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A podcast for Dads covering parenting techniques, expert interviews, encouraging commentary, and entertaining anecdotes about the wonderful world of Fatherhood. This podcast is conservative in nature, but we believe there is something here for all Dads. New show goes live every Monday at 12:04 am EST. Special guests include Steven Maxwell, Dr. Meg Meeker, Reverend Tony McGhee and many more. If you are a Dad looking for a leg up in this crazy parenting world, this podcast is for you!
Brother Gabriel Adade Is The Founder Of Life In Christ Evangelism Ministry Uk. The Ceo And Founder Of Endtimeradio,Endtime holiness fellowship Are Under (Life In Christ Ministry) He Has Been Living In Berlin Germany And Was Involved With Many Churches Planting In Berlin Germany. The Lord Called Him Into Evangelism In Europe As He Travels As An Evangelist Preaching On The Divine Revelation About End Time Messages. He Teaches on His Online Radio Daily Which Reaches Out The Globe. His Messages ...
It's A Dad Thing
Dad jokes, singing with my kids, dad culture, father son bonding, video games, and more
Josh Axelson, the dad, talks to people with interesting stories to tell about parenthood, family and life in general. He also shares humorous observations from a dad's perspective!
Life As A Dad
Welcome to Life As A Dad where I will talk about current events in my life and journal about my wife & daughter!
Being a Dad
Podcast by Brian Martinsen
Podcast by Jose De La Roca
This podcast is based on my life as a dad, things and people that interest me along the way, the world from a dad eye view. I am a father of one, a husband and a normal working man. Subjects will vary from episode to episode as I have a huge range of interest from sports to food, adventure to education, Interview and insights.
A Dad's Pursuit of Health & Happiness
A dad in the burbs who muses and ponders life. And some other stuff. Occasional attempts at humour.
For Dummies
That’s right, For Dummies has turned 20! In November 1991, "DOS For Dummies" rolled off the press with 7,500 units and the yellow-and-black machine has not stopped since. Not even those closest to the brand could have anticipated the profound effect the brand would have on publishing and pop culture – everything from books to sound bites and placements in major motion pictures. But 20 years and 200 million books later, For Dummies is the most widely recognized reference series in the world a ...
Beardy Dads
A podcast about being a dad
“The good ol’ days” type stories as told by a dad to his kids in podcast form.
Welcome to The Good, The Dad & The Ugly: The Fatherhood Podcast. Your number 1 guide to being a dad, brought to you by a few guys who haven't a clue. Join Seth Singh Jennings, Jamie Tucker and a different special guest each episode as they try to navigate the unpredictable and often choppy waters of fatherhood, whilst attempting to figure out what it means to be a parent in 2017. As well as full length monthly episodes, we have weekly 'Baby Bites' which offer additional content and a chance ...
Force2Care Podcast
Welcome to the "Force 2 Care" podcast. A survival guide to being a DAD & LIFE.
A dad blog on parenting, children, all age comic books and pop culture
Dads Being Dads
A weekly show about the fun and challenges of being a dad.
Hosted by Olympic Bronze medalist, ex undefeated professional boxer & now CA's #1 gym Box 'N Burn co-owner Tony Jeffries, alongside Glenn “6-Figure Salary” Holmes, a world class personal trainer & Box 'N Burn Fitness Director whose regular clients include Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and ex UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub. Recorded in sunny Los Angeles, CA, hosted by two Brits living the American Dream, the Box N Life podcast is a hard-hitting show covering the major talking points in boxi ...
Welcome to The Fatherly Podcast. Hosted by Joshua David Stein, the Fatherly Podcast is the perfect podcast for imperfect parents. Join us as we talk to documentarians, actors, athletes, writers and more about the joys and challenges of being a dad. There's also a theme song, which is rad; a segment called “Oh, hey science” where we talk about the latest studies and findings; and an interview with a child. Follow us on iHeartRadio, or subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.
Mouse Mountaineers
A Dad & Son Disney Podcast
A fun podcast for kids and families produced by a dad and his son. Listen in as they talk about Jesus, the Bible, theological questions, cool animals, funny stories, and lots more!
A podcast of a dad introducing Dungeons & Dragons to his eight-year-old twin daughters, because more kids should play Dungeons & Dragons. And surprisingly it's difficult to find a D&D real play podcast appropriate for all ages.
A podcast of a dad introducing Dungeons & Dragons to his eight-year-old twin daughters, because more kids should play Dungeons & Dragons. And surprisingly it's difficult to find a D&D real play podcast appropriate for all ages.
A daily'ish show focusing on the reality of being a dad, running multiple businesses and all of the organization, productivity, and life hacking that is in place to make it all work. The show will make you cry, laugh, like me, and hate me, but most importantly, it will remind you to remember what is truly important in your life. Each week the episodes follow a specific theme and that theme is covered in this podcast and two other platforms - Instagram and YouTube. Produced by podcaster, entr ...
Listen to Michael Chan explore the intimate bits of work, being a dad, and battling illness.
Dads don’t always know what to say, but that shouldn’t stop us from talking. Who Wants Pancakes? is a podcast about dads, made for everyone. Our first season of 10 episodes features open discussions with different dads, talking about the experiences they’ve had and the lessons they’re learning, as life keeps coming. If you are a dad, have a dad, love a dad, or miss a dad, you might enjoy listening.
Dad College
A show about what it means to be a Dad.
A Dad and his two little girls talk about things.
Dad's Life
Figuring out how to be a dad and husband
A humorous chronicle of a dad's journey into fatherhood.
Reno Dads
A podcast about being a dad in the Biggest Little City!
Over the past twenty years, I’ve led three Silicon Valley startups to their first customers and revenue, and sold everything from financial data, enterprise software, and vaporware to cabinet doors, amusement park daily programs, and “would you like fries with that…?” My customers have included the largest financial institutions in the world, top US Universities, cabinet door makers and people that eat at Applebees and go to amusement parks... I’ve learned a lot, and made a few, ahem, well… ...
Created for expectant parents, new mums, new grandparents and for anyone wanting to know more about becoming a parent. Cath Curtin shares over four decades of experience, guiding you through the highs and lows of being pregnant, giving birth and the complexities of parenting. We tend to focus so much on labour and birth and think breastfeeding and parenting will be easy and come naturally. Birth, Baby & Beyond is a realistic yet gentle conversation aimed to inform and prepare you about the t ...
Dad and I Podcast
Josh Campbell is a dad trying to be cool. Paul Campbell is a son trying. It's not going well...
Jerry Rodriguez
The daily life of an entrepreneur, a dad, a husband, a philanthropist, and a giver.
Two Sweary Dads
A podcast about parenting (and other Dadly pursuits) Your hosts are Ben Slinger (father of a 2 year old boy and twin 9 month old girls) and Trevor Scott (father of a 3 year old boy). Together they discuss the vagaries of fatherhood in Australia, tell stories of joy and frustration, and go off on tangents that don’t involve their children at all (because not everything is about being a Dad). Topics include the trouble with toilet training, the fun of sharing hobbies with your kids (and when n ...
Dad Me Jokes
A dad and son talk about video games, comedy, and sports.
DadSon podcast
When a dad & teenage son sit down for conversations...about something.
Two Guys and Coffee is a Dad and sons Conversations on Topics like Science Technology Life & Business
Just a Dad and Daughter Some friendly Competition and our listeners determine the winner. Plus Much More
Dotson talks of a dad living the sober life and trying to walk that road with the Lord
A dad’s thoughts on life, games, and parenting – in the spoken word.
Slimming Down Dad
Just a Dad trying to get healthy for himself and his family.
Baseball Dads
This podcast is conversations about baseball. I am a dad who loves baseball. Coach, league administrator and lifelong fan. Baseball is truly the greatest game of all. Thanks for checking out my podcast.
Life as a Dad of 3, husband, and entertainer of 20+ years has never got more informative and fun!!
Welder Woman
Dana was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. She grew up with three sisters yet was the boy of the family. Having a news reporter for a dad made me have a passion to host a show. She attended Miami Dade College for journalism and interned at WPLG Ch 10 Miami. That all came to a stop when she was chosen to be in the rookie category of a biker build off. Dana didn’t have the means to hire help so she had to do mostly all of it alone and in doing so learned the hard way. She absolutely fell i ...
Ish lifffeee
Welcome to the Ish lifffeee podcast, where we talk about whatever and whoever. We taking Fitness, life and being a dad!
Thoughts on life and my God by an engineer, a dad, and a simple son of God.
Day of the Dad
Share in the joys, nightmares and sheer absurdities of parenting with two dads and bunch of special guests. Keith Stuart is the author of the Richard and Judy Book Club bestselling novel A Boy Made of Blocks, as well as games editor for the Guardian; Ed Wood is a book editor and former journalist. They both have autistic sons, they both like a chat about books, games and films, and they both have very little filter for talking nonsense about what it’s like to be a dad.
Grab hold of the kairoo's tail and hop with it through time! This educational, family-friendly radio program-style podcast takes a dad and his daughters on an adventure through time, hopping into key people and events from the history of the Christian church. It's hysterical or historical, one of the two! Don't lose any time! Subscribe now!
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Bristol film maker Michael Jenkins became a father unexpectedly aged 18. He found it an overwhelming experience at first but eventually grew up and into the role of being a dedicated Dad to his sons who are now 11 and 6. He wanted to talk to other young men who became fathers at a young age to find out how they have dealt with the pressures of ...…
In which we wish happy birthday to the guy who got us started with podcasting.
Are you a Dad? Did you take your 2 weeks paid ‘unpaid’ parental leave? Is it enough?
In this episode, Miguel talks about upcoming shows, his recent live presentation on immigration at Nerd Nite, and his insecurities about being a dad. Miguel then sits down with Philly comedian Christina Anthony. Christina opens up about her love for her Indian heritage, how the frequent trips back to India has helped shape her identity, and her ...…
Jose and Andy share thier dads stories. Andy took his son to see his 1st motorsport race and is dealing with teething and fevers. Jose gives advices about trips, fevers and why your life is over after you become a parent is you are a loving and responsible parent. Jose lives in California and Andy in Portsmouth England.…
John Francis decided to celebrate the completion of his new garage with some buddies on the night before Father's Day. That celebration grew into an annual event called Father's Eve now celebrated in over 50 cities around the world! Find a Father's Eve event in your city or HOST ONE by visiting this episode, John and I ...…
We dive in talking about why I wanted to become a dad and what it has been like raising my son. Discuss the ups, downs of life. Plus the issue of parents when you get older and how they seem to feel that there is an Entitlement of ownership when having a child !If you have any comments or suggestions for further topics Comment, share and Follow ...…
Once every dark of the moon The Epic Review not so proudly presents The Confirmed Crap Podcast. A podcast in which the team discusses pretty much anything they want to, while there is usually Film, TV, and Comics discussion, this pod is not limited to those themes. So sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy some low brow unstructured entertainm ...…
A quick talk about my trip to the BC Tech Summit and how technology is influencing every facet of our economy.
Thirty years ago, Dr. Dan German started an orthodontic practice which became one of the largest privately held practices of its kind in the country. He served on the faculty of the Ohio State University where he trained post-doctoral residents and was an attending clinical doctor until 2016, when he founded orthobrain™. Dr. German is well know ...…
With special guest: Dr Chris May Who ya gonna call? Our guest today is Dr Chris May from the University of Newcastle and he has a simple message for new Dads with mobile phones. Sign up for SMS4 dads and you will get the advice you need to deal with the new challenges we face as a Dad. This is not limited to young Dads. The age range of Dads al ...…
Sitting in a circle talking to one another created a powerful learning opportunity.
“It’s just my bad luck to have a dad that’s a safety geek” my son exclaimed. The issue between my oldest son and his safety-consultant dad had to do with wearing elbow and knee pads. So you can imagine how I felt when I drove up the driveway and saw him doing his boarding with no pads. See the simulcast blog on…
Daughter’s, Boyfriends, 1st Kisses, & “The Talk!!!” Not sure if how we spent Mother’s Day celebrating my wife Robin but the conversation took an interesting turn at brunch. However, it was a heartwarming, emotional experience for me and feel that I was able to connect, as a father, to my daughters, while having a discussion around the physical ...…
We discuss our favourite characters from Harry Potter as well as the benefits of watching the movie or reading the book.
Looking for a quick, inexpensive and effective way to build thought leadership while promoting a personal or corporate brand? In this week's episode of The Inbound Success Podcast, Interview Valet CMO Dan Moyle explains why participating in podcast guest interviews is an impactful strategy for expanding brand awareness and shares the process In ...…
Jacaranda FM — Being a dad is nothing like being a rocker, but it seems Francois van Coke knows a thing or two about being a parent.
In which I rant about pedestrians who don’t even give a cursory look to the left or the right before stepping onto the street.
Former NFL player Jay Feely took a picture with his daughter and her prom date while holding an unloaded firearm and was vilified by the gun-haters. Listen and learn why there’d be fewer school shootings if there were more dads like Mr. Feely
On todays show our guest is Lea Vesic. Lea’s a passionate yet pragmatic aviation professional. She is a fully qualified instrument rated commercial pilot and holds a diploma of aviation management. Lea currently works as an aviation consultant and is closely connected to the Australian aviation community. She holds positions with the Regional A ...…
My buddy and I took off up into the mountains for a motorcycle ride. I learned that it is better to roll on the throttle than it is to hesitate.
Ball & Boudoirs is a podcast series that explores and unmask one of the most successful black women in sport in the UK, but also one of the most silent when it comes to her personal life. The podcast is a honest, unguarded conversations about growing up black, sex, relationships, friendships, mental health and lifestyles of an award-winning jou ...…
In this, the 100th (!) episode, all the kids talk to Dad. First, Henry, Will (and Mom) talk to Dad about their school play, Avengers Infinity War, and William’s allergy testing ordeal. In the News, there are stories about sharks liking jazz, a soldier’s new ear that was grown on her arm, the discovery of a time crystal by Yale physicists, and a ...…
Riding a motorcycle is my metaphor for life today. You need to know when to open up the throttle, and when to make a hard turn. Motorcycles!
It’s Mick’s last Dad’s Hour before he disappears for two week’s paternity leave. He and Iain Christie have a lot of ground to cover before baby number two arrives – so how is Mick feeling about it? Also on the show, a dad (and youth worker) offers his thoughts on how to cope when your little angel starts the descent into full blown adulthood. A ...…
It’s Mick’s last Dad’s Hour before he disappears for two week’s paternity leave. He and Iain Christie have a lot of ground to cover before baby number two arrives – so how is Mick feeling about it? Also on the show, a dad (and youth worker) offers his thoughts on how to cope when your little angel starts the descent into full blown adulthood. A ...…
Musing about podcasting, teaching, and teacher appreciation.
God is always available to talk. I bet you know why... It's cause He's our father and like a dad he's always there for us no matter what time or day. For more info on anything going on with Chris or TJ check us out at
Steve and Todd are joined by Ottawa 67 and 2018 NHL draft eligible forward Kody Clark to talk about the upcoming draft, growing up with a Maple Leaf legend as a dad and his preparation for the draft combine.
Comedian and writer Joshua Mann sits down with us to talk smack on Fox News! We explore how the channel got it's start, why it leans so far right and what the possible implications are to our society. Then we examine the art of catfishing, how and why it still happens and how you can keep yourself safe online dating. Plus, the New York Times ar ...…
Whst does Mothers Day look like in your home?
Imagine if your Son or Daughter comes to you at 16 and asks if their Boy Friend or Girl Friend can stay the night, while you are wrestling with that thought in the same breath they ask if they can sleep together in the same room? How do you deal with that as a dad? This week we tackle that subject head on amongst other issues that dads are tryi ...…
Don't Chase Happiness If You Want To Catch It Well... Clearly if you're chasing happiness then that means you want to catch it, right? Make sense. Then why not chase what you want. Just about everything other time in life it is probably a good idea to chase what you want. Then why not chase happiness. what goes into chasing happiness? most like ...…
In which we discuss what we like and don’t like about school.
Mike LaCharite is a busy DMD. As a member of the Dads Married to Doctors group since nearly the beginning, he now serves as part of the Advisory Board for the organization. He's an event planner (strategist), dad to a three year old, and married to an Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Resident in her intern year. In this episode, we discuss how ...…
In episode 4 of the Stories Of A Dad Podcast Adam and Bobby sit down to discuss their recent 917 mile road trip upp north. They went on a family road trip from south east England to the north west. They try and compile a list of essentials a 6 year old should bring on such a trip. You can find us at or on social medi ...…
😎Robert DLT & DJ DV8 🎧
Episode 13 is here. We write more scripts. This time starring Danny Devito and Arnold in Twins 2. Call us Hollywood. Mike is on vacation and haunted by ghosts of radio past. We answer the question of the ages, Robert Stack vs Billy Mayes. Fight to the death. Oh and we do the usual. Three Dads. Two shitty parents. OR ARE THEY!?? This week we hav ...…
Joel Gee, Military Indiana family man. Great friend from a Dads Facebook group I’m also a member. We discuss family, music, struggles with the transitioning from becoming a boy to a man.
Northern California-based estate planning attorney took the ride of his life when he entered the world of professional sports franchisee owner and CEO. Listen to his crazy, inspiring and cautionary tale. Listen and learn more of his journey at Check out my website: Follow me on: Facebook: https: ...…
In which my special guest and I discuss parents (me) swearing around kids.
Title: Tears of The Dying Text: Matthew 14:1-11 FCF: We often fear the wrong things which lead us to various degrees of unbelief Prop: Guilt and fear that does not produce repentance only leads to death, so we must have guilt and fear that leads to repentance. Recap Intro: [Slide 1] Turn in your bible to Matthew 14. Today we will continue the n ...…
Joe loses his mind over hipsters. Coffee shops get confusing and Joe shares his gay bar past. A teenage bully gets taken down by a Dad. Do Ethiopians love Barley sugar? Troy goes to the deadly dentist … and then gets Thoughtful.
This week, Keith’s a Dad, Blake talks injuries, and we discuss pet peeves. More than anything, it was a bit of a random episode with multiple topics. Have a listen and thanks for coming out! BuzzSprout: Instagram: Twi ...…
What advice would you give a younger version of yourself?
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