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AA Live
Do you do and say things when drinking you regret the next day? Is alcohol a problem for you or someone you care about? Every Four Weeks, Tonto presents the AA Live, brought to you by Alcoholics Anonymous. Find out how people just like you found sobriety in AA.
2 dudes, 1 microphone, ABSOLUTELY ZERO CALVES!
AA Live
Do you do and say things when drinking you regret the next day? Is alcohol a problem for you or someone you care about? Every Four Weeks, Tonto presents the AA Live, brought to you by Alcoholics Anonymous. Find out how people just like you found sobriety in AA.If you would like to get in contact with AA you can use the following methods:Phone – 0800 229 6757Website – Website – – Box 6115, Dunedin North, Dunedin 9059
Dallas - Commencement Address Calv
Dota Today
Dota Today is a regular discussion between a pair of video game developers about their observations, escapades and experiences playing Dota 2, a MOBA developed by Valve.
Listen to the intoxicated and twisted phone conversations between bloggers AALV, Wonderbitch!, Boozy Irish Floozie and Nina! You demanded--they delivered! With a "special" guest every week....
Alexander Alves
Welcome to the Alexander Alves podcast, where I speak facts and provide truth.
Covering everything from politics, hill updates, industry trends and member spotlights; The AALU Ambassador Insider’s podcast is the AALU member's one stop shop for everything needed to stay current on in the industry and Washington DC.
Podcast by Brendan Harberts
The Two Halves Friday
Shannon Byrne and Daniel Anderson look ahead to the weekends NRL fixtures and discuss the big stories in the game
It's all [VS]...
Deep & Soulful mixes from Chicago bred-Seattle based DJ Vagabond Superstar
The Two Halves
Daniel Anderson joins Shannon Byrne to review all the NRL's weekend action.
DJ AL V Podcast
DJ AL V - Party crews, backyard parties and a genuine LOVE for all typesof music were the ingredients that molded this young party-goer intoa promoter, DJ, entertainer & club owner; DJ AL V was raised in Calgary Alberta, where he was determined to make his mark in the nightlife industry. His 16 years of DJ eperience across Canada has lead him intoperfecting his mixing skills while entertaining any type of crowd. Nomatter what size the room is, or who is in the room, you can spot DJAL V’s pur ...
ALV - A Lo Vikingo
Somos 6 amigos en sus 20s, nos juntamos dos veces al mes para caguamear y platicar.
Al vs The Marathon
Two friends challenge me to an extreme athletical feat - to run the London Marathon!
Aemilia Lanyer's 1611 poem is far more than a retelling of The Passion. It comprises a spirited defense of Eve (and, by extension, all women), elegant praises for her female patrons, a catalogue of virtuous women of the ancient world, and closes with the first "country house" poem written by a woman in English. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)
Baseless Opinions. Helpful Suggestions.
The Team Fortress 2 podcast
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Recorded 8th March 2018: Joined initially by Muhai and eventually by Aar to go through our views on the 2017 Saxxys, the Titanium Tank deadline and other stuff. Some of the SFM mentioned on the show: LEAK Agent Gunn Art of Justice Mann Co.: Employee Training Extraction Also, we’re on the blog Special thanks to all of our Patreons patrons: Chris ...…
Recorded on 1st March 2018: 7th Annual Saxxy Awards are upon us. RGL are having a European Prolander Cup. The Famous 15 go to the Nordics SFM Competition was launched. REWIND II: Why go to LANs? Titanium Tank Deadline Chloemew shows us how to make war paints Special thanks to all of our Patreons patrons: Chris Schetter, Five Iron, Fox Fairline, ...…
This is something that needs to be said
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WHAT MOTIVATES ME by Brendan Harberts
LAN hero, and world traveller Samiface joins the stream. She reveals the secrets that lead to her breaking the land speed record at Nevada in ’83. Only kidding – was just checking to see if you were awake. Which you clearly are. Well done. Also on the show: REWIND II Copenhagen Games TeamSource.TF CG competition TF2 community challenge for Feb ...…
In this episode, Ollie and Adam delve into their own personal experience with losing Muscle Tissue, and what’s actually happening physiologically when we begin to regain that lost muscle. Is there such thing as Muscle Memory? What’s the safest and most efficient way to get back into full training? All is answered within! To Join the Facebook Gr ...…
The Spiritual ExperienceBy (Otago Access Radio).
Vikingos, fiestas, Disney, Club Penguin y a ver qué sale
Tonto and VictorBy (Otago Access Radio).
Ding Dong the Inferno update is dead. Or to be more precise it has been put into a long slumber, as of Feb 14, though it is still possible to complete whatever contracts you’ve left over. It’s another Agro only show for this one, thought I’m getting better, not nearly half as mad sounding as last time. That is better, isn’t it? Also on the show ...…
It almost doesn’t matter at this point if you’re into TF2 esports or not. There are just some people who have been knee deep in it for so long that they seem to transcend the question of whether or not it’s a good idea. One such person is B4nny. And we were lucky enough to get him to ourselves for nearly a whole hour. Also on the show: TF2 Pro ...…
STN Trading have started to make a name for themselves, sponsoring pretty much everything that moves. Finally we have a chance to sit down with the owner, Spyfly and one of his admins, Ben55. Origin stories incoming. Also on the show: ETF2L Season Awards MvM Titanium Tank, Servers | wiki | medal progress Minecraft Fortress 2 by u/StoneBana One ...…
MY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT by Brendan Harberts
We welcome to the show a TF2 YouTuber Aar, who’s been making a name for themselves as a no-nonsense UX evangelist. Also on this show: YouTube | Website | Twitter | Twitch Copenhagen Games thread | /r/tf2 thread TFCrew website TFCrew sponsors invite level team Special thanks to all of our Patreons patrons: Fox Fairline, KINN, Dr Blaze, Ben ...…
Sigafoo is the consummate professional and we’re always privileged every time we have him on the show. We could have easily named this episode but we have to have some class eventually. Also on the show: Snapchat filters ETF2L Season 29 6v6 Announcement ETF2L Global Whitelist Test Cup UGC Season 24 HL announcement REWIND II Invite teams ...…
Hello! This is my first every podcast. I hope you guys enjoy it!
It’s been a long time since we’d had actual Royalty on the show. And for King Raja it’s been a long time since he’s been anywhere at all. At least his Youtube life has been on hold for a while. We took some time to find out what has been keeping him away, and what we can expect to see now that he’s looking to return. Don’t call it a King Back! ...…
By (Otago Access Radio).
Ah 2017, what a year that was. Full of nightmares and updates. Well, update at least. Which is better than no update, let me tell you. How much better? Not much. On the show: Smissmass 2017 Nightmare before Smissmas showcase Connect 5 Py-bun’s birbs 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 Official update of the year! Special thanks to all of our Patrons: Save_us ...…
In this episode, Ollie and Adam discuss some of the Fitness trends that they’d be happy to see left behind in 2017. They also answer some of the questions asked on their previous Q+A post. To join the BWBKWC Facebook Group :CLICK HERE! To watch this Podcast CLICK HERE!
The one where Agro admits he’s nuts… about the Saxxy Awards VII. Also on the show: Heals for Reals raises more than twelve thousand dollars and makes it onto the TF2 blog UEAKCrash announced the 2018 April Fools mini-contest Cyanic releases a frag movie from i52 Sigafoo announces the Prolander One Day Cup TF2 update for December 13th 2017 Speci ...…
In this episode, Ollie chats to client and good friend James Lawson about: An outsiders opinion on the Fitness Industry Dieting on low calories Future Plans DISCLAIMER: James’ views do not represent those of Ollie and Adams (just kidding, sort of) James’ Instagram: BWBKWC Facebook Group Here!…
We have two guests today, eXtine from eXtelevision and Chicobo from UGC League. Heals for Reals Steam Group | Money Donations | Donator and comp Medals | Ultiduo tournament signups Also covered on this week’s show: Dec 1st‘s Update UGC Snowfort Nullcore is now VACbanned Crash talks to Freya Special thanks to all of our Patrons: NiceAsh, Critica ...…
Recorded 18th Nov, a tough week for Team Fortress 2 as we had lost Flan’s Miggy. The creator of Jungle Inferno map, Banana Bay was here to discuss his maps. Also on this week: Miggy Update Banana Bay Giant Beefer spotted at Valve Mixed reality is now a steam reality HL2 is 13 Nightmare before Smissmass Special thanks to all of our Patrons: Nice ...…
HiGPS returns to fill our brains with information and a critical look at the biggest update TF2 has had in years. I’d also like to thank all of our Patrons, and since this is my show, I will. Thank you, NiceAsh Thank you, CriticalFlaw Thank you, Murlock Jonny Thank you, RTGame Thank you, Donkie Thank you, Viking34 Show recorded 11th Nov. 2017…
In this episode, Adam and Ollie discuss the fundamentals of setting up a successful and productive Gaining Phase, to make sure you can gain as much muscle and keep fat as low as possible this Off Season. Join the Facebook Group below: BWBKWC Facebook
Agro is alone again, and feeling the pinch, what with the mammoth swell of updates and fixes. It’s enough to make a man yearn for a simpler time when nothing happened to anything anywhere. This episode was record on October 28th. Also on the show: Updates: October 23rd October 24th October 25th October 27th Engineer Update Teaser Trailer Jungle ...…
October 21st 2017 will be the date that many players first started playing TF2. It was, by no coincidence also the time that the biggest update for Team Fortress 2 since unsliced bread dropped Jungle Inferno. All this pales into insignificance since it was also the day we finally got to have CeeJaey on the podcast.…
Recorded just before the big update we realised this may sound a little peculiar now. If ever there’s a lesson to be learned here it’s “get the editing done while what you said is still true enough”. Also on the show: TheGentlemansFedora 10th Anniversary of Orange Box Community Celebrates 10th Anniversary Uberchain Medli20 /r/tf2 Karuuhnia Cake ...…
After months of predictions that TF2 would have its massive update on October 6th…. we can finally report, that the wait is over, and it is legendary. Everything we’ve ever hoped for and more. So much more, in ways that we were unexpected and delightful. So much so that we’re just going to have to release it in chunks. Hot messing chunks that w ...…
In a week were a Valve employee quietly announces that their world is turning upside down, TF2 Highlander caster, Jakeowaty joins Agro and Wack to talk our way through boardgames and female mercs. Also in the show: Valve are moving TF2 may have had female models – story broken by ValveTime Team Fortress Monopoly Edition Shapeways Partnership wi ...…
In this month’s episode we are joined by David Hollingsworth and Armstrong Robinson to discuss the latest in budget negotiations in Congress and what was in the recently released tax framework.
This week, Agro was left on his own for far too long. He went mad and then decided those were the perfect conditions under which to podcast. This is the terrible result. SweLan Announced Tip of the Hats KritzKast Highlander NHBL enters Frankfurt
Recorded 9th September, back when Essentials had just completed their coverage of i61, Also on the show: Liamzigge has made their own lo-fi – | finished 01 | finished 02 | the back | Materials construction KritzKast covers EU Highlander
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