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AFT's Podcast
AFT/R® (The Podcast)
A interview based non stationary Podcast focusing on the guests (Artists, Musicians, Creators) outlook and insight into there creative process, journeys, and whatever speed bumps that may have came their way along this everchanging ride. Hosted By: Xavier Chavez
Revsam Podcast
The official podcast from Apostolic Fellowship Tabernacle, AFT Church, Chennai, India, which is one of the fastest-growing churches in the country. Listen to the life-changing messages from our senior pastor Rev. Sam P. Chelladurai, Rev. Jeevan Chelladurai and other experts who teach principles of God's word with in-depth revelation, practical insights and a passion to help transform the lives of people. To learn more about ministry, visit
One Breath at a Thyme
How often do you stop and take a chance to breathe? Welcome to the One Breath at a Thyme Podcast, where the Young Living members can explore health and wellness subjects, essential-oil-infused products, and leadership topics. Each podcast ends with a brief breathing practice using an essential oil from Young Living.
BustED Pencils
Fully Leaded Education Talk.Progressive Education news and commentary with Dr. Tim Slekar and Dr. Jed Hopkins.
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This week in history we explore the last Emperor of China and uncover the tomb of an ancient Pharaoh. Plus, we are joined by a special guest - comedian Jeeves Verma! Music : I dunno by grapes. CC license (3.0) Ft: J Lang, Morusque
J'lyn and Andrew talk about the top stories of the day
Andrew hosts a Valentine's day panel with Dr. Cory Hrushka, Lori Hanasyk and Jeremy Rossiter
J'lyn and Andrew talk with AMA Expert Roland Van Meurs
J'lyn and Andrew talk about credit card problems and frauds
J'lyn and Andrew talk with Gord Steinke
J'lyn and Andrew take your texts and calls
J'lyn and Andrew talk with Adam Galovan on whether sexting is ruining relationships
J'lyn and Andrew talk about the things millennials don't know how to do and the snow removal issues in Edmonton
Weekly "The Hoot" episode with J'lyn, Andrew and Todd Hirsch
J'lyn and Andrew talk with physiotherapist Grant Fedoruk
J'lyn and Andrew talk with ATB president Dave Mowat about him stepping down after 11 years
This week in history: The end of an Indian era, the famous 5th of November heist and a book full of words. Music : I dunno by grapes. CC license (3.0) Ft: J Lang, Morusque
Brenton Driedger talks with Lauren Sulz about the impact sports has on kids
Brenton Driedger talks with guests Reid Wilkins, Damien Clarke and Jenna Buckley
Brenton Driedger talks with Brendan Maisonneuve and Austin Azar about overcoming obstacle course racing
Brenton Driedger talks with HGTV's Bryan Baeumler about the Edmonton Home Renovation show this weekend
Brenton Driedger hosts a teen panel
Brenton Driedger talks with his coworkers about what's in the work firdge at 630 CHED
Brenton Driedger talks with Alan Carter about the allegations of Kent Hehr
So you think you can drive?
Brenton Driedger talks with an unlikely law student, Jason Harley, and former police officer who was shot while on duty
Brenton Driedger talks with Michelle Maroto about the cost of your adult children living at home
We'll be talking in-studio with Emory Colvin about trans issues in Corvallis/Oregon State and the surrounding area. Emory is a PhD student in nuclear engineering at Oregon State University and secretary-treasurer of the Coalition of Graduate Employees (AFT Local 6069). A...
Brenton Driedger talks with Michael Kehler on his reserach regarding "What it means to be a man?"
Brenton Driedger, Stephen Keppler and Brad Wisker talk about the Oscar nominations
Brenton Driedger talks with Christian Denis, Erin DiLoreto and Wanda Bornn about planning Winter festivals in Edmonton
Brenton Driedger talks wih Rob Roach for "The Hoot"
Brenton Driedger talks about financial insolvency with guests Bart Goth and Zaki Alam
Brenton Driedger talks with a panel of project managers about the city's energy transition
Flite Test - Aviation - Drones - RC Planes
On todays episode we catch up with our new friend Creighton King who just so happens to be a Flying Cowboy and a new entrepreneur!! FLITE TEST - STORE - FB - Free freight on GripLockTies with code “FLITE TEST” Creightons Business - www.GripLockTies.c ...…
What werid and odd way did you hurt yourself? J'lyn and Andrew share your stories
J'lyn and Andrew talk to the Mayor of Red Deer about the CFR moving there next year
In the first episode of COSPLAY LIGHTHOUSE Brian talks to cosplay artist It's Mur about the art of cosplay, how he got started, the ups and downs of working on a costume, and how COSPLAY IS FOR EVERYONE!!!! You can find It's Mur: TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and his PATREON. If you are a cosplayer and would like to chat with us drop us a note on our TWI ...…
Flite Test - Aviation - Drones - RC Planes
On todays episode Alex and Austin catch up with our favorite RC Made Scientists Peter Sripol on everything from life as a Youtuber to all his crazy flight projects!! FLITE TEST - STORE - FB -'s Channel - Thanks for listenin ...…
Flite Test - Aviation - Drones - RC Planes
On todays episode we catch up with our long time friend and colleague BOB PARMALEE on his life in aviation, how he came to FT and much much more! FLITE TEST - FEST - STORE - FB - Thanks for listening a ...…
Our Lifestyle: Presented by Sparkles Detail, Orange Beach Invasion & Scrapin' the Coast
Title sponsors: Sparkles Detail, Orange Beach Invasion & Scrapin’ The Coast ODB pays homage to Dr. Dre’s The Chronic which released 12/15/1992. Amir Rahimi @amirrahimi7 is our title guest whom talks about the album. Make sure to check out him out on Instagram! Bumper music in this episode includes: Dr. Dre’s The Chronic album. Outro track: Puff ...…
In Da Street Radio
Tracklist: 01. Cut It [Freestyle] – Dave East [0:00] 02. On That – Clap [1:44] 03. Trap Bag – Tony English [4:52] 04. Barz – Provalone P ft. Cortez, Swerv & D Da Deala [6:35] 05. Lay Em Flat – Lil A ft. Ricky Bats & Truly UrzZz [10:37] 06. Microphone Murderers – DJ Kay Slay ft. Dave East, Papoose & Raekwon [14:39] 07. Giving It Up – N.O.R.E. ft ...…
Flite Test - Aviation - Drones - RC Planes
On todays episode we catch up with the 2-time world DRL champion Jordan Temkin about DRL, business and future endeavors!! FLITE TEST - FEST - STORE - FB - LABS - Consider ...…
In this interview episode of Tin Pod Brian talks with Jusnel Gonzalez of Brassroots Leather about Steampunk, the origins of what Steampunk has become, leather making, and many aspects of his art. You can find Junsnel in the below ways: Website. Www.brassrootsleather.comFacebook. Brassroots_Leather ...…
Between Downloads Podcast
Between Downloads Podcast RSS Stuff we did in the episode : Google Autocomplete Music Played in the show: Dylan Smith Horizon Midsplit Won't Stop (Feat. Rhea Raj) Ollie Crowe ft. Mingue - Must Be Tonight (Club Mix)
Playlist Don't Give That Shit To Me by Seun Kuti on Mr Bongo Worldwide (Mr Bongo Worldwide) N.U.S.A.U. by Jungle Fire on Nacional Records (Nacional Records) Esma by Menahan Street Band on Dunham Records (Dunham Records) Vampires by Ocote Soul on Level One (Level One) Freedom Is Free by Chicano Batman on ATO Records (ATO Records) Vacant Lot by T ...…
It's a GameChanger!
AFT brings Freedom! • On today's broadcast, my guest, Heather Harbaugh, dives into her start with AFT, a bit of AFT history, ways it is used & some personal stories of its impact on others & herself.
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