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Laura Crochkoer is a famous archaeologist and treasure hunter. Convinced that the Soissons vase is still somewhere in the town, she wants to organise an archaeological dig. Before this can happen you must help her complete the early "detective" work by photographing the most promising locations. Nothing difficult about this, unless Clovis gets involved ...
Master Fox decides to play a trick on young Perrette who has come to Château-Thierry to sell her milk. Hoping she will fall for his charms and that he can thus steal her milk pail, he takes her all around the town to keep her well away from the market. But will he succeed? This farmer's wife is now more mature and prefers making a profit to building castles in the air!
1886 - 16 years after France was defeated by the Prussians- You are a young Captain - First assignment : Fort Condé - Alert - The Commander just received an encoded message from the neighboring fort but it is missing a word. Your mission : in 45 minutes, reconstruct this word. The Fort's many characters await you along your path- Do not get lost and search for the clues !
10 year old Amélie thinks she knows everything about Henri Matisse ! In the painter's childhood home, she is determined to lay out all her factual knowledge. When suddenly an old soldier figurine, Matisse's favorite toy, comes to life right before her eyes. The young girl, mischievious and playful, takes him prisoner and drags him along on her visit. What will he reveal to her that she does not already know? An original discovery tour of Matisse's childhood home suitable for the entire family.
The wonderful world of Zaza the bee Hello! My name is Zaza the bee! Today, I am 22 days old and I flew out of the hive for the very first time. Excellent! The boss around here is Jeff, the beekeeper. He is constantly teasing my sisters and me. We work very hard for him: feeding the young, pampering the queen, gathering the flower nectar. There are no weekends and no vacations, more nectar is forever and always essential for producing honey. The entire family will enjoy this visit, full of su ...
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