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Jef and Jon review roleplaying games, Star Wars novels and anything else that crosses their paths.
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Today it’s the Solo family(and Kyp) facing off against the might of the big bad Vong, as Prefect Da’Gara brings his fight directly to the doorstep of Lando’s Folly.By System Mastery.
Oh boy, Luke’s into it now. Ready for another chapter of him taking all day to do something he couldn’t possibly do forever? It’s here! All that and the long-earned […]By System Mastery.
As they inevitably must do, the good guys and bad guys finally begin to converge. Yomin straps on all his gooptech while Han encounters some surprisingly political albinos.By System Mastery.
A chapter focusing on Kyp Durron being a pompous douchebag lost in his own little world? This book just keeps giving us gifts. Also Dani remains a badass and Han […]By System Mastery.
It’s sort of nice to have the main characters compressed into a single narr… hey wait a minute this the same as last time! Indeed, the Yuuzhan Vong continue to […]By System Mastery.
It’s sort of nice to have all the boring main characters condensed into a single wish fulfillment narrative while the Vong go about the wet gooey business of murdering scientists, […]By System Mastery.
Uhhh, I guess the Vong continue to get real? Even though our main character gang has changed planets, it still feels like they’re in prep mode instead of getting on […]By System Mastery.
The Vong plot gets real as their first ships enter the regular type galaxy and go all octopus ham on an ice planet. Meanwhile Anakin and Jacen have some serious […]By System Mastery.
Luke and Jacen march headlong into a council meeting and you know what that means… it’s time to learn a bunch of new Star Wars names! Yay, our favorite pastime! […]By System Mastery.
The time of the New Jedi Order is upon us as the Yuuzhan Vong set their wheels in motion! We finally meet Legends regular Mara Jade, plus newcomers like Wurth […]By System Mastery.
It’s the customary wrap up ep, yep! We talk the arching themes of the book, answer your questions, and finally, as always, announce the NEXT BOOK! Fire up your Amazon […]By System Mastery.
The curtain drops. What has changed? What threats face us at the end of all chapters? What hath Hambly wrought? Does this book have the most hilariously unearned coincidence at […]By System Mastery.
A mysterious new player enters the book in the 11th hour! I don’t want to spoil it for you so I’ll just do that in the episode title. Also Luke […]By System Mastery.
Luke and Leia both have dreams in this episode. If you were curious about what kind of book we’re reading, it’s the kind where both main characters have dreams during […]By System Mastery.
These books have a tendency to flip into gear after spending some time on wheel spinny world building, but this one is definitely taking a little longer to turn over. […]By System Mastery.
Stuff happened this time, so I guess this is just that kind of book that wants to chill for a while before doing anything.By System Mastery.
Han arrives on the planet Nim Drovis and…Okay, now we know what’s going on. Han is wandering around for basically no reason while Threepio tapes bells to his head and […]By System Mastery.
Han arrives on the planet Nim Drovis and… I dunno, I guess he meets a giant flower or something. If this book has a point I’d love to see it.By System Mastery.
Han rescues some survivors of a terrifying (and only tangentially related) spaceship crash, with Chewie and Lando in tow! Meanwhile Leia and Luke stay on course of learning the same […]By System Mastery.
Artoo pulls off a daring escape attempt while Threepio bumbles artlessly about. Luke’s life is basically an Evanescence song you guys. Leia is on drugs.By System Mastery.
Well okay so basically Luke finds out this planet is basically all Mad Maxy and that it’s mostly just a big crystal desert with weird bugs. Han hangs around in […]By System Mastery.
Holy cow this book takes a lot of time to say a little stuff. We do our best to fill time here but we are in the presence of a […]By System Mastery.
Here we go again. It’s a tale of ancient history and way too much information as we orbit the mysterious Nam Chorios. Who’s Seti Ashgad? How is every Skywalker so […]By System Mastery.
The customary interstitial discussion episode where we relax, answer questions, and take some time off from reading has arrived! How did we feel about Red Harvest? What’s coming next? These […]By System Mastery.
The end is now. Who survives? Who wins? YOU DECIDE! No, wait, it was written down here. We’ll just tell you.By System Mastery.
Whoa, big things are happening now! Hestizo and Rojo face off against the zombie-lord Darth Scabrous while Tulkh and the HK droid blow shit up! Things are heating up as […]By System Mastery.
Who dies this time!? We won’t tell you it’s definitely Kindra here. Just tune in to learn more about the librarian, Rojo, and, holy shit, Pergus Frode is back!? Zombies!By System Mastery.
Tulkh foolishly goes off on his own after watching Hestizo finally do something useful? Madness! Speaking of madness, what’s going on with our favorite tree librarian? Could it be…. space […]By System Mastery.
We’re back from Christmas vacation, and what are we returning to? All these damned zombies, bein’ gross and eatin’ eyeballs. The action heats up as Hestizo finally does some fighting, […]By System Mastery.
Hey the last thing we’re making this year, so we made sure to load it up with fresh buttered poop humor, just for your holidays. Hestizo and Tulkh make discoveries […]By System Mastery.
I have to be honest here, I’m sick and pretty well wiped out on Nyquil, so I only vaguely remember what we even talked about in this episode. I remember […]By System Mastery.
Oh sweet, new characters! And we’re starting to learn stuff about the official zombie rules in this universe. Pretty good ones! Can anyone survive?By System Mastery.
Whoa, zombies have entered the building! They’re coming in! Hold on, is that a quote from a horror movie or something? I should ask Jon. In the meantime, here’s some […]By System Mastery.
Yet more characters! Today we’re meeting the snooty Lieutenant Norch, the surprisingly forward Captain Ansgar, and the stoic badass of the olden years, Rojo Trace. Will any of them meet […]By System Mastery.
It’s like reading a whole new book as none of these chapters seem to be about the same people as the last series! Let’s meet such Star Wars luminaries as […]By System Mastery.
Let’s do the time warp again! In Red Harvest, the narrative takes place nearly 3,500 years before the Battle of Yavin IV. Will we see beloved fan characters like Party […]By System Mastery.
We sit down to try and piece apart what happened in this book, and really come to an agreement as to thesis and tone and so on. No, just kidding. […]By System Mastery.
And with hungry hearts, we close this chapter of Expounded Universe. Seriously, we must have been starving, this episode is pretty food heavy. The climax has come, and you know […]By System Mastery.
The demipenultimate episode! Luke is missing! Teneniel is just working that dark side/light side divide! King Solo finally goes full Princess Bride! And most exciting of all, with two chapters […]By System Mastery.
The story really heats up! There’s cool rancor fights and jedi battles and Gethzerion is super in play! But of course we find ways to keep making fun of it. […]By System Mastery.
The story heats up as the team raids the prison! Will they find Gethzerion? Will they find love? Is Chewie gonna do anything this episode (spoiler: no).By System Mastery.
The gang’s all together! And now they’re fighting! Like first graders! Let’s check in on proud naked Tenenniel, Isolder and Han splashing each other, and Luke afraid of cooties in […]By System Mastery.
We get to step in the wild head and untamed boobs of everyone’s new favorite force witch Tenenniel Djo today! There’s fights with Nightwitches, battles of wits (Han is terribly […]By System Mastery.
Turns out this book can actually be pretty good when it’s not about the scintillating Han/Leia dynamic, so these two chapters, which don’t let the two of them anywhere near […]By System Mastery.
Han continues to be the absolutely worst, but at least he’s a handsome king now (thanks Threepio), and we finally encounter some hotnsexy rancors in today’s thrilling installment! Plus, Luke […]By System Mastery.
We took a week off for GenCon but we’re back and the story just keeps getting weirder! We finally meet Ta’a Chume! We finally set down on Dathomir? And is […]By System Mastery.
Oh for the love of god Han, no. Stop. Everyone just stop. Chewie, obviously you’re cool, but the rest of you just cut it out. This is it, the moment […]By System Mastery.
Finally things start to pick up steam as Han deploys his standard gambling skills, Leia ruffles his hair like an adorable dog, and Chewie just sorta checks out entirely.By System Mastery.
The novel begins to search for a groove as we settle in for some deeply bodice-ripping action-free times. Isolder used to be a pirate! Han and Leia have the worst […]By System Mastery.
Expounded Universe is going back to basics. Let’s talk about Leia, Han, and their dumb stupid relationship for idiots. Let’s talk about woot horns! And what’s Luke up to? Something […]By System Mastery.
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