at andContact us at
Unworkable explores modern day work practices, exploitation and the so-called gig-economy. Produced and hosted by Emiliano Mellino for the Independent Workers' Union of Great Britian (IWGB).
This is not talkback you're used to. This is Australia's first ever talkback show on FM. This is the first radio show in Triple M history to air across the complete Triple M Network. Hear radio legend Luke Bona take on Australia. No topic is off limits. Australia, what's on your mind? Real talk, real stories and real people in real time. Talkback like you've never heard before, across the country.
Home care workers in at least five states will receive hourly increases, but critics say bigger paychecks will not impact senior citizens. Photo by Dana Neely/Getty Images In recent months, health aides who care for elderly Americans at home appeared at scores of rallies calling for better pay and workplace conditions. President Barack Obama and some of the presidential candidates have pledged to improve the lives of these workers, who often struggle on the poverty-level wages they are paid. ...
21st Century Democrats is proud to bring you, the weekly netcast for stand-up Democrats that explores progressive perspectives on public policy, economic debates, foreign affairs and national politics. With regular contributors who include Texan populist Jim Hightower and provocative media commentator Bill Press, seeks to become a salon of the nation’s most prominent Democrats. We're all about giving progressive Democrats tools you need to fight ba ...
UnionWorking is a grassroots organization fighting for all workers, starting with the current and future members of the entertainment unions. We are all members of SAG-AFTRA. Some of us are also members of AEA and WGAW. UnionWorking understands that together, unions strengthen the workforce. This is our podcast.
From one of Tumblr's most popular blogs and straight into your earholes, join Clients From Hell editor Bryce Bladon and a rotating panel of guests. The Clients From Hell podcast is equal parts humorous and helpful as it explores the landscape for creative professionals, providing insights into survival and exploring the future of the self-employed.
Solidarity Radio
Solidarity Radio is a labor movement podcast brought to you by Union Underground. Recorded in Denver, CO and hosted by Ted James & Jay-Dao, we bring you an inside perspective on organized labor and the struggle for social and economic justice in the United States. Grassroots organizing. Worker uprising. Next level. #1uu
United Campus Workers unites Tennessee's higher education staff and faculty into a strong voice to address critical issues we face. Our mission is to advance and defend the interests of all Tennessee higher education staff and faculty, as well as promoting solidarity, democracy, and advancing social and economic justice in our workplaces and in our communities.This page will serve as a forum for podcasts related to our work.
Job/Career transition, Organizational Development, Emotional Intelligence in the workplace, Retained Search, Women in the workforce, Military transitions
A podcast about trade union issues and labour history.
“We must inscribe on our banner the revolutionary watchword, ‘Abolition of the wage system’”The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), members of which are commonly termed "Wobblies," is an international labor union that was founded in 1905. The philosophy and tactics of the IWW are described as "revolutionary industrial unionism," with ties to both socialist and anarchist labor movements. The IWW promotes the concept of "One Big Union," and contends that all workers should be united as a so ...
The Sound of Economics is the podcast channel of Bruegel, the European think tank working to improve economic policy. Our shows bring you insights, debates, and research-based commentaries to what's hot in economic policy in Europe and beyond.Bruegel is an independent and non-doctrinal think tank. It seeks to contribute to European and global economic policy-making through open, fact-based and policy-relevant research, analysis and debate.
SGV Connect
SGV Connect is Streetsblog Los Angeles' podcast that explores the people, places, projects and events that make up the changing face of transportation in the San Gabriel Valley. SGV Connect is hosted by Damien Newton and includes interviews by Brian Velez. This feed also hosts SGV Connect's predecessor podcast, #DamienTalks.
Podcast by BruegelEvents
Working Class Heroes is a narrative investigative journalism podcast exploring the lives, history, politics and culture of working class “New YorQuinos.” We will showcase their struggles and stories by highlighting their identities, experiences, interests, and working conditions.Working Class Heroes is produced by The Muckrakers' Union Local 718. Episodes will be crafted through interviews, historical research and presented in a bilingual format.Your co-hosts are Julian Guerrero, Brianda Guz ...
Postage Due Group
Where the postmen go to discuss the vast world of the Mail and delivery services, Union debates, and interviews with other postal workers.
The weekly Working Life podcast hosts in-depth political, economic and labor conversations and analysis heard through the voices of workers, leaders and experts.
DND4D Cast
On Wednesday nights, we sit down together and play through our campaign, and we thought we'd share our story with you! So come join us, there's plenty of room around the table.
Progressive Action
The Progressive Action show is hosted by two MTA workers Tramell Thompson and Jermell Wilson out of NYC.This show will focus on issues that affect the workplace and our communities, such as social engineering, racism, capitalism, incarceration, Jim Crow, police brutality, unions & unionism, economic slavery, institutionalized racism, and many other devices used to oppress. Not only will we discuss the issues, we will try to create solutions to these problems, brainstorm and put together real ...
The Sound of Economics is the podcast channel of Bruegel, the European think tank working to improve economic policy. Our shows bring you insights, debates, and research-based commentaries to what's hot in economic policy in Europe and beyond.Bruegel is an independent and non-doctrinal think tank. It seeks to contribute to European and global economic policy-making through open, fact-based and policy-relevant research, analysis and debate.
Welcome to ON THE LEDGE – Ontario’s Political Podcast with John Wright, DART C-Suite Communicators Partner, Keith Leslie, veteran broadcaster and former Queen’s Park Bureau Chief for the Canadian Press and your truly – Dave Trafford, Executive Producer of iContact Production – the Power of Podcasting.
Podcast by Russell Mokhiber
Heartland Labor Forum
This podcast tracks the audio archives for the “Heartland Labor Forum” radio show. The Heartland Labor Forum is Kansas City’s only program about the workplace. It’s radio that talks back to the boss! Whether you’re a union member or your workplace isn’t organized, Heartland Labor Forum (HLF) has stories for you, guaranteed to inspire, educate, or enrage you.
Organizing Work
A podcast about workplace organizing and union strategy, produced by the Edmonton branch of the Industrial Workers of the World, and hosted on the website Organizing Work
Young NTUC
Young NTUC is the official youth wing of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). Launched in April 2005, Young NTUC represents working adults aged below 35 years old and currently has a membership base of more than 150,000, making it the largest youth movement in Singapore.
For the latest in fantastic radical podcasting, visit
702 offers a hard-hitting show with heavyweight political analyst and commentator, Karima Brown. The show ended after June 2019 and will no longer be updated.
Listen to interviews, features and community stories from the SBS Radio Nepali program, including news from Australia and around the world. - ?????? ???????? ?????? ??????????? ?????????? ??????????? ? ????? ???????? ???? ????????????, ???? ? ????????? ???????
Stick Together
Australia's only national radio show focusing on industrial, social and workplace issues. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.
The Docker Podcast
Activate LIVE is brought to you by the IAMAW.
Podcasts recorded by the International Migration Institute
Political talk without the boring parts—featuring the writers, activists and artists who shape the week in news. Hosted by Jon Wiener and presented by The Nation Magazine.
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Every year, thousands of newcomers to Australia are exploited by their employers. Experts say it's a problem that is all too common and one of the major contributors to the billions of dollars of unclaimed wages each year. - प्रत्येक वर्ष अस्ट्रेलिया आउने आप्रवासीहरू मध्ये हजारौँको सङ्ख्यामा आफ्ना रोजगार दाताहरूबाट ठगिने गरेको विभिन्न रिपोर्टहर ...…
Serving coffee to Unifor workers made Ballsy more likable. There are new Jesus Nikes. Ralph Goodale stops in to chat, and Holly is one fat bear.
Len McClusky is a British trade unionist. He is General Secretary of Unite the Union, the largest affiliate and a major donor to the Labour Party. As a young adult, he spent some years working in the Liverpool Docks for the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company, prior to becoming a full-time union official for the Transport and General Workers' Unio ...…
Well that escalated in a hurry. CUPE represents some 55 thousand education workers across the province and has been in contract negotiations with the province over the past few weeks. It appeared they were close to a deal on Sunday, September 29th, but the union walked away from the negotiations saying they would commence a work to rule on Sept ...…
Last week, Kris Fortin attended the CalBike conference in Los Angeles. This once-every-two-years conference brings together leaders from the bicycle and pedestrian advocacy communities throughout California including Active SGV, CalBike, California Walks, and People for Mobility Justice. At the conference, Fortin interviewed a handful of leader ...…
This week on the show, we bring you reports of two union disputes in the transport sector. The Transport workers union's fight continues with supermarket giant Aldi, who refuse to sign on to a charter of safe rates for drivers in their supply chain. We bring you reports from the TWU's national day of action.Then we bring you an update on the RT ...…
Ballsy has been quiet on politics for 40 days. Not anymore. Lloyd Robertson is still our favorite. Fajardo gets that big (for the CFL) money.
Covering issues facing working people and the trade union movement from education, healthcare, housing, the environment and public workers. It also examines the role of international labor and the US trade union movementBy WorkWeek.
Listen to the latest news headlines in Australia from SBS Nepali radio. - एसबीएस नेपाली रेडियोमा आजको प्रमुख अस्ट्रेलियाली समाचार यहाँ सुन्नुहोस्।
Protests continue in Chile despite the government ordering another overnight curfew following riots and looting. We analyse how a protest that started over an increase in fares for the metro has turned into anger against the country's president and the military. A state of emergency has been declared in many parts of the country. Jane Chambers, ...…
October 21, 2019: STRIKE “DAY 35” Rank & File Deliberates The Value of 36 Day Strike At GM By The UAW! Pease join Co-Host Jeff Brown, and Moderator Leroy McKnight, tonight at 7:00pm edt, and by podcast any time thereafter; where these “Progressives For Change Offer Opinions That Matter”. Workin 4 A Livin is about the meaning of work for men and ...…
Talk Radio’s America. How an industry took over a political party that took over the White House. Plus, Donald Trump’s dangerous war on LBGTQ Americans. How the rise of conservative talk radio gave us a Republican Party incapable of governing and paved the way for Donald Trump. Plus Bill Press talks with Alphonso David, President of the Human R ...…
Head to you polling station and let your voice be heard today. Lanigan and Southey make community a priority, and Mosaic Stadium is quickly turning into Canada's biggest hockey rink.
This is a special EXTRA edition of On the Ledge. John Wright, Keith Leslie and Dave Trafford explore the question of leadership as an underlying ballot question in Canada's federal election. There are several provincial and regional issues that have surfaced during the federal campaign but they have only been "used to divide" Canadians rather t ...…
Listen to the latest news headlines in Australia from SBS Nepali radio. - एसबीएस नेपाली रेडियोमा आजको प्रमुख अस्ट्रेलियाली समाचार यहाँ सुन्नुहोस्।
Tasmanians are being warned to be prepared for the upcoming bushfire season with part of the state's east coast already in drought. But this year the threat is not just in regional areas; experts say suburban areas are at risk, including in the capital, Hobart. - गएको केही हप्ता यता क्वीन्सल्याण्ड र उत्तरी न्यु साउथ वेल्समा डढेलोका कारण दर्जनौँ ...…
Copyright 2019 Oregon Public Broadcasting. To see more, visit Oregon Public Broadcasting.
Member of Parliament and former minister Mohammad Aftab Alam arrested over allegations of murdering more than a dozen people 12 years ago and national Cricket team's captain Paras Khadka resigned from his position. These are some of the news that made headlines in Nepal in the last 7 days. Listen here to the full report. - नेपाली कांग्रेसका सां ...…
By all accounts, the final results of the federal election will be a muddled minority at best. There are no shortage of scenarios being floated as to who can, should or will be able to command the confidence of the House of Commons. No matter the outcome, it means Canadians are likely to head back to the polls withing the next 24 or 30 months - ...…
A new health campaign is urging shisha smokers to quit - by dispelling the dangerous misconception that the popular social activity is harmless. - शिशा प्रयोग स्वास्थ्यका लागी निकै हानिकारक रहेको भन्दै मानिसहरूलाई यसको लागी 'नो थ्याङ्क्स' भन्न आह्वान गर्दै एक अभियान सञ्चालन गरिएको छ।
This week on the Heartland Labor Forum: trucking safety impacts all of America’s motoring public. Will the Department of Transportation’s new proposed changes in hours of service rules improve safety or is it to improve trucking company profits? Is there a tradeoff between the two? Tune in Thursday at 6pm, rebroadcast at 5am. The post Truckers: ...…
West Gate Commemoration II Marcus brings us a report of the 49th Commenoration of the collapse of the West Gate Bridge in 1970 which ultimately claimed 36 lives and severely injured 18.Out of School II climate action magazine brought to you by the Out of School Collective Fair Go for Pensioners II Anne Davies talks to us about the issues confro ...…
Chad continues to get a soapbox to make his ridiculous sports predictions. We prepare for the almighty Olive Garden and what it means to us as people, and Lanigan could get $250,000 for their pool if YOU help.
A new device being trialled in Melbourne is expected to allow expectant mums to monitor their babies from home. Prescribed by doctors, the FeMom will stick onto a pregnant belly and send information such as heart rates and contractions to an obstetrician via an app. - मेलबर्नमा परीक्षण गरिएको एक उपकरणको प्रयोगबाट निकट भविष्यमा नै गर्भवती महिलाह ...…
Listen to the latest news headlines in Australia from SBS Nepali radio. - एसबीएस नेपाली रेडियोमा आजको प्रमुख अस्ट्रेलियाली समाचार यहाँ सुन्नुहोस्।
Prime Minister Boris Johnson now has to get the draft agreement through Parliament, and support for the deal is far from guaranteed. But what kind of deal is it, and how is it different from previous versions? We speak to Jennifer Baker, an EU policy correspondent based in Brussels. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has spoken about the importance o ...…
Is watching porn healthy? What annoys you about drivers on the road? Caller Marcus on Uber EatsBy Triple M.
Lisa Martin joins us to talk about ILCA and its role in union communications. Tanya Hutchins gives us a live look in from the CLUW national conference in Las Vegas.By kiley.
Edibles are legal but have fun finding them. Take it easy on Brashear. Chad helps with your picks. Ray Aldinger of the NDP chats with Chad and Ballsy.
The British government has reached a deal with the EU27. The agreement is still subject to approval by the British and European parliaments, as well as the European Council. But is it good news for Brussels? How will Britain strike favourable trade deals when all this is over? And, with a new relationship between Brussels, London and the world ...…
The British government has reached a deal with the EU27. The agreement is still subject to approval by the British and European parliaments, as well as the European Council. But is it good news for Brussels? How will Britain strike favourable trade deals when all this is over? And, with a new relationship between Brussels, London and the world ...…
The Director of Nepal's immigration department says if visitors are unhappy with Kathmandu's international airport then they should lodge a complaint rather than vandalising immigration counters and mistreating staff. - काठमाडौँ विमानस्थल प्रति सन्तुष्ट नरहेकाहरूले तोडफोड र कर्मचारीहरू प्रति दुर्व्यवहार गर्नु भन्दा उजुरी गर्न उपयुक्त हुने नेपाल ...…
A new campaign by the Federal Police is being rolled out at Australia's busiest airport to try and raise awareness about the crime of forced marriage. - विवाह जस्तो जटिल विषयमा दखल दिने उद्देश्यले अस्ट्रेलियाको व्यस्त विमानस्थलमा एक अभियान सञ्चालन गरिएको छ।
Listen to the latest news headlines in Australia from SBS Nepali radio. - एसबीएस नेपाली रेडियोमा आजको प्रमुख अस्ट्रेलियाली समाचार यहाँ सुन्नुहोस्।
Could the UK be getting close to a Brexit deal? We talk to BBC political correspondent, Nick Eardley. Also, we examine the pros and cons of hydrogen-powered cars and ask if they will ever catch on. Also in the programme, the controversial Chinese telecoms giant Huawei is hoping to be an active participant in India's ambitious 5G expansion plan, ...…
Trump’s increasingly reckless efforts at intimidation reveal the increasingly desperate situation he has created for himself, where even Fox News has become an inconsistent and unreliable defender of his actions. Sasha Abramsky separates Trump’s efforts at distraction from the political reality he now faces. Also: With the Supreme Court back in ...…
Chad tries the new parking "pay by phone" system. An Irish man has one last request after his death, we get to know Jigar Patel of the NDP, and a kid figures out that Alexa will do the math for him on his homework.
This event discussed the quality of public finance. There is evidence that improving the composition of public finance can improve growth and reduce equality. Would focusing on the quality of fiscal expenses and revenues rather than the budget deficit, be appropriate?Speakers:Chair: Maria Demertzis, Deputy DirectorBoris Cournede, Deputy Head of ...…
Julie and Tim talk to Maine Senate President Troy Jackson (IUPAT/IAM) about his path to power and the experiences that have shaped his life and career.By AFL-CIO.
Listen to the latest news headlines in Australia from SBS Nepali radio. - एसबीएस नेपाली रेडियोमा आजको प्रमुख अस्ट्रेलियाली समाचार यहाँ सुन्नुहोस्।
Christiane Amanpour is a British-Iranian journalist and television host. Amanpour is the Chief International Anchor for CNN and host of CNN International's nightly interview program Amanpour. She is also the host of Amanpour & Company on PBS.Iain Dale All Talk brings a sold out Edinburgh Fringe show to the podcast world, where he interviews som ...…
Episode 152:The running joke about Whole Foods is its nickname: Whole Paycheck. But there’s a far darker side to the touchy-feely, organic feel of Whole Foods than the higher prices—the exploitation of workers everywhere along its supply chains where workers labor in slave-like conditions, and are abused day after day, especially women workers. ...…
Downing Street is playing down reports of an imminent Brexit deal with the EU, saying talks are still on-going. EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said the two sides must agree the details by the end of Tuesday. We get the latest from our political correspondent Jessica Parker. Plus, Google has launched its latest smartphone, the Pixel 4. Will ...…
Recently, 5 students from Bal Sansar Glenroy accompanied by their teacher and a parent were in SBS studios in Melbourne. We covered a range of topics with the kids and asked the teacher and the parent why is the non-profit organisation important for the wider Nepali community in Melbourne. - मेलबर्नको ग्लेनरोय स्थित नेपाली भाषा विद्यालय "बाल सं ...…
Friday October 18, 2019 Hospital Industry Taking Lead Against Single PayerBy Russell Mokhiber.
Thursday October 17, 2019 Medication to Prevent Preterm Birth Should Come Off the MarketBy Russell Mokhiber.
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