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Deborah Live!
Radio series for The Media Work of Deborah Robinson. Hosted by Deborah Robinson, an award-winning journalist, author and television personality. Deborah's life's passion is to reveal and communicate truth through her work in the media. Her media work can be found at DEBORH LIVE! is made possible by PowerStrips, all-natural pain relief. Strip your pain away at
Pick 6 Fantasy Football Podcast
Pick 6 Fantasy Football strives to be the best at encompassing all facets of fantasy football. Several shows cover traditional season long fantasy football and a lot of others cover Daily Fantasy Sports or DFS. Pick6 Fantasy Football is the place you come to for both, so you can get all you news, stats, rankings, projections, injuries, strategies, laughter, cool swag, and overwhelming knowledge of fantasy football as a whole, all in one place. We are Fantasy Football - We are Pick Six
Flo's Focus
An eagle flying overhead takes in everything. It's keen eyes notices the way the wind pushes on the trees, to the tiniest field mouse as it scurries across the ground. In the world where many of us struggle to survive, nothing can be missed. From politics and military, to health and laughter, no topic is too large or too small. On Flo's Focus, we focus on it all. So, stop by and take a seat. It’s time to follow the eagle’s example and take it all in.
Trees Falling in The Woods
Comedian Rob Santos and comedy writer Jeff Deldona speak on everything from the mundane to the insane and all in-between. Childhood friends embark on a journey of laughter and truth in each episode.
Ear Kandee
We are creative, innovative, and dedicated to this craft we've mastered, able to take life's disasters and put them into paragraphs that capture all the tears and laughter, joy, pain and love chased after the things we regret, the morals society forgets we take it all in, blend in deep thought and opinion and the outcome is all heart...We specialize in the art to verbalize the dreams we personalize, it seems we cant disguise the need to satisfy this burning we have inside when the ink matche ...
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Christian songs and Christian music
Songs of Hope Christian songs podcast for 2Apr17 is by hosted by Bruce Sandilands and includes: Hallelujah Adonae album – One thing I ask Hallelujah Adonae album – Israel Overcomer album – Alvin Slaughter – He is Lord Press play to listen or download…
Abraham Laboriel Sr. is a Mexican-American bassist who has played on over 4,000 recordings and soundtracks. Guitar Player Magazine described him as "the most widely used session bassist of our time". Born and raised in Mexico City to Honduran (Garifuna) parents, he received his earliest training from his father… a gifted composer and guitarist. ...…
Welcome to another Episode of Pulse of Northern Neck Radio Show live from Kilmarnock Va. I pray you enjoy the show, we welcome call ins 347 857 1395 Corinthia E. Croom, lovingly known as C.C., is a daughter of Grand Rapids Michigan. She is the CEO of Instrumental Praise Ministries which is a multifaceted company that includes management, fashio ...…
Alvin Slaughter leads a dynamic time of worship and praise. John shares a clip from an earlier TV talk show where Juanita Bynum was the guest and ministered under a powerful anointing. Following the clip, Juanita Bynum shares a stirring prayer in song.
Alvin and Joy blessed us with the word and song today for a tremendous church service.
History of the Christian Church
[The substantive content of this and the entire “The Change” series of podcast-episodes for Communion Sanctorum is indebted to the excellent book by Alvin J. Schmidt titled How Christianity Changed the World. ] This episode is part 2 of our series considering the impact Christianity has had on history & culture. Today we dig a little deeper int ...…
"The Christian View--Worship, Bible Study and Praise"
"Prayer Time"Call in to 646-200-0680 with your prayer request or leave your request in the chat room and one of our Prayer Warriors will take your request to the throne of God. email: Join us each Wednesday at 5:30 pm central time. You may reach "The Christian View", PRAYER TIME by copying this link into your browser. ...…
Expertologists Classics (the first 25 episodes)
The gang discusses the differences (and similarities) between "laughter" and "slaughter." Alvin Purple is met with cheers and healthy skepticism, and the Expertologists Studio phone bank almost burns out during a marathon call-in extravaganza.By
Jazzin Em Up with Cres O'Neal
September 28 - Jazz guitarist - Najite Born in Nigeria, Kelvin Najite Ikpeni, AKA Najite, is a Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Fusion and Contemporary Guitarist. Coming to the United States in the summer of 2005 in pursuit of music, Najite’s enthusiasm, hopes, dreams and desire was to grow and become a professional jazz musician – which was driven by his hu ...…
Living By Design - Cathy Holloway Hill
Mr. Alvin Slaughter, award winning artist, author, and life transformation speaker joins us for a spirit-filled discussion of reinventing yourself. Alvin's work and music has been celebrated world-wide. Join us as we continue our empowering series!
REINVENT YOUR LIFE! Renowned gospel artist Alvin Slaughter may have spent his life in the church, but that doesn’t mean he’s always found peace there. And he gets why others don’t. Even knowing every song and scripture, Slaughter has struggled with fear, depression, financial failure and marital strife in his life. But today he’s on the other s ...…
On today's Ham Show...Do you think you are a beautiful or handsome person? How do you define beauty? Sean, Cook, and True tackle America's fascination with creating beauty. Also, visit the on November 6th to view exclusively Sean Slaughter's new video...Flesh Killa! Watch Flesh Killa Music Video exclusively on www.theham ...…
--{ Propaganda Trainability on Sustainability (The Sales Pitch): "To Keep You Lot Living, We Maintain, Standard of Living goes Down the Drain, We've Drafted a Future, Not So Pleasant, Where You're Reduced to State of Peasant, All Crammed into City Dwelling, Diseased, Poor and Awful Smelling, Where You'll Gradually Die Off, In Good Cause, In a H ...…
VirginWorlds MMORPG Podcast
The News: - Project Top Secret has a winner - Blizzard tokenizes you - Habbo Empire - WTF. Don't tailgate me. - SOE Fan Faire - Silkroad slays 7+ million - Top 10 Free to Play MMOs - Guild Wars 2 FAQ The Mail: - Matt corrects me - Nathaniel pleas for FFA PvP - Gio makes me give Uwe Boll credit - Jmo hits the nail on the head - Fred gets more Ma ...…
Deborah Interviews... Gospel Recording Artist Alvin Slaughter.
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