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Ambiance Podcast
Ambiance podcast. Explore and discuss subjects with three students residing in the UK.
Sleep and Relax ASMR
Sleep and Relax ASMR is a bi-weekly podcast / Youtube channel that creates audio experiences designed to help people sleep and relax. The show uses various ASMR triggers including whispers, gentle speaking, relaxing background noise, and general ambiance to help people unwind and relax from their busy lives. Our goal is to create the best ASMR content possible. Whether you enjoy the sound of the waves of a beach, snow crunching on a mountain, or whispered storytelling, Sleep and Relax ASMR h ...
Louis Debouzy : Une heure de Soulful, House & Electro toutes les deux semaines Louis Debouzy : One hour of Soulful, House & Electro every two weeks
lo-fi music blog
where ambiance matters.
do you believe in x
Short anonymously authored flash literature, accompanied by ambiance and down-tempo music.
LOVECRAFT: Witch-Porn of the Lovely, Dark, and Deep
Lovely, dark, and deep, this shadow-witch writes and reads tales of sex and horror, pleasure and fear, playful to intense in tandem. Ambiance is both bonfire and hearth, wilderness and haunted houses. And sex. Enter, IF YOU DARE. *cackling* If you have a piece of erotica you would like read on the show, please submit a copy to Please include "LOVECRAFT" in subject line.
6'+: 6ftplus (Six Foot Plus)
6'+ (Six Foot Plus) is a program of music and more--for those who like it spooky. Brought to you by Gravedigger's Local 16 (, 6ftplus features the creepy side of music - horror punk, demented surf, rockabilly, psychobilly, creepy ambiance and anything else we dig up. Featuring reviews and interviews, as well as the Monstermatt Minute, Heather Buckley's Oddscurities and more!
Neighborhood Watch and Other Suburban Programming
Harmonious ambiance, lo-fi music, and shameless suburban espionage.
Il n'y a rien de plus Sexy que le Talent... Sexy Radio... Un moment de délice, une sélection glamour, une ambiance chic, vous écoutez Sexy Radio ... Des deejays disque d'or & de platine aux commandes de la plus sexy des radios, http://SexyRadio.FMStyle : Electro, House, Progressive, Minimal, Underground, No Commercial, Clubbing, Famous, Mix, Sexy & Chic Deejay... Glamour Radio
Mr.L's Tavern-Conservative Common Sense Talk
Mr.L's Tavern! Mr.L's Tavern is a conservative internet radio talk show. A native New Yorker, Mr.L talks politics, news, film, social issues, life and many, many other topics ALL with a no holds barred conservative view point. All from the Mr.L's Tavern has the ambiance and intimacy of a New York Tavern. Mr.L speaks to you as if you are the only one in the place just around the time of "last call".
Jeff Besner - In The Mix (Mr Daymus)
An hour and half of good house music mixed by Jeff Besner aka Mr Daymus. From classics to the most recent songs, these sets will make your mind travel through different style and ambiance.
Soul Spa Vol 2
This is a continuation of the Soul Spa series, with some soothing chill tech soul house and deep house trax. It's definitely for a more subdued set with the standard sexy ambiance and a glass of wine!
Endless Nights
This set is another downtempo / chillout session. It also has a few neo soul tracks that mesh well with the laid back groove of this mix. The overall ambiance is the usual hypnotic backdrop to a quiet night of endless relaxation.
Club House et Session Live
"Club House" est mon émission diffusée sur Only 1 Radio.Un mix d'une heure avec une pointe de Deep, une part de pure House et Future House, une festivité Disco- House, le tout pimenté d'Electro House."Session Live" un podcast réalisé par Olivier R, dans une ambiance Clubbing, Disco, Electro, House... et surtout mixé en "LIVE"Bonne écoute♫♫♫ ♫♫♫ ♫♫♫
Grape Encounters Radio
There was a time, not long ago, when wine tasting was regarded as something done by people with specially trained palates and sophisticated sensibilities. Today, wine is being consumed by hundreds of millions of people who drink it simply because it is what they like. Grape Encounters is about the colorful people, the places, the ambiance and the passion that makes wine drinking one of the world's most popular pastimes. Grape Encounters is lighthearted, interactive and a very good time-- tak ...
Dj Miss Angy
Info, Booking: Biography My name is Angy and I mix since March 2012. I began learning music from the age of 12 years, music theory and piano for 6 years, I go to the music school from the age of 16yrs. By sheer chance I put the decks and soon became resident. Since I found myself alongside Chris Magicut, Evan and the tribe, Nicki Sanchez, Miss Luna, The Lord, Miss Roxx. I mix Dance, Club, Atmosphere, Commercial Electro, house, progressive style .... Hard to need it!! I ...
Urban couple Papp & Chich are your typical starving artists. Both confined by the tyrannical rule of their mother's homes, the only escapes are the dinner and movie dates they go on between shifts at their shitty restaurant jobs. "Famintin" is a weekly couples therapy rehashing of the good, the bad and the shlocked adventures of Chich & Papp. Movie reviews that feature in-depth character breakdowns, entertaining statistics and the most epic tangential facts and discussions. Restaurant review ...
Consider The Elephant
The common wisdom is that the men who have attacked American Presidents - Czolgosz, Guiteau, Fromme, Hinckley, Moore, Oswald, Zangara - were disgruntled, disturbed loners. That wisdom includes John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln, called a failed actor and a madman.But the truth is that Wilkes was the matinee idol of his time; and the attack on Lincoln was not the act of a maniac, but a part of a plan developed at the highest levels of the Confederacy.In "Consider the Elephant, ...
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Internet Citizen
We start off with a discussion of the recent Paradise Papers revelations, followed by a supersized gaming corner wherein Randolf gives his verdict on Super Mario Odyssey and Michael is confused by play-to-win gamers. Then a Good Internet, Bad Internet with amazing Reddit comments in odd places, the onslaught of sexual harassment news stories, a ...…
Welcome back to our week in geek! This week we get a little distracted and talk about random stuff, discuss our streaming movie,Blair Witch, and answer this week’s question of which AI companion would you choose. Our Second Halloween Streaming Review was the Blair Witch. The original movie was one of Bat’s favorites but sadly this one is defini ...…
Hitherby Dragons Storytime
From Hitherby Dragons by Jenna Moran. more real individuals, see Jack o’Lantern Girl: XavidAmbiance by:Smhertz: Lake:
Austrians take great pride in the preparation and presentation of food, and dining is an experience to be savored one bite at a time. Meals present an opportunity to socialize, as well as to appreciate the act of eating good food in a convivial ambiance. From coffeehouses in Vienna to the Styrian fried chicken in Graz, and Salzburg's award-winn ...…
There are certain prerequisites I have before eating out at a restaurant; things such as the fact that they serve food, provide utensils for me to eat that food, and a bathroom for me to wash my hands before and after a meal. That’s basically the bare bones, if any eating establishment is missing any one of those three things there is a 0% chan ...…
La Corte Bistro is a restaurant that will give you a fantastic dining experience. Buying a Florida Gulf Coast Home? Search all Homes for Sale Selling a Florida Gulf Coast Home? Click here for a Home Value Report Today I want to take you on a tour of La Corte Bistro in Cape Coral and talk with three of the restaurant’s four co-owners—Michael Bod ...…
Traditional movement from the Thunderlab Records team within Time Out Rooftop. This action was recorded on August 18 in a soulful ambiance Moscow night. Live set by Fantli - co-founder of the South Ural Music Alliance (SUMA). Many thanks to all participants, our friends and who to supported this event!The same way, watch the video from event on ...…
Home Gym Design: Part 1 Show Notes: These are just a few of the points & questions we explore in this open and candid conversation: 1 – Main areas of importance when using garage space as the home gym and fitness training area. 2 – The importance of non-toxic, naturally produced and low/no VOC materials in your home gym design. 3 – How to make ...…
ARTPRIZE Nine Artist Jordyn Fishman unpacks her ArtPrize entry #65746 “Income Inequality, Imagine” “Income Inequality, Imagine” is one of those pieces that you stand in front of and look at for a long time. I certainly did. It’s very large at 24 feet long, also there’s a lot of sh*t going on—it’s a scene—three scenes really. “Triptych” is the t ...…
Sleep and Relax ASMR
Welcome to episode 152 of Sleep and Relax ASMR! This episode features the ambiance recording of an indoor swimming pool in Vienna, Austria. The episode includes general sounds from a swimming pool including chatting, swimming, and people jumping into the pool. Enjoy! A very, very special thank you to Philip N for supporting the show via our Pat ...…
Tarkin's Top Shelf is back and ready to discuss the General of the Resistance. But, before she became the General, she was 'Leia: Princess of Alderaan.' In this episode, Becca and Mark analyze one of the most anticipated Young Adult novels from the 'Journey to The Last Jedi.' Yes, that's right, you guessed it, Claudia Gray's 'Star Wars LEIA: Pr ...…
Jordan and Charlie chat about the first TV ad from the “No” side of the Marriage Equality Debate in depth. Plus, in Charlie Chats, they talk about two gay boys in the States who had their Year Book quotes removed because they were deemed “Inappropriate”, two men told that they couldn’t share one desert because it would “Ruin the ambiance of the ...…
Jordan and Charlie chat about the first TV ad from the “No” side of the Marriage Equality Debate in depth. Plus, in Charlie Chats, they talk about two gay boys in the States who had their Year Book quotes removed because they were deemed “Inappropriate”, two men told that they couldn’t share one desert because it would “Ruin the ambiance of the ...…
A.D.D. Podcast with Jason Barr
Hey friends! Enjoy this bonus A.D.D. Podcast LIVE show. Jason Barr recorded his friend Jordan Geiger playing a solo Hospital Ships set, at the Replay Lounge. It's a wonderful lo-fi recording. It's so chill that it actually takes a moment for the crowd to settle down. Well worth a listen. The ambiance of the Replay only adds to this rare show. J ...…
Florida real estate agent finds human remains while showing property in Groveland, Calgary airport criticized after converted 5 disabled stalls into Lexus-only parking, Gay couple was told that their sharing dessert 'doesn't go with the ambiance' at a D.C. steak house. Katy, Texas opens their new $72M HIGH SCHOOL football stadium, Man claims he ...…
A new Very Disco Discovery volume for the summer!It is recorded in a sunny ambiance, reaching the 30°C and a few meters from the beach, thats why the volume five it´s called "Vamos a la Playa (Let´s Go to the Beach)". In this mix you will find according rhythms for this inspiration, that combines tracks from the 70´s together with the freshest ...…
Gen Benay, Justin MacNeill and Marc Plante operate Stray Dog Brewing Company. The brewery is based in Orleans, Ontario and opened its doors on July 21, 2017. Follow them online @StrayDogBeer (Twitter), Stray Dog Brewing Company (Facebook) and StrayDogBeer (Instagram). Show Notes: This episode has authentic brewery sounds! This is where Orleans ...…
Keep your arms and legs inside the episode, becasue today we're continuing our Summer Fun mini-series by talking about amusement parks. Highlights Include: Mr. Toppum Hat Causes Subway Delays, Buttpads, Jeremy in the Hall of Mirrors, Kiddy Coasters, Rides vs. Ambiance, Do It For Photo, Tinder for Rides, The Inevitable Discussion of Objectum Sex ...…
Jack DeJohnette got his start on the piano as a child, but he took up the drums at eighteen and went on to become one of the most inventive and important drummers in modern jazz history. He’s provided rhythm for greats such as John Coltrane , Miles Davis, and Keith Jarrett. In this 1993 Piano Jazz session, DeJohnette shares the story behind the ...…
Topological ones depend on ambiance space.Let A be the open disc in R^2: then topological boundary is unit circle whereas manifold boundary is empty. It A is closed disc then topological and manifold boundaries coincide.Let A be the strip 0 leq y leq 1 in H^2. Then topological boundary is strip 0 leq y < 1, whereas manifold boundary is 0 < y < 1.…
Listen to the story here and see the accompanying photos at for the best experience. Izakaya is arguably one of Japan’s most iconic dining experiences. It’s an accurate representation of all things Japanese from the food and drink to the service and energetic ambiance. We talk about the best things about izakaya and how it can domina ...…
Game Grinder: Video Game and Nerd Culture Podcast
It's episode one of our Dungeons and Dragons series, where we do our best to fumble our way through Storm King's Thunder, one of Wizard's of the Coast's latest campaigns! The gang makes their way to a strangely abandoned town in search of adventure. Unfortunately for them, there is much more than a town full of free loot waiting for them! Music ...…
Creating An Ambiguous Ambiance Part 2 - Pastor Mark Ralston - HU Church Motherwell
Creating An Ambiguous Ambiance - Pastor Mark Ralston - HU Church Motherwell
Restaurant Rockstars Podcast
Episode #82 - Long ago, I learned “You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get”. Don’t be afraid to ask. Why? Because the most successful restaurants not only Sell a lot, they Save a lot! Its just smart business.What am I talking about? If you run a solid food cost in your restaurant, you can actually Trade for things you normally buy for pennies on the dolla ...…
Music Talk iTunes Link! iTunes likes to take it’s time so if this podcast isn’t up now on there just listen here! Taking care of business: Long time no see! After a long hiatus, we are back! I decided to pick this podcast back up after recently reading a comment from iTunes and hanging with my buddy Damien and now this podcast is an excuse for ...…
Why We See Movies Podcast
(Recorded 07/11/2017) Today on the Podcast we discuss the latest film from the MCU, Spider-Man: Homecoming, starring Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, and Robert Downey Jr. NEWS ON THE MARCH Ambiance - The longest film ever made Tarantino will direct a Manson Family style movie David Ayer's "Scarface" remake is too violent Charlize Theron says the, ...…
Deep In Bear Country - A Berenstain Bearcast
WHAT’S ALL THAT NOISE?! It’s ambiance. Brad, Jeremy and I sit in a diner in the Strong National Museum of Play and catch people up on just what we’d been up to. We give our impressions of the previous days and it all serves as a prelude to the major editing job I have in... Continue reading →
For our first ever Black Girl Magic episode, we are honored to share our conversation with 10-year Poetry Slam Incorporated President, Auntie Inkera Oshun and Slam poet, face of Lane Bryant's This Body Campaign, Miss Ashlee Haze. Tune in as we basque in the ambiance of shade, talk retirement and travel -not in the ways you may imagine, and lift ...…
Ep.12 Donkey Kong Country, -Aquatic Ambiance! This week we take a relaxing swim through the SNES classic, Donkey Kong Country! Grab a drink, sit back, chill out and enjoy the sweet vibes. Questions/Comments? Hit us up at or!
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