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Agathos Ministries - Sermons
Agathos is a non-denominational Christian Church in Columbus, Ohio where the Bible comes alive! You will learn how much God loves you and how to be a life changer by effectively sharing that knowledge with others.
Symposium (version 2) (dramatic reading), The by PLATO (Πλάτων)
In one of Plato's more accessible works, Apollodorus tells a friend about a drinking party (or symposium) attended by many of intellectuals of late 5th century Athens. The men are one their second night of celebration for Agathon's victory at the city Dionysia, and decide that instead of drinking, they should give speeches in praise of love. - Summary by Libby Gohn Recorded as a dramatic work, cast list: Apollodorus: KHand Glaucon: Elizabeth Klett Companion to Apollodorus, and Pausanias: Bet ...
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Podcast – Sacred Pilgrim Spiritual Direction
Episode 552 In this episode of the guided lectio divina podcast, we’re continuing our Father’s Day series on Monastic Parental Wisdom using selections from The Wisdom of the Desert Fathers and Mothers translated by Henry L. Carrigan, Jr. with a saying of Agathon. The old man replied, “Humankind is like a tree; bodily asceticism is the leaves, i ...…
Legendary Passages #0058 - Laius & Chrysippus -Greek & Roman tales, from Plutarch's Parallel Stories. Last time we heard tales of Theseus & his son Hippolytus, Helen of Troy &... Short stories from mythology read aloud. Think educational bedtime stories....By (Legendary Passages).
LIGHTSPEED MAGAZINE - Science Fiction and Fantasy Story Podcast (Sci-Fi | Audiobook | Short Stories)
When word came that the king had died, Kyros began packing his tools. Agathon had been a fine patron, commissioning statues and friezes for his capital’s many temples and his own palace, but his wife had no reputation for piety or art. He was surprised, then, when one of her pages delivered a scroll requesting his services. | Copyright 2017 by ...…
Everclear is now operational and it’s a blessing and a curse for our brooding protagonist, Ben...Aaron...Baron. Laura continues confronting her worse fears and manages to meet up with Helo Agathon..sorry that’s not his name here. BSG Alum Tahmoh Pinikett popped up as a Red Zone tough guy and he wants Laura to set up a clinic. Julian gets closer ...…
Welcome to Honestly Speaking episode 11. I’m Dawn It’s nearly 2 am Thanksgiving morning and since I’m unable to sleep, I’m thinking about some of the things I’m thankful for. I tell you this because what I’m about to share is a personal story and while you will listen to it later in the holiday season I’m asking you to understand the circumstan ...…
Scene & Heard host Stuart Derdeyn welcomes actor Tahmoh Penikett, known for his work as Karl “Helo” Agathon on the Sci Fi Channel’s television series Battlestar Galactica, his role as Gadreel in CW’s Supernatural and as Paul Ballard in Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. Tahmoh discusses his career, Canadians in the movie industry and upcoming online seri ...…
Does the episode title seem a bit inane, but also intriguing and possibly lots of fun? That’s the Eurovision Song Contest! Download Direct as an MP3 Subscribe in a Newsreader Subscribe in iTunes! Listen on Stitcher! Bryan Fuller on Hannibal discussions with Netflix and Amazon. The BBC Eurovision Song Contest retrospective Guy Sebastian “Tonight ...…
The Resurrection Cast a Battlestar Galactica Intro Podcast
This week Amberlee joins us to discuss Rapture. In this episode we are shocked at the lenghs that the Agathons will go to, in order to get Hera back, we navigate love geometry, questions Starbuck's mysterious mandala and ponder what the hell D'anna saw in the Temple of the Five.
This is the second of Gerri and Eugenia�s triptych about the reimagined series Battlestar Galactica. In this podcast they look at the religious aspect of this show and interview Tahmoh Penikett who played Karl �Helo� Agathon. [more]By ( Gerri & Eugenia).
Dukomemeje kwabuka abacu biciwe gatumba. dusabako Agathon Rwasa na Pasteur Habimana , bashikirizwa inkiko bakabazwa ibyo biyemereye. andikira radio imurenge nimba haricho wunva ukeneye kutugeza.
The Resurrection Cast a Battlestar Galactica Intro Podcast
In this weeks exciting and long episode, we are joined by the amazing Kelsey to analyze Precipice. We discuss the fallout from Duck's big bang at the NCP graduation, the Cylon crackdown, the fleets's floundering rescue plan, Mrs. Agathon, Leoben's "performance" as boyfriend and father, Presidential death warrants and Nugget speculation on Exodus.…
In our twenty-eighth episode of the SciFi Diner Classic, we interview Tahmoh Penikett (Karl "Helo" Agathon in Battlestar Galactica, Paul Ballard in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, Nick Salva in Arrow, and Emerson in Man of Steel). This ep[isode was recorded at Farpoint and the room noise does make the interview sound rough. Since we do a news and inte ...…
The Resurrection Cast a Battlestar Galactica Intro Podcast
This week the crew is joined by special guest Heidi to discuss Epiphanies. We contemplate Roslin's deathbed decision to terminate Sharon's pregnancy, Helo's puppy dog eyes, Roslin remembering why she can't trust Baltar and Baby Agathon saves the day.
The Resurrection Cast a Battlestar Galactica Intro Podcast
Join the crew and special guest Michael as we finish the exciting three part arc of Adm. Cain. Ding dong the witch is dead! The nuggets get fired up on this one as we tackle Cains funeral, Apollo in the depths of despair, Starbuck being saved by the bell, Frat boy soap smelling, Baby Agathon speculation, Melanie's quest for a callsign, Papadama ...…
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