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Podcast | Mark Dawson's Self Publishing Formula
Author Suzy K. Quinn has travelled a similar road to Mark Dawson’s – going from being a traditionally published writer to becoming an independent author with more control over her books and marketing. Not to mention a larger slice of the financial pie. This week’s key highlights: How Suzy’s writing career began and evolved Suzy’s foresight writ ...…
LinkedInformed Podcast. The LinkedIn Show
Welcome to episode 163, it’s been a terrible week for me with the shocking news coming from Manchester and being personally touched by the tragic events, it’s made it really hard to focus at times. This week I want to focus on managing your home page feed on LinkedIn. It’s a critical aspect of using LinkedIn effectively and most people ignore i ...…
Doug Wells and guest co-host Joe Backer welcome Daniel DiPiazza author of Rich 20 Something, a Millennial Business guru and young entrepreneur behind the popular career and lifestyle website, Rich 20 Something dot com. The second guest is Dennis Romankowski, owner of Cognition Winery in Park City. The final guest on the program is Sophy Kohler, ...…
Sustainable Lens
John Stansfield teaches Community Practice at Unitec in Auckland where they teach both undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in community development as well as social work and counselling. He’s worked extensively in community development in his own community – notably Waiheke Island – as well as Palmerston North, Papua New Guinea and othe ...…
The Zen Mommies Radio Show
Find your center amidst the chaos! Being “on the path” is a fulfilling experience, but when little ones come along, your world is completely changed! How can you “get your spiritual groove back” while feeding little mouths and washing dozens of onesies? Always an adventure, these ideas and activities have helped me get back to center and feel m ...…
Activated Stories
In folk tales, as in cartoons, the laws of physics and biology often are violated without a second thought. Things get blown up, and then are fine; coyotes run off the edge of a cliff and hover in mid-air a moment before plunging; and mice have their tails cut off and then restored. As in the British story "The Cat and the Mouse", which is base ...…
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