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After Words
Interviews with top nonfiction authors by journalists, public policy makers, legislators, and others familiar with their work. After Words airs each weekend at the following times: Saturday at 10pm ET Sunday at 12pm ET Sunday at 9pm ET Monday at 12am ET
Slate's The Afterword
The Afterword features Slate's June Thomas interviewing the authors of new nonfiction books.
The Afterword Podcast
The Afterword Podcast is the mutant brainchild of the people who inhabit community blog - a lifeboat launched from the wreckage of The Word Magazine blog - RIP. IMPORTANT LEGAL INFORMATION The opinions and views expressed in The afterword Podcast are solely those of the individuals involved and DO NOT represent those of, the site owners or moderators, it's media and advertising partners or the website provider. Listener discretion is advised.
Word After Word
A Podcast On Writing
After Words on WRFR
After Words is an obituary reflection program on WRFR-LP 93.3fm Rockland, ME 99.3fm Camden, ME and streaming @ Each week I read the obituaries for Knox County Maine, and play music based on what I have personally gleaned from them. The show airs live every Tuesday @ 8am
Phobophobia Podcast
Ever get a feeling of existential dread when it comes to simple tasks like ordering a meal, meeting someone new, joining a dance class or throwing yourself out of an airplane? You're not alone!In Phobophobia, Leona and Scott take a lighthearted jaunt through the world of anxiety as they attempt to face this scary world head on.Each episode focuses on a challenge the hosts have set for themselves, focusing on their feelings before, and comparing that to how they felt afterwords.Some challenge ...
Tom Slade On The River by FITZHUGH, Percy Keese
Published with the permission of the Boy Scouts of America, this is one of a series of adventure books for boys telling of the adventures and exploits of scout Tom Slade and his chums. “Let your boy grow up with Tom Slade,” was a suggestion which thousands of parents followed , making TOM SLADE BOOKS the most popular boys’ books published in their day. "They take Tom Slade through a series of typical boy adventures through his tenderfoot days as a scout, through his gallant days as an Americ ...
This is the Dirty Rotten Show! Dirty Pete and Eddie Rotten invite you to the most inappropriate conversations you have ever heard. So if you think you can listen and not have to repent afterwords, or better yet, need a reason to repent, then stick around till your ears bleed... or your wrists and feet! Now grab your crown of thorns and lets start the apocalypse!
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Believers and Nonbelievers In Discussion
AfterWords 1: “Why I Believe/Disbelieve,” an epilogue to “Believers and Nonbelievers In Discussion, Episode 1”Watch this as video on our YouTube channel: Believe In Reality.Please support us at Patreon: Phil Calderone
Transcript: I want to say a little bit, I want to introduce myself. I am Jeff Robinson. I serve as pastor of Christ Fellowship Church of Louisville, here in Louisville. It's about 10 minutes from here. We are in Middletown. I want you guys to know about Louisville, but I am in Middletown, Kentucky, where it's actually just a suburb of Louisvill ...…
Jimmy & Dan spin some tunes from Minnesota pop band Madd Oso, a powerful soul song from Kashimana, and a politically charged piece from local rapper DPtheGroundhogg. Afterwords, the guys chat with DP about his music, as well as the message behind it touching on the current state of the political system.Featured Songs:1. Madd Oso: Too Tired2. Ka ...…
As you'd expect, today's Apple World Today News Update podcast is mostly about...the iPhone X. In related news, we talk about an older product that's about to go on the Apple obsolete and vintage tech list: Apple shares rose sharply today after word of unprecedented demand for the new iPhone X Didn't get an iPhone X? Head over to eBay, where so ...…
This week’s guest is hard to introduce—but only because she’s got her hands in so many different pies! Jala Smith-Huys sat down with me to talk about her various business ventures. She calls herself a “serial idea generator,” so needless to say, she’s got a lot going on! Travel-inspired Knit Cotton Throw Blankets in Portland By day, she runs a ...…
I had the pleasure of interviewing Sebastien Richard for the launch of his new book, Lead Like a Superhero. It is rare to have such a candid conversation with someone who is growing a platform. What I liked most about our talk is that we reached beyond the usual surface conversation and tilled deep into what it is really like to transition from ...…
John Snowden Chatfield, Barbara Morton Rich, 92, Thomas Michael Ford,71, Eleanor Cook Lang, 98, Sheldon Wayne Curtis, 31, Robert Salo, 69, Alan I. Carr, 77.
Elsie J. York, 83, David Timothy Hall Jr., 48, Michael James Sutela Jr., 73, Kim Knight, 61, Logan Sebastian Peters, infant, Christina Eileen Kew, 45.
Welcome everyone to Word After Word – a podcast on writing. This episode officially launches “season 2” of the podcast in which we find David Hicks moving from the co-host chair to the interviewee chair. David has just returned from a whirlwind, international book tour in support of his new novel White Plains. David talks in depth about the nov ...…
Azure Flash Friday
Great to be back for another episode of AFF! Today we had Jeff Brand, MTC Architect filling in while Rick has knee surgery. We talked about the new capability for importing Power BI Desktop files into Azure Analysis Services, new updates for Azure Analysis Services web designer, some new developments in ISO certifications in Azure, the new Cosm ...…
Angela Lynn Knight, 49, James Allen Lorenzen Sr., 63,William W. Eustis, 86, Robert James Lynch, 64, Verena D. Anderson, 97, Marion P. Gray, 83.
"I can't help but wonder sometimes, What would it be like if all of us just started telling the truth?"What is radical listening and what's really up with the world and Donald Trump? Is there something wrong with our electricity and is natural gas actually not a good thing? Why can't we trust what we're being told and how can we help save the p ...…
Syndicated columnist Naomi Klein discusses shock politics. She is interviewed by Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK.
Muriel DiGirolamo,86, Frances Bray, 94, Aaliyah Nicole Groth, 25 days, Steve Masone, 93, Mertie Lindsay, 96, and Clifford Harper, 87
The Birnbaum’s Life Story Today we’re telling you a story out of Israel. But like most stories from Israel, it doesn’t begin there. This story centers around Ervin and Hadassa Birnbaum. It’s a story that includes at least five countries, several languages and one very big war, World War II. Episode 1 ...…
In this third of five-ish international editions of the show we open with a lengthy discussion about all the many things happening this week both in Spain and the USA. The conversation gets into some great recommendations for online file management and storage, discussion of some great new tech, and maybe, just maybe, a little mindless banter. ...…
Motherboard senior editor Brian Merchant retraces the creation and development of the iPhone in his book, "The One Device." He is interviewed by [New York Times] reporter Steve Lohr.
Native America Calling - The Electronic Talking Circle
The non-Indigenous owners of Kooks Burritos in Portland closed their pop-up shop in May after word got out that they stole tortilla recipes from Indigenous women in Mexico. Last year, renowned director Francis Ford Coppola opened Werowocomoco, a Native-themed restaurant. These are just two notable examples of how people appropriate food from ou ...…
Today's show includes Permilla F. de Rochemont,91, Nancy Taylor Stokes, 90, Valdemar Thomson,69, Marnie Michele McMahan, Ernest W. Marshall Jr.,Ph.D., 92, Thomas Benson "Tommy" Armitage III, 63.
Gossiping Heifers
After word on the streets gets back to the heifers on being copy cats, its best to let your haters be your motivator during the “Vent Session”. In “Trending News”. The Congressional Black Caucus is in no hurry to meet with Trump. Kenya Moore is moving forward in marital bliss and is leaving ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan at least 200-yards behind. Ha ...…
Painted Bride Quarterly’s Slush Pile
This week at the editorial table, we discuss three poems by Matthew Kelsey, “Confessions of a Giant,” “Giant Gets Adopted,” and “Giant Loses His Virginity.” Matthew Kelsey, at 6’7”, is something of a giant and, as can be gleaned from his poems, is also his own uncle… Present at the Editorial Table: Kathleen Volk Miller Marion Wrenn Tim Fitts Ja ...…
And so we arrive at Sandman #8, the epilogue to the prelude. Morpheus decides to wrap up his grand adventure with some moping, and we meet his big sister, the least beloved of the Endless. Show Notes 0:19 – Geoff Johns is President and Chief Creative Officer at ...…
How to Paper Train Your Dragon by Nadya Duke. Featuring an afterword by Nadya Duke. Read by J.S. Arquin. #Fantasy #Dragons #Unicorns #Magic #Sisters #comedy "I'll tell you how NOT to paper train your dragon. Don't bap it on the nose with a wooden practice sword. It will light the sword on fire and then..." Nadya Duke is a licensed electrical en ...…
Episode #95: Forgotten Realms “Elminster at the Magefair” by Ed Greenwood Part 3 of 3 Today’s episode is #3 in a three part telling of a fantasy short story by Ed Greenwood about Elminster the mage from the TSR Forgotten Realms anthology Realms of Valor. In this episode, Elminster ...…
This episode was recorded at SXSWedu. Thank you to this week's sponsors Qatar Foundation International and ClassCentral! The Edtech Podcast is an official co-chair of London Edtech Week. Register for our LIVE podcast on Monday 19th June, in collaboration with Nesta on Is Edtech a Thing Please check out our Patreon campaign launch and our Listen ...…
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