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The official podcast from Apostolic Fellowship Tabernacle, AFT Church, Chennai, India, which is one of the fastest-growing churches in the country. Listen to the life-changing messages from our senior pastor Rev. Sam P. Chelladurai, Rev. Jeevan Chelladurai and other experts who teach principles of God's word with in-depth revelation, practical insights and a passion to help transform the lives of people. To learn more about ministry, visit
How often do you stop and take a chance to breathe? Welcome to the One Breath at a Thyme Podcast, where the Young Living members can explore health and wellness subjects, essential-oil-infused products, and leadership topics. Each podcast ends with a brief breathing practice using an essential oil from Young Living.
BustED Pencils
Fully Leaded Education Talk.Progressive Education news and commentary with Dr. Tim Slekar and Dr. Jed Hopkins.
Hilarious buddies, costume designer, Avery Faeth (multiple Blizzcon award-winning cosplayer), stand up comic Mike Black, (The Night Time Show, Comedy Store Regular, AFT, Action Figure Podcat) and comedian/drawer of elf butts, Andrew DeWitt (NYTV Festival, Sundance, TV Land, Jimmy Kimmel, AFT and Boner City USA) join forces to dismantle the typical "geek/nerd culture" show and turn it upside down. Get ready for a raunchy ride down the gutter where everything from Warhammer, Dungeons and Drago ...
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Bishop Danny McCool teaching on 4-22-2018
At the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois, site of the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln, a gang of bumbling counterfeiters plotted to steal the President’s body. The plot quickly became a ghoulish comedy of errors, largely forgotten in the annals of American history. The Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois, the site of th ...…
From the waters Death changes everything. The first Tin Universe story hits it's time for audio adaption. Just as with book one of T.U.M.G.S. when T.U.M. Book One is finished it will be collected into one whole audio book and sold for a charity to be named later. And that reminds me to tell you you can download the last audio series a whole aud ...…
Audio Only: Join the CCL Agriculture Action Team for a webinar featuring Jimmy Daukas, Senior Program Officer, and Samantha Levy, New York Policy Manager at American Farmland Trust, a national conservation organization dedicated to saving the land that sustains us. Jimmy and Samantha present opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions a ...…
J'lyn and Andrew interview Grade 10 student Dylan Ferris
J'lyn and Andrew talk with Julie Matthews about fake social media accounts
J'lyn and Andrew talk about top stories
Mar 22 - Aft News - 3pm - 2018 AB Budget Coverage
Mar 22 - Aft News - 2:30pm - AB Budget Preview: Dr. Trevor Tombe
Mar 22 - Aft News - 2pm - Global TV's Gord Steinke
Captured image via The Guardian. new to this series? Please make sure to go back to the BEGINNING with part 1. you can find all of the operation iraqi freedom journal entries under the 'my life so far' category In this installment I share my original journal entries from the first half of April 2003, along with comments to clarify my original n ...…
J'lyn talks with Kimberly Knull about mental health
J'lyn talks with guest Charlotte Kiddell
Caught up with Bronson Bauman this a week before the season opener in Daytona. We talked about what its like racing for legendary tuner Bill Werner, his girlfriend (who also races), and his expectations for the upcoming season.📸 Jodi Johnson00:24 - Scottie update01: 52 - Bronson intro02:15 - What have you been doing since winning Flat Out Frida ...…
[00:00:03] Hey everyone. This is Lynn Vartan and you're listening to the apex hour on SUU's Thunder ninety one point one in this show you get more personal time with the guests who visit Southern Utah University from all over. Learning more about their stories and opinions beyond their presentations on stage. We will also give you some new musi ...…
Daycare and nannies - what all moms need to know. My personal experience growing up with a FT working mom. Please listen to the facts, statistics and realities of having other people raise your children. 5 Steps: 1. Embrace minimalism - stop spending, downsize, sell-off & go without 2. Become the bookkeeper/financial manager of the home 3. Meet ...…
On todays podcast we sit down with Alex Zvada and SKITZO (Aka - Jon davis) about How he got into the RC scene and what he does when he is NOT freestylin quads! FLITE TEST - STORE - FB -'s Channel - Thanks for listening and ...…
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