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Andy Kapadia - The Aggy Fox Podcast
The Aggy Fox Podcast
Aggie Catholic
The Aggie Catholic podcast of homilies, talks, and apologetics.
Aggie UP!
The Aggie UP Radio Channel is an online broadcast radio channel founded by Texas A&M Former Student Jennifer Thibeaux (c/o ’96). Leveraging technology and the desire to communicate to diverse audiences, Thibeaux launched the first show on April 3, 2012. The show originally launched as the Channel namesake – Aggie UP! which carried a two-person talk format that focused on a wide audience – prospective students, parents, current students, former students, and supporters of Texas A&M. The show ...
Aggie Radio
Utah State University's Student Run Radio Station
We've Never Been Clicked: Texas A&M Aggies Show
"We've Never Been Clicked" is home to Good Bull Hunting's live call-in shows and interviews with Texas A&M Sports figures and media. Most shows run under 30 minutes and cut right to the interview.
Aggie Radio Sports
Sports content for the student radio station at Utah State University
Andy Kapadia - The Aggy Fox Podcast
The Aggy Fox Podcast
Fan of a Fan
Fan of a Fan is an independently-produced podcast for stans by stans. Hosts Kayla and Aggi dissect the latest in music, pop culture and what it's like to be a fan in the social media age.
Fan of a Fan
Fan of a Fan is an independently produced podcast for stans by stans. Hosted by Kayla T. and Aggi Ashagre
Ultimate Garage 4 CD4 - The Summer Edition Mixed By DJ Son E Dee
1. We Begin Things - Skepta ft. Megaman - (Radio Edit)2. Champion Bubbler - Orange Hill Productions feat Lady Saw - (Original Mix)3. Spirit Free - (Garage Remix)4. To Be In Love - (White Label 2013 Remix)5. Cut You Off - (Pypz UKG Remix)6. Here We Go - (White Label)7. Sexify Me Remix - (Jammin D Mix)8. I'll be free feat. Impala MC - (Radical Remix)9. Ultra Nate - Free - (Hoochie Remix)10. Wild Electrikz - (Jeff Matchett Bootleg)11. Julio Bashmore vs Aggi Dukes -Au Seve (Lemmi Magic Remix)12. ...
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Aggie and Bryan argue about fanatical excerciser Tracy Anderson. Is she an aspirational goddess or a weird crackpot selling eating disorders and weird protein bars? Probably both. We also discuss how toxic mold poisoning might be prevented by tearing your house apart and following a paleo diet. Plus, $60 vibrational stickers NOT endorsed by NAS ...…
Carseland Aggie Days and more. Jenifer Wiebe, second vice president and communications director of Carseland and District Community Association & Agricultural Society and lead coordinator of Carseland Aggie Days, joins the show.
OPEN - Al Blades commits to Miami right after visiting Tennessee - was that a troll move and is he a 5-Star talent?11:35 - Texas A&M picks up some recent commitments, what’s the state of the Aggies recruiting class in 2018?16:50 - When can we start saying Oregon can recruit Florida after all?22:45 - Joshua Moore commits to Nebraska, will he sta ...…
Hey ya'll, this week we discuss toxic fandoms and play The Name Game. Use #foafpod when you're tweeting about the show.@SamSykesSwears: Us:foaf- @thefanpodcastaggi- @agereneshkt- @kayylalindionne- @yagirldj ...…
Butterflies of Wisdom
Butterflies of Wisdom is a podcast where we want to share your story. We want to share your knowledge if you have a small business if you are an author or a Doctor, or whatever you are. With a disability or not, we want to share your story to inspire others. To learn more about Butterflies of Wisdom visit ...…
The Out of Bounds Show
BO talks Kevin Sumlin and the statements the Texas A&M A.D made regarding the Aggie's head coach and their upcoming season. Florida State asst. basketball coach Stan Jones joins the show to talk basketball/NBA Draft. Tune in!
The Rangers and Astros pick up wins, Texas OL Brandon Hodges has decided to become a graduate transfer, Aggie baseball gets bounced by TCU... again and the NBA drama heats up a day out of the 2017 Draft. B&E talk what Texas will do on the OLine in 2017, discuss what other moves could be made in the NBA before tomorrow night, give you the latest ...…
Purple Menace Podcast
We waited a little longer so we could talk about a TCU Baseball victory so we hope it was worth it. We talk about TCU sending the Aggies home for the third straight year, four new football recruits and a new basketball offer, we get started on our positional previews for football, up first is the offensive line, and we wrap it all up with your ...…
Drunk Words Sober Thoughts
Made it to episode 20!!! Runnin' down the news for the week! Nicki & Remy still beefing. Jay is dropping somethin new. THE TWINS ARE HERE...well we aren't 100% sure. 45 still aggy. RIP Philando.Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @dwstpodcast
RTÉ - The Ray Darcy Show
On today's show, a baby boom in Rathmullen Co. Donegal, The Trinity Access programme, Too Old For The Road, Terry Wogan memorabilia and cleaning tips with Aggie Mac Kenzie
RTÉ - The Ray Darcy Show
Our cleaning expert Aggie MacKenzie solves your housekeeping problems.
The Key Differences Between Cottonseed And Protein Pellets And How They Work Together To Grow Bigger Bucks With Wildlife Biologist Macy Ledbetter. EP 02: How Cottonseed Can Help Grow Bigger Bucks With Biologist Macy Ledbetter Show Notes: Wildlife Biologist Macy Ledbetter gives us an in-depth perspective on Cottonseed – the Pros, the Cons and ho ...…
Aggie and Bryan report back from (reading about) In Goop Health, the Goop Wellness Summit unleashed on the tragic white ladies of Los Angeles. It’s as insane as expected, with aura photography, collagen martinis, and yoni eggs galore. We also talk about the benefits of hypnosis, Jean approved face wipes, $4500 cooking classes, and why we’re all ...…
This week Andy from the Aggy Fox podcast joins us, and he lusts for a filthy muffin.Penny does some improv poetry, stewpot does an apology and Lee reveals some embarrassing stories. What happened to Spuggie, Bob Dylan calls in (allegedly), Dana goes shopping and Penny starts #teamGatfordOh and who the hell is Bill Colander ?…
The College World Series is front and center in this episode of the College Baseball Now podcast. In this episode, the four head coaches who will compete in the CWS in the first-round games on Sunday, June 18, are featured. The coaches in this podcast include Dan McDonnell of the Louisville Cardinals, Rob Childress of the Texas A&M Aggies, Jim ...…
The entire crew is in the same room, so buckle up as the Bullcast takes you on a fantastic journey as we discuss: - The little Aggies go to Omaha. That's somewhere in middle America. - WE ARE THE ONLY ONES WITH THE BUBBLES- Stoops, right? I mean, who saw that coming? - sponsorship- Fake Fran gets Mohicansed - What would an Aggie Stev ...…
Fr. Brian McMaster: "Vision for Permanent Parishioners" homily for Sunday, May 21, 2017 Fr. Brian is pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Center in College Station, TX
Fr. Brian McMaster: "Fr. Doug Jeffers First Mass" Homily for Sunday, June 4, 2017 by Fr. Brian McMaster at St. Mary's Catholic Center in College Station. The Catholic Campus Ministry serving Texas A&M University.
Fr. Brian McMaster: "Home" Homily from Sunday, May 14, 2017 by Fr. Brian McMaster at St. Mary's Catholic Center in College Station. The Catholic Campus Ministry serving Texas A&M University.
Fr. Brian McMaster: "Mass Isn't Boring" Homily for Sunday, April 30, 2017 by Fr. Brian McMaster at St. Mary's Catholic Center in College Station. The Catholic Campus Ministry serving Texas A&M University.
Fr. Brian McMaster: "Divine Mercy" homily for Sunday, April 23, 2017 by Fr. Brian McMaster at St. Mary's Catholic Center in College Station. The Catholic Campus Ministry serving Texas A&M University.
Fr. Brian McMaster: "The Room Shook" Homily for Sunday, April 16, 2017 Fr. Brian McMaster at St. Mary's Catholic Center in College Station. The Catholic Campus Ministry serving Texas A&M University.
This week we're discussing songs of the summer and Tinashe's interview with The Guardian. Use #foafpod when you're tweeting about the show.Billboard Summer Songs:'s interview: ...…
Sometimes I write about how unique and fascinating it can be to work on a college campus, and this shot is a good example of what I mean by that. There I was, walking to work on a drizzly Wednesday morning when lo and behold I came across an airplane sitting in the lawn just north of Theta Pond. (Look closely in the background and you can see o ...…
Come hang out with my friend Agnes Calceta (Aggie C on Yelp). Agnes is Very involved in the local dining scene, and is the Perfect official Aloha Disney 808 Food Critic! My Top 3 picks close to Aulani: 3. Hawaii Pot Shabushabu House 4850 Kapolei Pkwy Ste 303 Kapolei, HI 96707 2. Brick ...…
Texas and Texas A&M haven't met on the field since the Aggies made off to the Southeastern Conference after the 2011 season, but that rivalry has far from died down on the recruiting trail. Damon Sayles and Sanjay Kirpalani take a look at the battle brewing in the Lone Star State as the two top schools attempt to divide up all of the elite tale ...…
Hail Varsity Radio: The best source for Nebraska Cornhusker football fans
Former Husker Jay Moore is back. We touch on the Keyshawn Johnson Jr. citation and hear from Coach McBride on RPO rules and Big Game Bob Stoops. Also, a former Husker turned Aggie is headed back to "The Good Life" for the CWS as Texas A&M assistant Will Bolt joins the show.
The Bullcast
Buckle up, the boys are actually in the same room. On this episode, Dr. Camacho, ChuckGBH, and Wes get together in the same room to talk about Game One of the Aggie Super Regional, Chemical Toilets, how we look when we Bullcast, the most important sports movie of all time, the 90s, the Dream Team, Twitter Questions, and the arrival of Cool Hand ...…
Sermon Archive and Podcast – UUCA – Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta
Nancy Bartlett In 2012 I went to Mexico – my first time ever out of the United States or Canada – and I went for seven weeks … alone, no one’s needs or wants to accommodate but my own. I lived in a pretty small room so cleaning took all of 10 minutes a week. My days were spent in Spanish classes and walking. Meandering really, going where my he ...…
On this short and sweet episode of Goop Yourself, Aggie and Bryan discuss how toxic cotton is giving flight attendants hives, and the rest of us cancer and autism. We explain why clean risotto is great, why clean 7-layer-dip is tragic, and why Jean Godfrey June is the Sean Spicer of the Goop Administration. We also touch briefly on Gwyneth’s tr ...…
We're finally back!!!! This week we're discussing what it's like to be a black stan. Use #foafpod when you're tweeting about the show.Follow Us On Twitter:foaf- @thefanpodcastkayla- @kayylalinaggi- @agereneshdionne- @yagirldjmagic
In this episode: A&T's Belcher Chases NCAA TitlesBCU Makes Baseball Run CIAA Moves Football Title Game, Drops BaseballOne-on-One with co-creator of SU On The Yard Perry White
After an unfortunate series with the Aggies, the Houston Cougar baseball teams season has come to an end.. but that doesnt equate to frowny faces over here! In this episode, the guys recap the UH regional, give out some accolades to our players, as well as take a look inside the rest of the NCAA Road to Omaha.Need a preview of what our the team ...…
In this ep we're talking all about how to become unfuckwithable thru controlling your energy and mood! And the Queen shares her most recent embarrassing moment. If you've ever found yourself aggy after dealing with certain folks or just spazz'in out in traffic, then this show is for you! Happy the previous episodes?Catc ...…
College Baseball Now
Dick Cooke is in his 27th season as head coach of the Cinderella Davidson Wildcats. In late May, the Wildcats won their first league championship in the program’s 115-year history by winning the Atlantic 10 Tournament after arriving in St. Louis as the sixth seed. Making their first appearance ever in the NCAA Tournament this past weekend, the ...…
Learn How Double Down Deer Feed Produces Amazing Growth Results Year After Year In Wild, Free-Ranging Deer From Creator And Founder Brett Holden. EP 01: A Protein Chat With Double Down Creator Brett Holden Show Notes: Brett Holden gives us an in-depth perspective on some of the components in Double Down Deer Feed and how it produces amazing gro ...…
Highlights Official Bulletin: War bonds, fake news, prostitutes, shoes, trucks and draft dodgers |@ 01:00 Guest: Mike Shuster on the low enthusiasm, Creel, 4 minutes men and arrests for disagreeing with the government. |@ 07:15 War In The Sky: Profile Raynal Bolling |@ 11:00 Events: Memorial day retrospective |@ 14:00 States: NY “Beyond The Tre ...…
This week Gwyneth forces Bryan and Aggie to confront their personality disorders. But pretty much everyone’s a narcissist, right?? We also learn how to safely consume coffee, trust the mystical wisdom of old racist ladies from Laguna Beach, and shop for Father’s Day (a $1000 leather ice chest and a copy of On The Road.) If you like the pod, ple ...…
Andy Kapadia - The Aggy Fox Podcast
In this episode I am joined by TalkRadio's Iain Lee. We discuss the effect the tragic events in Manchester have had and I have a chance to thank Iain for his part in inspiring me to do this here Podcast. As you all know I am a massive fan of Iain's show which you can catch on TalkRadio 10pm-1am DAB or online iain_lee.mp3File Size: 48843 kbFile ...…
The Aggies enter NCAA Division I Championship, after being named a No. 3 seed. The regional will be in Houston, TX where the Aggies will face the Baylor Bears. You can catch the Aggies in action Friday, June 2 at 2 p.m. on ESPN2.
The Elite 11 finals have arrived. Which of the three five-star quarterbacks will assert themselves? Which players in the field qualify as sleepers to watch? Sanjay Kirpalani and Damon Sayles discuss in this edition of Recruitniks. Plus, the guys identify three schools that need a strong June recruiting months, from Georgia to Stanford and Michi ...…
Texas A&M currently boasts the No. 27 recruiting class in the country, according to Where do the Aggies go from here, and what can Aggie fans expect moving forward? Fletcher Whiteley, recruiting analyst for Aggie Yell, joins Sanjay Kirpalani and Damon Sayles to discuss in an all-new Recruitniks.…
ESPN Pensacola
Tate Aggie Baseball alum, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum member, and voice of Atlanta Braves, Don Sutton joined the Drive on Friday 5/26/2017.
This week goop debuts the most boring sex advice column the world has ever known. This, coupled with a truly basic guide to “colorstrology” makes for a dud of a newsletter. On the plus side, we teach ourselves ESP on our iphones, Aggie delves into the world of mineral sunscreens, and Bryan come out as basket non-binary. Don’t forget to rate and ...…
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