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Alpha City News with Craig Allen
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Alpha City comes back to the real world after its takeover by Ibblestarne the Unhinged! Also: Drop Bear! Radiant! Violet Ultra! The Absorbiton! And more!
Father Time and Grandfather Paradox duke it out with a temporal army drawn from all of history!
The Bakersly neighborhood gets inverted, and the Bright Man gets lost! Street-Rat brings down the power behind the Machineheads! And Anonymouse finds her lost love! Oh, My!
Blue Beacon returns to fight alongside Presto! Dashing Owl Green vs. Dr. Death Prism! Funkbot and Groovetron take on the Dancing Master! And at the 13th Precinct, Street-Rat battles the triumphant Machineheads!
This week, the Jackalope gets in trouble with the law, Radiant stops the tragic Photo-Negative Man, and Street-Rat comes between two warring gangs! All this, plus a super-human job fair!
Nicolas 'the Imaginary Mathematician' Bourbaki clashes with 'Sinister' Rex Dexter once more, this time trying to stop Dexter, the 'Arch-Duke of Evil', from destabilizing the Eurporean country of Ruritania, and assasinating it's new president. It ends with an explosive conclusion, possibly marking the final battle between these two old enemies!…
This week in Alpha City - the Bride of War tries to disrupt a historic peace accord, but is disrupted by the Lady of Peace; Ping Pong Pete puts himself in contention for lamest super-villain ever; New villain Telly Kinesis threatens sitcom character, and finds himself slapped down by a new hero!
Leaping Lizard and Captain Zap cleared in death of Vortex, Voy Angarr prepares to travel to the Macro-Zone, Presto leaves to save Glamazon, and a fake Lance Logan causes mass breakout for the Conundrum Corp.
Witchfinger and Glamazon make an ill-fated attack on Presto's base, the Hidden House; The Museum of Super-History opens an exhibit that includes the legendary Z-1 Missile Man power armor!
Alpha City News with Craig Allen
An info-dump and an apology for this not being a new show.
Alpha City News with Craig Allen
Pilgrim Elder! Lazy 8! Lars Protagonist! and more!
Alpha City News with Craig Allen
The war of color and sleep; and Littlepuff goes bad for a day!
Craig Allen speaks candidly about re-adjusting to being back in the real world.
Alpha City News with Craig Allen
A girl meets her hero, a villain is defeated, and the truth about the world is revealed, but hope appears in the end.
A stranger arrives in Alpha City, and shares his story with Craig Allen.
The story of Alpha City's first Superhero, Radiant!
Newscast from a world gone mad!
The attempt to save Structure, the Living Building, brings destruction down on Alpha City, as Rama-Ultra, the Master of Id, and Abraxas the Form-Destroyer all attack the city to gain the power the was at the heart of Structure!
Greetings, Alpha-Citizens! This week, Rock Sonar and the First Son open underwater temple, while John Maldif re-opens his restaurant, and Captain Stupendous battles Nomarch over the city.
This week: New Mayor Elected! Structure finally moves! Radiant flies again! Viod reveals secret! And more!
THIS WEEK: Captain Stupendous and Empyrean! Presto! A-Flower! The super-combat scorecard! and More!
Greetings, Alpha-Citizens! This is Craig Allen, and these are tonight's top stories: Revelation Engine captured by Anti-Gods! Captain Stupendous and Empyrean battle for the past! Presto prepares for the Master of Id! Sentencing hearing or wedding? Why not both! All this and more, on Alpha City News!
Greetings Alpha-Citizens, this is Craig Allen! Tonight's top stories: Rock Sonar and the First Son heading to lost temple! ACN studio attacked! Viod saves students! Captain Stupendous and Empyrean meet over threat! And more, tonight, on Alpha City News!
Greetings, Alpha-Citizens, this is Craig Allen! This weeks top stories: Radiant opens her eyes! Clarioso hits a snag! 'Viod' spotted in University Square! Tempus Fugitive runs out of time! And more, on this week's Alpha City News!
Greetings, Alpha-Citizens, this is Craig Allen, and these are today's top stories on Alpha City News: Mr. Zero and the factory of death! Neo-Deities Versus Anti-Gods! Gargantua lands a big fish! Noxin steps up campaign! And the Bright Man and the Blue Bear come together to do good! All on Alpha City News, right now!…
Greetings, Alpha-Citizens, this is Craig Allen, and it's time for Alpha City News! Tonight's stories: G'tan prisoners leave as Jamarganon arrives! New hope appears for Radiant! Acrojack stands next to Man-Mountain, chop him down with the edge of his hand! Emissary Jannah Ball speaks for Atlantis at the League of Nations! Captain Stupendous and ...…
Greetings, Alpha-Citizens, this is Craig Allen with Alpha City News! This weeks top stories: Subterranean goes down for the count! Tricky Dick tells some hard truths! Rao and Zero team up for a takedown! Red Cape gets lost in the past, stops traffic in the present! And more!
Greetings, Alpha-Citizens! This is Craig Allen with today's top stories on Alpha City News: Rainbows and Pride parade in Floptown! Mushroom Man swears to rebuild! Trio of twits try to rain on parade! Blue Bear honored for heroism! Heavyweight smacks Lord Perfect! Presto tames the Hidden House! And more!…
Greeting Alpha-Citizens, this is Craig Allen, and these are the top stories from Alpha City News! Madness in Midtown! Assault on City Hall! Black Maria battles all comers! Kidnapped citizens in Kirby Park! And, finally, a terrifying revelation that rocks Alpha City to its very foundations!
Greetings, Alpha Citizens, this is Craig Allen, and these are tonight's stories: Jumper on McCay Bridge saved by surprising hero! Black Maria rampage leads to hero argument! Rocket Redglare downs sky pirates! The Hidden House appears again! And more!
In today's stories: House of mushrooms lost to flames! Tricky Dick feeds the homeless! Bonko spins Jenny back to cops! Black Maria wilts Flower! Clockwork Craziness on Cove Avenue! Assault on the House of Odd! And more!
This week on Alpha City News, A Neo-Deity appears in the sky; A busy week due to absent heroes and a statement from Rex Revile; Mechanical Bill and Jacky Quick put their heads together, and more!
Craig Allen brings you more news from Alpha City!
Alpha City News with Craig Allen
The first newscast reporting the superhero activity in Alpha City, as reported by Craig Allen.
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