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Best Zalie Tshuma podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Zalie Tshuma podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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You're alive, you're breathing, your brain fully functions, you have 24 hours in a day, there's free Wifi at a coffee shop, you have a smart phone, what else do you need ?
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Make a list of ALL the worst case scenarios and you will be enlightened to see that the worst that we think could happen isn't even the worst but yet we let is hold us back from doing the things we want to do.
We need to acknowledge our creativity more and not be afraid to share it with the world. Embracing our creativity allows us to show up as our best because we are indulging in things that we actually enjoy and make us feel good. Make time to embrace your creative side and don't over think posting it and sharing it.…
It's on us to communicate what we expect so that others can understand our needs. People are not psychic or mind readers, we have to clearly explain what our expectations are. We can't be upset when things don't work out and we discover people are not on the same page as us when we didn't take the time to facilitate the conversation about those ...…
sometimes you just have to remind yourself why you are doing what you're doing and remind yourself the things you are grateful for, all the blessing over your life so that you can re gain perspective not to sweat the small stuff and get through a tough day or moment.
Touched on a couple of topics. Realizing that no one is coming helps keep you focused and hungry for your goals. Confidently making decisions without seeking validation and how we are filling up our tool belts.
It's easy to become in autopilot mode where you are putting on a face to get through something rather than willingly showing up as your authentic self. What are the areas in your life where you are almost having to put on a face in order to show up and get through it?
Why do we allocate so much time to moping around ? Dwelling is honestly so pointless. This is obviously difficult to gear into when things happen, but we know what's done is done and we should just put all our energy into the moving forward positively part. We allocate way too much time to dwelling. There is so much brightness and positive when ...…
Are we doing enough to set ourselves up so that we experience less anxiety ? Yes it happens, it can just hit you, but what are we actually doing to try and help ourselves ?
We just need to be more kinder to ourselves. It's easy to be hard on yourself when you're already down, but how about just acknowledging what you feel and just having your moment. You're human though boo, it's okay.
Diving deeper into what the actual root of the root is. We have to be open and honest about the root of the root in order to start doing the work to eliminate these false limiting self beliefs. You gotta get to the root of the root. Not always easy conversations to have but it's where healing starts.…
Once we figure out and acknowledge what the root is for some of these insecurities we have, then we can actually start to set ourselves up to overcome them. It's hard sometimes to go to that place of the actual why, but that's where the progression and over coming starts.
No more over thinking it, just go and do it now. You might as well just try right away, just jump right in, it feels right right now you know you want to do it so just do it now. Why keep procrastinating ? You've over analyzed enough you might as well just try it and get it out the way that you applied yourself and tried that thing. You're not ...…
Your journey is about going through experiences so that you can figure out your worth. You get to set the standard in your life for how people should treat you. Ultimately how people are treating you is what you are allowing. Know your worth and keep that standard in your life.
I recorded this right when i was leaving the gym on Saturday, Dec 8 morning. Right in the moment i wanted to share with you what i've been doing, what's working for me right now and remind you to push yourself and as always to just find what works for you and rock with that.
Audit your circle, audit who you are spending your time with, are they bringing you value, are you bringing them value and if they are bringing value to your life, take a moment and acknowledge them.
All my goal crushers who are grinding hard and putting your best effort forward towards what you want for yourself, take a minute and just give yourself a pat on the back, take a minute and acknowledge how bad ass you really are. This is a reminder of how amazing you are and how much all you're putting in will pay off. Sometimes we get so into ...…
Appreciate your lone wolf journey/stage of your life and use it to get to know you, do the things you love, fall in love with yourself and become confident that you alone are enough. Don't be ashamed of this time in your life, every season of our life, every chapter of our life is necessary for our growth and in order for us to reach our fulles ...…
We are all tired, we are all busy, we all have things going on, excuses are excuses, it's either you're doing it or not. Stop complaining, it's either you want it and your actions will show that. Enough excuses and complaining. Enough already!
It's not too late to commit to just going all in on your goal. Going tunnel vision for months to a year can be what will take you to that next level. Saying no to certain activities and people, really practising discipline, utilizing all the minutes in a day you have, all those key aspects of going into a deep laser focused tunnel vision are wh ...…
You have to put things in place in order to get into alignment. It doesn't just happen on it's own. You figure out what actions make you feel aligned with your day and also your goals and you have to make those daily habits that then grow into automatic behaviours which in turn put you into alignment. Figure out what those things are and then p ...…
We all experience getting out of our momentum of being on routine, being on schedule and on high energy with everything and this is normal. Embrace the rut, take some time off, immerse yourself in things that will recharge you, sometimes best is doing absolutely nothing. Being in a rut is normal and necessary so that you re-group and come back ...…
Stop planning already and just start. Forget about the little details and who cares what "they" will think, start NOW!. You deserve to go after your dreams and whatever your heart desires. Just Start.
Free yourself up and own up to your mistakes, your insecurities, your story and your journey. Owning it and laying it all on the table eliminates anybody having power over you with it. Don't have shame in your game, it all has made you the beautiful soul that you are today. All of it was necessary so own it.…
We all have things that are automatic in our lives wether its a thought pattern, things that we say, behaviours that we do, decisions that we make, there are things that we automatically do just because it has been the habit. We need to stop and analyze some if these automatics because they are exactly what can be hindering us from elevating.…
Sometimes you just have to take matters into your hands, figure it out and get it done so that you can deliver the thing for yourself exactly how you want it. Not everyone will be able to do it for you how you want and thats okay! Butttt you have to be willing to take matters into your own hands if you want it a certain way so that you don't ha ...…
We can all easily write ten pages of all the possible what if's in our lives. Do not let the what if's be what holds you back from pushing yourself past your challenges in order to reach your fullest potential. It's in you, don't doubt yourself, push past the what if's and get out of that comfort zone.…
You are allowed to set your standards however way it works for you and you are allowed to have your expectations. Get into the mindset of being able to pull from both polar opposites of wanting what you want but understanding that it won't always go that way and when it doesn't disappointment doesn't tear you down.…
You are allowed to set your standards however way it works for you and you are allowed to have your expectations. Get into the mindset of being able to pull from both polar opposites of wanting what you want but understanding that it won't always go that way and when it doesn't disappointment doesn't tear you down.…
Everything that we are doing 9/10 times it's not even about us. It's for other people, it's for someone else's breakthrough, it's so that someone's revelations. The things you may thing you are doing for you, its not even bout you, it's about so much greater than your self.
Very big topic, very big relevant prevalent issue that is not talked about enough. Something I myself struggle with a lot and will start opening up more about, sharing with you guys and supporting each other. You are not alone and you WILL be okay.
Using busy as a cover up to being alone and drowning ? It can be easy to jam pack our schedule so that we don't have to deal with things. Reach out. You DO NOT have to do it alone or feel like you don't have support. Are you really busy or are you depressed and nobody knows about it ?
Let's do our part and spread love and positivity, lets be the ones to show the example and make it the norm. Every single day, lets make it a habit to be more kinder, more positive, more forgiving and more understanding.
Setting up seasons in your life will allow you to laser focus on the process instead of being so fixated on the end result.
Declare the words that you want on your life. You have to speak it into truth for you to believe it and see it through. Write those affirmations downs and declare them out loud. Speak what you want into truth.
Let go of the stuff you are attached to that is crippling you and keeping you from standing in your most authentic self and being confident in that. Pay attention to what “the stuff” is in your life and free up yourself.
Set back ain't got nothing on you. Piggy backing from last weeks episode, do not be discouraged of a little et back, program your mindset to look at all set backs as moments of growth and lessons to learn in order to facilitate you to your next level of self.
Don't let making mistakes keep you down, don't let feeling down or having a little set back, keep you down. A little fail doesn't mean you're finished. Condition yourself to have that resiliency to bounce back like it's the only option.
Let's stop letting fear hold us back from stepping into all of our creative avenues and all of our little passions that truly bring us joy and light up that fire in our souls. We know exactly what those things are but we hold back on just throwing ourselves right into all of them. Why not?
Check yourself, call yourself out on the B.S lies you tell yourself and stop with the excuses. An excuse is an excuse period. If you want it like you say you do you will get it done. Period
No matter what you just have to make it work. If you want it, if it means anything to you, you will find a way to make it work. No excuses period.
Like lets just be kinder to one another and also give ourselves much more forgiveness. You don't know what someone is fighting the same way no one knows your battles, wounds and stories. We just simply need to apply more Kindness and Empathy day in day out.
It's really never that serious most of the times. We just get so caught up in our emotions in that ONE moment and get so worked up that we can end up jeopardizing so much more and being the source of our own downfalls when all we really need to do is just chill out, take a step back and leave those emotions out of the decision making process.…
Just write it down and get it done. Period.
Don't you dare get discouraged and lose sight of the goal or dare think you are not worthy. The breakthrough is just around the corner and there is something up ahead for you.
A lot of times all we need to do is just sit down, get a pen and paper and literally pull together all our resources. What can you use, what do you have, what is around you, who can you ask etc.. dig deep, do your research, apply yourself and pull your resources together.
Kindness literally changes lives.
Welcome to the podcast, first episode just touched a bit on not being too fancy when trying to pursue your passions. Of course being all about quality but not being held back because of aiming for perfection.
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