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AFT's Podcast
AFT/R® (The Podcast)
A interview based non stationary Podcast focusing on the guests (Artists, Musicians, Creators) outlook and insight into there creative process, journeys, and whatever speed bumps that may have came their way along this everchanging ride. Hosted By: Xavier Chavez
Revsam Podcast
The official podcast from Apostolic Fellowship Tabernacle, AFT Church, Chennai, India, which is one of the fastest-growing churches in the country. Listen to the life-changing messages from our senior pastor Rev. Sam P. Chelladurai, Rev. Jeevan Chelladurai and other experts who teach principles of God's word with in-depth revelation, practical insights and a passion to help transform the lives of people. To learn more about ministry, visit
One Breath at a Thyme
How often do you stop and take a chance to breathe? Welcome to the One Breath at a Thyme Podcast, where the Young Living members can explore health and wellness subjects, essential-oil-infused products, and leadership topics. Each podcast ends with a brief breathing practice using an essential oil from Young Living.
Apostolic Faith Tabernacle
Apostolic Faith Tabernacle is located at 3217 Airport Road, Pearcy, AR 71964, directly across from SONIC off of Hwy 70. AFT has grown to become a place where hundreds gather each week for worship anticipating a powerful move of the Holy Spirit. AFT strives to be a safe place for people from all walks of life to have a fresh start in life and grow closer to God. No matter where we are with God, we believe He always has more for us. We invite you to come grow with us and just see what God may ...
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Pastor David McCool Speaking in the Morning Session on Sunday 10-8-17
Rick Shea is the owner of our local comic book store Famous Faces And Funnies and he agreed to sit down and talk to us about the current state of the comic industry, what is selling in his store, and what he thinks the future holds. FFF is really no bullshit the best comic store I've ever been in, and I always hit the local bookstores wherever ...…
Pastor David McCool Teaching on the Gifts of the Spirit in Sunday School on 10-1-17
From the waters Death changes everything. The first Tin Universe story starts its adaption to audio in this first chapter. A good jumping on point for new listeners. Just as with book one of T.U.M.G.S. when T.U.M. Book One is finished it will be collected into one whole audio book and sold for a charity to be named later. And that reminds me to ...…
We enjoyed having K and Amy as our audience! Reynolds Reunion at Reynolds Homestead Leslie's dogs have a new kitten A Little Sweet... Lovely ponchos on Ravelry Paula Reversible Shawl made by Leslie Yarn Bowl Yarn Box on Ravelry by ideasinwood Meadows of Dan Craft Show finds A Little Tart.... What we learned from Nancy Drew, how she became part ...…
On this months episode Eryn and Brian talk about ten people who faced things that most of us could not survie and go forward having it happen to us, but they did. Shortlisted, the podcast where the hosts take a Top Ten list off the internet, because there are a few, and talk about it in a timed out amount of space. They just set a clock, and ma ...…
Chat n Choonage from The Crusaders (Moog & Scratch Rmx), Ledisi, Stephen Emmer Ft Chaka Khan, Buck, Curtis Mayfield, Grant Green Ft Charles Bradley, Cool Million (Rob Hardt & Frank Ryle) Ft Gregers Løvendahl Mogstad & Steve Ripley, Dimitris & Sulene, Barry White, Two Jazz Project with T-Yuki Takahashi-Groove Ft Marie Meney, Julius Brown, Sir Pi ...…
A new season of Tin Pod kicks off with an interview with the runners of Pro-Wrestling Eve, Emily Read and Dann Read. The two of them were nice enough to join us to chat for a bit about womens wrestling, their philosphy with Eve, how the promotion has touched lives, and what the future holds. "EVE is the ground-breaking feminist-punk-rock wrestl ...…
We are back with our #DanzonPocast, this time with Nyc based guatemalan "GNZ" (Gonzalo Marroquin with a deep soulful set. Remember to hear our podcast every 2nd and 4th tuesday of the month. #GetYourDanzOn
Diecast Episode 03: Person-Sized Crockpot Following the siege (and counter-seige?) of Greenest, Cezzaria and Leaky decide to pursue the bandits out of the kindness of their black hearts. But as the saying goes, the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft aglay... TL;DR We recommend you listen to this podcast from the beginning, because it is h ...…
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