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The guys are back together for the first time in months and in this episode they talk about Will Grier's Heisman push, Pat's pre-season with the Alcorn Braves, and there's a special "World Cup" addition of Player of Pornstar!
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How is Jevon Carter doing in Summer League? How many times have you watched 60% of The Shawshank Redemption? What is the superior color of velvet?
It's been a minute.. A long minute but the duo is back after a nice summer vacation. Muff & G catch up and discuss the 4th, Muff's bday, and Muff getting in a durag contest. The two also talk per usual.. FOOD, MORE FOOD, SPORTS, MUSIC AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. Be sure to subscribe and leave a rating !…
How is Jevon Carter doing in Summer League? Who is healthy for WVU four months before the season starts? How important is yummy food when traveling?
On the 43rd anniversary of another Morgantown mystery, Kromatic presents a one-episode, stand-alone podcast from reporter Jordan Carter. This bonus episode is a special thanks to all of the Morgantown fans and supporters of Mared & Karen.
DaSean Butler is one of the greatest players in the history of West Virginia University basketball.His Mountaineer career is a story of overcoming unexpected challenges to reach the 2010 Final Four. In this episode, Butler takes us for an introspective look at transitioning from coach John Beilein to Bob Huggins. Yes, there was a time, that But ...…
Where are the top free agents going? Where can you find a great deal on a melon knife? Is there a basketball league with a 4 point shot? Listen and find all of the answers to these questions!
This week, Pat White is back on the podcast, and he talks with Matty about how they both are adjusting to some big changes in their lives. Also, Pat and Matty talk about Jevon Carter getting drafted to the Memphis Grizzlies, and more about the Warriors and Lebron.
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Folks, we've got you a dandy of a show. Super Bowl champion and Mountaineer great Jeff Hostetler is our guest for a wide-ranging and reflective look at a career that was built upon patience and perseverance. Hoss admits he used the ultimate pressure play on Joe Paterno to receive his transfer from Penn State, how Bill Parcells never congratulat ...…
Jevon Carter got drafted! Lamont West is going to get drafted next year! Try a pickle slushie!
We now live in a world where companies and brands no longer have control of marketing, advertising, or the conversation with their customers. In a very short period of time, the balance of power has shifted dramatically away from push communication strategy, and morphed into a collaborative engagement strategy between consumers, brands, and cha ...…
This week, the guys catch up on a range of topics including Lebron James, the NBA Finals, and the life and death of Anthony Bourdain.
Several former Mountaineer basketball players make Morgantown their summer home. It's an opportunity for them to practice and play with current Mountaineers before heading overseas to resume their professional careers. On this episode, Tony and Brad are joined by a player who epitomizes the Press Virginia brand; guard Tarik Phillip. The Brookly ...…
Programmatic media leverages data and technology to allow advertisers to identify the exact person they are interested in reaching and serves that user a specific ad as they visit various websites. Tzeital Haviland dives deeper into the workings of programmatic media, walking us through its evolution and what marketers should consider when deve ...…
Skip this episode. I'm taking a few weeks off to regroup. Next new episode on June 22.
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Metrics are simply standards of measurement by which efficiency, performance, or progress can be assessed. Yet in social media it can get complicated quickly with amount of data and options of what can be collected and where. In this podcast, we will cover the basics of collecting social media data, tracking social media metrics and identifying ...…
New additions to the team! NBA Draft Combine update! The 2018-19 team can be as good as they want to be!
Massive news! After a 128 day hiatus, Hoppy Kercheval returns to Three Guys Before The Game. Hoppy's return runs in concert with Monday's Supreme Court decision to legalize sports betting in the United States. Hoppy, Brad Howe, and Tony discuss the initial decision and its impact on the state of West Virginia. The Mountain State is at the foref ...…
herd Hater takes over the show to update us on what Marshall is up to and talk a little preseason West Virginia Football
Teddy Allen chooses his next school. James Harden still has his beard. Brad Stevens is a robot?
They found him! After weeks of traveling overseas, Nathan Adrian has returned. The fellas are back with their first episode of the summer season. The Mountaineers may not be playing, but they're making major news with roster additions and subtractions. What does it all mean? Listen in as they guys discuss personnel, possibilities, and performan ...…
Anne Schnatterly, Director of the WVU Cancer Institute Clinical Trials Research Unit and Executive Director of the WV Clinical Trials Network, discusses clinical trials and the importance of research in the fight against lung cancer.
Jim Keresztury, Director, and Abby Starkey, Coordinator, discuss the WVU Cancer Institute's Bridge Program, a program focusing on the needs of lung cancer survivors.
Dr. Patrick Ma, Co-Leader of the Sara Crile Allen and James Frederick Allen Comprehensive Lung Program and Eminent Scholar in Lung Cancer Research at the West Virginia University Cancer Institute, discusses the advances in treatment for lung cancer.
Customer experience has become an intrinsic element of every product and service. Data gathered from user research can inform the design process and provide insight to help teams evaluate the quality of the customer experience once the product goes live. ----more---- In parallel, the formalization of roles associated with data science and the a ...…
The saddest episode of Unreasonable Doubt that will ever be recorded.
Will Konate stay in the NBA draft? Is it difficult to order a cheeseburger at Five Guys? Is recording in the offseason a bad idea?
There’s a classic divide between Washington, D.C., and Silicon Valley. Tech companies speak a different language and are moving at light-speed. Rachel Post, a former business journalist in Silicon Valley and former VP of Branded Content at Guardian Labs US, explores the boundaries and intersections of data and ethics. ----more---- Many media ou ...…
With the final Monday night of the semester what better way to spend it than having a heart of thankfulness and gratitude! A fitting end to an incredible semester thinking about just how good God has been to us!Preached 04/23/18
I dust off my terrible Bob Huggins impression to discuss the incoming 2018 WVU basketball recruits.
We talk with WVU Football Commit Carl Jaszcar on his route to Morgantown, how he thinks he will fit into the defense and who he looks forward to going up against. Also he had a No. world ranking.
We talk with former Mountaineer defensive lineman Darrien Howard on where he is at furthering his football career, his expectations on this years football team and how that 2016 defense came together after losing so many playmakers.
We celebrate Baptism tonight with one big celebration! God says that the whole hosts of heaven celebrate so we would do well to celebrate also! It truly was an incredible night seeing 12 of our brothers and sisters get baptized and declare, "I am found!"Preached 04/16/18
This week, Pat has a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! (If you couldn't tell by the title). Also, the guys talk about second chances, the cancellation of the Blue-Gold game, Johnny Manziel, and the NBA draft.
Another player is transferring out of the program. The NBA playoffs are starting. I'm an idiot. It's the offseason!
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Our host, Lee Silverman welcomes Mark Tietbohl. He is a growth strategies advisor and change catalyst at Growth Strategy Advisors. Topics today are about getting comfortable with data. ----more---- There is a great deal of data eveywhere today. So much so, that most organizations wanting to start the data driven decision process can easily beco ...…
We talk with West Virginia Basketball Commit Jordan McCabe about having to replace a guy like Jevon Carter, Defense and his expectations for Mountaineer Basketball
Because the Lord really cares about our everyday life and how much He wants to be a part of it, Jordan comes back for one more week on loving God in the workplace and in academics!Preached 04/09/18
Two Mountaineers are sniffing the NBA. At least four new recruits are heading to town. You might think the season is over, but the fellas (Nathan Adrian, Brad Howe, Tony Caridi) say these are extremely important days for the WVU program. What's the realistic statistical projection for returning players and the newcomers? Those questions and the ...…
We give our thoughts on WVU spring practice wrapping up and we dive into the flat earth theory
Be sure to subscribe and tell a friend to tell a friend. The guys discuss anything and everything in 19 per usual!
In this, the final episode, we talk to a forensic pathologist about the state of the bodies, several characters from Parade of Horribles come back into play, Geoff reveals the identity of his top suspect, and Sarah offers an alternative theory. And finally, we hear how the case may soon be solved.
Final Four reactions, WVU NBA Draft news, and Joe Mazulla playing multiple basketball games with one working shoulder.
By (West Virginia MetroNews Network).
Following in the same vein as last weeks sermon Charles addresses how to honor God in the workplace and how to bring God with you to work. A practical and powerful look at how to honor God in a place we don't often associate first with God!Preached 04/02/18
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