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Vittek Tape Algeria
Happy Records
Bunchlox Podcast
DJ Mixes - Underground House
a podcast series about history, social, and culture in north africa. brought to you by Ottoman History Podcast
Killuminati Records: Official AudioBlog
Killuminati Records is an independently-owned rap record label. This is OUR audioblog/documentary of our experience.This Podcast was created using
Faith Community Church - Sermons
Podcast by FCC Palmer, IA
Story of the Barbary Corsairs, The by LANE-POOLE, Stanley and KELLEY, J. D. Jerrold
A history of the pirating activities along and around the "Barbary coast" between the 15th and 19th centuries, from the time of the pirate, Ujra Barbarossa, to the French control of Algeria in 1830. Although piracy had plagued all the world's waterways from the first time man decided to trade by boat or ship, authors Lane-Poole and Kelley tell mainly of the origins and "Golden Age" of the Moor pirates who rampaged the Mediterranean Sea from ports of call along the north coast of Africa. - Su ...
Adolf Hitler: My Part In His Downfall
Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall, published in 1971, is the first volume of Spike Milligan's war memoirs. The book spans the period from Britain's declaration of war on Germany to when Milligan lands in Algeria as a part of the Allied liberation of Africa.Milligan says in the preface: "All the salient facts are true", at the end of the preface: "There were the deaths of some of my friends, and therefore, no matter how funny I tried to make this book, that will always be at the back of m ...
Hacene Chebbani
Sheikh Hacene Chebbani was born in Algeria and has been living in Canada for over 15 years. In 1993 he graduated in Shariah (BA) from the Islamic University of Madinah with a grade of excellence. While there he took the opportunity to study Aqidah, Fiqh and Hadith with some of the notable scholars of that blessed city.Sheikh Hacene has worked in Islamic schools teaching Arabic language and Islamic studies and has served as Shariah consultant and head teacher for over 6 years in Canada.Sheikh ...
MLLE EVA - Official Podcast
★★★ DJ Mademoiselle EVA // International Djane ★★★ Mademoiselle EVA is a French DJ, producer and remixer. In 2016, she is listed in the top 100 international djanes. She was also finalist of the prestigious contest SHE CAN DJ with EMI & NRJ at the Queen Club Paris along with NERVO, she unleashes dancefloors worldwide. International Female revelation of the "New French Touch" from Paris to Miami and from Geneva to Copenhagen; she is also highly sollicited worlwide: USA, DENMARK, SWITZERLAND, ...
"Rommel?" "Gunner Who?"
Spike Milligan's second volume of war autobiography, "Rommel?" "Gunner Who?": A Confrontation in the Desert, was published in 1974, with Jack Hobbs credited as an editor. This book spans events from January to May 1943, during Operation Torch the Allied invasion of Morocco and Algeria and the Tunisia Campaign in World War II.
The Maghreb in Transition
While the Maghreb has long been at the margins of U.S. policy in the Middle East and North Africa, trends in this region increasingly reverberate throughout the Middle East. In this new environment, developments in the Maghreb will continue to have an impact both on the region and on U.S. interests. The CSIS Middle East Program examines changing political, economic, and security trends in the Maghreb—defined here as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya—through original research and analysis ...
Abu Abdullah Munir Al Tounsi
Abu Abdullah Munir Al TounsiSheikh Abu Abdullah Al Mudhafar Al Sfaksi El Tunsi stepped foot into this world on the 7th July 1935 in Tunisia. He is an extraordinary Quran reciter and has complete control over the nuances of Tajweed. Shaykh Abdullah has a Bachelors degree from the Islamic University in Medina.Sheikh Oyoun Al Saud, Sheikh Abdul Fattah Al-Qadi, Shaykh Al Albani and Shaykh Ibn Baaz inspired, guided and sowed the seeds in Shaykh Abu Abdullah to gain complete finesse and acumen in ...
Lowell was born in Florida, but moved to Chicago at the age of 21 via the U.S. Navy. He got involved in the rave scene and fell in love with house music. He has been spinning records for 10+ years now. Lowell has 50+ mix CD's and has spun at raves, clubs, bars, fashion boutiques, sushi bars, record stores, billiards bars, warehouses, loft parties, basements, living rooms, bedrooms, campouts, indoors, outdoors, small and large (you name it) in places like Chicago, Detroit, Madison,WI and San ...
Zoubir Bouchikhi
Sheikh Zoubir Bouchikhi Al-Tilimsani is originally from Algeria.In 1991, he obtained Bachelor of Arts in Usul Al Fiqh (Shariah Sciences) from Al Amir Abdul Kadir Islamic University, Constantine (Algeria).In 1995, he obtained his first Master Degree in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences from the International Islamic University in Malaysia (IIUM), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).In 1999, he obtained his second Master Degree in Islamic Studies and Social Sciences from the Graduate School of ...
Dawood Hamza
Dawood HamzaSheikh Dawood Ayad Hamza stepped into the world on 1st November, 1968, in Tripoli.Quranic Tajweed was a pure miracle of faith for him and this happened when his father gifted him a recording of the Quran reader “Abdul Basit Abdul Samad” on achieving success in school.Sheikh Dawood was mesmerized with Abdul Samad’s voice and this set the foundation for his determination to learn the nuances of “Tajweed”. He began by enrolling himself into a Quranic school in which became a medium ...
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Simon Patterson - Open Up
Simon Patterson - Open Up - 20901. Empire of the Sun vs Gai Barone - Walking On A Dream vs Nexo (Kane Michael Edit)02. Grum & Kevin McKay - Dark Train03. MVMB, Emok & Human Element - Bao Bao04. Nina Kraviz - Fire (Solemn Eye Edit)05. El Erion & Chris Almeria - Désolation06. Axel Karakasis - Tension07. Julian Jeweil - South08. Vincent Hiest & D ...…
First off we want to thank Dutch talent and rising star Saam for his great set last week, for info about him go to our website. This edition we have got a new years Special to close the year. We want to thank everyone for tuning in on the podcast show and hope you will keep listening in 2017. And last but not least all Techno Minded Heroes that ...…
First off we want to thank Dutch talent and rising star Saam for his great set last week, for info about him go to our website. This edition we have got a new years Special to close the year. We want to thank everyone for tuning in on the podcast show and hope you will keep listening in 2017. And last but not least all Techno Minded Heroes that ...…
Stamford Chidge is joined by Plains of Almeria writer and tactics wizard Joe Tweeds and Chelsea supporter and football agent Seb O'Mahoney to discuss Chelsea's tough win against West Brom.On the show tonight we’ll be talking Diego Costa – just how immense is he for Chelsea and what the hell do we do if he gets suspended or injured.In part two w ...…
Welcome to Basement's weekly Radio series. A series of mixes where we feature the newest and hottest sound in Futurebeats, Futuregarage and UK House.This week we are proud to introduce our new premieres series, "Sounds From The Basement". Over the last couple of months, we at the Basement Music team have constantly been receiving great unreleas ...…
Hello and welcome to Tap Treaty Episode #087. Chill out with a whole bunch of sultry new tracks from the likes of No Vacation, LÉON and EDX! Don’t forget to hit up the links below for more info, enjoy! Website: Facebook: Soundcloud: Track Suggestions and Requests: he ...…
Hello and welcome to Tap Treaty Episode #086. This week we’ve thrown out the old, and brought in the new! This instalment features 12 new tracks from the likes of Leon Power, Melvv and Tritonal. Enjoy! Website: Facebook: Soundcloud: Track Suggestions and Requests: he ...…
Original: Lifehouse / Almeria / Aftermath (2012)
Thirsting for some good music? Pianist and Environmentalist, Hélène Grimaud talks about producing her new CD, “Water” in this Music Works episode.Hélène Grimaud‘s recent release on Deutsche Grammophon, is a true “concept album.” Flowing with water themed music from the classical repertoire it also bathes us with new musical bridges and transiti ...…
Klark Kennt Podcast Berlin
Happy Easter !!! It is Sunday the March 27th and K K Podcast Berlin presents Mónica Marlo from Almería, Spain !!Facebook: Slam – Irritant (Original mix)02. Repart – Moribund (Original mix)03. Devennue – Blackder (Blotketch remix)04. Logotech – The 6th Door (Original mix)05. Callum Plant – 125 (Owen Sands re ...…
Stel interviews Klemen Hosta, CEO of Fieldoo –A Football Career Network for players, agents, scouts and clubs, seeking opportunities and challenges on a global scale.Mr Hosta describes the concept of Fieldoo and delves into many aspects of the game which work in unison with the company, such as; Scouting, Education, Networking, Statistics and m ...…
Marines from 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Marine Forces Reserve, train on range at Alverez de Sotomayor in Almeria, Spain on October 27, 2015. The Marines are training to improve their skills during exercise Trident Juncture and to increase interoperability with NATO allied forces.
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