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If you weren't crazy when you got here, you will be when you leave.
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We're not really casting agents... and there is no pod.
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By Michael Lueger. Michael Lueger talks with Dr. Mac Test about his new translation of La monja alfèrez , or The Lieutenant Nun.By (HowlRound: A knowledge commons by and for the theatre community).
On February 8th in The Year of Ted Kord, Two Thousand and Thirteen, Jaron Francis and Josh Alferez launched Long Distance Bromance. It was a podcast about two guys separated by 3000 kilometers, tryin’ to maintain a (relatively) adult, (supposedly) … Continue reading → Apologies in advance but this is what happens when the grownups leave Josh in charge. I should never be left unsupervised. Jaron is traveling the world searching for rare antiquities. The last time I heard from him he had sent me a postcard from 1912 and he was hot on the ...… Episode I in which our heroes make their introductions and begin the journey. Jaron Francis is a celebrated playwright and actor with the jawline of a classically handsome 60’s Hollywood leading man. Josh Alferez works in personal finance and apparently isn’t smart en ...…
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