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This podcast is a simple and convenient way to share the videos from Come, Follow Me on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. It features the videos for the monthly gospel topic youth are studying in Aaronic Priesthood, Young Women, and Sunday School.
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Toukokuu: Profeetat ja ilmoitus—Sometimes in life, there is no where else to turn but to God. Elder D. Todd Christofferson shares a personal experience that taught him to truly pray, recognize answers to prayers, and take life one day at a time.—Nuorten opetusohjelma
Toukokuu: Profeetat ja ilmoitus—Just as we need daily physical sustenance, the need for daily spiritual sustenance is just as strong. We can remember Jesus Christ every day as we pray, read the scriptures, and meditate.—Nuorten opetusohjelma
Toukokuu: Profeetat ja ilmoitus—An analogy teaches that living prophets warn us of coming dangers. Includes excerpts from talks by President Gordon B. Hinckley and Elder Henry B. Eyring.—Nuorten opetusohjelma
Toukokuu: Profeetat ja ilmoitus—A seminary class in Samoa learns that seeking revelation requires effort and action.—Nuorten opetusohjelma
Toukokuu: Profeetat ja ilmoitus—The testimony of a humble teacher helps Brigham Young to convert the restored gospel.—Nuorten opetusohjelma
Toukokuu: Profeetat ja ilmoitus—Elder David A. Bednar explains the patterns of light by which God communicates with us and how those patterns lead to the spirit of revelation.—Nuorten opetusohjelma
Toukokuu: Profeetat ja ilmoitus—President Thomas S. Monson shares an experience he had in the Navy when he had to stand alone and reminds us that "we are never alone when we stand with our Father in Heaven."—Nuorten opetusohjelma
Toukokuu: Profeetat ja ilmoitus—As a young Bishop, Thomas Monson is prompted to visit a friend suffering in the hospital.—Nuorten opetusohjelma
Toukokuu: Profeetat ja ilmoitus—Young Bishop Thomas Monson fails to head the prompting of the Spirit.—Nuorten opetusohjelma
Toukokuu: Profeetat ja ilmoitus—President Thomas S. Monson testifies of the truthfulness of the Gospel.—Nuorten opetusohjelma
Toukokuu: Profeetat ja ilmoitus—Members of the Church across the world bear testimony of living prophets and apostles and speak of the blessings of peace and hope that arise from that knowledge.—Nuorten opetusohjelma
Toukokuu: Profeetat ja ilmoitus—Those who diligently seek to learn of Christ will eventually come to know Him. Read President Uchtdorf's full address here:—Nuorten opetusohjelma
Toukokuu: Profeetat ja ilmoitus—President Monson and President Erying encouraged youth to read the Book of Mormon. Youth from Eastern Europe share what they have learned from reading the Book of Mormon and writing down their impressions.—Nuorten opetusohjelma
Toukokuu: Profeetat ja ilmoitus—President Thomas S. Monson speaks to young people about missionary service—a duty for young men and a rewarding option for young women.—Nuorten opetusohjelma
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