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Zandar, Bon and company fight the stupid in its many forms.
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Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, a block of granite, Martin O'Malley,and Jim Webb's neck frill engaged in debate in Las Vegas last week and we'll run down the winners and losers, plus the bell tolls for thee, Jeb and Rand, and more from Springfield's great City Council saga.
GOP House majority leader Kevin McCarthy has bailed on Orange Julius's old job as Speaker and the race is truly up for grabs as House Republicans devolve into Lord of the Flies, and President Obama gets a less than warm welcome from Gunmerica as he visits Oregon to speak to the families of the victims of last week's deadly shooting in Roseburg. ...…
Having both grown up in red states and living in them now, Zandar and Bon talk about gun control and American gun culture in the wake of yet another mass shooting in America and find that the US is pretty disunited about the whole thing. Plus more on Springfield's Slut Walk, creepy-ass city councilmen and local Congressmen, and more.…
Pope Francis comes to the US and House Speaker John Boehner resigns, and that's just the start of a crazy week in politics this week as Zandar and Bon discuss events and try to figure out where the Shutdown Countdown is headed. Plus more from Bon on the Springfield, MO city council and more!
Bon takes on the Springfield City Council's new ordinance on propriety in dress of womenfolk, and other such 21st century concerns that may lead to dancing.
The GOP holds the country hostage, either millions of Americans have to give up affordable health care, or the Republicans will cause trillions of damage to the economy. Bon and Zandar discuss the shutdown and more this week.
Bon and Zandar weigh in with President Obama's decision to seek congressional approval in Syria, and RIP Sir David Frost.
Zandar and Bon are back with a Memorial Day weekend episode of Podcast Vs. The Stupid, as we cover the GOP Perpetual Scandal Machine and life in Tornado Alley.
Bon and Zandar are back with their take on the mess in the House and the new mess ahead in 2013, plus our end of the year predictions, holiday madness, and more!
Join Zandar and Bon as we discuss all the business being held until after the election and how it's caught up with President Obama in a big way this week, as Israel and Hamas are at it again, along with the GOP, the CIA, and more.
Zandar and Bon discuss the aftermath of the election: the fiscal cliff that isn't, CIA Director David Petraeus resigning over an affair, Republicans taking the President's win badly and more.
We wrap up the election season with a final look at Campaign 2012, the winners, the losers, and everyone in-between. Join us!
Bon and I tackle Debate 2: Eclectic Boogaloo, plus Mitt Romney's fear of women, spacejumpingfor fun and profit, and more!
Bon and I talk the Vice-Presidential debate and the poll numbers, Todd Akin's little problem with evolution, and the scary part of election season with returning guest Ian Boudreau.
Zandar and Bon wrap up the first Presidential debate contest as President Obama goes head-to-head with Mitt Romney's army of zingers in our Wednesday show and we talk dud bombshells lobbed from 2007 in this self-gratifying episode.
Our first guest of the show, Imani Gandy of Angry Black Lady Chronicles, will be joining Bon and myself as we tackle Ann Romney, secret weapon (for the Obama campaign), Todd Akin's continuing problem with misogyny Tourette's, Republicans complaining that polls are all wrong, all of them, every one darnit! And more!…
Mitt fails at pretty much everything. Plus, Todd Akin, Springfield's pot laws, the polls are deadly for Mitt, and more.
Mitt Romney laid low by a secret recording of his frank and depressing treatment of those he sees beneath him...pretty much all of America.
Zandar and Bon discuss Romney falling apart at the seams, the right wing blogs calling of President Obama to resign, and the Boy Scouts covering up a long history of child abuse.
Bon and Zandar tackle the shocking events in Egypt and Libya as a US Ambassador is killed in the line of duty, and Mitt Romney decides it's a great time to attack the President.
In which we finally wrap up the RNC talk and move on to other topics. For now. Until zombie eyed granny starver Paul Ryan decides to go on another lie-a-palooza run.
Clint Eastwood is the main topic of the day, and the many things it made us think.
Clint Eastwood is the main topic of the day, and the many things it made us think.
Zandar and Bon go over a variety of topics this week, but mainly focus on Mitt the Birther, who has morphed yet again in an attempt to rally support.
A frank discussion on many things related to getting jiggy with it, and why Todd Akin is taking jackass to exciting new levels.
In which Zandar delivers some mighty wrath about Mitt Romney's choice for VP.
Zandar and Bon's first episode. Mostly for a test drive of the new service, and a chance to go over past articles for the week.
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