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Linus is a professional hockey player for the Buffalo Sabres. TOPICS: dremaleague major, dpc app, prize pools, player protection, substitution players, home vs away game, game tilt, PR training, social media, superstitions, ullmark’s barks, mars
TOPICS: travels, mdl macau, new bts studio, auto chess, bo7 format, WEPLAY, melee on the switch, state of moonduck
Topics: streaming, dpc schedule, Sexual Education, Dreamleague Major qualifiers, WESG, Apex Legends, AUTO CHESS
Topics: Bucharest minor, visiting Seoul, Dota chess, ESL Mumbai, Searching, the movie, New Years
TOPICS: Milan drama, CIS Summit Event, 7.20 hero meta, Nintendo switch, Heroes of the Storm, Fortnite, Path of Exile, & Smash Ultimate
Topics: Bucharest minor qualifiers, valve statement on kuku, starladder, the sponge, Bulldog, & epic games platform
Topics: thanksgiving, 7.20 changes, KL major, KLXL, Nasi Lemak
Topics include: Halloween, Kings cup, WESG, WSOE Vegas, ESL Hamburg, digital broadcast rights, GESC, weddings, & phones
TOPICS: KL Major Qualifiers, running a minor, watching on FACEBOOK, and current political spectrum
Topics include: KL Major, roster shuffles, midas mode 2.0, national monuments, dr disrespect, artifact vs magic, and mobile gaming
Topics: ti8 experience, cosplay competition, allstar game, the leafs jersey, ti in shanghai, vancouver pot, moonduck updates, & trent and zyori podcast
Brennon Hook joins to talk about: OWL reflections, dj khaled, ti talent invites, ti predictions, openAI, AI ramble, more overwatch, watchability, Artifact
TOPICS: vacation, spotify office, 144hz monitors, tv shows, adrenaLAN, kryt0s thread, bot ti, and open ai
Zyori & Trent talk about: holiday in Sweden, World Cup, basketball, hockey, Maut’s Retirement, casting in Dota, and panels in real sports.
syndereN joins Zyori & Trent for an in person podcast to talk about: ti8 qualifier hub, macros / cheating, ergonomics, sensory deprivation tanks, danish culture, & gaming communication
TOPICS: calibration games, casual TI8 hub, the super major , qualifier region slots, and the next DPC season
TOPICS: sea of thieves, battle pass review, 2000 roshan, zyori’s first investment, mmr reset, super major, and esl birmingham Join the new Zyori Discord –
Freelance content creator @MalystryxGDS joins to talk about: super major format, dota journalism, maly @ epicenter, ti loser interviews, media training, third party content creators, and newbie casters.
Zyori & Trent come together on 420 to talk about: cannabis, big pharma, fun pubs, and competitive techies.
Dylan Matusek joins the podcast for the 4th time to talk about: DAC2018, facebook, the nature of debate, life coaching, LEFT vs RIGHT, and changing minds.
TOPICS include: baby, internet restriction, grandgrant, ti invites, mcdonalds vs tim hortons, dotaplus, & pubg phone
Zyori & Trent talk about: casting, swiss format, south american dota, dark willow, shawarma, axe throwing, and the pgl office.
Zyori & Trent talk about: genting, facebook, bucharest, malaysia, superbowl, ORD / Flight Delays, multifocus & gender hen Check out MultiFocus:
Topics: captains draft 4, bar crawl, roster changes, esl drama, galaxy battles, OWL Premier
Zyori does a solo podcast and talks about: zwarte piet, dr disrespect, net neutrality, mmr resets, battle passes, and cd4 planning.
TOPICS: dreamleague, top 6 power rankings, mdl, moonduck content, skiing, cd4, the dota ecosystem, cash n guns, and the genius of slacks
TOPICS include: Croatia travels, get out (movie), dota pit, cd4 qualifiers, fallout drama, patch reflections, louis ck, baumi and grant drama
TOPICS: packers vs cowboys, maut rage, canadian thanksgiving, columbus day, dota 2 anecdotes, dreamleague na qualifier, trent going to germany, dreamhack denver, bitcoin fork, midas mode, and esports sponsorships!
Lead Designer of Aeon’s End and former Starcraft 2 pro player, Kevin Riley, comes on to talk about: life as a table top designer, starcraft 2, the future of RTS.
Topics include: trent in germany, pubg lightning round, card games , facebook, slacks wedding, vg.storm, immortals, new major/minor season, and midas mode.
Dylan comes back again for a special podcast with topics including: humanizing entertainment, andy milanokis [again], body language vs texting, star wars, dunkirk, alt right / free speech, karl popper, confederate statues, civil war, mainstream media, and learning to listen.
Topics include: ti7, jack chen, cosplay, moonduck irl, artifact, unite the right, and dota roster shuffles
Topics include: Canadian history, Bulldog visa situation, esports visa headaches, ti7 top 5 predictions, NP to cloud9, TI7 talent, Alex Jones, and Jon Stewart. Episode sponsored by:
Topics include: tourism, is pubg a fad, midas mode, cryptocurrency, shane’s noobstream, TI7, dreamhack, gambling, merch headaches, & Game of Thrones
Topics include: Shakespeare, dogs, ti7 invites, is dota dead?, summit 7 / galaxy battles, hockey expansion draft, mcdonalds, veggies esports, lootmarket / lootcase ban
Topics include: tier 2 dota tournaments, em3 financials, dota economics, rocket league / vainglory esports, ti prizepools, VR esports, esports consultants, shenzhen, & epicenter.
Topics include: traveling the globe, Collateral Beauty, Hong Kong Airport, Dreamleague 7, Brax, ACE, NP Ban, & IO arcana.
Topics include: swiss format, moonduck merch, mahalo, trump andrew jackson, alex jones, pubg, phones, and the kiev major.
Topics include: religion, Easter, Grizzly Man, guns, hunting, yoga, Kiev Major predictions, and 13 Reason Why on Netflix.
Topics include: birthdays, power rangers movie, streaming irl, Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017, and the flat earth movement.
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