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Figure 4 Radio
Wrestling Based Podcast series ranging from Interviews, Shooting on issues, Entertainment comedy panel show and much much more.
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Hustle Malone is back on Figure4Radio!! He talks Sacrifice Pro, Wet Cake, and lets us know all the details for The Big Comeback show...
In WrestleQuiz 4 The Mastermind & The Killer Beat Exposure Entertainment. In WrestleQuiz 5 The team of The Mastermind & Luke-O-Mac lost. Now the Mastermind have put The Killer and Luke-O-Mac head 2 head to be his partner when Exposure Entertainment come calling once again.
?In this Episode the Killer host some best bits from his self proclaimed Award winning podcast series. The Killers Sharpshooter, where the guys sharpshoot the Sh*t out of a topic.
Join The Mastermind as he sits down with Impact Auger Dunkerton. They talk about getting started and going Global.
This time round the guys talk about the most important aspect to the professional wrestling scene.... The Fans. they discuss What impact the fans have on the industry and individual shows. they also talk about it from being fans to the impact they felt the fans gave when they have worked in the industry.…
This Week the guys approach the subject of undefeated streaks in Wrestling. the Purpose they hold in wrestling and the right way to tell the story of the undefeated streaks.
This Episode consists of the figure 4 radio discussing the idea of stables in the Wrestling industry. what is the most destructive and how a stable can change the history of the wrestling empire for ever.
In this Episode 'The Killer' is joined by 'The Mastermind' to sharpshoot what exactly makes a good wrestling match. When does the match begin? Was the Montreal Screwjob a work? find out what we think.
The Killer, Cryptid & Mastermind get together to sharpshoot the sh*t out of the best Wrestling come backs.
The Killer, Mastermid & Cryptid Sharpshoot the Sh*t to determine when a wrestler should call time and collect their bus pass.
Kicking off this F4R series The Killer, Mastermind & Cryptid Sharpshoot about the Elimination Chamber, The Killer & Cryptid try and make the stipulation bigger and
This Week, The Killer and Scott Star Spud Sit down and give you their thoughts on the return of World of Sport. From the Results, the Production, Time Slot and more...
The Mastermind sits down with the Booker Man of DOA Wrestling, Alec Burnitt as they discuss the upcoming set of 3 huge shows, as well as answering questions from the fans...
This week, The Mastermind sits down with TJ Lea to discuss the upcoming NXT:UK and World of Sport shows. They compare rosters, compare styles, and discuss how they hope things will play out.
This week, The Mastermind sits down with 'The Bees Knees of Breaking Backs' to talk about life on the road and niche sports...
My name... is the Mastermind Olie Spring... and I'm... a... podcaster! My father, Steve, was a podcaster. My father, Colt, was a podcaster. And I will follow in their footsteps by being the biggest podcaster of them all!" Sorry... this week, Olie is joined by 'The Banker' Marc Lloyd...
TJ Lea hosts an intimate Fingerpod with The Mastermind Olie Spring as Teej asks Olie about his life.
This week, The Mastermind has a catch up with TJ Lea and Alex Cupid while on the road. They chat about the United Kingdom Championship tournament, and their expectations for MITB 2018
This week the Mastermind sits down with the 7ft Big T Justice. They chat about life as a big man, life on the road... oh yeah, and that WWE tryout!
This Week, The Mastermind is joined with Alex Cupid as they chat about the wrestling industry, Mental Health, Cupids rise in wrestling and what it's like getting onto the Progress Roster!
This week, the Mastermind is joined by the London-based tag team The Hitset, and their loudmouth manager The Tycoon. While the Mastermind tries to get the scoop on the up and coming team, the Tycoon has other ideas...
In this weeks episode the Mastermind and the Killer take a trip down memory lane as they look at some of the guests they have had on the weekly podcast. Including: SoCal Vale, Harvey Dale, HustleMalone to name a few.
This Week, The Mastermind brings you another instalment of the Road Trip Series as Tim Lee, Warren Banks, TJ Lea & Jacob Daniels invite you to join them on the road to experience the Glamour of Professional Wrestling
This Week, The Mastermind is joined by Tim Lee, Warren Banks & TJ Lea as they sit down to witness a special WWE PPV known to all as the Greatest Royal Rumble. Lets hope they don't slip up.
This Weeks Podcast is a 2 parter as the Mastermind and Luke-O-Mac discuss the aftermath of ? WrestleMania and NXT 2018. Part 2
This Weeks Podcast is a 2 parter as the Mastermind and Luke-O-Mac discuss the aftermath of WrestleMania and NXT 2018.
Its Wrestlemania, and keeping with Figure4Radio tradition, The Mastermind is LIVE!! Coming to you from Sacrifice Pro's first anniversary show afterparty, join Chase Williams, Jack Cave, Owen Charles, Shogun J, Kai Payne, Dan The Man, Jayde, TJ Lea, Frankie Vegas and Warren Banks for live thoughts on the biggest show of the year. SPOILER & NSFW ...…
This week the the team sit and talk about the only sport event that matters. Wrestlemania 34. The Mastermind and Scott Star Spud predict what will happen and who will walk out with their Wrestlemania moment. The Killer and Luke-O-Mac have provided what they thought. Do you agree? let us know.
This week, The Mastermind and The Killer caught up with one of the founders of Exposure Entertainment after their biggest event of the year in Exposure Wrestling known as LuchaMania. The guys talked about the start of Exposure, the big names they have had over, some crazy stories and how they transitioned into their own Promotion.…
This week, The Mastermind sits down with the Superman of Sacrifice, Warren Banks. Warren discusses his history in wrestling, and how he missed the debut of the Mastermind by a matter of weeks
This week, The Mastermind sits down with Jack Cave the day after a huge bombshell was dropped on the HOPE Wrestling landscape. They talk about recent real life events and how they are effecting HOPE
This week, the Mastermind sits down with DOA performer Jack E Hyde. Jack talks about his troubled past and the demons that have haunted him both inside and outside the wrestling industry
"This week, the Mastermind presses record during a road trip with members of the Meme Street Posse. Tim Lee, Khan, and Toni join the Mastermind for a chat to help pass
It's our favourite kind of Podcast. The WrestleQuiz! This time round Scott Star decided it would be a good idea to pit 3 commentators against each other. The Mastermind Vs Teej Vs The Killer.
In This weeks episode The Mastermind sits down with the Great Alexander Hyde.The Mastermind has informed us that this is his "favourite interview" to date.
So with the dust settled The Mastermind sits down with Luke-O-Mac to discuss the aftermath of this years Rumble and NXT Takeover.
Episode 5 and we’ve reached the most unstructured edition thus far! On the tail end of the most exhausting wrestling weekend we decided to record a second FPOD 24 hours later and see what happens. We discuss Rumble predictions, redneck versions of wrestler themes, NXT, contextual wrestlers, CWC, mishaps at shows, steve blackman, New Japan & eve ...…
It’s our inevitable sleepy drivetime edition! Have you ever wanted an FPOD that goes nowhere and is purely easy listening? Weeeelll this edition is for you! We discuss video-games, NXT, Rumble, New Japan, weird matches/gimmicks, bunk beds, horror movies, fears & masturbation, fun for the whole family! Except it’s not. Music as always provided b ...…
The Mastermind brings the immediate reaction to the Royal Rumble 2018. I mean he is literally watching it Live as he records. NO OTHER WORTHY PODCAST PROVIDERS DO THAT!!!
The Mastermind sits down with the Antisocial Ash Draven to learn what it's like to be a wrestler when you don't really like being around people
We’re hitting the TRIFECTA with episode 3! If you thought last weeks was too tame...well this should remedy that. From discussing our favourite name for semen techniques, getting gifts from your gimmicks & lucha forever aka lucha occasionally to tradition in wrestling, The FingerPod Of Doom always seeks to please its audience and offers no apol ...…
The Mastermind sits down for a chat with Big Thrilly as they discuss backyard wrestling, and breaking the mould in wrestling
The Mastermind sits down for a chat with Big Thrilly as they discuss backyard wrestling, and breaking the mould in wrestling
A rather inoffensive sophomore episode on the horizon! We’re down in Harwich for School of Slam to finish our 2017 with some wonderful up and coming wrestlers. Our discussions range from big veiny boy Jinder Mahal, our love of New Japan to intergender matches, the benefits of deathmatches & our shared love of light tubes!…
2) Top Trumps Challenge: "The Mastermind sits down with TJ Lea to open up a present from Santa and soak up some festive cheer"
It’s our inaugural show! Hooray! This week we loosely discuss a range of topics such as NXT Takeover WarGames, should anyone be allowed to run/book a wrestling company and a Hitler face turn! All that and MUCH MUCH more hidden within the crusty cracks of The Fingerpod Of Doom! Music provided by No Copyright Music artists LAKEY & D ...…
The Mastermind reflects on his breakout year in wrestling, looking at all of the promotions to offer him a seat at their commentary table
We take Wresting out of the Ring and into Audio Form as the Killer host this Christmas Special. The Mastermind, Scott Star Spud and Sacrifice Pro Wrestling's Twister Battle it out to be crowned Warfare Champion at Christmas time.
We take Wresting out of the Ring and into Audio Form as the Killer host this Christmas Special. The Mastermind, Scott Star Spud and Sacrifice Pro Wrestling's Twister Battle it out to be crowned Warfare Champion at Christmas time.
This week we want to share another product we have here at Figure 4 Radio called 'Almost Live'. Its a radio show we have at Join your host the Killer Kyle Brand as he delves into the Music Box of the entire F4R team. Also, joined on the Phone by Scott Star Spud to discuss Monday Night Raw, Rumble predictions and Jerich ...…
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