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2 dudes, 1 microphone, ABSOLUTELY ZERO CALVES!
AA Live
Do you do and say things when drinking you regret the next day? Is alcohol a problem for you or someone you care about? Every Four Weeks, Tonto presents the AA Live, brought to you by Alcoholics Anonymous. Find out how people just like you found sobriety in AA.
AA Live
Do you do and say things when drinking you regret the next day? Is alcohol a problem for you or someone you care about? Every Four Weeks, Tonto presents the AA Live, brought to you by Alcoholics Anonymous. Find out how people just like you found sobriety in AA.
Listen to the intoxicated and twisted phone conversations between bloggers AALV, Wonderbitch!, Boozy Irish Floozie and Nina! You demanded--they delivered! With a "special" guest every week....
Dallas - Commencement Address Calv
Dota Today
Dota Today is a regular discussion between a pair of video game developers about their observations, escapades and experiences playing Dota 2, a MOBA developed by Valve.
Two Pints Halved
Official UWC news podcast.
Covering everything from politics, hill updates, industry trends and member spotlights; The AALU Ambassador Insider’s podcast is the AALU member's one stop shop for everything needed to stay current on in the industry and Washington DC.
Podcast by Brendan Harberts
The Two Halves Friday
Shannon Byrne and Daniel Anderson look ahead to the weekends NRL fixtures and discuss the big stories in the game
The Two Halves
Daniel Anderson joins Shannon Byrne to review all the NRL's weekend action.
It's all [VS]...
Deep & Soulful mixes from Chicago bred-Seattle based DJ Vagabond Superstar
DJ AL V Podcast
DJ AL V - Party crews, backyard parties and a genuine LOVE for all typesof music were the ingredients that molded this young party-goer intoa promoter, DJ, entertainer & club owner; DJ AL V was raised in Calgary Alberta, where he was determined to make his mark in the nightlife industry. His 16 years of DJ eperience across Canada has lead him intoperfecting his mixing skills while entertaining any type of crowd. Nomatter what size the room is, or who is in the room, you can spot DJAL V’s pur ...
Somos 6 amigos en sus 20s, nos juntamos dos veces al mes para caguamear y platicar.
Al vs The Marathon
Two friends challenge me to an extreme athletical feat - to run the London Marathon!
Aemilia Lanyer's 1611 poem is far more than a retelling of The Passion. It comprises a spirited defense of Eve (and, by extension, all women), elegant praises for her female patrons, a catalogue of virtuous women of the ancient world, and closes with the first "country house" poem written by a woman in English. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)
Baseless Opinions. Helpful Suggestions.
The Team Fortress 2 podcast
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#129: We discuss the new film Ready Player One. Full spoilers for both the movie and the book! *Consider a Geek Therapy membership on Patreon: Notes: The Ready Player One backlash, explained – — Find us at | @GeekTherapy | Lara: @GeekTherapist | Lauren: @CHICKENDINOSAU ...…
The Massive Buds are here to talk about wrestling and cannabis, as always. Brendo and Keith run down the latest WrestleMania Week cards as Brendo’s head is about to explode in excitement. They also talk about Keith’s visit to EWF, Brendo and Shawn’s visit to PCW, their crazy trip to NorCal and APW, seeing Liger in LWP, and other goings on in th ...…
AAF vs XFL, Karate Kid Reboot Cobra Kai, Creed2, Facebook Controversy, 3-25-18 Music Track "Something Like" by Michael Abreu Miguel Abreu
This will be a heated show towards the AAF. Join us tonight as we breakdown the news on the new AAF football league. Plus, Jdash will go off on the subjust and it will be "lit" Also, your thoughts and questions and calls will be welcomed. Also March Maddness talk, NBA, NHL"
Brendo has no excuse for posting this so late except that he has been going to a lot of shows and things also dabs. Yeah, mostly dabs. He and Keith talk about their trip out to Bar Wrestling 10, a rare indoor San Bernardino EWF show, and Brendo’s solo trip out to Port Hueneme for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. There’s also the usual can ...…
#127: How do you deal with people who insist on telling you they don’t like what you like? Have you given up on something because other people tell you it’s bad? And how can you have a productive conversation with someone who disagrees with you? *Consider a Geek Therapy membership on Patreon: 00:00:00 – Openin ...…
Aaron Berger and Troy Walz discuss the importance of colostrum to the health of the new born calf and management practices cow calf producers can use to ensure calves get the passive immunity from colostrum that they need.
Vikingos, fiestas, Disney, Club Penguin y a ver qué sale
“The sad truth is that man’s real life consists of a complex of inexorable opposites—day and night, birth and death, happiness and misery, good and … Read More ›
#124: We don’t believe that video games are a cause of mass shootings. We believe that video games are cool. Lauren takes the lead this week and asks us all some fun gaming questions. *Check out Headshots, Geek Therapy’s psychology and gaming podcast: 00:00:00 – Intro 00:02:11 – What is an example of a game that really ...…
MY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT by Brendan Harberts
Hello! This is my first every podcast. I hope you guys enjoy it!
In this episode, we discuss Multivalvular Disease. Multivalvular Disease is a fluid and complex disease process that requires expert evaluation on the part of the emergency and/or critical care clinician. Tune in as we review the cardiac cycle, systolic and diastolic heart failure, single valve dysfunction, and Multivalvular Disease’s various m ...…
#120: This week we answer a listener question about why we don’t see more media portrayals of people being helped by mental health treatment. Thanks, @beebeccarose for the great question! *This episode includes a promotion for Humble Monthly. You can sign up through our affiliate link: (Affiliate Disclosure) Notes: ...…
Trae Young's nine-shot performance in a win on Tuesday night vs. Kansas has Parrish and Norlander wondering if something is set to change in a big way for the Oklahoma Sooners. They also touch on the quiet senior season of Grayson Allen so far, look at Calipari's comments that were directed at Duke, and react to the breaking news that Villanova ...…
Episode 1 of the new official UWC news podcast by two geezers. In this episode we cover the origins of the podcast, pub etiquette, bitcoin, student council, and the ethics of urine-drinking.
#119: We talk about DC Comics’ Sanctuary, Steven Universe, Grown-ish, trans representation, and more. *Consider supporting Geek Therapy on Patreon: — Find us at | @GeekTherapy | Lara: @GeekTherapist | Lauren: @CHICKENDINOSAUR | Ali: @AliMattu | Josué: @JosueACardona Become a patron of Geek ...…
Thinking about buying a new tool? How much have you researched your choices? It’s the information age and there is no shortage of information. The problem is that too much information complicates the decision-making process. My wife says I overthink stuff. I can’t argue with that. I recently spent way too much time online trying to decide betwe ...…
From "She-Ra: Princess of Power" Season 1 Episode 25 "Small Problems"
Stoo and Mike conquer Christmas and talk about the FILMS OF 2017; Favourite films we’ve seen this year – that WAS NOT released in 2017, Top Ten Films of 2017, Bottom Five Films of 2017 & What we’re excited for in 2018 – AW THAT and more on Films and Swearing! Cheers! Patreon Subcribers get an additional 21 minutes of movie discussion! Further t ...…
Wanting people to listen, you can’t just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you’ll notice you’ve got their strict attention. (dinny worry – we’ll no try that). Stoo and Magic Mike review Twitters choice; David Finchers SE7EN (1995). We warm up talking spoilers – Patreon’ers can enjoy an addition ...…
Today on LA’s Hip Hop Morning show, the Cruz Show, we are talking about the video of Keaton Jones taking the internet by storm. Listeners are responding to the video as well as there advice to those being bullied or who’s kids have been bullied. Krystal Bee lets us know that we might be getting closer to booting Trump out of office, and Chance ...…
A short story about the Indian God, Brahma and how he created the Dream that we call life. If you like this story, you can find it and more like it in the book, Ganesha Goes to Lunch by Kamla K Kapur Products from -6% Ganesha Goes to Lunch: Classics From Mystic India (Mandala Classics) Price: $14.08 Was: $14.95 ‹ › jQuery(document).r ...…
In this weeks episode I chat with commercial head shot photographer Gary Hughes. Based out of Orlando Florida, Gary has built a headshot photography empire. This empire was started at possibly the worst time, the beginning of the 2008 financial crisis. But with perseverance and fear of not trying, Gary has built a solid and scalable business. L ...…
Miguel, Know it all vs Snoop Dogg, Locate Lechero & More! by Power 106 LA
Simon Harrison and David Cartlidge recap match day 14 of LaLiga, as Alavés pull off one of the best comebacks of the season. Dodgy goalkeeping rears its head again, while Betis continue to be Betis, and both Barcelona and Real Madrid drops points in the same week.Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @TalkingLaLiga.…
Écoutez ce livre audio dans son intégralité gratuitement sur Titre: Comment fonctionnent les lampes à lave ? (Choses à savoir - Tech / Science)Auteur: Louis GuillaumeNarrateur: Louis GuillaumeFormat: UnabridgedDurée: 1 minLangue: FrançaisDate de publication: 11-30-17Éditeur: Choses à Savoir TECHGenres: Science & Tec ...…
Ørjan Kongsvik Aall is the founder of Protect Our Winters Norway.https://protectourwinters.orgRadio Luftballett is produced by Margrethe Kolstad Brekke/KORO Vågestykke.Soundscapes and jingles by Hilde Annine Hasselberg and Thorolf Thuestad-- based on Jon Gjerde`s recordings of hanggliderloops.
This week on Lucha Talk the Trio are breaking out their thinking caps, discussing a concept talked about by Lucha fans for over 25 years since AAA's formation, AAA vs CMLL. Dylan, Alfredo, & Raul give their take on realistic cross-promotional matches they would want to see, the behind the scenes dealings that have prevented the companies from w ...…
“Films and muthafuckin Swearing – we spoil shit.” Stoo, Andy and Magic Mike return to conclude our Horror Season 2017’s GET OUT from director Jordan Peele. Products from Get Out Price: Out of stock ‹ › jQuery(document).ready(function() { var CONSTANTS = { productMinWidth : 185, productMargin : 20 }; var $adUnits = jQuery('.aalb-pro ...…
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