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Strengthening the Family and the Church through the Priesthood
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Preparing Future Missionaries—Elder Nelson teaches about the in-home preparation of future missionaries and how that is affected by the change in age requirements announced by President Monson in the October 2012 general conference.
Ministering: The Lord’s Hands—(1 of 2) Elder Clayton and Elder Christensen show through their examples how to invite and challenge those we serve.
Bringing Up Children in Light and Truth: Families Are Strengthened by Keeping Covenants—(2 of 4) A widowed mother asks how she can continue to have the influence of the priesthood in her home.
Ministering: Know and Love Those You Serve—(2 of 2) Elder Christensen teaches through example the importance of coming to know and love those we serve.
Blessings of the Priesthood in Every Home: The Home Is a Divine Institution—(2 of 2) A quote from President Joseph F. Smith outlines the divine roles and responsibilities of parents.
First Presidency Message: Honoring the Priesthood Fortifies Us—(3 of 7) President Eyring promises that as we honor the priesthood in our lives and service, our families will be fortified against the adversary and will be knit together in love and sacred covenants.
Bringing Up Children in Light and Truth: Loving God’s Children—(1 of 4) A young mother shares a story that reminds us that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father.
Bringing Up Children in Light and Truth: Sustaining Each Other in the Home—(4 of 4) Church leaders emphasize the importance of husbands and wives working together as they teach their children and help them prepare to receive the ordinances of salvation.
First Presidency Message: An Expression of God’s Love—(2 of 7) President Eyring discusses temple covenants. He teaches that the sealing power is the love of God that ties families together for eternity.
Priesthood Keys: The Priesthood, an Opportunity to Serve—(3 of 4) Bishop Davies reads about priesthood keys from the handbook. A teachers quorum president explains how these keys have helped him to counsel, teach, and serve in his quorum.
First Presidency Message: Faith in the Power of the Priesthood—(1 of 7) President Eyring discusses covenants made through the power of the priesthood and teaches that the priesthood changes hearts and knits individuals together in eternal families.
Priesthood Keys: Keys Are the Authority of God—(2 of 4) Elder Hallstrom teaches about the line of priesthood authority that extends back to the Savior and the restoration of the priesthood in this last dispensation. Keys are the God-given authority to direct the use of the priesthood on earth.
The Power of the Priesthood in the Family: Fathers Can Use the Priesthood to Bless Their Families—(3 of 6) A quote from President Howard W. Hunter reminds us that nothing is more important than the salvation of families through the priesthood.
First Presidency Message: The Priesthood Can Strengthen Our Families in Trial—(4 of 7) President Eyring teaches that faith in God is strengthened in times of trial. The manifestation of God’s power at these times gives us hope in His promises of eternal life.
Priesthood Keys: The Restoration of Priesthood Keys—(1 of 4) Through the examples of ancient apostles, Elder Perry teaches how priesthood keys were restored to latter-day prophets.
Introduzione - Il potere di Dio—Il Salvatore è il fulcro del piano di felicità; Egli opera mediante il potere del sacerdozio; il sacerdozio è stato restaurato.
Ministrare—Un’espressione cristiana del servizio nel sacerdozio è ministrare: amare, servire, insegnare e sollevare gli altri come farebbe il Salvatore.
Conclusione - Questa è la Sua opera—Una panoramica di segmenti precedenti; testimonianza che tutto il lavoro del sacerdozio porta alle ordinanze del tempio e alla vita eterna.
Il potere del sacerdozio in famiglia—I padri e le madri sono essenziali nel piano di Dio; il potere del sacerdozio giunge tramite la dignità; le benedizioni del sacerdozio sono a disposizione di ogni genitore.
Le benedizioni del sacerdozio in ogni casa—Esempio di Mary Fielding Smith: il potere del sacerdozio per genitori soli; il ruolo della fede; le benedizioni di una posterità retta.
Allevare i figli in luce e in verità—Il ruolo delle madri e delle nonne; esigenze particolari delle madri sole; la necessità e il potere dell’Espiazione.
Le chiavi del sacerdozio—Nella Chiesa le chiavi del sacerdozio danno autorità per dirigere rioni e pali nel rafforzamento delle famiglie e degli individui; il Salvatore dirige la Chiesa.
Messaggio della Prima Presidenza—Spiegazione del ruolo e delle benedizioni del sacerdozio nell’esaltazione delle famiglie
Come usare questo addestramento—Breve segmento che istruisce membri e dirigenti su come utilizzare questo addestramento nel corso di tutto l’anno
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