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The award-winning fairy-tale medical sitcom! Overworked, cynical witch Alba tends to the health of the King, Queen and citizens of the tiny kingdom of Farloria, with the help of her obnoxious apprentice Magnus and an absent-minded fairy named Holly.
Presented by the American Bar Association’s Law Student Division, the ABA Law Student Podcast covers issues that affect law students, law schools, and recent grads. From finals and graduation to the bar exam and finding a job, this show is your trusted resource for the next big step.
Brought to you by the Directors Guild of America, "The Director's Cut" will bring you the behind-the-scenes stories of today's most talked about films. Each episode features a different director interviewed by one of their peers, leading to revealing conversations about the grueling, but rewarding process of bringing their films to life.
Urdu Adab
The podcast aims to spread Urdu Adab to people who cannot read or write urdu. It will contain short stories which are meaningful, funny, romantic & sarcastic as well as poetry, literature and other forms of Urdu Adab.
Sunday sermons from Ada Bible Church in Ada Michigan, featuring Jeff Manion and others.
Ada Lovelace Day is an international celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology engineering and maths which aims to increase the profile of women in STEM and create new role models for both girls and women studying or working in STEM.
Kendra Little of answers burning questions from SQL Server Database Administrators and talks about her experiences as a DBA, consultant, and trainer.
Listen to the ABA Journal Podcast for analysis and hear discussions with authors for The Modern Law Library books podcast series.
ABA Inside Track
Wish you could do a better job keeping up with peer-reviewed journals? Why not listen to a podcast where behavior analysts discuss a variety of fascinating topics and the research related to them? Now you can spend your extra time thinking of ways to save the world with ABA.
The Pit Bull Dangers Online Radio Show examines the serious and growing crisis associated with pit bulls and the danger they pose to us all. We cover the issues from every angle and uncover the truth no matter how deeply it is buried. You will learn about the myths, misinformation and lies of the pit bull advocates. You will learn the truth they try so hard to hide. Pit bulls are an inherently dangerous animal who cause untold tragedy, pain and suffering to all manner of other animals and hu ...
The latest banking industry and regulatory news, brought to you weekly by the American Bankers Association's award-winning Newsbytes team. Hosted by Evan Sparks and Shaun Kern and featuring guest interviews.
Listen to the ABA Journal Podcasts for analysis and discussion of the latest legal issues and trends. Podcasts include ABA Modern Law Library and ABA Asked and Answered, brought to you by Legal Talk Network.
Ada Bible Church Podcast
Управление Реальностью, Женская Мудрость и Изобилие
ADEA Podcast
The ADEA podcast series presents a number of topics identified by health professionals who have a special interest in diabetes, diabetes self-management and diabetes education. The series highlights latest updates and research in the areas that are relevant to best practice in diabetes management, diabetes care and diabetes education. Your host is Jan Alford, a well-known diabetes educator in Australia.
This is a podcast about the field of Behavior Analysis. Each episode will feature an interview with a Behavior Analyst where we discuss a specific topic in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Some of these topics include functional behavioral assessment, treating severe behavioral disorders such as aggression and self-injurious behavior, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), behavioral ethics, autism treatment, parenting, and the history of Applied Behavior Analysis.
History of Rome from the Earliest times down to 476 AD. This compilation is designed to be a companion to the author's History of Greece. It is hoped that it may fill a want, now felt in many high schools and academies, of a short and clear statement of the rise and fall of Rome, with a biography of her chief men, and an outline of her institutions, manners, and religion. (Summary by Tony_Ritcherson)
Family Advocate Podcasts is a series of conversations that emanate from articles published in Family Advocate, the quarterly membership magazine of the ABA Section of Family Law. An author and a Family Advocate Board of Editors member sit down to talk about a range of topics of interest to family law attorneys, judges, and other professionals involved in family law as well as individuals going through the legal process of divorce. Conversations cover a range of topics, including how immigrat ...
Listen to the ABA Journal Podcast for analysis and discussion of the latest legal issues and trends the first Monday of each month.
Listen to the ABA Journal Podcast for analysis and discussion of the latest legal issues and trends the first Monday of each month and as significant legal news breaks.
The ABA Journal Legal Rebels Podcast features men and women who are remaking the legal profession and highlights the pioneers who are changing the way law is practiced and setting the standards that will guide the profession in the future.
Here you can find bilingual (english-spanish) impartations for your needs! - En Jesus obtendras la libertad que tanto buscas! Abba Ministerios - Abba Ministries Kissimmee, Florida e-mail:
Abbas Ali
The Media Hub for Islamic Lectures in Tamil
Podcast by ADMA
A podcast about the history, people and landscapes of Scotland.
Two ladies of advertising talk about all things advertising - campaigns they love, ads they hate, commercials that make them go, "WTF?!", and everything in between.
Join hosts Angela Misri and Eden Spodek as they discuss the latest topics in digital culture and technology.
Sound Advice shares the experience and collective wisdom of some of finest legal minds in the world. Easy access to such a vast collection of knowledge will be useful and enjoyable.
2 hours of news, prayer, music, and fellowship with John McTernan. 9 to 11pm (EST) every night. Scheduled show topics are Monday - End Time Bible Prophecy Study. Tuesday - Prayer for Outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Wednesday - Teaching Jesus Christ Came to Heal the Brokenhearted. Thursday - Prayer of the Solemn Assembly. Friday - Prayer for the Brokenhearted. Saturday - God’s Health System and Protection. Sunday - Looking For Blessed Hope.
SMSA Anba Mina
The only sound you need.
The goal of the Add1Challenge podcast is to inspire and educate that anyone can add 1 language in their life. We will bring polyglots who can speak more than 5-30 languages to share their lessons learned, tips and tricks compiled over the years. We will also feature language learners who just started to learn their first language in the Add1Challenge to demonstrate that anyone can add a language with the right materials, support and motivation.
Some Answered Questions was first published in 1908. It contains questions asked to `Abdu'l-Bahá by Laura Clifford Barney, during several of her visits to Haifa between 1904 and 1906, and `Abdu'l-Bahá's answers to these questions.Prominent among the topics are detailed explanations of Christian subjects, including interpretations of chapters 11 and 12 of the Book of Revelation, chapter 11 of the Book of Isaiah, the story of Genesis, and many other subjects.Topics covered include God, Prophet ...
Weekly trance mixes by Michael McBurnie
ADB Podcast
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is an international development finance institution. www.adb.orgADB provides loans, grants and expertise to developing member countries in Asia and the Pacific to help them alleviate poverty and advance their economic development through sustainable solutions.The ADB Podcast channel provides a platform for engaging, accessible discussion and debate around a wide range of topical development issues affecting Asia and the Pacific.
Ada Bible Church Podcast
The first in a trilogy of books known together as 'The Little Ottleys', this is a sparkling social comedy set in Edwardian London. Ada Leverson was a great friend and staunch supporter of Oscar Wilde and shared his love for sharp, witty writing. Like Wilde, her work is characterised by a wonderful ear for dialogue and deft characterization. 'Love's Shadow' introduces us to Bruce and Edith Ottley and their friends, who are to all appearances living the bright and carefree lives of the well-to ...
media as an anchor. The people of Jhang admire and love him a lot the way he loves the city of his ancestors. Career Ameer Abbas is a Pakistani televisionjournalist and anchor who worked for News One. He has served country�s leading news channel Dunya News as a news anchor from May 2010-October2010. Later he joined another famous news channel of the country Express News in October 2010. He covered major breaking news stories across the countryfrom Data Darbar bomb blast, Abbottabad Usama ope ...
A talk show on current affairs. Friday to Sunday, 7:05 PM Dawn News
ADA Shop Talk
ADA Shop Talk is for professionals or business owners who may struggle with understanding the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards or the ADA as we call it. If you are worried about lawsuits, legal exposure or just want to make your facility more accessible to persons with disabilities, then join Paul & Mark for the "ADA Shop Talk” Internet Radio Show. ADA Shop Talk is a fun and informative discussion regarding the application of the various codes, laws and standards ...
DBA Essential Tools
Dental Business Expert
Listen to a series of podcasts on business dispute resolution and management. These podcasts are part of the Committee's mission to help business lawyers to understand and use alternative dispute resolution processes for the benefit of their corporate clients.
Discussions from the top environmental, energy, and resources lawyers discussing career development, legal issues, and new developments in environmental law.
DBA Family is about strengthening families and family relationships through lessons learned from and inspired by the business world.
The second of the 'Little Ottleys' trilogy, an Edwardian comedy of manners. Several years have passed since the events in 'Love's Shadow', but Bruce Ottley is as difficult and irksome as ever. His beautiful wife Edith continues to gently manage his foibles, and regards him with a fond tolerance. But then she meets the enchanting - and very handsome - Aylmer Ross. The attraction between them is undeniable, and Edith's quiet serenity is shattered. Could this spell the end for the Ottley's marr ...
Sovereign Grace Bible Church of Ada, OK Podcasts
Raza Abbas
Welcome to the Raza Abbas podcast, where amazing things happen.
Dj Alba
Dj Alba (Алба), или Александр Балабанов - почётный и, пожалуй, самый опытный участник клубного движения города Белгорода. Его ди-джейская карьера началась в 1996 году и успешно продолжается до настоящего времени. За плечами Александра длительное резидентство в трёх клубах Белгорода, организация и участие в различных мероприятиях а также активная гастрольная жизнь. Великолепная техника, всегда грамотно и со вкусом подобранный материал, свой индивидуальный стиль...
Adnan Abbas
Sports Talk show covering all things Maryland Sports as well as international sports. Come and Join us as we kick back and enjoy a pint of beer as we talk sports with you all starting Tuesday March 7th.
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Brian talks with Steve Abraham (Principal Solutions Architect @ Amazon Web Services) building and migrating databases in the cloud, how companies are managing migrations, the demands for open source databases, and how the worlds of database and serverless are intersecting. Show Links: AWS Cloud Databases [PODCAST] @PodCTL - Containers | Kuberne ...…
What is the difference between an LLC and a DBA? Is it better to have a limited liability corporation or simply a doing business as designation? Because the LLC is an additional cost I firmly believe that unless you have a viable POC which stands for ‘proof of concept’ then to get a LLC prematurely, can be a waste of money.…
DevOpsDays Chicago 2017 - Diversity is Not Just a Checklist by Rhea GhoshMany organizations say they want diverse teams. In this talk, I address how, beyond recruitment, individuals and managers can create a culture that sustains a truly diverse environment. Using my own transition, starting out as a functional business analyst, to working as a ...…
DevOps is a hot topic in today’s software development world, however, most of the knowledge and experience with DevOps is based around application software and ignores the database. We will examine how the concepts and principles of DevOps can be applied to database development by explaining the core concepts of managing scripts, automated buil ...…
When storage doesn't perform and scale it causes issues for SQL Server and can make DBA life extremely challenging. In many cases, SQL Server storage is provisioned on a SAN. However, very few DBAs even get to see a SAN or understand how it works. Even though the SAN is someone else's responsibility, as a DBA you feel the pain and you're typica ...…
Thanks to our buddy Dan Bjugstad, we are heading to Wisconsin this week with beers from New Glarus, Wisconsin Brewing, and Central Waters! It’s just the three of us tasting an amazing lineup: New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb, Wisconsin Brewing Chocolate Lab Porter, and Central Waters Slainte Scottish Ale! We also have some cool (ice cool) news for ...…
Sarah talks about the 25th Harm Reduction International Conference with Zoë Dodd, Hepatitis C Program Coordinator at the South Riverdale Community Health Centre, Nazlee Maghsoudi, Knowledge Translation Manager at the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy, and Dr. Vimarie Narloch, Drug Education Manager at Students for Sensible Drug Po ...…
Download Episode (mp3) In this show, we talk about: Our sessions at the GroupBy conference Another difference between the old and new Cardinality Estimators Lightweight Profiling in SQL Server 2016 SP1 Sign Matan’s wife is married to a DBA SSDT 2017 A cool SSMS shortcut A bug with CDC after a cumulative update The overhead of Antivirus software…
For the first time in a couple of months, Jeff, Jo, and Lindsay didn’t have a guest tonight. They answered listener questions and talked about their own experiences with spinoffs and the pros and cons of doing them from a financial and creative standpoint. Here are a few specifics that they talked about: Kindle Worlds and whether Jo’s experienc ...…
Surprisingly, many yoga teachers should have a business license but don’t. In the episode Michelle shares what you need to know to make sure you are in compliance. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN: What a business license is and why you might need one How to find out if you need a business license What... The post 036: Do You Need A Business Licens ...…
パキスタン・イスラマバード在住のSeko(@sekomo)さんと国際保健セクター、UHC、などについて話しました。 Show notes 経歴から(開発ワーカーわらしべ長者) 国連大学@東京 National Assistant 国連人口基金(UNFPA)@プノンペン | Junior Professional Officer(JPO)(現在2017年度募集中!) 国連女性開発基金(UN Women)@デリー&バンコク  独立行政法人国際協力機構(JICA)@ルサカ 個別専門家 独立行政法人国際協力機構(JICA)@東京 コンサルタント The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria@ジュネーブ 技術アドバイザー 独立行政法人国際協力機構( ...…
Find out if getting certified will help you land an entry level DBA job, and if you do want to get certified, get Kendra's tips on preparing for the exam.
With the release of SQL Server 2016, we were finally able to play with, in my opinion, one of the most exciting new features in SQL Server 2016, the Query Store! The Query Store serves as a flight recorder for your query workload and provides valuable insights into the performance of your queries. It doesn’t stop there, however, using the perfo ...…
Ever had a database change go horribly wrong? It can feel awful in the moment, then eat away at your confidence for days afterward. In this 20 minute episode Kendra gives you practical steps that help you cope with change over the course of your DBA career.
Eva Chan is a long-time Hong Kong resident with a global investment business and deep experience throughout Mainland China. She has strong views about Westerners’ misconception of China and invites everyone to come experience this amazing country first-hand, suggesting they’ll be surprised to find that Shanghai and Beijing are as vibrantly exci ...…
This week, Brent, Erik, Tara, and Richie discuss compatibility levels, SQL server SPN problems, Always On Availability Groups, failover clustering, capturing DML stuff, disc defragmentation, replication snapshots and reindexing, load testing, PowerShell, and whether you should pursue the path of a DBA.…
Welcome To paradigm Chimes! Today Rob talks about how to remove that dark cloud over your head. Rob reviews a few steps you can take to change your life to a positive and happier lifestyle using Law of Attraction Join Rob Scribner at Paradigm Chimes and let’s talk about it. Thanks for watching! Episode 101 Website: ...…
Welcome to the new Arizona Talk Radio Weekly Podcast Show hosted by Rob Scribner. Today we talk a little about our goals and how we are going to run the show. We also callout for feedback and ideas. Thanks for listening! Here we talk about current Arizona News, Travel, People, Places and Stories we all hear about everyday. Join us to talk about ...…
Tobias och Fredrik snackar Joylent, Meetup och att träffa andra likasinnade och gratulerar till ännu en Advent of code-prestation. Har ni eller startar ni en grupp på Meetup: twittra till oss så retweetar vi! Det kan inte bli för många meetups! Huvudämnet är en genomgång av våra arbetsplatser och arbetsverktyg, framför allt de ändringar som ske ...…
Welcome to the new Arizona Talk Radio Weekly Podcast Show hosted by Rob Scribner. Here we talk about current Arizona News, Travel, People, Places and Stories we all hear about everyday. Join us to talk about the great things Arizona has to offer and what issues we face here. Arizona Talk Radio adds a bit of humor, fun and Redneck platform to th ...…
Where can a young entrepreneur figure out how to turn their dreams into reality? Just take a step into the Shrimp Tank. The Shrimp Tank brings you interviews with some of the most successful business owners in the United States to learn the do’s and don’ts of starting and running a successful business. Then, the fun really starts when we bring ...…
Guest: Rob Conery @robconery Rob Conery talks with Dave Rael about dumb courage, family, dishonesty, hype, and the trap of mediocrity Rob Conery helps developers of all sorts learn what's new with technology. He has been working in the technology field full time since 1998 as a DBA and then a web developer. His original focus was the Microsoft ...…
Growth Hack of the Week: Stop doing low-value tasks in your business. Focus on high-value tasks and outsource, delegate or automate the rest. Resource of The Week: Automatic Income by Matthew Paulson This Week's Questions "What is your take on MLM and other direct marketing companies? Worth it or do something solo? How long might a person "give ...…
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