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Abdur Razaq Bin Abtan Al Dulaimi
Abdur Razaq Bin Abtan Al Dulaimi is born in 1976, Abdul Razak Bin Abtan Bin Sabbar Al-Dulaimi is an Iraqi by birth. He is a licensed reciter, certified in Imam Assim and Imam Ibn Kathir from Sheikh Yassine Taha Al Azzawi. He also holds a certification of excellence from reciters’ Chieftain Sheikh Abu Al Ainiin Shuaishia.The Sheikh has mastered vocal Maqamats under eminent reciters in Iraq, due to which he has won many competitions and accolades.Currently, the Sheikh is serving as an Imam at ...
Reciter Abdul Razzaq Al-Dulaimi’s recitation of the Quran
Reciter Abdul Razzaq Al-Dulaimi’s recitation of the Quran, with riwayah of Hafs from Asim This version is characterized by a high quality [MP3: 128 Kbps].
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NameThe Surah takes its name from the sentence Idha jaa kal-munafiquna of verse 1. This is the name of the Surah as well as the title of its subject matter, for in it a review has been made of the conduct and attitude of the hypocrites themselves.Period of RevelationAs we shall explain below this Surah was sent down either during the Holy Proph ...…
NameThe Surah is so entitled after the word `alaq in the second verse.Period of RevelationThis Surah has two parts: the first part consists of vv. 1-5, and the second of vv. 6-19. About the first part a great majority of the Islamic scholars are agreed that it forms the very first Revelation to be sent down to the Holy Prophet (upon whom be All ...…
In this illuminating episode of Soul of Islam Radio, Ihsan interviews Shaykh Faisal Hamid Abdur-Razzaq, a world renowned scholar of classical Islamic spirituality. In this interview, Shaykh Faisal discusses topics of vital importance to the modern Muslim, particularly those who are seeking to live a productive and balanced life based in real an ...…
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