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I was born in the mid-70s, so I was the target audience for Transformers and GI Joe when they premiered over a quarter of a century ago. Join me as I apply 21st century perspective and adult logic to shows that were never meant to withstand these things.
An interconnected world of comedy sketches, serials and radio plays.
An irreverent (yet loving) review of Star Trek episodes and discussion of all — okay, most — things Star Trek. Hosted by Ron "AAlgar" Watt and Matt Rowbotham, the guys who also host the Sarcastic Voyage podcast.
An interconnected world of comedy sketches, serials and radio plays.
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Ron “AAlgar” Watt is the co-host of two comedy podcasts: Sarcastic Voyage (a comedy variety show) and the Post Atomic Horror (a humorous, episode-by-episode look at Star Trek). Occasionally, AAl records things that don't fit the formats of these shows. More Bits is a catch-all for these things: serious discussions, in-depth analysis of pop culture and other not-easily-categorized audio flotsam. There's no format and no release schedule. Just more bits.
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What could make a better series finale than robot rat lizard monsters?
Leatherneck and Wetsuit save the day while on a date.
It's a Voltronic GALAXITER, not a Voltronic GALAXER. Obvs.
Introducing Cobra's deadliest agent yet: McCann!
The Cobras throw on their Sunday best to raise some money... for evil!
Two Baronesses appear. Other stuff, presumably, also happens.
The mini-series ends not with a bang but a lot of shouting.
Apparently this show had education consultants?! Who knew.
Who will save Cobra? This shirtless, monocle-wearing former dentist, obviously!
The stunning conclusion of this weirdly good, somewhat serious episode!
This is not Shipwreck's beautiful house! This is not Shipwreck's beautiful former mermaid wife!
It starts with "Coverta Fatale" and gets sillier from there.
Quite possibly the greatest artistic achievement in the history of humankind.
Cobra takes over TV. Which is exactly as amazing as you think it is.
Dusty appears to be some kind of... TRAITOR! PART ONE!
The Joes meet a mermaid. Which is pretty cool, I guess.
The Joes travel to Egypt and meet the ancient gods. No, seriously.
The first shots in the War on Christmas are fired here!
Why would you even need a love potion to make someone be into the Baroness?
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