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Amy Porterfield is a marketing strategist helping entrepreneurs build their business online.
Amy Myers MD
Get to the root. Learn the tools. Live the solution.
Nationally syndicated advice columnist Amy Alkon's podcast with the luminaries of behavioral science and psychotherapy.
You know that thing you've been thinking about doing? Why Not Now? This show has been created because I believe the world will be a better place if more people ask themselves, "Why Not Now?" Each episode you'll hear from a professional Why Notter and learn how they answered the question and took action so you can too.
Monday - Friday 2am - 6am ET
Why Am I Laughing?
What's funny? Why is it funny? Ben and RJ are your in-house comedy gurus who talk about all things comedy, laughter, and side-splitting goodness. Tune in every Wednesday as we discuss comedians, tv shows, and the movies that make us laugh the most. You can also play the podcast on the iTunes Podcast app, Google Play, and Stitcher!
Am I Right??
Am I Right?? is CJSW's OFFICIAL Wednesday Night Comedy Program! Tune in every week for cheers, jeers, and pratfalls from Jesse and Evan – Calgary's favorite (trying-to-be) funny-men! Listen to them play your favorite and new favorite comedians and interview comedians who are so funny that it intimidates them!Believe us – this show is great, and if you are looking for a laugh, it's the next best thing to putting bologna in your shoes! (Everyone knows that just makes you feel funny!)*Subscribe ...
The Collage Creative podcast is weekly interview show dedicated to uncovering the motivations, daily routines and practices of women and men who are living life on their own terms. They may do this through a business they’ve created or they may simply choose to live differently in some way. What I hope to learn is what gave them the courage to say the heck with it, I’m doing it my way. We will delve into their routines, habits, favorite books, podcasts etc. On the flip side, we’ll talk about ...
Motherhood changes us. As the generation who were told we could do anything and be anything we want to be, accepting the changes that come with motherhood can be very difficult. Our priorities shift, our definition of success evolves, and we find ourselves questioning our addiction to busy-ness. Who are we now? And can we be the best mamas without completely losing ourselves along the way? The Happy Mama Movement is a collection of interviews and insights with real mamas around the world, re ...
Inspired Conversations is a podcast dedicated to bringing you interviews with today’s most influential thought leaders, who are making a difference on the planet through their impactful work. Whether the dialogue is about meditation, nutrition, entrepreneurship, creativity, sustainability or self-expression, these conversations are meant to spark your heart and ignite your soul to be more, do more and have more in your life. You’ll gain resources in the Inspired Round of Questions at the end ...
Amy Yancy is an intuitive coach who works with creatives, entrepreneurs, executives and other shining lights to help you clear the barriers keeping you from experiencing bliss and happiness in your work and life. Amy does this by providing high-quality intuitive guidance to support you in the process of accomplishing your professional and personal goals and ambitions.She uses her intuition to coach you into your unique greatness. All shining lights are welcome.When you're ready, schedule ses ...
Happy Mama with Amy
Podcast by Amy Taylor Kabbaz
Amy Macdonald takes us through her platinum selling album, discussing the inspiration and story behind every track.
Podcast by Who Am I Genealogy Podcast
Who Am I Really?
Adoptees telling their stories of life in adoption, efforts to search for their birth family, and how their reunion attempt turned out. Stories that make you laugh, cry, or simply say “wow”.
Am I Shouting?
Podcast by Am I Shouting?
Amy Nicholson gets into the hows and whys of the whos of Hollywood and not-quite-Hollywood.
The Amy Guth Podcast from Chicago's Very Own 720 WGN
The Motivated to Marry Podcast is dedicated to you, the marriage-minded single person wanting a lasting love. We present experts on the topic answering those persistent questions brought to mind by marriage-minded individuals who are ready to take charge of their dating efforts. Listen in as the conversations dig deep into how to meet people who share your values so you can meet the right one and have the family life you desire.
This is a collection of long poems and short stories by Amy Lowell. - Summary by Carolin
Am I Called
In the Am I Called? podcast, Dave Harvey discusses the issue of pastoral calling and pastoral leadership with key evangelical leaders.
Sam and Amy
Get your morning started with the best breakfast show in the East Midlands.
LibriVox volunteers bring you 17 recordings of The Taxi by Amy Lowell. This was the Weekly Poetry project for October 13, 2013. (Summary by Diana Majlinger)
Am I an A**hole?
Comedians @JackieViscusi & @RosieGu + special guest dig deep w/ their resident therapist to analyze their a**hole tendencies. Find us on iTunes:
FEaB is a podcast with Matt Mira and Scott Mosier getting to know each other and deciding if they actually want to be friends. Brought to you by SModcast and Nerdist Industries
Join Ellie & Zoe as they delve into the always ridiculous (and sometimes dark) world of the Am I Being Unreasonable section of Mumsnet. Are they being unreasonable by picking apart the posters on Mumsnet? Probably. Are they funny though? Hopefully.
LibriVox volunteers bring you 15 recordings of Petals by Amy Lowell. This was the Weekly Poetry project for November 27, 2011.Amy Lawrence Lowell (February 9, 1874 – May 12, 1925) was an American poet of the imagist school from Brookline, Massachusetts who posthumously won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1926. Lowell was born into Brookline's prominent Lowell family, sister to astronomer Percival Lowell and Harvard president Abbott Lawrence Lowell.She never attended college because her fami ...
Jack and Jill, along with their little sister "Bumps", are two pickles. Their curious, wild ways are too much for their guardians. But when their older sister reluctantly employs a governess for them, their feet are turned toward the "Golden City." (Summary by GabrielleC)
Dudley and Rob were taught in Sunday School that they should use the opportunities God gives to help others. Ever since, they have been looking for 'their big opportunity' to do good for somebody. - Summary by Adele de Pignerolles
My girlfriend Brigitte is really keen to start a family. It's all she's ever wanted. I'm not opposed to having children, it's just I've never really thought about it and the last thing I want to be is to be a bad dad. In this podcast series you'll hear me learn about work dad balance, how to overcome fears of being a bad dad, what it's like to be judged for being a bad parent and I'll get some advice from well known Aussie Dads, like Jimmy Barnes and Eddie McGuire. I work as a radio presente ...
The podcast is about online influencers, what do they do, is it their only job, how much money do they make and the most important is how do I become one? It is not about fake it until you make it but about real hard and dedicated work that influencers do every day.
In an effort to get smarter, Kevin Smith recruits Andy McElfresh for a weekly erudite inquisition into the unknown! Presented in 4 easy to digest chapters! 1) The SCI. 2) The FI: . 3) The WHY and 4) The BYE.
Learn how to create Webinars that convert in just 3 days! John Lee Dumas and Amy Porterfield team up to offer a FREE Masterclass on creating Webinars that CONVERT! Visit to sign up today!
A podcast about My Little Pony from two married grownups who love it IN SPITE of our children.
Am I an A**hole?
Comedians @JackieViscusi & @RosieGu + special guest dig deep w/ their resident therapist to analyze their a**hole tendencies. Find us on iTunes:
Join us for an inspirational hour with the angels, those higher luminous beings who serve as divine messengers for the universe.Angels help us in various ways, but it’s up to us to figure out those ways, and sometimes we need a little help. When we do, the denizens of the angelic realm are there for us to call upon, and all we need to reach them is the assistance of the people who have a natural spiritual rapport with them.Amy is among those people here to use her gifts to help you gain the ...
Where the Hell Am I?
Stuck inside all summer? Want to travel the continent, but have no way to do it? Well, you’re in luck! Trisdon Runnels is going on an incredible summer adventure and he’s bringing you with him! Join him every Tuesday as he takes his family RV across North America. You may even pick up some travel trips along the way!
Am I Man Enough? is the show where people tell personal stories to critically examine the culture of toxic masculinity and the construction of masculinity and manhood. This is a traveling show held in different venues in Chicago. Ada Cheng is a professor-turned storyteller and performing artist. She has been featured in storytelling shows in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Cedar Rapids, Asheville, and Kansas City. Check out her website:
It's a podcast that attempts to answer the question I ask myself every goddamn day.
For people using their powers for good! Inspiring Speakers and Authors share their stories and advice about living a happy, positive life
Fat Man on Batman
Kevin Smith passionately discusses the Dark Knight with other Caped Crusader creators and fans.
Knitcircus Podcast
The podcast brought to you by the gang from Knitcircus magazine.
Amy's Table
Join Creative and Culinary Director Amy Tobin every week for Amy's Table: A Guide to Living on Cincinnati's Q102. Amy will share tips for a happier, healthier you along with inspired ideas for recipes, and more!
AMY's podcast
Amy Talks
Amy Talks host Amy Jones discusses all current matters affecting us all, with expert discussion and analysis. The show covers topics such as Mental Health, Music & more.
Amy's Horse
Amy's Horse is a new theatre podcast hosted by Chris Flockton that brings together writers and actors over the internet to collaborate on new works. And chat about them. And maybe share a beverage. It's part play reading. Part cocktail party. All fun. Each episode features two new short works. The twist is that all the actors are working remotely from the comfort of their own homes. No rehearsals. Just a cold reading of a new script.
Amy Hagberg
Amy Hammond Hagberg is the author of the popular "How Do You Know He's Real" book series, writes for magazines all around the globe and is a sought-after speaker. God Unplugged showcases the profound real-life journeys and dramatic encounters with God by celebrated athletes, authors, recording artists, actors. Being famous doesn’t make their lives perfect; these celebrities still struggle with the same issues that most people deal with... insecurity, anger, peer pressure, addiction and self- ...
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One big show today, UFC middleweight champion Rob Whittaker is live in studio chatting to the guys and Kyle asks Intern Pete to take his shirt off in front of him. Also we catch up with Bluey the guy from Brisbane who had a bit of a situation with Malcom Turnbull in a pub. Not to mention a big plot twist today with 'Am I The Best Sex You Ever H ...…
This is a SPOILER REVIEW, if you haven’t seen Deadpool 2… please stop now. Still here? Okay great, Deadpool 2 was awesome! I really enjoyed Deadpool 2 and TJ joins me for another movie review. I will go out on a nice and sturdy limb to say Deadpool 2 is a must see. Deadpool 2 is hilarious, sad, action packed… what am I doing. Just watch or list ...…
In our on going look at the "meta" surrounding video games and pop culture, we look at when things come to an end. Is the ending important? Can it ruin an otherwise perfectly great work? Can they elevate a mediocre piece? Do we much too much stock in how something ends? Well, through their adorable amateur meanderings, Ben and Andy try to tackl ...…
Why do so many people have no life insurance? One big reason - not enough people talk about the value of it. Sound financial planners will tell their clients to protect their income. What makes your income better than the affluent?
In this message, Pastor Eric Answers the question, "Why am I doing this Christian thing?" There is a better answer than the religious duty many people settle for. the answer to the question might surprise you. And it just might give you hope.
Catch up with Daniel and Amy Mutter as they share about what God is doing in their lives this last year.
In this episode, I deep dive into the importance and practicality of networking. I give some real world examples from my career on how networking properly can lead to success, and also explain how I lost the chance to shoot the Denver Broncos due to burning a relationship. Obsession: The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable Links: THR Full Drama Actor ...…
Today’s woman is looking to stick up for herself, test her courage, and build her self-confidence. Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Empowered Woman provide a forum for women of all ages, from all walks of life, to share their most encouraging, advice-filled stories with each other. There are 101 Stories about being confident, courageous, and your ...… The 16th episode, we discuss The Beauty Queen Killer, Splash, Footloose, Bill Clinton’s questionable parenting, The Camel Clutch and much much more! American Timelines is a podcast by Joe and Amy. This week: Season 2, Episode 6: 1984, part 1. Credits Include: Popcul ...…
Land of Enlightenment podcast hosts Amy Manns as she comes on and tells us about her time growing up in Albuquerque's North Valley, College Adventures, and the methods behind her art.
Most abortion care in the U.S. is provided by independently owned clinics, not big health centers like Planned Parenthood. Amy Hagstrom Miller of Whole Woman’s Health is on a mission to make abortions safe and stigma-free. The journey has taken her to the Supreme Court.
Time, the final frontier... Kraptonite's Ryan Blake joins Siskoid for a special sci-fi FW Team-Up, covering the Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 eight-issue mini-series from IDW. It's our biggest team-up yet as two huge universes crash into one another. It's Picard vs. the Doctor. Worf buddying up to Rory. And you won't ...…
On May 11 of 2011, Timmothy Pitzen’s mother Amy picked him up early from school unexpectedly. In the following days, the two of them went on what appeared to be a fun-filled road trip…right up until Amy was found dead in a hotel room with a suicide note by her side. Did Amy take Timmothy somewhere safe before killing herself, or could she have ...…
Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said that “while the surface of his film sparkles with sharp, ironic dialogue, deeper issues are forming. Chasing Amy develops into a film of touching insights. Most romantic comedies place phony obstacles in the way of true love, but Smith knows that at some level there’s nothing funny about being in love: ...…
Welcome! To listen to today’s episode, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post and hit the triangular “play” button. Enjoy the show! This episode, we focus on a serious issue. It’s one you may have been wondering about, but not known what to do about – or even if it was a big deal at all: Does tablet or smartphone use contribute to a ...…
We try to talk about french fries.
Amy Campbell is one of Australia’s most accomplished dance talents with a career spanning all areas of the entertainment industry. Her extensive list of credits as one of the country’s top choreographers include the Australian Premiere of the critically acclaimed Violet, for which she won the Broadway World Australia award for her work, ATYP’s ...…
Street Wannabes Radio interviewed Katy Lueck of LUECK at KPISS. We talked about forming LUECK, her music/ music video "Delirium", playing around Brooklyn, traveling to Ireland (producing "Hamlet In The Golden Vale") and much more. Recorded 5/18.Up Coming Shows:WOMEN THAT ROCK & ROCKNROLL SCENE PRESENTS: HERSDAY 5/31at Sidewalk Cafe featuring Ap ...…
This week, we have a train to catch! Mr. Edwards adopted son Carl is a real idiot and endangers the life of his family’s farm animals, Laura, Mary and himself (twice) because he is the absolute WORST. Laura is kind of a liar, and Mary is… well… a pushover. Mr. Edwards and Charles are on a race against time to save the lives of their children an ...…
OFS Mill Valley Director Amy Baker interviews Dorothy, who discusses the importance of attachment. People have an innate need to feel love and be connected to others, and this attachments are formed in the earliest years in our life. Dorothy talks about how our parenting is affected by how we were parented, as well as how advancements in neuros ...…
Amy Wister is changing the retail terrain with her new tech development, the style dial. Through this tool, women shopping across the country will be able to take their silhouette and find the right fit in the millions of articles clothing found in stores. Through her background in Intel and headstrong attitude, Wister is a… The post #18: Revol ...…
I am back with another episode! Why am I so into social media? There is some great insight regarding the love hate relationship of this conundrum. Tune in and check it out!
Why Am I In This Storm! Pastor John Miller 5-20-18
As Christian we should stand out in our world. In the world that we all live in and in our local world around us everyday. Work, Home, Play, Community: these people that we interact with should see a glaring difference in how we live and move from how they live and move. We live by a different set of rules or guidelines if you will. Why? Becaus ...…
As Christian we should stand out in our world. In the world that we all live in and in our local world around us everyday. Work, Home, Play, Community: these people that we interact with should see a glaring difference in how we live and move from how they live and move. We live by a different set of rules or guidelines if you will. Why? Becaus ...…
He’s self-proclaimed to “do them all.” Nowadays he’s best known for his scenes with trans women and BBWs, but over his 20 year long career he’s been on both sides of the fence: gay porn AND mainstream straight porn. He was the first man on my “no-list,” then 4 years later we dated. Why is there a stigma against “crossover talent,” aka guys that ...…
Recorded on May 19, 2018 Book Talk starts at 26:35 Our Never-Have-I-Ever Sock-along is over - great job, everyone! Listen until the end of the podcast to find out if you won a prize. Get ready for our summer swap (slated to begin in late June), hosted by the wonderful Sandra (SweetSerendipity37). Check out this thread and vote to let Sandra kno ...…
Sometimes when you’re facing the stress of staying in Seattle, you need a distraction.Joe Simpson and Monica Baroga have alter egos in an underground funk band.LuLu Carpenter reaches out to her disappearing community through the radio.Amy Douglas creates art embracing the city’s history, while she must decide if she’ll leave her hometown.Compan ...…
As spring turns to summer, the market is starting to heat up. Now is a great time to get a jump on the market if you’ve been thinking of buying a home. Buying a home? Click here to perform a full home search Selling a home? Click here for a FREE Home Price Evaluation Call me at (970) 418-0183 for a FREE home buying or selling consultation It is ...…
If longtime Seattleites want to stay in their hometown, they probably need to make some sacrifices.For Joe Simpson and Monica Baroga, that has meant huge changes in their lifestyle.Amy Douglas has given up saving for her future, so she can stay in her home.Companion TV stories here: ...…
Longtime Seattleites face a struggle to stay in the city they call home. Homeowner Amy Douglas’ property taxes are almost untenable.Lulu Carpenter feels like she no longer belongs in the Central District.Joe Simpson and Monica Baroga need help from family and friends to stay in Seattle – and they try to keep the city’s spirit alive.Companion TV ...…
Pastor Amy Maxwell New Life Church Gateway Campus Grovetown, GA USA Sunday 10am May 20, 2018 Increasing Your Capacity - Pastor Amy MaxwellBy (New Life Church).
This week, Amy Jordan of Yes But Why chats with actor John Harper Reynolds. As he prepares to move to Los Angeles, John discusses doing the eulogy at his grandfather’s funeral, working for Austin Film Festival and taking Meisner technique acting classes. This episode of the Yes But Why Podcast is chock full of life lessons so listen in!! #Never ...…
Life Application: Do I believe that the multiplying, life-given power of the Holy Spirit that began at the birth of the Church at Pentecost can still happen today? Am I truly committed in Christ? Am I content with addition over multiplication? What step(s) am I willing to take to live into God’s multiplying discipleship? To see a multiplying mo ...…
This week, I am featuring Nicole Bathurst, an Australian Dietitian talking about eating less sugar and not feeling hungry. We go over how to break that sugar addiction that might be holding you down. Nicole Bathurst is a Dietitian with a difference. She has a unique blend of expertise and experience which helps facilitate practical, lifestyle c ...…
Many athletes struggle to navigate life after sports because their identity is wrapped up in basketball or football. The good news is that none of us were born with just one gift. Take the time to explore the other gifts that you have. You will be some amazed by what you find.
This episode features an interview with Tracy Molyneaux, who among the various other hats she wears, currently manages Coffee Public at Bay and College in downtown Toronto! It's worth listening to the podcast to hear Tracy's story! Amidst her side hustles/passions in makeup artistry and jewellery making and managing a ridiculous number of socia ...…
The end of one week of daily podcasts. I choose to hoenstly answer one question.Why am I making all this content.
Have you ever met a mom and her life made your head hurt or you just felt tired? She is a single parent, who works 2 jobs, is finishing her degree in school, and volunteers at church OR she’s a stay at home mom who volunteers for every group or leads them, she exercises daily, and her house is decorated beautifully OR any number of other things ...…
How do you know when it is time to talk to a professional about mental health issues? How do you even go about finding someone who is a good fit for you? In this episode, we will chat with the "No B.S. Sweetheart" Amy Turner. Amy Turner, MA, LMFT, LAADC has a degree in Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of C ...…
05/20/2018, Rev. Dr. Amy Aitken, Scripture: Acts 2:1-21
"Who Am I?" sermon with Pastor Rick McNeely at Christ Community Church, Murphysboro, Illinois on May 21, 2018. Come be a part of our service every Sunday at 10am on 473 West Harrison Road (on the corner of Route 127 and Harrison Road.
Matthew’s Letterboxd Watchlist Matthew’s Letterboxd Diary iTunes RSS Feed Google Play Stitcher Radio TuneIn Sorry I’ve not released something in a few weeks. This is a catch up after a period where I’ve not had time to write up and record about the films (as well as watching fewer films). Not everything on the list has detail because it’s not w ...…
(May 21, 2018) Whether you're putting in flats of tender "starts" or one treasured, rare perennial, TLC counts.Cooperative Extension's Amy Ivy has tips on being efficient, and effective. She says prepare the soil and have water standing by. And if a plant is root-bound, whether it's a tiny pansy in a six pack or a big perennial in a pot, free t ...…
Jonah learns that God is: a God of second chances a God of singleminded focus a God to be feared and obeyed a God of miraculous mercy JONAH TALK 3 Chapter 3 begins; 1 Then the word of the LORD came to Jonah a second time: 2 “Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I give you.” The word of the lord came to Jonah the first ...…
Before recording Brandon came to the garage and we all had a relatively low energy workout. It was just one of those days where nobody seemed to be feeling it. Regardless we still got the work done, after which Brandon sits down and joins us for episode 9. We briefly talk about his recent introduction into the world of Powerlifting and the, dar ...…
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