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AMDb Podcast
Din nya favorit blogg & podcast där vi tar upp allt som har med film och TV att göra, och levererar det rakt in i din hjärna via telepati.
Be Happy & Be Healthy
Be Happy & Be Healthy is a weekly radio talk show committed to providing you with tools to Be Happy & Be Healthy. The host of Be Happy & Be Healthy is Kimberley Harrell, D.D. Kimberley is a Reiki Master Teacher descendant of Cherokee Ancestors, a certified life coach and professional speaker specializing in Mind, Body & Spirit 'Makovers' including Weight Loss Coaching. Kimberley has a teaching practice in Southern Florida where she teaches Reiki Energy Therapy, Native American Healing and Sp ...
The Player Hater Podcast.. The Greatest Podcaster Of All Time! The Muhammad Ali Of Podcasting!
How might we live better as queer people of faith? Matthias Roberts brings together theologians, psychologists, poets, thinkers, and change makers for conversations around belief and being.
Bootlegs & B-Sides
Here’s some editions of my funky breaks radioshow, Bootlegs & B-Sides It's aimed at bringing the best remixes, ghetto funk, breakbeats, glitch hop, hip-hop, bass, electro swing, chill, soul, reggae, drum & bass, house and other gems to the airwaves. Covering as many genres as you can shake a stick at.
A podcast about tabletop roleplaying games and other geek-related. We, Brett and Sean, are friends of yours that just enjoy talking about rpgs. You won't hear us write a thesis on game theory, we don't take ourselves too seriously. They don't pay us enough.
A podcast for all: from the always anxious to the occasionally overwhelmed to the painfully panicked. Join your host Kelli Walker – registered nurse, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and former agoraphobe – on an anxiety adventure. Learn what anxiety really is, why the best of us can get caught in its web, and how to move past its sticky grip. Casual conversations with Kelli and other experts will include more than reciting daily affirmations or following "five simple steps" to overcome ...
Temple Hayes is a powerful, dynamic, and energetic presence-a successful author, life coach, motivational speaker, Unity minister, and practicing Shaman-an intentional spirit! For many years, people have asked her to share her views on how to go beyond seeing life to actually being life-being present, being intentional, being alive! Each week, Temple will share tools that will support you in your journey to becoming an intentional spirit. You will learn how to apply these simple practices in ...
Claire Pelletreau was just starting to grow her side business as a Facebook ads and marketing consultant when her full-time job disappeared. Desperate to land enough clients just to pay the bills, she was disappointed at how difficult it was to find real tactical advice that would help actually her get paid month to month. The Get Paid Podcast is Claire’s attempt to pull back the curtain on the reality of running an online business. All these people pulling in “six figures” – how are they AC ...
AMD eSeminar Series
Johns Hopkins AMD eSeminar Series: Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) poses a huge public health risk within the aging population.
Former NFL players Michael Robinson & Nate Burleson keep it all the way real talking everything football, music, pop culture and much more.
The finest remixes from soul to dubstep and ghetto funk to electro swing. Nominated finalist for Canadian college radio show of the year 2012 Pioneer DJ Stylus Awards.
Ugly Radio is an innovative Internet based urban radio station with a play-list of ONLY the hottest “Independent Recording Artist” in the Hip-Hop, R&B, and Reggae music genres. Independent musicians have always had an uphill battle getting their music to the public, making a great number of very good recording artist go unnoticed. This inadvertently impacts the quality of music heard today. Ugly Radio is also a movement that’s committed to the advancement of independent Hip-Hop, R&B and Regg ...
This podcast is a small account of my journey into the realm of Minimalism and a bit about my life as I travel along my way. I, just a few months ago was living in a massively cluttered home, a clogged head that couldn't think straight, but am now making great progress. Call me a Minimal Work in Progress.
Our purpose is to inspire our farmers, growers and industry to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We equip the industry with easy to use, practical know-how which they can apply straight away to make better decisions and improve their performance. AHDB is a statutory levy board and is funded by farmers, growers and others in the supply chain.
Bourbon and BS stems from our Whiskey Wednesdays in the Steve's Garage in Columbus, OH. Jake and Steve will typically crack a new bottle and smoke a few cigars each Wednesday with friends and guests. Tune in each week to see who and what we are talking about and what we are drinking and smoking!
Weekly talk about what is happening on wall street
Mortgages & BS
Each week local mortgage expert Tom Smith from Academy Mortgage Corporation, and Brian "BT" Turner from "Foodie Friday" and "Landscape & Garden Show" (as well as Go 96.3 and 30-plus years of TV and radio experience), talk about mortgages, refi's, entertainment, current events, sports, food, beer, movies and other B.S.. Listen every week and share. if you are in the market for a mortgage or refi. State Lic #MN-MLO-251122 | ...
Barbells & BS
Barbells & BS was born of a desire for three friends to find a way to get what they talked about in the gym to a larger audience of people. Matt Murphy, Justin Davis, and Vic Rosales posess years of knowledge on topics ranging from endurance and weightlifting training to sport specific diet and training needs. In addition to ourselves, guests will frequently appear to provide unique insight and knowledge that we may not be able to provide. Of course, the 'BS' in Barbells & BS will be prevale ...
A monthly podcast from AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds, bringing you a round-up of our arable farming news from across the UK.Hear from staff, farmers we work with and other agricultural experts on our levy-funded research, Monitor Farm projects, market intelligence and more.
Ambe is a Christian Creative, Counsellor and Minster. She loves to share the Gospel and spread the Good Word about Jesus Christ for His greater glory and for you. She also does weekly Christian Meditations and will post links in her podcasts so that you can thrive on every level in Christ. Be inspired. Be encouraged. Be saved! Hallelujah!
And Be Thankful
God desires more than anything else for us to become a people of gratitude. That's because gratitude prompts us become more giving and loving people. And Be Thankful will help us learn to do that.
Arise & Be Podcast
Providing Transformational Life Coaching Tools for Women Who Want More Out of Life
Two guys talking about two of their favorite topics, running and beer and also anything else that pops into their heads. Think of this podcast as you joining Flores and Johnny on a trail run and listening in on what's going down.
Dr. Nicoline Ambe
The RHAPS with Dr. Nicoline Ambe - The Raising High Achievers Parenting Show offers parents tips and strategies for raising children who succeed in school and life.
The goal of the Give, Grow & Be Grateful book and podcast is to help you master your mind, reach your goals, achieve meaningful happiness and live a fulfilled life. You have near limitless potential to be, do or have anything you put your mind and heart fully into. My hope is that the strategies (& stories) I share will help you develop the path to living your most fulfilled life.
‘Boards, Beer and BS’ is the snowboard podcast for We’re snowboarders discussing snowboard news, stories and snowboard shenanigans.
If you’re an ambitious career woman and you want to get ahead in business with more confidence, style and ease then the Show Up Sparkle & Be Heard At Work Podcast is for you! Hosted by Kay White, the Savvy & Influential Communication Expert for Ambitious Women in Business, she’s also Author of the number 1 best-seller The A to Z of Being Understood. Tune in weekly for influential, practical and proven effective communication strategies, steps and mindsets to show you how to be more assertive ...
Topics need to be discussed and can't continue to be silenced. I have created a place for discussion without being silenced, without being judged, without being prosecuted for having your own opinion. Topics will vary week to week and with what is going on in this world it will give plenty to talk and rave about. Mr. UnAuthorized himself will be the host of the weekly show. You the audience will become the guests on the show. There will be a new episode every Monday and Friday. Bonus episode ...
Explore the field of post-acute and long-term care, with expert interviews, journal article reviews, innovations news, and more.
AMD Podcast
It's been more than 10 years since their last live + vinyl DJ set, but Fusion 9 (Wildcrush and Sholt) is back, and back with a new mix series. Analogue Meets Digital is a bi-weekly podcast, bringing you their latest raw, industrial techno sets and one guest mix every second Monday.
Mac & B's Podcast
Podcast by Mac & B's Podcast
R & B Podcast
Twin brothers who are making their way through the social media industry and talking about their life and the latest things going on in the space.
Our vision is to help families stay and be healthy using natural methods for the body, mind, and soul. We encourage self-reliance in any medicine practice for your family and our products are designed to help you learn more about caring for your family with herbs. We are passionate about sharing our experience, knowledge, and expertise. We want to help 1 million families in the next 5 years.
Beer, Bros & BS
Your home for craft beer, pop culture & other BS!Each episode we crack open a few bottles of delicious brew, shoot the breeze and let the conversation flow. We're mostly funny, we don't take ourselves too seriously and on a few occasions we'll record live from a brewery or bar! Be a friend of the pod and hit subscribe. From Miami, Florida.
Up and B
Brad and Chris have reunited after a long hiatus to talk about the latest in all things gaming!
Bubbel & B******t
Podcast by Hanna & Kajsa Kalméus
Bonus BS, a supplemental show to Gaming and BS podcast where we cover interviews and other such topics not found in our weekly episodes.
These reflections from Castlegar United Church proclaim the freedom to love, strive for justice, and seek wholeness rooted in God.In most of these you'll hear the voice of Rev. Greg Powell.
J & B Podcast
A weekly podcast that talks everything major in the sports world.
The Virtual Brown-Bag-Lunch Webcasts provide members of the Physician Community the opportunity to interact with, and learn from their peers. The webcasts will feature healthcare IT topics of importance to physicians and are 60 minutes or less. Questions from the audience are addressed to augment the discussions. Look for new episodes quarterly.
Testing the Fences of This Adventure We Call Life - Join me as I explore life and being human from the perspectives of science, art, music and philosophy and occasionally figure some things out.
Inspiring, authentic conversations & interviews with Prana Boosters™ featured on who are Awakened With Purpose™ & Raising the Vibration of the World through their life's work. Mindful Families, Mindful Living, Personal Transformation, Relationships/Marriage & Conscious & Mindful Parenting.
www.AMDGMOVEMENT.COM Presents real Hip Hop Culture, Media, Arts, Testimony, and Everyday Life from the Lives of those Faithful to the Church That Jesus Christ Started Over 2000 Years Ago. Aiming to Spread the Truth of the Gospel in it's Fullness, AMDG Live Seeks To Utilize Popular Media all for God's Greater Glory.
T and B Show
The T & B Show is a political podcast hosted by Alex Thomas and Timothy Bame. Every episode, the guys (along with a special guest) analyze and discuss what is happening politically across the United States, as well as other important items of interest.
Listen & Be Amazed
Making known the opinions of three high school upperclassmen, including guests.
AHDB Pork Podcasts
AHDB Pork represents pig levy payers in England. AHDB Pork is focused on enhancing the competitiveness, efficiency and profitability for English pig levy payers and driving demand for English pork and pig meat products in Britain and globally. AHDB Pork is a division of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board
I Am Do Filmmaker
UK filmmakers talking about making films.
Hear and Be Healed
Jesus went about preaching, teaching AND healing - learn how we need to receive our healing the same way, and how to help others receiving their healing
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We're off to hear comedians shares facts 'bout The Wizard Of Oz. Because because because because because, because we like podcasts about movies...Hosted by Dorothy Highton and joined by Scarecrow Howerska, Tin Lexx and Cowardly Morton. Guests are The Seaward Of Oz with AMDb & The Wicked McGarrity of the West with Who Dat? Intro Music by Andrew ...…
Hey dudes, this podcast was recorded in December 2015. But we found it like a treasure in our hard drives. One of our regular member's family are all trained Skydivers. Hosted by Matthew Highton and joined by regulars Paul D McGarrity, Amy Howerska, Joz Norris, AMDB's Will Seaward and Bristol Cube Cinema's Ally Taylor-Matthew who shares a very ...…
I feel the need, the need for a brief podcast about Top Gun. Join MavErick Lampaert, Goose Highton, Ice Howerska and Stinger Feilder as they take the people of Bedford on a wild Goose chase around the 80's classic. Eleanor Morton takes over AMDb and Paul D McGarrity tells us "Where Are They Now".Next shows: ALICE IN WONDERLAND on April 19th in ...…
In this episode we are discussing Netflix is shrinking, Red Hat Linux is growing and we ask the question, 'can Intel and AMD be friends?' We have those stories and more...By Weekly Tech Update.
We start 2016 with a classic movie: The NeverEnding Story. And due to losing the Goblin King, and was only fair to also talk about another childhood classic: Labyrinth. Be prepared to think about which movie character you had a crush on when you were a child, as Matthew Highton takes control of the Dragon Dog and invites his guests on a magical ...…
Eric Lampaert is on tour in Norway so he took the opportunity to talk to three Norwegian comedians, fluent in English, to discuss their favourite Norske films; Jånni Kristiansen, Henrik Farley and Jørgen Evensen.Will Seaward also comes to us 'live' from Hollywood with his Scandinavian Alternate Movie Database (AMDb) List of movies discussed Tro ...…
This week on our Weekly Tech Podcast we talk about our review of the ASRock X99E-ITX/ac motherboard, AMD being valued at less than what they paid for ATI, Comcast's new 2 Gb/s fiber service, CaseLab's apology to Thermaltake and much more!
Aaron aka Ind1fference from the GameEnthus podcast, drops in to make E3 2015 predictions with KnoxBroadcast and JRHAce (fka Aceblack) and me, Bluemanrule. Sit back for this long, but enjoyable ride! 30:00: E3 predictions Bethesda New: Dishonored, FallOut 4 gameplay Trailer: Dishonored, FO4, ESO: TU 38:00 – Microsoft (Momentum- > 4) New: Battlet ...…
In Episode 12 of MS Project Podcast, hosts Prasanna Adavi and Dave Fletcher talk to Isabel Merlano on the advantages and challenges of implementing Project Server in a PMO. Isabel Merlano is a Sr Manager, Global IT PMO with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Her experience includes several years in Information Technology and Information systems with ...…
I den sjätte upplagan av våran podcast har vi helt tappat tråden och pratar på helt utan tema, eller ja.. vi faller ju alltid tillbaka på den där film-grejen. Allt jag kan garantera är att vi inte ens kommer nämna The Bionic Six i denna pod.By (Albin Karlsson & Johan Björklund).
I denna pod pratar vi om gamla filmer som blivit nya, nämligen remakes!By (Albin Karlsson & Johan Björklund).
I dagens pod pratar vi om oväntade dödsfall och Joel Kinnamans kropp!By (Albin Karlsson & Johan Björklund).
I dagens pod pratar vi om Batffleck, kickstarter och självklart lite Marvel.By (Albin Karlsson & Johan Björklund).
Nu har det varit sådär långt emellan poddarna igen, vi skyller allt på finanskrisen. Några som inte verkar lida av varken finanskris eller nedladdningen är väl ändå filmindustrin, vi hyllar detta genom att prata sommarens blockbusters. Den nämnda "Pixar Teorin" hittar ni HÄRBy (Albin Karlsson & Johan Björklund).
Dagens värdar: Albin Karlsson & Johan Björklund I detta avsnitt pratar vi helt enkelt om Oscarsgalan. Anledningen att vi väljer att prata om galan ett par veckor i efterhand är att våran kaffebryggare har varit trasig, det var en hemsk period i våra liv. Men nu är vi tillbaka i ditt huvud och hettar upp Oscarshypen!…
Dagens värdar: Albin Karlsson & Johan Björklund I Piloten pratar vi om lite allmänt om vad vi har tänkt att hålla på med under de kommande avsnitten. Bland nyheter pratar vi om framtiden för Star Wars och lite om vad vi tycker, tänker och tror om de kommande filmerna. Vi försöker få en bra blandning av nytt, gammalt och filmer som inte ha borde ...…
I finish the Run With It! segment on Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth, looking at issues 42-49, 51-59. (29:06)
This is my 603rd and last column for If you want to continue reading my work, please visit, which is also in this week's links. Thanks for your support. Everybody in my line of work writes prediction columns for the coming year, but I wonder how many we will see this time around? The world is unsettled. It's not ...…
Lots of news this week. Enjoy! Show Notes: Great new photos of the AM DBS Bond Car A look at the future Gallardo? Wicked custom Lambo Twins Michael Schumacher's Ferrari FXX Have a great week!By (Christopher Tyler).
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