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This story opens with a young woman who voyages alone into the wilds of Alaska to escape her tragic past. It then continues on to a young man who passionately protects the pristine environment, people and way of life in this snowbound country. Finally, a greedy profiteer arrives in the narrative whose only aim is to fill his pockets. When these three characters encounter each other on the stark and snowy plains, it's a clash of ideals and the sparks begin to fly. The Alaskan by James Oliver ...
Podcast by The Mediocre Alaskan Podcast
The Alaskan Riviera
The Alaskan Riviera is a Northern Exposure podcast by Hazel and On. Each show discusses an episode of the American television show which ran from 1990-1995 on CBS.
Kill me
Outdoor Explorer
Ideas, info and adventure for active Alaskans.
Each week, Earthsongs gives Public Radio and Net listeners the chance to explore the Indigenous influences that help shape and define contemporary American music. Host provides a weekly music selection that makes Earthsongs the type of unexpected, exciting programming that quickly becomes a weekly habit.
CIRIosity is a podcast intended to inform CIRI shareholders, and others interested in our company, about all the interesting things happening at CIRI.
Aussie Dane Lars Klint (The Dane) and Alaskan Joel Jackson (The Pain) discuss the world of technology and how it relates to the real world. With a passion for all gadgets, nothing is sacred. Any topic is treated with the same level of curiosity, ignorance and blatant disregard for the Swedish.
Murder under the Midnight Sun is an Alaskan True Crime & History podcast, with a focus on unsolved cases and missing persons.
Arctic Entries
In the spirit of "The Moth" and "Stoop Stories," Arctic Entries brings Alaskans to the stage to share their personal stories, funny, sad, and sweet.
A podcast adaptation of stories from the fiction collection A Consternation of Monsters, by Eric Fritzius. A consternation, as you should remember from grade school, is the collective noun for monsters. It is therefore a fitting title for a collection of short stories that each contain monsters of various sorts and shades. In these tales, a creature of make-believe proves difficult to disbelieve, a trickster-god takes an unkindly interest in witnesses, eldritch horrors can be summoned using ...
Room 220
This comedy video blog explores life in the famous Room 220. Starring the gamer, the alaskan and the mac lover.
Anchortown AK
Building community by sharing stories from the young(ish) people of Anchorage
These are the weekly messages from ChangePoint in Anchorage, Alaska, where we believe in Life in Christ for every Alaskan and the world beyond.
Alaska Podshow
Discover Alaska through film and photography with Native Alaskan Scott Slone as he hikes, boats, climbs and travels throughout some of the most awe-inspiring locations in Alaska.
The podcast on hunting, fishing, and trapping in Alaska, with an Alaskan perspective
Discovery Film and Photography in Alaska with Alaskan Scott Slone as he hikes, boats, climbs and travels throughout some of the most awe-inspiring locations in Alaska.
Dr. Ande Radio
Host, Iolande V. Argent is all about promotion. What do you want to promote? A book? A product? A service? A business? A resource? Better mental health? Better money management? Better career choices? Better relationship choices? Somethings not easily explained by science?
The National Geographic Magazine Volume 4, articles published in 1892 and 1893.The Evolution of Commerce: Annual Address by the President, Gardiner G. HubbardStudies of Muir Glacier, AlaskaGeography of the Air: Annual Report by Vice-President General A. W. GreelyThe Mother Maps of the United StatesAn Expedition through the Yukon DistrictThe North American DesertsThe Alaskan Boundary SurveyCollinson's Arctic JourneyNotes:Topographic Survey of CanadaLieutenant Peary's Crossing of northern Gree ...
Alaskan historian Anjuli Grantham joins anthropologists, archaeologists, curators, historians, culture bearers and others to examine rarely-told stories from Alaska's history.
The Case of The Vanishing Seals: An Alaskan Island Mystery.
Life in a rural Alaskan town, as we think it.
Call of the Wild is an emotional rollercoaster of a novel set during the late 19th century Klondike Gold Rush. The central character is Buck, an Alaskan sled dog who is forced to adjust to the cruel climate in order to survive. If you have even a remote love of dogs then you will fall head over heels in love with this book. In fact, take away the fact that Buck is a dog and the story is the same, a struggle against greed and to live a life of freedom. London spent a year in Yokel researching ...
Michael Dukes is a 3rd generation Alaskan and an underpaid radio talk host. He tackles the news of the day with dry wit and humor. As a Libertarian he eschews the same old US vs THEM and LEFT vs RIGHT dichotomy. He also covers things happening in the world of entertainment, sports, pop culture, technology and pretty much anything else shiny that happens to stray across his path. He can be heard daily on the internet at
Hugely popular among younger readers, White Fang by Jack London was a runaway hit when it first debuted in 1906, as a serial story in the Outing magazine. Since then it continues to enjoy immense acclaim and popularity as a coming of age allegory where a nonconformist youngster is transformed into a responsible citizen. The most appealing aspect of White Fang is that it's told from the point of view of an animal, in this case an Alaskan Husky. Like Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, White Fang als ...
Cody Talks
I am from Tuntutuliak, an Alaska Native village. I will be talking a lot of things and topics and debates.
Life on the far northern edge of America. Alaskan living is a little different and a little the same as living anywhere else, and we like to talk about that and poo and adventures and Star Wars and bear encounters and did we mention poo? More at
Trapped in a remote Alaskan forest, pinned under his own SUV, gnawed upon by nature's finest predators, Marv Pushkin -- Corporate Warrior, Positive Thinker, Esquire subscriber -- waits impatiently for an ambulance and explains in detail the many reasons why this unfolding tragedy is everyone's fault but his own. (Available in print this October from Afterbirth Books --
In The Shadows
A collection of Short Stories by action author Basil Sands. These stories will get your heart racing in thirty minutes or less as you plummet to the depths of human emotion and the desire to protect what is dearest when all hell breaks loose and there is no one there to do anything about it but an Average Joe...or an almost Average Joe. Think of each episode as something like the Twilight Zone, with guns, knives, and whatever the hero can find to defend themselves and their families from the ...
Burning Daylight, Jack London's fictional novel published in 1910, was one of the best selling books of that year and it was his best selling book in his lifetime. The novel takes place in the Yukon Territory in 1893. The main character, nicknamed Burning Daylight was the most successful entrepreneur of the Alaskan Gold Rush. The story of the main character was partially based upon the life of Oakland entrepreneur "Borax" Smith. (Wikipedia)
Alaskan writer & comedian Charlie Madsen makes breakfast for his friends & colleagues to find out more about who they are and what truly irks them.
Two years after the conclusion of "The Blue Envelope", Marian is crossing the frozen Alaskan tundra alone with three reindeer in order to greet her unknown cousin in Nome. Patsy has traveled from Kentucky. Kentucky! How will she adapt to a frigid winter in Alaska? Will the girls get along? Will the two girls manage the reindeer herd in Marian's father's absence? Who is following them? And just what is that purple flame in the old abandoned scow? (Summary by Lynne Thompson)
AK ATHLETE seeks to explore and share the far reaches of Alaskan athletics. Our aim is to empower athletes and coaches by giving them a platform to share their passions.
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show series
The Frommers talk about travel cancellations and Alaskan cruises.
Stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprn Listen now Sport and personal-use fishing closes on the Copper and Chitina rivers Aaron Bolton, KBBI – Homer The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced Wednesday that it ...…
Dr. Mique'l Dangeli wants to stay in her nation's traditional territory in northern B.C. The problem is she was born in Tsimshian on the Alaskan side. She speaks to the CBC's Carolina de Ryk.
Students gather outside at the UAS Auke Lake Campus on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012. (Photo by Heather Bryant/KTOO) The City and Borough of Juneau is looking to the community for help meeting the remainder of its $1 million commitment to the University of Alaska’s new education college. Listen now The city pledged to create an endowment when the Univ ...…
The Daily Canna Podcast: covering the latest and most important cannabis news, every day. Guest-hosted by Shaun Hayworth. Today's stories: Cannabis struggles with legalization implications, Jamaican cannabis conquering Canada, 50lbs of cannabis sold per week in FL, Alaskan lab inconsistencies, and Colorado's sales growth plateau. Check out Dail ...…
This is the story of two ambulances and a resident in Boulder Junction who felt compelled to help out a small Alaskan town a few weeks ago. WXPR’s Mackenzie Martin takes it from there. Living in the Northwoods, we often feel like we live in small towns. Enter the town of McCarthy, Alaska. The population of which was just 28 at the 2010 census, ...…
We have made it to episode #10 without #1, killing each other, and #2, giving up! On this week's episode we decided to change up a bit and do a whole new format. We invited some San Antonio Craft Beer veterans for a discussion about the latest beer trends. It was our pleasure to have Blake Murrah (former HEB Grocery Beer Dept., former Southern ...…
Stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprn Listen now Bill would shift 3% of state’s ANWR revenue to Native corporations Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media – Washington D.C. A bill pending in the U.S. House would reduce A ...…
Stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprn Listen now Bill would shift 3% of state’s ANWR revenue to Native corporations Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media – Washington D.C. A bill pending in the U.S. House would reduce A ...…
In the coming years 1.6 million acres of formerly protected Alaskan wilderness will be the site of new oil exploration and drilling. Can the state balance energy development and its environmental heritage?---In December the Trump Administration opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to energy development, as part of the administration’s tax ...…
On the way back down from scouting some deer territory, I talk bear protection on hikes, why it's important to not totally rely on Google Earth and the best trails in the Ketchikan area.
Behind the scenes: The judges score the seal oil with crackling. (Photo by Elizabeth Jenkins/Alaska’s Energy Desk) There was something different about the food contest at this year’s biennial event in Juneau, Celebration. Along with the usual samples of seaweed, judges also tasted seal oil, which was rendered in communities throughout Southeast ...…
Stories include Interior Dept. spending for ANWR, an increase in Glacier Bay cruise ship permit fees, an Alaska hunting guide from Colorado who is sentenced to 30 days in jail and fined $35,000 for hunting violations, Carnival Corp. buys White Pass & Yukon Route railway and port in Skagway, and federal officials decline to prosecute Alaska Nati ...…
Stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprn Listen now Sweeney nomination wins committee approval Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media – Washington D.C. Alaskan Tara Sweeney’s nomination to be assistant Interior secretary fo ...…
Ella Embree is a born and bred Alaskan with a big sense of adventure. Recently Ella was inspired by Lael Wilcox to tackle a new adventure – bicycle touring 1000 miles around her home state, some on a tandem. On this episode we chat on the eve of the first leg! Hey it’s the direct download link for ...…
Mike Dunleavy visits with Alaskans about his optimism for Alaska. Alaska's future is bright. Alaska's oil is our future.
Welcome brothers and sisters, to Episode #31 of INDIEcent Exposure, in which we share new music from, and our conversation with, Halie Loren, who’s just released a solo effort, “From the Wild Sky.” As if that weren’t enough, we also feature tunes from Mikalyn Hay, Paper City Exile, The Slang, He Is Me, Onism EV, CATFOX, Bryan Deister, and Parso ...…
Steve Poltz is taking the world by donkey. Originally from Nova Scotia, Steve left with his family as a child to move to California. He attended the University of San Diego, earning a degree in political science, where he met guitarist Robert Driscoll and formed the indie band The Rugburns. He holds dual citizenship and regularly tours Canada p ...…
Today we are in the fourth message of a five-part sermon series in which we are looking at our church mission statement. In case you haven’t memorized it yet, or even if you have, let me read it for you: “Shaped by the gospel, and for God’s glory, we are a family of disciple-making worshipers.” The last half of the statement is “we are a family ...…
On this Thursday show Abazaba and Dan O Mite talk about Abazaba being late, more super gonorrhoea cases, death by vape pen, the Tim Hortons mad pooper in Canada, the Trump and Kim meeting, Rex Tillerson talking stupid, some Stormy Daniels stuff, an Alaskan Air incident, and some other off the wall stuff.…
We've got a new filmmaker interview on the podcast today, everyone! Meet Becky Widhalm, editor extraordinaire -- Becky works with Midland Pictures to crank out video edits, run social media and BTS on all of our video shoots, and she's the proud mama of a beautiful Alaskan Malamute named Flora!We're discussing how Becky got started in filmmakin ...…
Cristina Schooler (@rootedmethod) is an entrepreneur, outdoorswoman, and adventure junky. Cristina is the owner of a small business called Rooted Method, a service providing transformative outdoor retreats to national parks like Zion, Big Bend and Desolation Wilderness in California while also operating locally here in Austin, Texas. Led by Cri ...…
Headlines followed by Brad Keithley from Alaskans for Sustainable Budgets 5 WORST bills from this years legislative session. Then we get a chance for a dose of positivity from Chris Story.
I tell the maybe confusing story of taking a black bear on Saturday then dive into a rant about how suffocating life is without frequent adventure and how it's important to do things that make you feel alive, even if you're not good at first.
Tremors (1990) is a cult classic that Karen loves more than should be possible. While her cohosts reluctantly join the hype bandwagon for the new movie, Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell, the hype is real about our interview with series star Michael Gross. Reba and Jaws references aplenty, this special NATWP will be the perfect thing to get you excit ...…
Joshua Brisco talks with Scott Chasen of about his new job, his upcoming Alaskan half-marathon, KU football's over-under, Brad Stevens, allergies, superhero movies and much more.
Moose! Time to revisit the deer family with these special stompers, Moose! (Moosen? Come on, we can do this!) But first, the news! Handling baby animals can cause them harm, article courtesy of “Don’t try to tell me what to do! You’re not my mom!” WARNING the picture featured in the article shows wolves feasting on moose carcasses. Wo ...…
Michele is a lifelong Alaskan who has been teaching in one form or another since she was in fourth grade. When she’s not teaching, she prefers to be rowing, Nordic skating, or hiking. Her eclectic family includes a musician, an actress, and an outdoor educator.
Rebecca is a born-and-raised Alaskan, who loves technology and is a connoisseur of novelty mugs. Often she is found luxuriating at home watching TV with her two feline furbabies. Ultimate life goal? Travel the world!
Danelle is a third-generation Alaskan who has followed in her father’s footsteps as a mental health professional here in Anchorage. She also enjoys trail running, triathlons and teaching mountain biking.
Stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprn Listen now State corporation announces tentative deal with BP to buy gas for Alaska LNG project Rashah McChesney, Alaska’s Energy Desk – Juneau The agreement is one of many th ...…
Mountain Talk is the rundown of the weekly schedule of events in the White Mountains of Arizona, including events and activities in Show Low, Pinetop - Lakeside and the surrounding areas. Want to list your event? Just drop an email to Video @ This Week’s Highlights On the Mountain Tuesday M ...…
Recorded a conservation rant on my way to hunt bear this morning on how to survive wolf attacks, not actual wolves, people attacking those who hunt what hunts their food, then recapped the weekend of bear hunting near Ketchikan.
Meeting Roman Dial, Thor’s 700 mile trek across Alaska, The birth of Alpaca Raft, The contrast of hunting and other outdoor sports, The most generous game warden in the world, Black sands of the southern coast of the Alaska Peninsula, Caribou packraft hunting in Alaska, The perfect solo packraft for Alaskan hunting, and the crazy sport of Zorbi ...…
Fly fishing guide Jack Carson and I talk about the accident that postponed college, how it feels to be a 19-year old guide, whether or not growing up on an island in Alaska was a detriment and how to get through the winters.
Join us today to hear from our guest about her transition, and her experience becoming a hockey mom and teaching young girls that they can be amazing athletes. Get your Free Audiobook at Check out mine and my partner’s 80 Day Obsession before and after pictures. Caleb’s before and after pictures.Matthew’s before and afte ...…
Stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprn Listen now Former climate official says details surrounding his reassignment look “damning” for Trump admin Elizabeth Jenkins, Alaska’s Energy Desk – Juneau A new federal repo ...…
This week and next, Ali and Charlie will be showcasing their solo podcast projects. This is the third episode of The Doe Files, now available in your favorite podcast catcher. On August 23, 1989, a bearded man strolled down Anchorage's Mountain View Drive around lunchtime. Completely naked. He looked to be in his early 30s and people stopped an ...…
Conor and Eric detail their most anticipated movies of 2018. Most Anticipated Movies: (10:20 mark)Trivia: (39:00 mark)Most Anticipated:Apostle - (Dir. Gareth Evans, Star. Dan Stevens, Michael Sheen and Lucy Boynton (Sing Street) - A man attempts to rescue his sister after she's been kidnapped by a religious cult.Release: 2018Hold the Dark - (Di ...…
Daily Text series for Wednesday, March 28th. Today's guest reader to conclude our focus on Moravian Mission readers is Rev. Arthur Coolidge. Arthur is a pastor from the Alaskan Province of the Moravian Church, and the mission representative elected to the Board of World Mission. The 2018 Moravian Daily Texts are ©2017 by IBOC Moravian Church in ...…
Episode 58 - Jamey BradburyDan Sterenchuk and Tommy Estlund are honored to have as our guest, Jamey Bradbury. Jamey Bradbury is a writer who lives in Anchorage, Alaska. Her fiction has appeared in Black Warrior Review (winner of the annual fiction contest), Sou’wester, and Zone 3 and won an Estelle Campbell Memorial Award from the National Soci ...…
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