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Mixes: Acid Techno
Monte le son tonton !Créations et mixs tekno, tribe, tribecore, hardtek, acid tribe, hardcore, acidcore etc
Mixes: Dub Techno
This Is Acid!
This Is Acid! Podcast
Acid Memories Plus
A long amazing trip back to the Rave Age.Full on the 90's with only Acid Techno Vibes !
NokturNE3L is a Movement, Nothing Complicated, more like a way to express amazing vibes transformed into recorded sets. These sets are showcasing the love an artist can portray via the form of Music. Its not for selected niche groupies, its for everyone who loves Music. Along this journey we shall have many friends who will contribute their sets as well. Get Ready!! earthlings mad Love coming through...One Love
Disc jockey career I started in 2006 in St. Petersburg. When I got up for the panel, I realized that positive emotions dancefloor charge me the desire to give a positive energy all around. And then I could not stop. Music has captured me. I realized that I want not only to maintain the dance floor euphoria songs great DJs, but also to make...
PHONK! RADIO is a weekly 100% TECHNO POdcast powered by the Berlin based DJ Team RESISTOHR. Techno, Underground Techno, Dark Techno, Berlin Techno, Industrial Techno, Acid Techno and more!
Cranberry Spicy
Sanatorium Techno
Acid Techno, Industrial Techno, Hard Techno ..... True Techno !!!
PSY D/A - диджей. Также не обычен и оригинален, как и его сценическое имя.
Ilya Vanisov
Monthly Contact: independent acid techno record label.
We believe in mixtapes. The SlackJackerz radio show runs monthly on Radio Kanal K (FM) - specialiced in jackin' Acid, Techno, Electro, Chicago, Oldschool & Rave music. Every mix contains a tracklist. And these are our personal mixtapes.Hosted by Gert 3000 & Fan Erhalder.
Chemically Enhanced Music.✪ Experimentation with sound.EDM / DUBSTEP / HOUSE / ELECTRONIC/ TECHNO / GLITCH / VOCALSFor the podcast listeners out there, This podcast consists of songs produced by SoS (Stefan Stuck). The style of each song varies greatly so listen to each one! Ever since I started producing I've been addicted! I spend more time making sounds and beats than I do at my full time job. I have always been good with computers and learning software so learning FL Studio has been easy ...
Live and studio mixes from London based DJ Nigel Marcussen (tech house, electro, acid, techno, breaks and prog house)
Depths of Music
DJ Arkaeus is a rare Disc Jockey who mixes and masters all forms of Electronica such as his most famous set, "Best of Trance" which includes vocal trance and trance tracks. Other subgenres include Psytrance, Psychedelic, Progressive, Drum'n'Bass, Acid Techno, Classic Techno, and more. Arkaeus explores other genres such as all subgenres of Rock, Downtempo, and more. Not only does Arkaeus produce mixes, but he also remixes tracks of different genres and produces his own trance tracks.
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In this third chapter, we will have more new tracks and older ones, some more harmonic and others less, ending with a more acid techno like I like, and leaving for the end a real gift that I love and you will have to discover. There will be such great artists. Next week I will bring my original study time, much more industrial and acidic than t ...…
Ouais ouais ouais ouais ouais ouais ouais !Chui carrément déchiré !Crois qu'chui destroy !
Italian duo 999999999 delivers a continuous mix of their latest release X0001000X. Full story and interview: - X0001000X@999999999music - X0002000X@999999999music - X0004000X@999999999music - X0003000X
PHONK RADIO - 09 featuring Juliana Yamasaki Follow us here: Welcome to the weekly 100% TECHNO podcast powered by the Brazilian DJ Team based in Berlin Resistohr. Techno, Dark Techno, Industrial Techno, Underground Techno, Acid Techno and more! We warmly welcome you all to listen Episode #09 This week we proudly present Ju ...…
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