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o cubo . net
rádio 3.0
A weekly podcast devoted to AMC's Mad Men, hosted by William Goodman, Alexa Dickman, Tahlia Hein and Dane Davenport.
This feed includes all the talks given by Ajahn Amaro published at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery.
AMA Doc Talk
AMA Doc Talk is a new series from the American Medical Association that features physicians sharing eye-opening encounters with patients, tips and lessons learned. Based on real-world experience and anecdotes, each episode of this first season, hosted by Dr. Rajesh S. Mangrulkar, associate dean for medical student education, University of Michigan, is centered around a topic related to difficult discussions with patients. Here, physicians will collect a wealth of practical information they c ...
Finding the Missing Peace is simply a set of meditation tools that anyone can use to make his or her life better. This booklet is based on a six weeks series of classes given at Yoga Mendocino in Ukiah, California in 2002 – Ajahn Amaro
Two friends (plus the occasional guest) watch the best and worst that the Lifetime network and Hallmark channel have to offer. Follow us on twitter @lifemarkcast
This is a compilation of the retreat given by Ajahn Amaro from 31 August to 12 September 2012. This meditation retreat took place at Amaravati Retreat Center, UK – Amaravati Buddhist Monastery.
This is a compilation of the Death and Dying retreat given from 2-10 July (2012) at the Retreat Center of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery
Podcast by Dr Joey Amato Radio
What is compassion? Can it be cultivated? And if so, how? This class focuses mainly on understanding the essential nature of compassion and the core practices for bringing it into being.These talks were originally given in autumn, 2003, at Yoga Mendocino in Ukiah, California
Amadis of Gaul (Amadís de Gaula, in Spanish) was not the first, but certainly one of the best known knight-errantry tales of the 16th century. Not only is its authorship doubtful, but even the language in which it was first written - Portuguese or Spanish. It is imagined to have been composed in the 14th century, but the known first printed edition came to light in Zaragoza in 1508, and the oldest extant version is in Spanish.The plot is the story of the brave knight Amadis, and starts with ...
Yuri Lowenthal and Travis Sentell love MAD MAX:FURY ROAD. Almost as much as they love each other. Listen as they joyfully dissect the film 4 minutes at a time.
Andrea Amador is The Juicy Woman. She'll teach you how to end emotional eating, make peace with food and friends with your body.
Amago Room 001
Download the latest sets of DJs Amago ... Every month here hear the latest news from the best dance music ... House, Minimal, Techno ...
Host Joel Metzger talks with CEOs, Directors of Marketing, and other thought leaders about the evolving landscape of advertising, branding, and marketing.
Podcast by American Ground Radio
I Am Do Filmmaker
UK filmmakers talking about making films.
Started in 2008 with a simple premise; the best in art with the best in music while accessing venues not usually open to artists. Mano A Mano Art Shows recognizes that Music and Art go hand in hand as our logo illustrates that point with a hand on a record and a hand with a pencil.Our shows feature dozens of artists of various disciplines all focused on a single theme. Throughout the night DJ Osmose will spin some awesome music while art lovers browse the art on the walls and interact with t ...
Mano A Mano Radio Show
Each battle DJ Steel and DJ AdRock choose 4 songs based upon a theme chosen specifically for that week. DJ Steel and DJ AdRock alternate their song selection throughout the battle. Once the show is over the listeners along with Mano A Mano's expert listener can vote (at or in the Sound FM chat) for which DJ had the superior music selection for the week. This head-to-head combat style of radio programming is sure to bring you superior rock, alternative or indie song choices ea ...
A podcast about being Muslim in America. Hosted by Sarah Khan. Produced by Earbud Media.
Welcome to Ramblings of a Mad Man. I'm. Leighton and I'll be your guide into some interesting discussions. Hope you enjoy. Have a topic you wanna hear about let me know and I'll get to asap. Thanks and have a wonderful day
This podcast is just my daily thoughts along with the music I’m creating or music other Artist I know put together
Hitler: Life of A Mad Man
With iPhone, iPad, and iOS, progressive IT teams are leading innovation at their companies. Hear real-world examples and best practices from IT groups who embrace a new vision for technology to transform the way their employees work.
The Brothers G are now into their second season of this crazy podcasting racket. The Mad Dogs are still Running and the Gravy is still forming Puddles in which to run Through.
Pedro Betini
Posto mensagens, e por meio delas, Deus fala com você! Você é muito amado por ELE!
Innocuous Basterds
We're just three harmless dudes talking about important matters while under various stages of drunkenness. The Basterds are Mac Marshall, Andrew Goodwine, and Amado Lumba. We sometimes have guests.
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HAPPY CIF-SS BASEBALL PLAYOFFS! We sat down with 2018 men’s volleyball National Champions Long Beach State head coach Alan Knipe and middle Nick Amado at Legends. They broke down why they were successful this year and what it means to be the best in the country (13:52-46:36). We talked Moore League baseball in ‘Iron Sharpens Iron’ (4:09-11:21). ...…
Fala Galera Sussuriana. Desta vez, Luciano, Cardox e Bruno Oliveira se reuniram para relembrar e contar histórias e "A" história de um dos Consoles mais amados pelos jogadores, principalmente no Brasil: O Master System. Então vamos lá; Chamem seus pais, tios, tias e pessoas que vocês conhecem que se divertiram com esse maravilhoso console e ouç ...…
Latest episode of GenCon Talks 1971-the present
Latest episode of GenCon Talks 1971-the present
Malaquias 1 Malaquias 1 1 Profecía de la palabra de Jehová contra Israel, por medio de Malaquías. 2 Yo os he amado, dice Jehová; y dijisteis: ¿En qué nos amaste? ¿No era Esaú hermano de Jacob? dice Jehová. Y amé a Jacob, 3 y a Esaú aborrecí, y convertí sus montes en desolación, y abandoné su heredad para los chacales del desierto. 4 Cuando Edom ...…
Muy buenas de nuevo. Bienvenidos a otro episodio de Yourspanishguide, el podcast para aprender español y mejorar tu destreza auditiva. Hoy os traigo otro cuento muy sencillo para que practiquéis vocabulario. En él encontraréis además algún que otro refrán que seguro que entendéis. Para que sigáis el contenido con mayor facilidad, os dejo la tra ...…
Não é uma tragédiaMinha irmã, filha de outro relacionamento da minha mãe, tem 30 anos e descobriu um tumor agressivo na mama esquerda no final do ano passado. Passamos os últimos meses cuidando disso. Minha irmã é jovem, o tumor é forte, sentimos todos o medo que se sente quando essa doença maldita chega perto de nós. Mas ninguém sofreu mais co ...…
With the fate of thousands of DACA recipients still in the hands of a deadlocked Congress, Ali chats with four members of the Voices of Christian Dreamers, who visited Capitol Hill this week to plea for their American futures. Guests; Liz Dong Ruth Velazquez Vanessa Gutierrez Amado Lobatos The Des Moines Register DACA story…
Sin duda alguna los deportes son algo muy importante en todo Estados Unidos, en especial el futbol americano, que es el principal deporte.En este episodio vamos a hablar sobre los deportes que se juegan en Colombia y en Estados unidos, les contaremos acerca del espíritu que tienen las personas hacia el deporte y por supuesto cual es el deporte ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel is now available on with the following details: Title: Amados Contra Impios Pt 1 Subtitle: Judas Speaker: Samuel Zarate Broadcaster: Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel Event: Midweek Service Date: 12/5/2017 Length: 68 min.
Guests - George Pearson - CCMS basketball; David Amado, Anadelia Barrera, Maggie Lashlee, Maddie Creek & Ashley Woods - CHS soccer; Andrew Taylor, Alliyah Williams, Tyana Fenton, Amanda Mukai & Keelie Hillis - CHS volley
Romanos 5:1-11 1 Justificados, pues, por la fe, tenemos paz para con Dios por medio de nuestro Señor Jesucristo; 2 por quien también tenemos entrada por la fe a esta gracia en la cual estamos firmes, y nos gloriamos en la esperanza de la gloria de Dios. 3 Y no sólo esto, sino que también nos gloriamos en las tribulaciones, sabiendo que la tribu ...…
Matthew (Mateo) 7:24 “Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like that wise man who built his house on the rock.” “Todo el que escucha mi enseñanza y la sigue es sabio, como la persona que construye su casa sobre una roca sólida.” How do I build my life on the Bible? 1. I receive it with my ears (Lo recibo con mis ...…
1 Juan 4:10 September 4, 201710 En esto consiste el amor: no en que nosotros hayamos amado a Dios, sino en que él nos amó a nosotros, y envió a su Hijo en propiciación por nuestros pecados.
Pastor Doug, Debbie, Linda & Amado share about their trip to Cebu.
Romanos 12:19 August, 10 201719 No os venguéis vosotros mismos, amados míos, sino dejad lugar a la ira de Dios; porque escrito está: Mía es la venganza, yo pagaré, dice el Señor.
Seja um assinante: assina, tem acesso a conteúdos extras exclusivos no nosso grupo secreto no Facebook.Nesse episódio, reunimos as histórias de nossos ouvintes que tiveram contato direto com o oculto, com direito ao atropelamento de um frango gigante, um italiano que não sabia fazer macarrão e a capivara Rafael Nadal.Mas a ...…
Question: so and so says I have a belly. Is it true? Lol
Meus amados vejam com gratidão os resgates deste momento.Muitas pessoas estão sendo convidadas neste momento da transição planetária a olhar para o seu núcleo familiar.Vocês estão sendo convidados a... Canalizações de Mensagens da Fraternidade Branca pela sensitiva Maria Silvia Orlovas.By (Maria Silvia Orlovas).
Así que, amados, puesto que tenemos tales promesas, limpiémonos de toda contaminación de carne y de espíritu, perfeccionando la santidad en el temor de Dios.
After a short break we're back with Episode #6 with one of my best friends, Mr. Amado Abeyta of Sol Fire and our new duo Palace Youth. We chat about growing up in Santa Fe in the early 80's, his dad's band Lumbre Del Sol, and listen to songs from The Everly Brothers, The Beach Boys and some wonderful new demos he's been working on. Good times! ...…
Ficha Técnica: Apresentação, Gravação, Direção e Edição: Lanthys - Blue and Red Hibiki Duração: 175:05 min. Edição de Imagens/Banner: Lanthys - Blue and Red Hibiki Download 128 Kbps ( Clicar com o botão direito opção "Salvar Como" ) Download 64 Kbps ( Clicar com o botão direito opção "Salvar Como" ) Chegou galera, está online a nossa mais nova ...…
Saudações amigos e amigas, estamos com mais um (atrasado, sei bem) podcast, trazendo a todos vocês a continuação de nosso querido e amado programa sobre música japonesa, desta vez comentando algumas bandas e também lendo alguns comentários de vocês. Então se prepare, aumente o som e let’s rock! Playlist 1.X Japan – X 2.X Japan […] O post Ground ...…
Meus amados, quando há milhares de anos atrás nós viemos para a terra, nós viemos por amor, pela aventura do amor, pela criação do amor.Nós, eu e vocês estávamos juntos, um grande grupo de almas veio... Canalizações de Mensagens da Fraternidade Branca pela sensitiva Maria Silvia Orlovas.By (Maria Silvia Orlovas).
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