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Alone: A Love Story, is a memoir about love, the bomb, and the fallout. With raw honesty, Michelle Parise takes you along on her winding journey from lust to heartbreak, through loneliness and despair, to eventually finding the courage to face the question mark of life, alone.
Not Alone
Not Alone is a weekly podcast covering all things mysterious and unexplained. Your hosts, Sam and Jason, have been called 'the Siskel & Ebert of things strange', and others with interest in the paranormal saying that 'as a fellow believer in the weird, it's like coming home'. Join us as we reveal to you the hidden realm of the paranormal, nestled within the so called Real World. From stories you've never heard of, to ones you know by heart, we hope our variety of topics, from Curses to Crypt ...
A sailing memoir written by seaman and adventurer Joshua Slocum, who was the first person to sail around the world alone, documents his epic solo circumnavigation. An international best-seller, the book became a great influence and inspiration to travelers from each corner of the globe. Additionally, Slocum is an example that through determination, courage and hard work any dream can easily become a reality. Written in a modern and conversational tone, the autobiographical account begins wit ...
En podcast om Liverpool FC. Rasmus Wold inviterer kjente Liverpool-supportere til å snakke om klubben i sitt hjerte.
Three stupid Americans discussing their favorite English Premier League team: Liverpool!
1950s Sci-Fi Comedy Podcast
Lock your doors, but tell your friends to tune into the podcast party with Mike and Matty that never ends! We ruminate and reminisce about great horror films that have inspired us throughout our lives. The door's always open- come on in! Just turn the lights off first.....
a podcast about the experience of learning Japanese
Leave That Thing Alone is a biweekly podcast where podcasting pros (from I Don't Even Own a Television) and pro-prog activists J.W. Friedman and Chris Collision laugh through the catalog of legendary Canadian power trio Rush, one album at a time, in order. We love Rush without taking them, or ourselves, too seriously.
In recent years scientists have discovered over 430 exoplanets, or planets that revolve around sun-like stars. While no Earth-like planet has been found, recent discoveries confirm an early SETI hypothesis that a significant percentage of stars in our galaxy should have orbiting planets around them. But discovering a planet that has the potential to support life or receiving an extraterrestrial signal raises another important question: Is it possible to quickly travel across the universe? Th ...
Reach for your essence
The ‘Alonely’ show was a live theatre piece made up from reflections on isolation and loneliness of older people who live in the BS3 area in South Bristol, UK. In 2016 a group of older volunteers, trained in Community Research, interviewed a number of local older people who have been affected in one way or another. Their experiences and opinions were transcribed, mixed with a few thoughts from the interviewers and then reshuffled and refined by a local dramaturge, Adam Peck. They are perform ...
Joshua Slocum was the first man to sail around the world alone in a small boat. He personally rebuilt an 11.2 metre sloop-rigged fishing boat that he named the Spray. On April 24, 1895, he set sail from Boston, Massachusetts. More than three years later, he returned to Newport, Rhode Island, on June 27, 1898 having circumnavigated the world, a distance of 46,000 miles (74,000 km).In 1899 he described the voyage in Sailing Alone Around the World now considered a classic of travel literature. ...
Grace Alone
The work of the Holy Spirit through Christian History in the past and present. "For it is by grace you are saved through faith, not by works lest any man should boast." (Ephesians 2:8-9) Bilingual podcast (English/Spanish). (Download the companion timeline here: ) Use this practical Christian History timeline to view Grace Alone episodes in chronological order as they occurred throughout history from Antiquity to the Modern Period.
For God’s Glory Alone Ministries is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We are dedicated to serving the body of Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching and commentary of current events.
We’re All Alone in This Together. Digital Communion is dedicated to exploring all aspects of the Human Experience. Join Nic Gabriel and Thomas Faustin-Huiskin as they relate their experiences and musings on life.
Exploring stories of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity
Kate Quarm is a bright and sensitive girl. She lives with her aunt and uncle at Coombe Cellers, a farmhouse, eating house and store occupying a promontory in the estuary of the Teign, in the south of Devon. Kate's father is a dreamer, always off on the next get-rich-quick scheme, wandering across the countryside with his donkey cart. It seems that no one has the time or the inclination to try to understand Kitty and she is left very much "alone." But when she ferries the son of the richest f ...
Don't HR Alone
Welcome to the Dont HR Alone Podcast, brought to you by Poplar Financial. Don't HR Alone brings you daily news and updates for the HR profession, and weekly interviews with HR leaders.
Alone Zone
this is Alone Zone, a podcast by Kayden Michael about personal experiences to help others navigate theirs
Podcast by Alon Ben-Meir
Home Alone
We're your hosts Eric and Rose, and in this podcast we talk about all sorts of current events, controversial topics and politics. Everything from the Black Lives Matter movement to the hottest movies and games! So come on in and give us a listen.Don't forget to follow us on SoundCloud and on our social media platforms! We are also available on iTunes, so if you're listening to us on there, the links to our social medias platforms can be found on our SoundCloud page.Want to get a hold of us? ...
Alone Time
Review of History Channel's series "Alone"
We are in the golden age of nerdom! And now that we are mainstream, it's time we step up our game. Follow Dangerous to Go Alone! for discussions on geek and nerd media, what we are doing right, and what we can do better.
Two friends that live across the country sit down and talk.Featuring Stan Martell & Hank KhanSubmit topics or questions here: us on Twitter: for checking out the show & whether you enjoyed it or not, we're only wishing you the best.
Ajay Alone
Ajay Alone
Alone Together
Podcast by Robert Rust Amelia Peacock
If you love to talk & laugh behind Pop Culture's back about TV, Movies, Music, Tech, Food & Life, follow me!
Join Danny Frawley for SEN's new show on men's health. Whether it be mental health, addiction or lifestyle, No Man Should Ever Walk Alone covers it all.
Two NYC fighters talk martial arts, diet, fitness, lifestyle and more, also we're very handsome.
Alone on a Friday night? Don't be. Hang out with Foxhill! He'll give you one hour of awesome music so that you can party like it's 1999.
Never Work Alone
freelance, networking, experience, stories, creative, bay-area, gig, own boss, filmmaking, video, editing,
You Are Not Alone
From tragedy to triumph, best-selling author, speaker and transformational coach April Joy Ford offers this show for those seeking answers and solutions to their stress, strains, struggles and setbacks. Gain insight on tools and truth to get empowered. Know that you are not alone and that there is hope. There are golden blessings to be discovered even when life throws you a curve ball and you can still experience joy. Being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and becoming a widowed single p ...
You Are Not Alone
From Darkness to Faith. Highlighting God's Glory in the Battle
Sermons and divre Torah, delivered at Heska Amuna Synagogue, Knoxville, Tennessee, made possible through the generosity of the Hecht and Messing families.
Leaf Us Alone
A chill podcast for reviewing tea and books.
How To Die Alone
A podcast for the broken person inside all of us. If you've ever wondered how to find delight in oblivion, wonder no more.
Radio Home Alone
A Bi-monthly Recorded Broadcast
Alone; The Podcast
Alone; the Podcast is one professionally alone podcasters journey to self okayness. The host who has been single for 26 years walks and talks you through different scenarios and times in which being alone isn't always the norm but is always okay. Follow Amanda as she talks about how to be alone on Valentines day, at a movie, convention and even when moving across the country and world. Come be alone with me, wont you?
Andy Fasa (Francisco Anderson, Ipu Ceará, 1994) began his journey in the world of electronic music at age 12. Later, he entered the field of music production and fell in love with House Music and Electro house went on to produce various dance styles, trying to merge into their tracks characteristic of these great strands of e-music! Getting it launched in the market. Officially remixing great artists like Digitalchord, Daab, Psy, and many others !.Brasil BIO: Andy Fasa (Francisco Anderson, I ...
Queer and Alone
Jim Strahs' 1987 novel, Queer and Alone, read by Scott Halvorsen Gillette, of Radiohole
Coming Home Alone
Jamey rediscovers his hometown one episode at a time.
This podcast is created by Alon Ben Joseph. I am an entrepreneur from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. On this podcast I will talk about things that interest me and this time I share my favorite podcasts and would love to hear what are yours. For more info:
You Are Not Alone
This is for those of you ladies that are dealing with an incarcerated spouse in the prison system. It is a show of support to let you know that you are not alone and others are going through the same struggle as you. Its a way to stand united against the nay sayers and those that want to judge you because of the situation you are in. Its a way to let you know that you got this sis and we got you!
You're not alone!
I'm Pastor Dave. I've been blind for most of my life. Let me say, you do not need to see physically to see God. Faith sees God.Each episode I share my Reflections on God's word.Content Copyright, Dave Andrus 2015-2016
Alone And Bored
Hey! So we are bored during lunch, so we made this podcast so we can talk about random stuff. Tune in every week!
Alone With People
Anything you say can and will be used against you for humor on the internet.
Home Alone's Podcast
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show series
01. Bodo Kaiser - Time Square (Original Mix) [Freegrant Music] 02. NSea - See The Stage (Original Mix) [Entrancing Music] 03. Nikhil Prakash - Live A Little (Extended Mix) [Elliptical Sun Recordings] 04. Mehdi Belkadi - Polaris (Original Mix) [Freegrant Music] 05. Rodg feat. Patrick Baker - Nothing To Prove (Assaf Extended Remix) [Statement] 06 ...…
Life is a game and there are many of us learning how to play it well. More and more people are waking up all over the globe to the realization that we are the creators of our reality. We are not here to go through the motions or endure our life situations but to find the freedom that is available in every single moment. Mindfulness and meditati ...…
The gang gets together this week to discuss spilled lube, parodies of artistic masterpieces, and other ground breaking topics. "This is our best episode yet" -Every week in the podcast group chat.Music:Alone X Halsey, All Night Long X Loinel RichieIG and Twitter: @mcdirtysfinestEmail:… Saul Audio Blog for Sunday May 20th As humanity continues to grow in wisdom and maturity, and it has always been in the process of doing this, changes of an amazing nature will continue to occur. You chose to build the illusory world of separatio ...…
Silence. Loss. Addiction. Pain. The alienation of repression. The forced-feeding of narratives which foster our unhealthy reliance on an "Other." These are all things that can distance us... from ourselves. All things that can leave us feeling disembodied from who we are and who we wish to be. But the most important journey home is to ourselves ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Berean Sovereign Grace Church is now available on with the following details: Title: # 139 John 19 vs 16 to 24 They divided my garments Subtitle: John Speaker: James Guyo Broadcaster: Berean Sovereign Grace Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: John 19:16-24 Length: 93 min. Overview: 1- Bearin ...…
Introduction: 1. A test of faith (v14-17). 2. The faith that alone saves, is never alone ... (v18-19) 2. The living faith of Abraham and Rehab (v20-26). Conclusion:
In this episode, we discuss what it means to be PATIENT while persevering in whatever tasks and goals we are trying to accomplish. We talk about the meaning of these words and how it all relates to some really inspiring stories and quotes included in this podcast. Phil also talks at length about loneliness and reminding us that nobody is ever t ...…
G gets promoted.not a lot of bits this ep on account I'm tired but -We talk about feminism in The Woman (2011, Lucky McKee), Revenge (2017, Coralie Fargeat), and the general illiteracy of most film reviewers to talk about feminism in film since they don't know what feminism is, and whether feminism is just of utility to a certain-educated class ...…
The Fault in Our Stars (TFIOS), the "romantic tragedy" film that hit the top of the box office in the summer of 2014. It's a great story, a great book, and a great movie (despite being an adaptation). And it's a love story, but we connect to people in other ways. Topic of this Episode The Fault in Our Stories (2014) directed by Josh Boone Based ...… Steve Lindsley (Acts 2: 1-21) This week, Grace and I are beginning a six-week sermon series titled, The Early Church All Over Again. Here’s the gist of it: the church as we know it is changing. This is not news. Truth be told, it’s ...…
Zaz is left alone. Well, not quite alone.. Who's inside that suit of armor and why was Zaz spared? I wonder what's is in store for Zaz as he comes to terms with just happened. Did that bush just talk?..
KORRI'S TRIALS (or how to be a good person): Who left Cezzaria all alone with the sharp objects?! What will come of the Dragon Cultists Korri discovered while performing medicine without a license? This week's episode is a doozy as the Diecast crew take the low road out of Carnath Roadhouse and showcase some seriously bad judgement. Ready to ra ...…
Let's dig around our dump and look for something a little different. Past the discarded NES consoles, past the buried 2600s, to the section marked Coin-Op. It is here that we find the discarded cabinets of yesteryear. Once these machines would have brought joy to those who played them with a simple coin put into the coin slot. Now they sit dorm ...…
This week we discuss the cancelling of the expanse, and the obsession with Laurel & Yanny All the links are on : Fun stuff john | Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin Insult Each Other | alan | Zhiyun Smooth 4 | john | “I am that guy” – Amos | a ...…
In this episode, Madelyn and Emma discuss Crash Team Racing and Danganronpa V3 and confuse everybody by saying ARUGALA back and forth a lot. Also featuring the word "interesting," what makes up a racing game, and whether or not the "u" is necessary.
In this episode, Al interviews Dr. Loren Olson, a psychiatrist and published author (recorded 2-13-18). Dr. Olson shares about his own challenges of depression and the depression that ran in his family. This included his grandfather, who tragically took his own life while living with Dr. Olson when Dr. Olson was only about six years. Dr. Olson ...…
La Belle Dame sans Merci: A Ballad By John Keats O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms, Alone and palely loitering? The sedge has withered from the lake, And no birds sing. O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms, So haggard and so woe-begone? The squirrel’s granary is full, And the harvest’s done. I see a lily on thy brow, With anguish moist and fev ...…
The Bible teaches that faith is the key to discovering eternal life, pleasing God, and living out the Christian life. But while “faith alone” is how we become a Christian, true faith is never alone— it is always accompanied by resultant good works. While faith is the exclusive “root” of gaining salvation and eternal life, “good works” are the g ...…
Medicine Beach lies just across the ocean from Alma Lightbody's home. For thousands of years the first people here knew that healing needs a medicine penetrating far deeper than the physical body alone. Alma awoke to such energy medicine later in life as a medical technologist more familiar with the allopathic paradigm of treating ills. She com ...…
Surah Al Munafiqun is the 63rd Surah of the Holy Quran. The meaning of Al Munafiqun is the Hypocrites, which is from the root word nifaq, which means hypocrisy. Generally, we have learned that this Surah was revealed for three main reasons: There were Munafiq individuals at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and we should know of them, Alla ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Berean Sovereign Grace Church is now available on with the following details: Title: # 139 John 19 vs 16 to 24 They divided my garments Subtitle: John Speaker: James Guyo Broadcaster: Berean Sovereign Grace Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: John 19:16-24 Length: 93 min. Overview: 1- Bearin ...…
Stand alone sermon by Phil Schaefer on May 20, 2018. On Sunday, May 20th, we celebrated Pentecost Sunday.
Our world paints a picture that every family fits the status quo: Dad, Mom kids, career, and home. Yes, that is the dream for most but for some, it is not reality. Too many families lack fathers today which means Mothers have to constantly step up and raise our future children by themselves. With this responsibility comes tremendous pressure, e ...… Download Dragonfly – Episode 29/ The new year, 567 MY, has begun. The heroes decide to leave the elf faction alone as they continue with their invasion. Instead, the party heads west to deal with the witch king, Seveer! Soon after leaving the town of Rocken, a witch and her ...…
Ep 02 Even paladin Last episode Introduced myselfBasic coverage of HearthstoneHow do we learn?What is tiltLadder system adaptationPlans for the future This episode Go through adaptDeckbuilding approachMana and manacurveBuild Paladin Even dudesTilt, anger regarding emotes and roping Hearthstone and new expansion from deckbuilding perspective Tim ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Wilton Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Revealer of Secrets Subtitle: Never Alone Speaker: Steve Harness Broadcaster: Wilton Baptist Church Event: Midweek Service Date: 5/16/2018 Bible: Amos 3 Length: 41 min.
Sorry for a few weeks away, graduations and community events. The white girliest white girl thing ever, the royal wedding. Should that be capitalized!? I still want to know WHY or WHAT starts your relationship fights. Which brings us to Ashley Madison resurrecting herself in D's marriage. Mayor Wade's first 'scandal.' Leave our friend Councilma ...…
The Edge Play-list #681 Date: 11-05-18 Clint Maximus Played: 01. LEFTI FT. Tatiana DeMaria - A Different Kind (Extended Mix) / Future House Music 02. Roger Martin FT. Maurice - Found Love (Extended Mix) / Ministry Of Sound 03. Leandro Da Silva - So Excited (Original Mix) / Enormous Tunes 04. Stefflon Don, Big Sean & Halsey - Alone (CIDRemix) / ...…
So why is the Order of the Phoenix my favorite Harry Potter novel? The rich, imaginative descriptions of new places in the Wizarding World are part of it, sure, but it’s more. It’s the delicious, immensely satisfying way that evil gets its comeuppance by the end of the book. This chapter gives a little foreshadowing of that. At the hearing, Har ...…
Episode 210: Straight Swap Moyes And AllardyceThis week: Edward goes it alone to recap the final weekend of the Premier League, the Europa League Final, and the semifinals of the EFL Championship playoff. News and Notes starts the managerial merry-go-round, and Wes comes in at the end for a brief visit to Anfield Corner.NGSC Sports NGSCSports.c ...…
Part 19 – How Do I Pray and What Is Biblical Fasting? As one opens the Bible and turns to the pages of the New Testament, one is struck by the sheer number of references and exhortations calling God’s people to prayer. As Christians, we cannot dispense of this holiest discipline since it is the very lifeline not only of the Christian but of the ...…
The gate swung open with a high wail. Razim swapped curious looks with Sidregar. They paced into the city, scanning the streets for an open inn. The streets were empty. The city seemed abandoned, like much of the country surrounding it, yet they had heard no news of any trouble as they approached this kingdom. What surprises await two newly arr ...…
We Are Not Alone, trance podcastBy
Things may feel temporary to you, youre not alone. Whether its friendships, jobs, dont feel bad about it. Quick thoughts from Joseph.
We go over the latest news, both at a state and federal level. New gun laws: CRPA ammo: ...…
No matter how high your income you cannot become wealthy through income from your work alone and unless you learn to generate passive income you will have to run the rat race for the rest of your life. In this episode Danny, Poujix, and Sinix discuss the issue of passive income, articulate its importance, and offer various means to generate pas ...…
Zechariah 14:9 NLT 'And the Lord will be king over all the earth. On that day there will be one Lord – his name alone will be worshiped.' It’s hard to observe global events or experience personal disappointment and to maintain a constructive view of God’s authority. Why is it that God’s rule fails to counteract the evil and tragedy we observe a ...…
You’ve listened to the episode, now listen to the song, and sing along. Free for a limited time. And by limited, I mean forever. Note: this is the 12th track of the 15-track album, and episode 24 of the 30 episode podcast series. Bound Sitting alone in his room looking down At a flyer that promotes another party downtown But not tonight. And hi ...…
In this episode, I speak a little about me and how I would like my podcast to go. We are not alone in this world and we can overcome anything because we are strong
Former Australian coach John Buchanan says day/night Test cricket should be treated as the fourth stand-alone form of the game, alongside daytime Tests, One Day matches and T20s. He joined Cam Reddin to discuss the direction of day/night Test cricket, and how India's abstention might change its course.…
Listen to my new interview with DJ Shawna! Not only is she an inspiration to me, but will be to everyone that listens! We talk about everything from movies, to music to her new book "The Adventures of Bob and Downtown! Which you can buy at DJ Shawna has made her presence felt on a national and international scale with p ...…
Taylor is back from his trip to Sioux City, IA for a couple of speaking events and he has stories Usually, his "Spiritual Warfare" talk is pretty serious but this group of students made it an absolute blast! In this show, we go through the talk through the eyes of the young lady who took hilarious notes throughout the evening. We also discuss a ...…
The tales are still told around the fires, of course. Half-remembered fables spun from fading memories of mighty feats. Songs of heroes, when heroes are needed more than ever. But none have seen the Crowbarbarians in many a ten-year. What has become of them, those strapping champions? What of Senior Tom the Stoic, an unyielding stone that no ri ...…
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