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AMA Journal of Ethics podcasts explore the ethical and professionalism challenges that medical students and physicians confront in their education and daily practice.
AMA Edgewise
AMA Edgewise
AMA Edgewise
AMA Doc Talk
AMA Doc Talk is a new series from the American Medical Association that features physicians sharing eye-opening encounters with patients, tips and lessons learned. Based on real-world experience and anecdotes, each episode of this first season, hosted by Dr. Rajesh S. Mangrulkar, associate dean for medical student education, University of Michigan, is centered around a topic related to difficult discussions with patients. Here, physicians will collect a wealth of practical information they c ...
I AM A SPARTAN! OCR PODCAST is a podcast that is going to be about spartan racing an OCR lifestyle and the people that are living it! My name is Scott and I enjoy talking about spartan an ocrs on any level . This is going to be very laid back an chill podcast that I am hoping will be fun for everyone that enjoys the sport. Podcasting is new to me so please be patient with me.
The API Integration Leaders AMA (ask me anything) webinar series gives you the opportunity to ask 8 different API integration leaders, from 4 different categories, your most pressing questions. Get an inside look at how these integration leaders design their entire API strategy.
Welcome! We are Health Visitors in the UK and this podcast is for other Health Visitors, parents or anyone who works with families from antenatal to 5yrs. In each episode we chat about professional issues, common practice questions and cutting edge research to keep your knowledge current. We've done the reading and we'll discuss it together over a cup of tea, giving you the concise headlines you need to know to feel confident and prepared. PLEASE SEND REQUESTS / TOPIC SUGGESTIONS TO: iamahea ...
"I Am A Mainframer" podcast series explores the careers of those in the mainframe ecosystem. Hosted by Jeff Frey, a retired IBM fellow and previously the CTO of IBM’s mainframe platform, each episode is a conversation that highlights the modern mainframe, insight into the mainframe industry, and advice for those looking to learn more about the technology. The podcast is sponsored by the Open Mainframe Project, which is a Linux Foundation project that aims to build community and adoption of O ...
Stories by and about trans*, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, gender non-compliant people.
Spirit Hill is a new series about a family's quest building a ranch and learning about modern homesteading. The inspiring journey unravels significant life challenges and their perseverance in overcoming the impossible. Watch the entire season, new shows, tutorials, and exclusive content on: Support the Show and Family on our Patreon Page-
Host Joel Metzger talks with CEOs, Directors of Marketing, and other thought leaders about the evolving landscape of advertising, branding, and marketing.
The podcast that shares stories on how dogs have changed peoples lives. Suitable for every Crazy Dog Lady out there
Next Moto Champion brings you the emerging talent of motorcycle racing and tips from the legends of the sport.
I Am A Business
This Radio Show is for Network Marketers, where we go over different strategies, skillets, and techniques to improve and grow your business in a Fast and Effective Way!
Strong mental health begins with strong swimming.I write a blog about the positive effects open water swimming has had on my mental health. Check it out at and years I’ve experienced depression, anxiety, and intense feelings of self-doubt. Swimming, coupled with the unmatched support of my wife and appropriate medication, has allowed me to combat these symptoms and claim an identity that is empowering and more true to who I am:I AM A SWIMMER.
Join us for InstaViser's AMA (Ask Me Anything) series where YOU interview the best athletes in the world. Listen and learn as Olympic medalists and world champions answer your questions.If you missed out on the live action, create an account at, and be sure to tune in for our next live session! Like us on fb: us on Twitter/Instagram @InstaViser.Or, for more information, head over to
Membership In The Body of Christ
Yeah I am a Nerd
A podcast by nerds discussing movies, videogames, TV, and comics, while having fun in the process. We are the consumers. We are the stream monsters. We are nerds and damn proud of it.
10 year old Amélie thinks she knows everything about Henri Matisse ! In the painter's childhood home, she is determined to lay out all her factual knowledge. When suddenly an old soldier figurine, Matisse's favorite toy, comes to life right before her eyes. The young girl, mischievious and playful, takes him prisoner and drags him along on her visit. What will he reveal to her that she does not already know? An original discovery tour of Matisse's childhood home suitable for the entire family.
Hi, My name is Marco Lopez and write comic books and along with my very good friend Randall Armstrong who used to own a comic book store. We will be putting out a weekly podcast where we talk only about comic books, the industry, merchandise and adaptations.I am a FAN is about uniting a passionate fan-base of comic book lovers across the world. No matter whether you've been reading comics for 50, 20, or 5 years. Or just started yesterday. All that matters in the end is that you love them.
Audio from the Minnesota American Marketing Association's November 2009 Conference
Supercross and Motocross coverage. PLUS... Rider Interviews, Industry News, Insider talk, Fantasy Racing discussion and MORE!!! Hosted by Steve 'Bodybag' Flanders and Jamie 'Forehead' Foreman.
You Me & Duffy
We are just three friends that wanted to get together and talk about whatever happened to tickle our fancy. We all thought we were so interesting and hilarious that we decided to start a podcast. We try and touch on as much nerd, geek, and pop culture as we can. And every once in a while we dive into a bit of history as well! Come join the conversation! We are just three guys that know a little about a lot and everything about nothing!
I am a human being therefore nothing human is alien to me
Jeff Crutcher and Mike Garrison bring you the OTB podcast- something more about life than motocross.
"I am a bowhunting athlete, training intensively each and every day to become the Ultimate Predator." - Cameron Hanes
Over the Bars
Dirt, grime, and chains, and that's just the music! Go over the bars with Alison & Steve as we cover each week's SX AMA Supercross race. Vroom vroom!
I am a solid 3.4 student with a major in English from the University of Washington. I've also been asked what my SAT score was and it was 1060. It only took five years of dorm/rave life for me to accrue the life knowledge I have received. I’m a Sagittarius, which means I’m super creative and stubborn; but there are walls I need to break down because I always want to leap over the boundaries that make me climb ladders and roofs. I’m agreeable and delightful. I also have incredible leadership ...
This is something I wanted to do - sit down with people I think are interesting - nerds, artists, and theologians - and ask them the questions that I've always wanted to ask but that I rarely hear in other interviews. I am a full-time minister, so I will try to make more of these whenever time and scheduling will allow.
MCE626's Podcast
Kinda like an AMA I guess, ask me a question and I might answer it.
Mr. Haberdashery and Dj StereOtype explore the intersectionality of blackness, queerness, music, art, friendship, romance and self-love. As recording artists and lovers of art, they share a personal and industry perspective on all covered subjects. Join them for in depth discourse from the dark skin perspective.
A must for the serious reader, Bookworm showcases writers of fiction and poetry - the established, new or emerging - all interviewed with insight and precision by the show's host and guiding spirit, Michael Silverblatt. After 21 years, Bookworm has a new theme -- two, in fact! Replacing the familiar "You are a Human Animal," is "I Am A Bookworm," an original composition by the idiosyncratic rock-pop group, Sparks, At the end of the show, a second Sparks composition, "Where Would We Be Withou ...
The Neurology podcast is introduced by Editor-in-Chief Robert A. Gross, MD, PhD, who discusses several highlighted articles in the current issue of Neurology®. The podcast regularly features content from Neurology® Clinical Practice, Neurology® Genetics, and Neurology® Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation. Opening segments include interviews with authors who summarize a current article and discuss the main findings and clinical implications for neurologists. Regular features also include the ...
A Therapist Walk Into a Bar is a podcast that brings therapy to you. I am a San Francisco based psychotherapist who likes to get out of my office, grab my microphone, and find people in bars to chat with about the best and the worst of life. Help support the show at
I am a plant based Cardiologist and endurance athlete passionate about promoting health and wellness to all ages.
Crime Historian
I tell stories about the strange, forgotten, obscure, and just plain interesting. I am a teacher by day and a self-professed crime historian by night.
A series of audio interviews addressing upcoming research and its application to the injured patient, education efforts related to trauma, and novel methods in the management of injury.Select EAST Traumacasts now eligible for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM self-assessment credits toward Part 2 of the ABS MOC Program. Visit the EAST Education Center for details.
Are you struggling to lose weight and balance those blood sugars? Are you tired of all the conflicting nutritional information out there? Well I am here to help you out. My name is Naturopath Jen and I am a qualified naturopath with a passion in helping people obtain optimal wellness with the help of a low carb/ketogenic nutritional approach. However, that is not all I talk about. I also cover lifestyle, fitness and anything else I believe may help you reach the level of health you deserve.. ...
I am a Truth seeker and I've learned to seek out truth one must first. (Know Thyself)
I AM A PLAYMAKERA Playmaker is a new type of sales person. Playmakers wage war against traditional sales people and win. Playmakers don't use their gut and intuition they sell using science and testing. Playmakers ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Playmakers don't oversell and under deliver they oversell and over deliver and their middle name is value. Playmakers are doers not talkers. Playmakers are real people who have overcome real problems to achieve greatness. *PLAYMAKER*I TES ...
My name is Lux ATL, and I am a mother, wife, business owner, former university instructor, and lifelong stripper. From the halls of academia to the strip club stage, my life as a post-academic feminist sex worker has been filled with unique sociological insight, unforgettable friendships, and a thousand beautiful messes in between. These are my true stories of the highs and lows of an ex-academic and lifelong stripper pole dancing for pay on stages all across the South.
Japanese Wisdom
Basic Japanese with Waizu Sensei. I am a Japanese Freak who loves to speak and teach Japanese. I also tell about the crazy storys I've had over there. It's a Video Podcast! - With Graphics to explain the Japanese in an easy to understand way.Kite mite kudasai!-(Please check it out!)
Hi! My name is Jerry and I'm passionate about chess and teaching. I am a National Master from Pennsylvania, USA. The purpose of this podcast is to share my knowledge via LIVE blitz commentary, game analysis and more, to help others progress in their journey to master the game.
I am a Blogger, Podcaster and Preparation Coach. I help New Preppers that feel overwhelmed to gain a sense of balance and purpose of what matters most.
Get better at your job with the unlicensed and off-the-leash Unregulated show, from City AM.A no holds barred, uncensored look at the personalities behind the world's businesses. The show with leadership skills and professional development at its heart.Hosts Emma Haslett and Caitlín Morrison find out what you need to succeed as a leader, entrepreneur and in your career.
I am a professional Inspirational Gospel DJ, giving you that turntable ministry, and nothing but the very best in Christian Remixes... Enjoy!
I’m Mickie Zada and I lived in abuse…for 34 years…from age 19 until I was 53. I believe we create our realities, and I chose to stay in a damaging relationship for so long because I thought it was my Calling. I was wrong. I changed me. I am now an enthusiastic participant in Life. “The words ‘I am’ are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to. The thing you’re claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you.” A.L. Kitselman I am a strong woman, a fabulous woman, over 60 years old ...
Podcast by Ama Nakuya
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Secession is in the news and is a hot topic right now in a couple of places. I'll tell you all about it here. Also, What's in the News with stories on voluntary charity, forced allergies, violent cop facing justice, cops dismissed, and UN child brainwashing. And, finally a Muh Roads segment on a man who is building a road to his business by him ...…
Darren Virassammy says: "I am a leader who keeps an eye on our destination and initiate the practical steps to take us there, through awareness of details and their ripple impact. I align talent toward long term scalability and step aside to allow others to take ownership in their respective zones of genius. You can count on me to identify and ...…
Super excited to share this 100 Episode with you. We have almost 20k downloads so it would be awesome to get there with this podcast so if you have a work colleague or friend that needs to hear this be sure to share it with them. Sharing the Shine as an Educator podcast keeps me > Reflecting > Motivated > Invited thought provoking and heart wre ...…
So we had a few issues recording this weekend. Who would have thought this intercontinental logistical nightmare over three time zones may have issues? Anyway in hopes you don't forget us here is a bit of the content we did get, which may or may not make it into the next episode (I am a whimsical editor). Next weekend we will finish the episode ...…
Find us online at: Come to a service and hear our sermons live and in person Sunday morning 9am and 11am in English and 12:30pm in Spanish at 93rd and Broadway. Readings for this week: Isaiah 50:4-9a The Lord God has given me the tongue of a teacher, that I may know how to sustain the weary with a word. Morning by morning he waken ...…
In this lesson we review salvation and what mankind must do to become a Christian. We also look at what is expected of the Christian. Both audio and slides can be found at Sermon by: Brian Birdow
On this afternoon gratitude version of Joshua T Berglan's Morning Gratitude Mr Bob Choat, Sophie Nubani, and Julian Rosen.... Sophie Nubani Born in Amman Jordan lived in many countries growing up : Oman 14 years , Jordan 3years , Cyprus 2 years , Morocco 4 years Orlando FL 20 years . I have a passion to uplift , empower , encourage and transfor ...…
Speaker: Dr. Eric Costanzo References: James 2:14-18 Tags: Sunday AM Resources: Sermon_4-15-18.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Dr. Eric Costanzo Church: South Tulsa Baptist Church (Essentials) References: James 2:14-18 Tags: Sunday AM Resources: Sermon_4-15-18.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Dr. Eric Costanzo Church: South Tulsa Baptist Church (Essentials) References: James 2:14-18 Tags: Sunday AM Resources: Sermon_4-15-18.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Dr. Eric Costanzo Church: South Tulsa Baptist Church (Essentials) References: James 2:14-18 Tags: Sunday AM Resources: Sermon_4-15-18.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Dr. Eric Costanzo Church: South Tulsa Baptist Church References: James 2:14-18 Tags: Sunday AM Resources: Sermon_4-15-18.mp3 (download)
Bible Readings: Song of Solomon 4:1 – 16, Romans 7:7 – 25 Sermon Outline: Daily Light on the Daily Path, April 10, Morning Reading I am black, but comely. Song 1:5 Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me. Psa. 51:5 Thy renown went forth among the heathen for thy beauty: for it was perfect through my comeliness, wh ...…
It isn't as ridiculous as it sounds! Dr. John Alchemy helps clear up common misconceptions about what Radiculopathy is, backed by data in the AMA Guides. Check out the podcast here.By (RateFast).
Welcome. This is an introduction to my podcast. I am a soccer coach and an entrepreneur. Join me as I take this journey, starting a non profit and working with inner city girls on the pitch.
I am a dating app veteran. I am also a real life dating veteran. But I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that dating apps, online dating whatever the hell you want to call it are hurting us. Here's why: They consume more time than it would take to have a real interaction with someone you found attractive or interesting - Nobody wants to ...…
If you've listened to my podcasts, you've heard me talk about Mexico a lot. I always say I'm going to do a podcast on that experience and some of the stories associated with it, but I haven't until now. So in thinking about what to write, I have decided to make it high level of what I learned about life through that experience so here goes: Eve ...…
Gals have an exceptional knack for controlling the power play in online dating. They take what little power they have in their real life and employ it against the male population in a display of silent anger by denying real high value males worth listening to the ability to even interact with them. You see it all the time. Gals literally swipe, ...…
I deal with a lot of females. Some of them, especially ones you find in place like dating apps, who may build unrealistic expectations of someone they have never met, false narratives or project their desires on to other people do not understand how a high value person lives. High value men like myself do not operate by the same set of rules as ...…
You are God’s friend! Jesus died and rose to make that true! Then, He sends us as His representatives to the world. .fusion-accordian #accordion-16043-1 .panel-title a .fa-fusion-box{ color: #ffffff;}.fusion-accordian #accordion-16043-1 .panel-title a .fa-fusion-box:before{ font-size: 13px; width: 13px;} Transcript April 7-8, 2018 Pastor Joe Wi ...…
Good morning VGR I am Arthur Laramie, I am a Veteran of 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, joining the military in 2008, and serving as a Patricia from early 2009 until 2015. I was then posted to JSR, where retired via medical release in 2017. During my military career, I completed two tours to Afghanistan, first as a Do ...…
Colleen Duggan is a wife, mom, friend, and author of the new book Good Enough Is Good Enough: Confessions of an Imperfect Catholic Mom. This week, I'm sharing an encouraging conversation she and I had recently about struggling with perfectionism, wanting to control our kids, and all the ways motherhood pushes us into uncomfortable places of rea ...…
Everyone could do with some extra money in their pocket each week; however, whenever I talk to people about earning extra money, they usually think they have to get a second job or doing something that they don't have time for. So these five ways to make some extra money, if done right will not take up too much of your time and don’t require yo ...…
Allen believes the church is for cultivating story. So let’s talk about that. And in this episode, the hosts answer “Ask Me Anything” questions submitted by listeners, including science and miracles, spiritual formation for children, and revisiting pacifism. Cultivating Story Conversation (00:55) AMA Segment (31:02) RELEVANT LINKS From Our Cult ...…
Welcome to the Dos Offensive Gentlemen! We are J. Jones and LT, and we enjoy talking about controversial topics. Our opinions may offend the weak, so beware. Sit back and enjoy.Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE to get all of your DOG updates! WEEKLY - The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 yearThis episode we d ...…
This week the Norr Report brings you some of the most heavy hitting topics to rock our wizarding world! Joanna and Mich attempt to be the voice of the seemingly voiceless and more on the Norr Report! Join Us On the Road to Infinity War Only on Patreon! Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Podbean! Get us on Stitcher! Listen on Spotify! Like The Pu ...…
IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL HEAR ABOUT: How food sensitivities can lead to symptoms like fatigue, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, migraines, joint pain and chronic sinus congestion. The critical difference between food sensitivities, allergies and intolerances. What are nightshade vegetables, and how they can trigger pain and inflam ...…
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