Best ageofsigmar podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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Welcome to a Warhammer Age of Sigmar And 40k podcast based in the Great White North. We cover everything about AOS and 40k from a Canadian perspective.
An Age of Sigmar podcast coming from the US Southwest. Your hosts will cover a range of topics for all players and fans of the Age of Sigmar!
Join the Warhammer Community team, and special guests, for a regular look at the latest news for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, the fantasy miniatures game. We'll have shows on the latest releases, news and reveals, as well as interviews with Warhammer Studio personalities, expert gamers, skilled painters and inspirational hobbyists from the community. Join us every week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for a new episode.
Combat Phase
Combat Phase is a weekly podcast celebrating miniature-wargaming. Hosts Kenny and Wargamer Shawn grow the hobby community and bring excellent resources to listeners around the world. Join us each week as we discuss news and rumors, tips for the hobby, community support and everything for the avid wargamer.
Justplay's Ian and Ritchie discuss competitive Age of Sigmar!
Adam and George (plus a guest) get in depth with the wonder worlds of warhammer (and more than a few others)
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