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I'm still in love, still learning and still locked into this wonderful and weird life of radio that I've managed to blag for so long... how else can I celebrate 10 years in radio? By being in a studio, in front of a mic, talking about radio. There is no place I'd rather be. It's time to give back; 10 episodes - 10 things I love about radio and 10 of radio's biggest stars joining me every week! Hope you enjoy...
Not About You
Not About You is a podcast about identity and social justice. I’m the producer and host of the show and I wanted to make a show where a white, straight, cis-gendered man (that’s me) connected with folks with different lived experiences from my own about the ways parts of their identities bump up against injustices. We’ll be talking about race, gender, religion, representation, protests, politics, relationships and more. My hope is that this series leads to more conversation and interaction. ...
The "Mad About You" recap podcast about New York in the 90s, weird tv, and occasionally, "Mad About You." Hosted by a couple of real Reis-guys.
A weekly podcast where three 20-somethings each bring a topic to the table, whether superficial or heartfelt, in an attempt to make sense of the quarter life crisis we all seem to go through.
Enough About You
Friends dissect what it is to be young and confused.
Talking About You with ESTRA is a car accident radio show which shares the problems and solutions of Insurance Policyholders dealing with Insurance Companies, Employee Benefits, Social Security Disability, and other concerns such as Disability Surveillance which occur after a collision. Listen every Saturday Night at 7:00 pm PST. Call the host at (718) 766-4385 during the show to share comments and experiences. Join in for honest talk with honest answers. Find over 100+ podcast on Blog Talk ...
Enough About You
A fun little Podcast in which I sit down with some of my super interesting friends and chat about their lives.
Songs About You
Songs About You dives deep into the minds and hearts of our guests to discuss intimate details about their relationships, platonic or romantic, past or present. This podcast is dedicated to those playlists that you've made private on Spotify that we listen to on repeat at 3 AM. Created By: Julian Zamora and Carmen Sharaf El Deen
Let's Talk About You
Joel & Gil explore life's questions and talk
A person who loves that truth
Every week, host Thom Ernst (formerly of TVO's Saturday Night at the Movies) and Louis Marrone invite a new guest to talk about their favourite double bill.
All About You!
The Dorian Light show is “All About YOU” and how you can take back the power of your life. Learn to shift, change and heal your life so that you can manifest the dreams and desires that you hold within your heart. How do you shift, change and heal your life? Find the answers to this question and more as Dorian explores subconscious programs, belief systems, ancestral coding and past life memories that can have you stuck in patterns that are sabotaging your life. Dorian teaches you techniques ...
A personal and professional mentor, passionate about your professional development, personal growth and building your lasting life story.
It's All About You
Bold Brave Media presents “It is one hour all about you with Dr. Martha Latz”. This is an exciting show that offers an opportunity to explore timely topics impacting your life that spans and touches generation to generation and more. These are current social, emotional and workplace topics consuming your thoughts’ and have you speaking endlessly with friends, co-workers and family with nonviable solutions. During “it is one hour all about you”, you will have the benefit of a professional who ...
All About You
A monthly column and companion podcast by veteran safety pro and professional speaker Richard Hawk. If your organization blocks the media files, you might try listening on Soundcloud:
My name is Ann-See Yeoh and I’m a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, a network marketer, an author, and an established global teacher trainer in the group fitness and yoga field.The goal of It's All About YOU! is to share with you, inspiring conversations, ideas and stories from the most brilliant minds, amazing world class group fitness trainers and influential lifestyle entrepreneurs, to help you find out what they did in order to live their kind of life.
Tell Me About You
A podcast about you
Talk Dat Ish Radio is the newest and hottest thing on the streets from Talk Dat Ish Entertainment. You want the gossip, you want the opinion, then here it goes, let's go and get it. Brought to you by Author/Entrepreneur Tionna Smalls.
Hey, it's Alen, welcome to my podcast. Here we will be:* Exploring the dimensions of consciousness* Talking about personality typing* Challenging ideas, values and beliefs* Looking deeper insideAnd much more!About me:For anyone who is familiar with personality types, my core is ENFP, type 7w6 and Obliger. For people who are just starting to find out what personality typing can bring to their lives, I will do a series of episodes to show what it brings to the table. My whole studies and work ...
How About You?
Griffin and Drew are two guys who spent a lot of time on the Internet interacting with one another with via text.Now they have a podcast together where they talk about life, liberty, and the pursuit of just getting along.
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“Have you ever felt that way, as though you were an imposter at work who, one day, would be found out?” asks veteran safety pro turned professional speaker Richard Hawk, who offers a few tactics he uses to help reduce anxiety about not feeling “good enough.”Subscribe to the podcast in iTunesRead Richard Hawk's monthly column…
Dr. Martha's topic for today "nagging gets you in all your relationships a lot of nothing. Good news, we change and end the cycle of nagging.
Stockpile your turkeys, it’s time for a Very Buchman Thanksgiving! Russ and Jon are back talking about the truly classic episode “Giblets for Murray” (S3E8). Paul and Jamie struggle their way through their first Thanksgiving in this CLASSIC FRENCH FARCE!!!!!!! Russ and Jon also cover the Wannabes of the Mafia, the Gone With The Wind sequel the ...…
Ben Quam tells us about craft beer, music and how he went from being a shy kid to an emcee who has helped raise more than $3 million for a variety of causes.
Today Dr. Martha's topic covers The Caregiver challenges facing Boomers and Millennials and how to succeed in meeting those challenges.
In this episode, we talk to Tammy, an actress, writer and director (and a self-proclaimed kite enthusiast) living in Los Angeles, CA. Her playlist is about Brock. Tammy gives us insight into how her struggle with mental illness also had a major effect on her relationships. After the relationship with her high school sweetheart fell sour, Tammy ...…
This week Dubbs defends Roseanne. Download - Pet RockBy (Jonny & Dubbs).
Time for the tale of Jamie and Paul and the Uncomfortable Cab Ride! Russ and Jon are here to talk all about Season Three, Episode Seven of Mad About You, titled “The Ride Home”. Will our beloved couple’s love last? Will our co-hosts stick together?! Yes and yes! But listen anyway! Also, they tackle the many love triangles of Angela Chase, a ver ...…
This week is a short episode. We talk about community.Download - Lift Yourself.By (Jonny & Dubbs).
Yes we have James Stewart on This Movie’s About You. And no, it’s not some kind of digital wizardry that has taken known Jame Stewart clips and cleverly rearranged them so it sounds like we’re having an actual conversation. That’s a different James Stewart. This is the real, still very much with us, highly active in the Canadian film industry, ...…
This is a 3 minute sample with clips from a few episodes of Not About You. Check it out, share it, and then subscribe and listen to all of the episodes!
This week we talk about 1 piece of audio delivering 2 different messages. Download - YaurelBy (Jonny & Dubbs).
Richard Rotter - filmmaker and Burning Man enthusiast. This is one of those interviews where the interviewee is more on the ball than Louis and me…or rather, than me. It’s the Burning Man thing. Sure we’re here to talk about Richard's career, his inspirations and his chosen double bill, but I couldn’t get past his love of the Burning Man festiv ...…
Veteran safety pro turned professional speaker Richard Hawk offers tips on how talk back to yourself when unproductive thoughts are getting in your way.Subscribe to the podcast in iTunesRead Richard Hawk's monthly column
A conversation with Sarah Durnford, Head Trainer, Les Mills UK
Grab a flashlight and a copy of the Constitution: there’s a blackout on Mad About You AND on Mad About Mad About You! Listen to Jon get mad and Russ laugh at Jon getting mad as they discuss s3e6 (“Pandora’s Box”). Paul and Jamie are getting cable the hard way. Is it funny? You decide! They also discuss NBC’s Blackout Thursday, the man who makes ...…
This week we talk about terms that we use today that we don’t understand. Download - House and Home.By (Jonny & Dubbs).
Today on Dr. Martha's show Does it matter when your dating or in relationship to know if they are an introvert, extrovert or ambivert to be successful?
Let’s just start this brief intro by letting you know that at the end of this interview, Joel Thomas Hynes picks up his acoustic guitar and plays not one, but two songs. The songs are as captivating as you might imagine a Joel Thomas Hynes performance to be, but I assure that the journey to that point is equally fascinating. Hynes gives us a fr ...…
Today Dr. Martha will discuss how introverts, extroverts and ambiverts mix together to form successful and lasting friendships.
Dear citizens, Please stop playing around on airplanes. Signed, a concerned flyer Download - Get Off the Plane!By (Jonny & Dubbs).
I know plenty of people who think of themselves as steak connoisseurs, but I know only one person who actually is a steak connoisseur. Rob Firing knows his steaks - he also knows the literary world in both capacities as an author and an agent. Rob’s latest book, Steak Revolution, is a beautiful, photographed (most of the pics are Rob’s), hard c ...…
The grand finale of this podcast series finishes with a conversation about 'Getting into radio' with two programming experts responsible for some of the biggest names in the industry today, Neil Sloan and Chris North. We explore the avenues you can take, demo do's and don't's, how to 'play' the industry game, is London the best place to be righ ...…
You’ll go crazy FORE this podcast! That’s what Burt Buchman would say if he was summarizing this episode of #MAMAY. But he’s not, so just forget about it! Jon and Russ are here to talk all about S3E5 Five of #MadAboutYou (“Legacy”). Burt’s retiring! Who gets the sporting goods store? Paul? Jamie? Selby? Matters also discussed include helicopter ...…
This week we invite our good friend Chris back and he tells us a story about why its important to be prepared. Download - Yeezy Taught Me…By (Jonny & Dubbs).
A fun, interesting and honest nose inside the life of music controllers and schedulers in the radio industry from two, long serving, radio professionals and music programmers, Neil Greenslade and Mark Franklin. Listening to Adele’s album before anyone else, receiving gold discs from Ed Sheeran and the moments they’d like to forget including a m ...…
How well do you deal with the unexpected? Veteran safety pro turned professional speaker Richard Hawk shares how you can "pump up your flexibility muscle" to better handle life's twists and turns.Subscribe to the podcast in iTunesRead Richard Hawk's monthly column
This week we talk about life being great and forgetting the BS. Download - Getting Back Home.By (Jonny & Dubbs).
Today Dr. Martha explores ‘Is this the time make changes in our friendships’.
“For 400 years you have not had to address this.” - Resmaa Menakem Resmaa Menakem talks about his work and the goals of his book 'My Grandmother's Hands,' including the healing needed around racialized trauma, the different approaches needed for different bodies, and whose responsibility it is to engage with the work of racial and social justic ...…
Fifty! The big 5-0! Jon and Russ celebrate a milestone episode by covering Paul, Jamie, and a very special Mr. Wicker in Episode 4 of Season 3 of Mad About You (“When I’m Sixty-Four”)! They also dive HEAVILY into bicycle stabbings, Madman of the People, and monkey shows! They laugh a whole lot, which is the way it oughta be. Thanks for listenin ...…
It hurts when you kick and punch things. How should girls train? And wow what a card UFC 223! Download - Training HurtsBy (Jonny & Dubbs).
Chris Chaffee tells us about being new to parenthood. Chris and his wife, Amy, welcomed their first child in January 2018.
You know Sarah Mercey’s work: Ratatouille, Ferdinand, Wall-e, Toy Story 3, Brother Bear, Lilo & Stitch, Cars…the list goes on. Sarah is one of the top animators in the industry, and one of few women who've made an impact in the field of film animation. However, her movie choices are not animated, at least not animated in the traditional sense. ...…
Today Dr. Martha will explore "Does all this bizarre weather influence relationships during another season of intense social gatherings. Does it matter anyway?"
Firstly, MEN are welcome, secondly, this is not a big feminist moan or outcry. This is an inspiring, stripped back, no-holds-barred conversation about 'women in radio' with two of my favourite female counterparts in the industry. We dip into Steph's transition from her sucessful broadcasting career on Capital Yorkshire as Simon and what the dif ...…
Reis-guys and Reis-gals, it's minisode time! Turns out Helen Hunt was once a guest star on a very bizarre 1980s HBO show called THE HITCHHIKER. Do Russ and Jon spend about 45 minutes discussing one of the most bonkers episode of television Russ has ever seen? Does Jon think it's actually a visionary piece of art? You'll have to listen to find o ...…
Could someone you love convince you to kill someone? Download - Could you Push?By (Jonny & Dubbs).
Abe Opoti tells us about how he got into Dark Clouds, a supporters group for Minnesota United FC of Major League Soccer and the state's largest independent soccer supporters group. Abe is president of Dark Clouds and also a member of the American Outlaws, which supports the U.S. men's and women's national teams.…
For better or for worse? For richer or poorer? Save those phrases for comics and movies, respectively! This episode of Mad About Mad About You is all about "Til Death Do Us Part" (Season Three, Episode Three). Jon and Russ join Paul and Jamie at the track, all set to say goodbye to the dearly departed Uncle Van. About what else do they speak? W ...…
Cassaundra Sloan decides to spend her birthday celebrating with us on This Movie’s About You. And since my birthday is fast approaching, I consider this a kind of gift to me as well. Caussaundra is an actor whose most recent appearance is in Ingrid Veninger’s Porcupine Lake. Already you know she keeps good company - drawing the attention of Ven ...…
This week Jonny finds out he owes taxes and we talk about treating everyone as an equal - but we swear a lot while we do it. Download - Pills & TaxesBy (Jonny & Dubbs).
“My Thai-ness or sense of Thai identity is not up for anyone else to quantify based on how white I seem.” Tricia Heuring talks about being "racially ambiguous" and "automatically American." She shares her culture shock from arriving in the US at 18 having learned about her own American culture largely through television and American cultural it ...…
A dip into the American radio industry which I adore so much from two different perspectives. An insight from 'Gold Radio' breakfast presenter, Tony Dibbin, on his yearly jaunts across the pond on 'The Dave & Jimmy show' and also my chat from the Tampa Bay studio's of '933 FLZ' with Brian Fink and Rose from 'The Kane Show'. Beware UK radio peop ...…
It only takes 300 likes for a social media company to know more about you than the people living you in your own home. Download - 300 LikesBy (Jonny & Dubbs).
Molly McGlynn - No matter what you say, Molly McGlynn is an amazing name. This is the third and final interview from the Kingston Canadian Film Festival. The interview is done on stage in front of an anticipating audience awaiting the screening of Molly’s film, Mary Goes Lightly. Molly directs what I believe to be (correct me if I’m wrong, folk ...…
Dr. Martha will explore how the major role technology will effect our Spring social season with family and friends.
Veteran safety pro turned professional speaker Richard Hawk explains how employees can use their senses to help them perform better at work.Subscribe to the podcast in iTunesRead Richard Hawk's monthly column
Stay coolie cool, Reis-guys and Reis-gals! Russ and Jon are delighted to break down "Home" (Season Three, Episode Two), a tale of star-crossed lovers who also happen to be dogs. Will they find their true home, much as Paul and Jamie did? No! It doesn't really come up! Things that DO come up are the Fall of Ross Geller, the best way to smuggle a ...…
Join us this week for a dive into a live CareerWhitt QA session with author and speaker Rick Whitted.
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